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LaTonya Garner Cash
LaTonya Garner Cash :     Please say no to drugs!!!! Sad part about it they more worried about filming than getting him some help!!!!!!!!     This new drug comes in the form of weed, but is far more dangerous.
It Goes by the names "Action Pack" "Pac" "Nu Pac" and Woo Pac" and a few other street names. Just say'll never know what you're smoking and it might mess up your mind for good.
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Latonya Sweet
Latonya Sweet :         This moved me so! Thank you Sheryl Underwood!
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Carmita Robinson
Carmita Robinson : Sissy Stephanie Robinson said we should do Four Winds Casino in Michigan Veeny Veenus Og Bobby Johnson what you think boo,I definitely need your company!!! Roll Call,the weekend before or after my bday!!! Let's go family Terence D. Adams Christine Ohaeri Kevin Simmons LaTonya Stamps Bam, Shaqueita Stamps you can do that cuz, Tameka Blakely Rory, Anjoli Lovinmybabies Daniels Arieh So Wise Daniels Kevin, Tierney FU Laneal Hollis Juan D Stamps!!!! If I missed anybody I will be putting a day and date up so let me know if you want part in this epic night!!! It's Mita so you already knowwwwwww!!!!
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Billy Milliner
Billy Milliner :     LaTonya Milliner     Have you seen this SAM SMITH cover of Whitney Houston yet?!?! EPIC @SamSmithWorld SHARE | RT
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Mark A Smith Jr.
Mark A Smith Jr. : Tamar Braxton singing You mean the world to me by Toni Braxton     Lolololololololol...y'all know she was playing rite lol and I do know some singers that b playing but.. I ain't gonna say no names LaTonya Summers and Ms Gemini Unique Washington lol     Tamar Braxton sing 'You mean the world to me ' Season 2 , Episode 21 of 'Braxton Family Values'. *Credit goes to WE tv. No copyright infringement intended.
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Latonya Daniels Dorsey
Latonya Daniels Dorsey :         As always La'Keesha Ryce Dexter
KT's very own walking billboard! #flawless #3DHighlights
Girl your hair makes my work look good today.
Thanks :-)

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Tamarra Fleming-Wimbish
Tamarra Fleming-Wimbish :     DTZ we are going to do this on Monday. LOL! SIKE! You all would curse me out! Teresa J. Bush, Carla Foster Rhodes, Antoinette Jordan, Kristle Munker, Tynai White Barrett, Monet Camper, Marlene King, Gemia Green, Karen Bradford, Shavonne Washington, Shannon-The Healthier-Approach Twiggs, Lynette Ward, Sheryl Scooby Brown-Wilson, Yolanda Jones, Shiekess Karen Johnson-Bey, Kisha Kish, Ruth Blom, Jammie Winder, Stacy Hinson, Salome Cooper-Bey, Alexander Xavier Sutton-Sharpe, Shannon Harris, Cynthia Dorsey, BelleCreations MrsDavis, DancingDiva April, Danielle Lewis, Carla Lee, Lateshia Teetee Davis, Natasha Itsaboutme Joyce, Rita Immashineasalways Mccullough, Yvonne Doinitmyway Selby, Nickey Manley, Latonya Carter, Latoya Branch, Keisha Blake, Patricia Roane,     Core workout to Beyonce
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LaTonya Williams
LaTonya Williams : Asking for prayers for my Uncle Ray Charles. He's in ICU. I ask that the Lord's will be done, not mines, but the Lord, who knows best in every situation.
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Soreal Ithurts
Soreal Ithurts :     Nigga this is my brother Latonya Akins dead I laughed so hard!!     1988: Is this James Brown's strangest interview ever?! - For more funk videos go to

like our page>> Brother Strut
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Latonya ChocolateGoddess Foster Robinson
Latonya ChocolateGoddess Foster Robinson :        
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Evangelist LaTonya Flanagan
Evangelist LaTonya Flanagan : The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd Graders     You don't have to be great to get started.....but you got to get started to be GREAT! I love it! #Spreaddaword - GOD'S WORD!     In case you were looking for Motivation, here it is.
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Latonya Thompson
Latonya Thompson : Undefeated on the Bloomfield tournament! 😁🙌 beating these 3A schools with my sisters! 😁👊 Another day tomorrow at the tournament, lady's we got this we need to be strong & stay as a team! 😁💪

#ohana #ladyraiders #4-0 #1

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LaTonya Watson
LaTonya Watson : I could not let this day end without saying happy birthday to a wonderful and loving person. Happy birthday ALICE WASH!!! Continue to rest with God in peace. #Eternallove
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Latonya Mcneal
Latonya Mcneal :         Real As Nigga lol
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Latonya Archie Nikki Lindsey
Latonya Archie Nikki Lindsey :         Selfies with my niece..I love this Lil girl...the daughter I never had☺ Aunties 💞
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Latonya Edwards
Latonya Edwards : LIVE Birth in car!     Wow     Ready to be grossed out? seriously...In Texas, a husband was rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital when she delivered right there in the car
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LaTonya Washington
LaTonya Washington : We got him for The List Tour The Pitch!! Rod Warren, the youngest nation's top Business and Financial Expert! I'm going bananas! !! See you all in the morning!! #multimillionaire
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Linda McClay
Linda McClay : I was tagged by my handsome brother, Andre Mckeithen and my beautiful cousin, Sandra Mckeithen-Dargin to name (3) things I'm grateful for....I could actually name so many more!!!! Lol!!!
1. Grateful to God for the greatest gift - LIFE!
2. Grateful for my wonderful and loving husband, Steve.
3. Grateful for my family..... (three beautiful daughters, a beautiful granddaughter, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, friends, and my Diva sisters).
Now, I would like to tag.....Camille McKeithen, Ora Robison, LaTonya Tate, B.j. Smith, Smith Corina, and Karen R Robinson to list (3) things that they're grateful for!!!

