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Latonya Holliverse
Latonya Holliverse :        
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LaTonya Luvinmyfourforever Oliver
LaTonya Luvinmyfourforever Oliver : my new daughter in law tonya mcdonald
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Latonya Clide
Latonya Clide : Timeline Photos     Thankful for a #blessed season! Happy #Thanksgiving from the #PreachersofLA! — with Wayne Chaney and 4 others.    
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Latonya Clide
Latonya Clide : Timeline Photos     Tag & Share Invite your friends Like This Fan Page
Kermit The Snitch     LOL

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Latonya Tyson-Smith
Latonya Tyson-Smith :        
4 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Allison
LaTonya Allison : Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends! Have a good and blessed day. Im very thankful to see another great year. ... Time to relax #DinnerReady 🍗🍷🍞
4 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Hood
LaTonya Hood : I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Love,my right hand Patrick Smith..We love you bae#HappyThanksgiving
5 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Stuckey- Towns
LaTonya Stuckey- Towns :         HAPPY THANKSGIVING
5 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Winston- Bocard
Latonya Winston- Bocard : Thank you Lord for all you've done for me and mine👐👐.
Happy Thanksgiving to all God's People

6 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Cheersjackson
Latonya Cheersjackson :         I hope everyone has a safe and blessed day. Just enjoy the day and be thankful for all things good or bad because this is the day that the Lord has made.🍗🍰
6 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Burgess
Latonya Burgess : When the shoe is all the other foot please don't get up set just deal with it just understand u leave her lonely enough and she may be alone soon
7 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Mitchell
Latonya Mitchell : oh taste an see,praise God everyone,Happy Thanksgiving to all lovely family,on this day.shout to the Lord,thank you father.amazing grace .family and friends
7 minutes ago - View -
Lala Augustus
Lala Augustus : Dinner is ready idk bout y'all but I'm like sponge Bob I'm ready I'm ready lol s/o to my Mommy Latonya for slaving in the kitchen early mornings and late nights y'all have a happy Thanksgiving from my family to urs. On a s/n best thing bout our thanksgiving we can stay in PJs all day if we wanted to we ain't gotta go to no ones house for dinner lol
7 minutes ago - View -
CaZwell Harris
CaZwell Harris : Timeline Photos     No Black Friday for me....     Michelle Horning, Stuart Lynn, Darrin Ham, Chirita Peterson, Chuck McCauley, Robert Hutton Owens, Tabatha D Washington, Marie Venton, Leslie Anne, LaTonya MeChelle, Alex Rivas Guy Floyd....EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. .DON'T DO IT!!
8 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Owens-DeVore
LaTonya Owens-DeVore :         Airi first turkey day
9 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Works
Latonya Works : My dinner is complete !!! Thank you Celeste Paige for my side dishes !!!
12 minutes ago - View -
Cambriel Burge
Cambriel Burge : --Happy Thanksgiving--
Latonya Wells-Russell Dabriel Latrice LaToya Johnson-Hood Jade Myles Austin Jones Keiara Dixon Otf Kd Winston Jones LaTonya Johnson McGowan Dexter Russell Andre Kennedy Shucuria Burch Torez Burch Brinisha Monique Arthur Cam'Bria Burch Shay Love Jalicia Love Wells Wells Felisha Wells Felisha Wells Tracy Poston Clarice Wells-Lewis Sonja Burch Kayy RoSe Kimberly Hill Jannie J Thompson Gennia P. Varnado Willie Varnado

13 minutes ago - View -
Janelle Artis
Janelle Artis :     Tamara Langston Brian Hill Latonya Moore Brittany Loving Lyfe Brooks Putt-Putt Wilson Wing King Ebony Peterson Belinda Wood Belinda Astrop Lisa Wright Nancy Parham     Antione Marshall Candise Rayborn-Marshall here's my video for the jingle contest
Watch the video: video

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Loving Madison
Loving Madison :         HAPPY THANKSGIVING
Leslie Booth Lacoste Keitha Thomas Ralpheal Patton Patricia Fairley Chelsey Booth Claudia Pickering Luke Booth LaTonya M. McGee Sandra Collins BradfordandTawiana Jenkins Latoya Jones-Staples

