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Lakeisha Hayes
Lakeisha Hayes : Often times we may complain but, have you every thought about trading your problems for someone else problems? Your problems may be very small compared to next person, so be Grateful, Thankful & stop Complaining.😊
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Lakeisha Jefferson
Lakeisha Jefferson : Poor girl forced by friends & sucide after they leaked her video     This is not ok
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Lakeisha Johnson
Lakeisha Johnson : Timeline Photos     With Joe Mc and 50 others.    
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Lakeisha Searcy
Lakeisha Searcy : Where Can I Find A Doc Mcstuffin Costume Size 8. Been Searching Everywhere!!!!
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Darius Farrar
Darius Farrar : #FridayShoutouts: Domonique MzPoetic Hodges Arielle Kearse Pastor La Sonya Sammons Sara Eritrawit Negash Kim Dunning Rochelle Fletcher-Dixon Nikki Roxxanne Farley-Wilson Gabrielle Hinton Ronda Garrett LaTara Sunshine Hendrix Shilonda Hearn LaKeisha Renee' Howard Abby Jackson Jasmine Syd Adele Kim Johnson Karen Baker Elder Long and Ldy Yvette Dixon
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Lakeisha London
Lakeisha London : What's meant to be will always find its way
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Lakeisha Risingabovetherest Washington
Lakeisha Risingabovetherest Washington : Timeline Photos     Baby left in Post Office! This precious 2 month old is abandoned. Left in his car seat. Right there in the lobby. Some clues right next to him. But when investigators put his picture on social media, they were surprised at who stepped forward. See here:     If all Mother's was doing this I bet u niggas would b being Daddy. If u had to pick ur baby up from Foster Care...smdh... every woman that's a mother don't want to b one. Ridiculous!!!
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Lakeisha Johnson
Lakeisha Johnson : Timeline Photos        
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Lakeisha Chunn
Lakeisha Chunn : A new game day begins and Lakeisha enjoys daily bonus!    
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Jayde Lakeisha
Jayde Lakeisha : Dear England, your weather conditions are incredible. I love you.
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Lakeisha Hartley
Lakeisha Hartley :    
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LaKeisha Renee
LaKeisha Renee : I don't feel like me. Idk just have an uneasy feeling today. I can't wait til she comes back. I could really use one of those cuddle days right now.
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Lakeisha Northcutt
Lakeisha Northcutt : Mobile Uploads     Instagram @hair_princessd
When you have a passion for what you do it shows in your work 👌👑💁
3-D Fishtail braid pin up
High Definition Hair Salon
19418 Van Dyke Ave
Detroit, MI 48234

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Lakeisha WetnTasty Moore
Lakeisha WetnTasty Moore : The viewing of the body for my uncle Todd Smith is today at 4-8. The address is 3104 w 64th street. W.W.Jackson Funeral Home.
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Lakeisha Doupe
Lakeisha Doupe : looking for a Halloween costume for a girl and no mask please :)
21 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Johnson
Lakeisha Johnson : You won't believe the color of this Jelly Fish    
21 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha LovingNisia Golfe
Lakeisha LovingNisia Golfe : Mobile Uploads     Be happy!     Im happy to lol
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Lakeisha Harris
Lakeisha Harris :     Lol     We weren't sure on the noise at first - but it's definitely a snore!
Watch the video: video

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Andinn Burrell
Andinn Burrell : Timeline Photos     Can you read this?     Lakeisha Small can u read this
22 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Tiredofhoes Pate
Lakeisha Tiredofhoes Pate : When I do get my own my dream house gon b blue wit plenty of grass front and back fenced in and two door garage cause aint none of the houses I stayed In had none of this lol
24 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Johnson
Lakeisha Johnson : Timeline Photos     ~ Amethyst ~    
26 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha LovingNisia Golfe
27 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha True'Beauty Wilson
Lakeisha True'Beauty Wilson : Jenna Gavin's record breaking 431 pound blue fin tuna is no fishy tale    
27 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Dixon
Lakeisha Dixon : Don't play games with a woman who can play better.

Dr. Mike Murdock

27 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha NaturalBeauty King
Lakeisha NaturalBeauty King : Just found out my phone is a hotspot yes lawd! 😆😆😆😆😆 didn't know att do that I knew tmobile did!
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Lakeisha White
Lakeisha White : Wait... I just used the bathroom like 30 mins ago and got to go again
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Lakeisha Jacobs
Lakeisha Jacobs :         My boys are ready for Halloween
30 minutes ago - View -
LaKeisha Nicole
LaKeisha Nicole :     Ok I want to do this!!! Anybody else?
32 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha True'Beauty Wilson
Lakeisha True'Beauty Wilson : I Deserve New Shoes     Amazing wedding dress, love it so much!