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Latonya Rankin
Latonya Rankin :     Aww I wish I had my dad to do dis but I don't know him so    
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Latonya Doingmefornowon Ceazer
Latonya Doingmefornowon Ceazer :         A few pics of us b4 and after of us representing mii baby bro Antione Ceazer#28&I want to give a shout out to mii cuz Prince Felder fa hooking our shirts#Roo Nation baby
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Kathunya Jones
Kathunya Jones :     Hold on what he said??Herbert Wilkerson Willie Brown Tamika Trulyblessed Petty Latonya Tall     Wait what?? Lol
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Latonya MakeIt-happen Singleton
Latonya MakeIt-happen Singleton : Grab A Tissue! 10yr Old Starts Business to Help Mom! Share!!     So special a happy tear jerker.     (Young Wealth Builder) Cory stepped out on faith, started a business to help financially strapped Mom, look what happens when you take one step!! A must Share!!
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Latonya Denise
Latonya Denise : Two family yard sale tomorrow starting 7am 100 Red Hills Rd Carthage, MS follow signs off of HWY 35.. lots of men, women, & children clothes..
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Yolanda Loving White
Yolanda Loving White :         Thanks Latonya Harris an thanks to my husband Kountry Kidd
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Ida McIntyre
Ida McIntyre :     Johnny Jay- Lew Lewis John McIntyre Latonya Green McKyndra Smith Dee Dee Biddle This is hilarious     lol

Like Pretty Ricky
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LaTonya Anti-fake Davis
LaTonya Anti-fake Davis : Finna deactivate my page cuz half of these so called friends aint💩!!✂✂✂✂#FinnaCutTheyAssOff
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Liz Pelle
Liz Pelle : Mobile Uploads     Your daughter is 11 and pregnant. Do you abort it, put it up for adoption, or help her raise the child?

Thanks, Mona Symone.

(BTW, I don't know this little girl, but the OP said she was 11 years old, and I have permission to share).

Free self love guide----->     What would you do??? Kay LaRae Bickham Tiara Martin Latonya Frazier AshCash Williams Tasha Walker Jenair Walker Antonio Welch Young T Glaze Bellinger Badd Locke Danielle White

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LaTonya S Bolden
LaTonya S Bolden : The Talk - Sheryl Underwood Unleashes ‘Queens of Comedy’ Secret     The doors of the church are open....     During "The Talk's" secret week, host Sheryl Underwood reveals why she turned down being part of The Queens of Comedy after Mo'Nique left. Underwood says, “T...
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TK EL :     LaTonya Brooklynprincess Keatz, I thought you were bad, atleast you would beat the doctors up when they would try to give you a shot and it would take me, the doctor, 2 nurses, and 2 aides to hold you down. #memories :-D    
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LaTonya McGowen Goffney
LaTonya McGowen Goffney : Shouting loud and proud, congratulations to our #LadyPack varsity volleyball team for the district win against Jacksonville! #PantherNation #SuperProud
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Latonya Kedisha Ebanks
Latonya Kedisha Ebanks : Me and MY Susta No Babies Shan funna have purple and black hair! 😁😁😁💋💯
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Latonya Middlebrook
Latonya Middlebrook : Whodini "Funky Beat"     Awww yea     Whodini's Funky Beat transcended videos with the "Guest appearance"
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Deme QB Kane
Deme QB Kane :     Olrick' O'Diggem 'Johnson LaTonya Nevergoback Rice
Hey y'all forgive me poor baby but I watched this too many times     Did a ghost push her....Lol
She took off !!!
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Latonya Carolinas Plus Billups
Latonya Carolinas Plus Billups : This Is Your Granddaddy     LMAO THIS IS A FOOL     Im gone take my time and sing this one. . .Mr Brown
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Reginald Johnson
Reginald Johnson :         St Mary Ame Church is where I needed to be.. Nichole Willis your pastor is right on time.... Shun Caldwell we having church gul..... Lakisha Respress Latonya Respress Kendra Fagan Toni Barron Brandy Barber Jennifer Rogers-Sullivan Allison Mccoy and other members I love yall church
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LaTonya Lynette
LaTonya Lynette : At HomeTown with the family and my daughter takes out her wallet, her daughter who is (1) say to her "Momma, I want $50 dollars"... kids are too much these days!
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LaTonya Danielle Watkins
LaTonya Danielle Watkins :     Thats me. Lol     WHEN MY JAM COMES ON. . . .
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LaTonya Henderson
LaTonya Henderson : Im in the market for a "new" used car. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy car salesperson?
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Latonya Thecalichica
Latonya Thecalichica :         School House Rock in traffic ...
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