14 minutes ago - View -
Lynne Williams
Lynne Williams :         My baby looking cute after I curled her hair. Latonya Fashiondoll Darnell
14 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Bell
Latonya Bell :         Tbt...To all my fb people who have lost a loved one a friend special someone this is for all of our falling soldiers and those that we may never see again...may God be with us...
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Latonya Griffin Hudson
Latonya Griffin Hudson : Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy your day.....
15 minutes ago - View -
Leroy Young
Leroy Young : Happy ThanksGiving to all my family and friends.. Cassandra Mapp C Dot Howard Catrice Hill Patty Kidd Patrick Hill Latonya Tee Tee Hill Marquis Dickerson Jacquie Sutton Shelley Griffin
16 minutes ago - View -
Erika Eye'Candy Janelle
Erika Eye'Candy Janelle : Catch the Bronco mamas & Bronco Tiny Mites on WLKY news today at 5pm... We represented tough!!! Keekee Porterfield is a good spokesperson :) Brooke Anderson Latonya Warner Janet Oneal Deonika Chanea Christina Stopher Delorian Fields
17 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Watkins
Latonya Watkins : Charity ...

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

― John Bunyan

18 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Rosemond
Latonya Rosemond : Timeline Photos     Do you agree??...~E~     Stop bullying!!!!!
18 minutes ago - View -
Brenda Wilson-Richardson
Brenda Wilson-Richardson : Happy Thanksgiving to LaTonya , Roy Jr. & all my FB friends & family
19 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Parker
LaTonya Parker : Kinda mad I waz all over looking for all my kids the 13 just to find them and none of them have nothing to match them
20 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya R McGowen Takpena
LaTonya R McGowen Takpena :         Got off at 6:00 this morn and stopped by Kroger and got straight to business;Hickory Smoked Turkey, chicken dressing, deviled eggs, chicken salad, purple hull peas, spaghetti, cabbage, and sweet potatoes pies...This is my husband and I first official family Thanksgiving. ..I'm am one tired soul but I'm a greatful soul! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Latonya Lovelace
Latonya Lovelace :     What y'all think about this?    
Watch the video: video

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Patrice Boo Coleman
Patrice Boo Coleman : Happy thanksgiving Felecia Coleman Latonya Coleman Taishiscia Coleman DaShawn Coleman NorfgurlTrish Ellison-Walker Romeo Rico Page Amy Davis Sheena Tha Boss Keisha Branner Suga Shay Joy Jefferson Christopher Jefferson an the rest of the world enjoy this day ....
21 minutes ago - View -
Jermaine Hollinquest
Jermaine Hollinquest : I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my family and friends ,,,love y'all and thanks and I'm most thankful for Julicia , Kameron, Latonya Rhodes for J'hanna n Jayden , Latonya Lee for my Renie and Florine and Julius for Julicia there are more peoples I'm thankful for ,,but I'll be typing for a while y'all know who you are love y'all
22 minutes ago - View -
Veronica Faye Robinson
Veronica Faye Robinson : Just wanting to send out a Happy Thanksgiving to my brothers and sisters.... Lillian Allen, Terry Allen, Ilona Allen, Bobby Lee Robinson , Moore Ouvgod , LaTonya Robinson , Faye Johnson and my nieces and nephews Nikki Rashaun , Tiffany Chatman , Teresa Chatman, Vanessa Samiya Page ,Terry Allen , Chris Allen , Joslyn Micole Hill and all the rest of my family. It's been rough these past couple of years without Momma, but you guys get me through the rough times, the crying jags, and I want to say I love you all. God has seen us through so much and my pray is that he continues to keep his loving hand over our family and continues to bless us. Amen
22 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Carey
LaTonya Carey :         Thai said we make an awesome team ^___^

24 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Jones
25 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Holton
LaTonya Holton :         Bye Fall...Hello Holidays!!! Happy Thanksgiving Facebook:)
26 minutes ago - View -
Diane Williams
Diane Williams : Fried turkey, turkey and dressing, greens and green beans with hamhocks and 2 separate pots with beef (for those who don't eat beef] honey baked ham, chitterlings, potato and pea salad mac & cheese. 5 pecan pies 3 sweet potato, sourcream pound cake German chocolate, and pineapple upside-down cakes banana pudding, cheese cake [courtesy of Latonya Anthony Phillips] I'm grateful to Renee Carter for her tremendous help in preparation of this meal, I'm thankful to Robbye Bradford for all she does, and Kendra Sturdevant the love I have each of you is beyond words
27 minutes ago - View -
David Davouccy Smith
David Davouccy Smith : I am thankful for my family Smith Hazel Sharon Atkins Nakia Cole Beebee Cole Ronnie Martin Sherhonda Atkins-Martin Hood Dro Brittani Atkins Cornelius Roseborough Annette Atkins Brandon Dynelle L'Agang Derrio LaTonya M. Chambers Juwana Walker Devon Paid Cash Wricks India Purp Cook TiaJuana Rip Ivory Moore James Moore Portia Neverlookingback Jallow Kwanita' Chantele Towanda Kennedy Tokyo Smith James Smith Alicia Cole Kareem Smith Faith Smith Jordan Chambers Evan Jenkins I love each & every one of yall!! #Family
29 minutes ago - View -
Derell Rush
Derell Rush : Marcia Smith and Rashidi Bell happy Thanksgiving Denise Baber and Latonya Welch Janice Rush Markeeta Gilmore Isaiah Jameson Christina Pierce Christopher Davis Barco Diddat Davis Mild Smith Mississippi Burnside Danielle Nicole Bradley Quinten Jimmerson Anthony Davis Anthony Tucker Micheal Davis Alwaysalady Tehitia Alwyzalady Davis Larry Tucker Rodney Scott Mark Davis anyone I forgot sorry kinda high won't
lie me and Crystal Lane