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Lakeisha Harris
Lakeisha Harris :         Old lady punch
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LaKeisha Henderson
LaKeisha Henderson : Been getting a lot of " ?? Accepted ur friend request" And I NEVER requested it.. smh.
35 minutes ago - View -
Tanishia Stewart
Tanishia Stewart : Good day bookers. Well me im sitting here preparing myself for both of these funerals. To the families of lakeisha neal and marvin moore. Keep ur heads up. And may god bless all of u. Love all. Everyone else njoy. Tiffany i will be there tonight. Tell bro i got him.
37 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Newby
Lakeisha Newby : Timeline Photos     Think about... — with Sokhom Tepi and 50 others.     Look at Wat me in my Lil queens have in common Dezhire Parsons n DezjasoGood Parsons we all miss our daddies......
39 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Mcleggan
Lakeisha Mcleggan : gaza slim- independent ladies (lyrics )     My new jam     gaza slim-independent ladies comment subscribe share
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Lakeisha James
Lakeisha James : Even doe me an my sisters get into I will do anything for both of them an they kids but I'm not finna let a nigga or a bitch disrespect them
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Lakeisha Newby
Lakeisha Newby : Mobile Uploads         Feleatha Thornton dis is for us ma no matter what our boys do we still love dim......
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Lakeisha Ford
Lakeisha Ford : Timeline Photos     If you believe, TYPE AMEN.    
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Mario Reyes
46 minutes ago - View -
Claudio Carvalhaes
Claudio Carvalhaes : LaKeisha Hamilton     I'm at an amazing art performing exhibition at West side of Chicago at a Barber Shop. Leah Gipson is the artist and studies at McCormick Theological Seminary. LaKeisha took these pictures. I'm blessed to be here!
47 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Murphy
Lakeisha Murphy : got offered to lunch earlier by my cuz and Amanda Mechelle Ray brought my nephew by for a couple hours now im sitn hea
51 minutes ago - View -
LaKeisha Hamilton
LaKeisha Hamilton :         McCormick's Professor Claudio Carvalhaes supporting Leah Gipson @ Black Eutopia #TerenceBarberShopOwner
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TheSilvaback Grizzly
TheSilvaback Grizzly : A MUST SEE!!!     The Boyz are coming up To New Jerz!!!! For the John Blassingame Event!!! The the event Below!!     Calendar here 20 Well Dressed Men Expressing Love through Imagery. BeautynStrength Calendar Men Strikes Again!!!!...
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Lakeisha Newby
Lakeisha Newby : Timeline Photos         DezjasoGood Parsons in Dezhire Parsons
55 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha NaturalBeauty King
Lakeisha NaturalBeauty King : Me and gabe been out all day im tired as hell but I gotta do this homework before we go to disney on ice tonight 😩😩😩
56 minutes ago - View -
Lakeisha Sweetlady Preston
Lakeisha Sweetlady Preston :        
1 hour ago - View -
Lakeisha Isom
Lakeisha Isom : Paydays and off days are a bad combination, not to mention Good weather!! # Lord help me stick to the budget lol
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Kanika Jones
Kanika Jones : When we make a decision to change ourselves for the better, there will always be test to see if you are willing to go through the storm to get where u would like to be. You will start to look at things and people in a whole new light. You will even loose some and along the way. You can't let it bother you or get u down because its all apart of the process of becoming a better you. So when it seems at though the world against u hold your head high, smile, and Thank God for working on you and removing all negative things (people) that aren't meant for you. Remember you aren't held responsible for what is done against you but you are held responsible for your REACTION. NEVER LET THE NEXT PERSON STOP YOUR GROWTH.
Lakeisha Evans Williams

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Kilo Hamilton
Kilo Hamilton : Teen Dies After Heart Stops In Haunted House     Katrina and Lakeisha think I'm goin to a damn haunted house..!. Ah Nope!!!
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Maya Lee
Maya Lee : Joel Osteen Ministries     Lakeisha Patterson you need this too
1 hour ago - View -
Chisholm Lakeisha
Chisholm Lakeisha :         Happy birthday to my Grandma
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