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Tashauna Renee Tashauna Renee : i wanna dance LaTonya Allen ,
2 hours ago - View -
Francine Nyiapoo Wynn Francine Nyiapoo Wynn : Uggh can't go to sleep bored need sum to do hmmm(#hint hint#) lol! Sheemare Sims Chiqulia Holifield Latonya Green Tangela Watson Demetra Green Kinshasha Ward Yulonda Wynn Seaira Craig Aumietta White Felicia Green
3 hours ago - View -
Lavon N Latonya Roberts Lavon N Latonya Roberts : I want to say Happy B-Day to my lovely wife Latonya N Lavon Roberts May the good LORD BLESS YOU WITH MANY MANY MORE!!! #2GETHER4EVER #11YEARS #STRONG #LUVYOUALWAYZ!!!
4 hours ago - View -
Degreez Futurelegend Pimpgame Degreez Futurelegend Pimpgame : Mobile Uploads     Agree!     Cherrisse Presley Kim Dennard-Colon Tomorrow Moffett LaTonya Jordan Lovinme Cooper Shelle Blackmon MzShai Love Missing a few.. Love yall to death
5 hours ago - View -
Kendre' Smith Kendre' Smith : I Want To Welcome LaTonya Smith To The WUN Team. We're About To Take Off. #LSD
5 hours ago - View -
Billy Ray Bailey Billy Ray Bailey : I would like to take this time to commend my beautiful wife Latonya Bailey for her patience and diligence with me. I know sometimes I can be a hand full but she opens both hands. I thank God for you young lady. I love you!!
6 hours ago - View -
Dana M Crimmins- Evans Dana M Crimmins- Evans : Timeline Photos         Latonya Barnes this looks like a new kitchen for Sadie bug. I love it.
6 hours ago - View -
David Tweggs David Tweggs : Feeling lucky to have so many people on my side 😊😊😊
Latonya Kyle got me on my new shampoo bowl, Tonnette McLendon got me on my new business cards
I think I'm what they called"blessed"? Lol
I owe both of you 😁😁👌👍

6 hours ago - View -
Candi Agnes Williams Edwards Candi Agnes Williams Edwards : Latonya Cotton, Sierra Lakesha Marshall, Gabrielle Glover, & Covington Foreman: I am now the proud owner of my first smartphone. (After much prodding from all of you.) Just know that each of you will be billed for the new expense.
6 hours ago - View -
Reesey Cooper Reesey Cooper : Bitch you don't have your own kids what the fuck you mean we had the baby more then you Latonya lee bitch step yo game up you never have yo kids!!
6 hours ago - View -
Shenequa Palmer Shenequa Palmer : Timeline Photos     An all-new episodes of #BringIt starts NOW! #DD4L     in and popping LaSondra Pollard White LaTonya Thompson Terisa Bradford Tamara LaShay Deshawna Whiteside
7 hours ago - View -
Pearlie Griffin Pearlie Griffin : Sheila Washington-Gowdyland LaTonya Proctor
7 hours ago - View -
Coahoma Community College Coahoma Community College : Coahoma Community College     Congratulations CCC Alumni, LaTonya Renee Williams-Robinson, being awarded Oxford School District's Administrator of the Year award!
7 hours ago - View -
Stephanie Ranae Patrick Stephanie Ranae Patrick : Timeline Photos     With Latonya Movingon Withherlifejohnson.     Christine Smith
Ieshia God'schild Tate
LaTonya McDowell
Latanya Jackson
Erica Patrick
Erica Mccray-Blythers
Erica Belle-Mondie
Shayna Belle
Stephanie Patrick
Stephanie Brubaker
Marie Miller
ShaMar Freney
Dominique Walthers
Mzshannonlilredd Hardy
Lakia H
Tiyana Miller
And anybody else I forgot..

8 hours ago - View -
Latonya StylishMoves Latonya StylishMoves : Latonya Style     WHO IS SHE? WHAT DOES SHE DO? WHERE HAS SHE BEEN?
Click the link:

8 hours ago - View -
Loretta Smith Loretta Smith : Please pray for LaTonya Boike and her family on the loss her mother