29 minutes ago - View -
Crystal LaTonya Ewing
Crystal LaTonya Ewing : I'm SORRY but EVERYDAY is THANKSGIVING!!!!
30 minutes ago - View -
Cody Turnup Malveaux
Cody Turnup Malveaux : DELWIN DA KRAZYMAN aka mr mobbin on em - MOBBIN (feat. NU$$IE) [STREET VIDEO]     Iesha Simon Larry Laro Prudhomme Jbaby Clubbangaking Colla Edesha KantbeMeh Wheeler Jiggaman Make'em Get Loose Latonya Richard Lekeisha Savoie Bee Jane GermanyDj Slackster Miller Amber Dopedivafresh Comeaux Ashlyn Elair Fre'drica Nicole Brown Natashia Major Royal Diamond Coyo Bruno Shalashia Rubin Shalonda MeanDee Thomas Tracy Lockett Tyra Jason Olivia Richard Latricia Hunt Shampaon Hewitt

31 minutes ago - View -
Casey Williams
Casey Williams :         Happy Thanksgiving! Some of the things I am thankful for:
My God and church family at Concord with Cocoa Sunday.
My Kids and my Parents
My Family and closest cousin Cherry Noir
My Eastern Star sistars. Love them all especially@ Erika Sweetcake Harper and Dee Lang for taking me under their wings
My sisters that developed through chance @Lashawna (still can't tag) Bleu Onlyonelikeme Kennedy Yo Yo Johnson
Great ladies of friendship Bay Bay King Rene Alford LaTonya Jackson Sheila Keys Barnes
My Dallasurban Kidmodels family who encourage me daily
My business motivators Arkadina TravelAgent T and Correy Miller
My best friend and supporter Gregory Johns
Last but not Granny Johnnie B who at 80, is my rock, motivator, and lets me know I can make it with 3 on my own!

31 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Grindtime Thomas
Latonya Grindtime Thomas :         Lol this my shit....
Watch the video: video

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Latonya Murray
Latonya Murray : Almost done got turkey greens baked mac n cheese yams deviled eggs and chitterlings mmmmmm gone smash
33 minutes ago - View -
LaTonya Garrett
LaTonya Garrett : I'm so not n tha holiday spirit redy fa it to b ova!!!!
33 minutes ago - View -
Nawal Tajdin
Nawal Tajdin : Jay Electronica - Better In Tune With The Infinite (feat. LaTonya Givens)

"the work is on the outside, staring out the windows is for love songs and house flies"     Jay Electronica - Better In Tune With The Infinite (feat. LaTonya Givens aka Tony Trezure) of the album Act II: Patents of Nobility (the Turn). Roc Nation. L...
Watch the video: video

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LaTonya Smith
LaTonya Smith : Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families. We have a lot to be thankful for.
35 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Wesson
Latonya Wesson : Timeline Photos     Here's to all the adorable compact people... — with Christine Blackmon and 49 others.    
37 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Monique Motton Standifer
Latonya Monique Motton Standifer :         Happy Thanksgiving
37 minutes ago - View -
Latonya Brown
Latonya Brown : My heart has been heavy this week, my first Thanksgiving without my mother and in 3 days my first birthday without her also! I was cooking last night thinking about how thankful I was last year to spend my mothers last thanksgiving with her and she gave me her sweet potato pie recipe! She would make the pies for me, but last year she said iam going to teach you how to make them,she told me everything thing to do over the phone! Iam going to miss her today so much! She loved the holidays and being being around her family. I know she would not want me sad. I just miss her so much! Iam so thankful for my god, my daughter's Damisha,& Letitia, my grandbaby Jailah, and the rest of my family, friends. I hope everyone have a wonderful day with your family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
37 minutes ago - View -