8 hours ago - View -
Shakiya Crumble Shakiya Crumble : I guess y'all thought I wasn't going to say anything , but can y'all all do me a favor & keep Latonya Hockett name out ya mouth👌👌😘😘
8 hours ago - View -
Tony Mosley Tony Mosley : @ LaTonya Wiggins & Grant Blair lets go Mavs.
9 hours ago - View -
Steve Kirk Steve Kirk : Happy Anni... To my wife LaTonya Evans-Kirk
9 hours ago - View -
LaToya Heard LaToya Heard : Great WorkOut With LaTonya Douglas..Now Heading Home To Prepare Dinner...💪
10 hours ago - View -
Terrence Gatorbad Adams Terrence Gatorbad Adams : Thank You! Lucas Stewart, Timothy David Stewart, Maurice ShakeyGroundz Hatcher, Paula Wessic, Sam Stewart, LaTonya T. Blassingame-Gilliam, Demond Hughes, Dwight Westerfield, Maureen Walker-Finley, Chiquita Lloyd, Matt Prose, Nancy White, Jeff White, Marla Jackson White, Angela White, Renea Kelly-Hatcher, Nic Brian, Erik Bothazy, David Sketch Barnes, Veeno Gunna. I just want to say Thank You!
11 hours ago - View -
Yolanda Chinaredd Walker Yolanda Chinaredd Walker : Well Sophia Burgess Latonya Washington Verna Carter and the other 2 ladies you'll ready for our mini cruise Vacation to the Bahamas I am lets go ★★★★
12 hours ago - View -
Gwendolyn Hines Gwendolyn Hines : Latonya Davis I want to say thank you sooo very much for the gifts and love on today. You are one of a kind and I appreciate you for that. #kohls #ediblearrangements #loveyagirl #turndownforwhat!!!
12 hours ago - View -
Latonya Jones Latonya Jones : TO WHOM DIS MAY CONCERN...For all ppl in dekalb run they mf mouth abt latonya roshelle jones..i don't fuck wit yall so tell me how yu know my business an wat i can tell yu anything jus to hear tht self tlk an keep up shit.. i have one more time for a mf to run in my face an tell some shit tht a mf have said an don't know wat tha is goin on ..i put dis on my kidz ..were ever tha fuck yu at I'm come to yo house yo job..i don't care I'm goin to put tht azz on blast were ever yu plz believe I'm goin to do it now fuckin try me...old r young...i try to respect my elder i see tht want be mess to yu will get straight to in a nice way plz believe me..
14 hours ago - View -
Ben Pettifor-Smith Ben Pettifor-Smith :         Thank you to Latonya Ball and Chris Hawkes Laos for the amazing card, thanks for all your support guys!! X
15 hours ago - View -
Aquilla Jackson Aquilla Jackson : Now I see how my sister LaTonya Davis-Pruitt feels when people call her "Latoya" instead of "LaTonya!" I just pronounced my name syllable by syllable for this lady, and she still came back and called me "Laquisha!" Smh!
16 hours ago - View -
Shirley Evans Shirley Evans : Wishing my sister LaTonya Evans-Kirk and her husband a happy 3rd anniversary hope you guys have many more happy years ahead ......LOVE YOU GUYS ..[.PS STEVE IS OFFICALLY ON THE LIST NOW]
16 hours ago - View -
Erika Bennett Erika Bennett : Thank to my best friend Mona Latonya kirven she made a bond between 6 girls so strong. Roberta Mcneese Dee Demeshia Tipps shrita Syretha Eldridge n twat tipps I kno we don't talk every day but they was there when my daughter pass away.I don't care what they say about me they r tha only one's that can. I luv y'all. No matter what. N y'all have a wonderful day.
19 hours ago - View -
Latonya Williams Latonya Williams : In less than 10 days I will be Mrs. Latonya Jackson.....Thanks 2 every1 that showed up 2 my Bridal Shower this past weekend at the Hampton Inn.
19 hours ago - View -
Terry Gartrell Terry Gartrell : Good morning family who's cooking for Easter I don't wanna eat alone. Latonya Edwards Subenia Smith Erica Smith
20 hours ago - View -
LaTonya Stringfellow LaTonya Stringfellow :         LaTonya Stringfellow
Watch the video: video

1 day ago - View -
Sharnique DimpleFace DaSant Sharnique DimpleFace DaSant :     Alisha Johnson Oliver Nicci Wooden Samantha Hart-Pouge Jennifer Brailsford Latonya Billups CE Lemon Raquel Da Sant Dante Conyers

Toooooooo funnyyyy...... Kevin hart face tho     bruh...
Watch the video: video

1 day ago - View -
Gilbert Wilson Gilbert Wilson : Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife .. Latonya Wilson I love you with all my heart . Thank you for being a great companion, mother and my ride and die . Thank you for these wondeful years we have had together .Through it all , the good times, the bad times , the struggles and the victories. WE STOOD TOGETHER. Thank you for being my GOOD THING. I love you sweetheart, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
1 day ago - View -
Siena Heights University Siena Heights University : SAINTS FOR A DAY
The Office of Admissions is asking the SHU community to welcome the following visitors to the Adrian campus today:
Allie Ramsey: Mother of Mercy High School (Basketball, Nursing)
Latonya Wilson: Vassar High School (Basketball, Nursing)
Please greet these special visitors and their families if you see them around campus.

1 day ago - View -
Walmart Oak Grove - Fort Campbell Blvd Walmart Oak Grove - Fort Campbell Blvd : Thank you to Latonya W. for their 5 years of service with our company! "Like" this to show your appreciation for Latonya.
1 day ago - View -