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Kenneth Raynon Clark Kenneth Raynon Clark : Bowling wit the fam. Ken Clark Terrance Watts
3 hours ago - View -
Melrose Pharmacy Melrose Pharmacy : Teresa is co-hosting a fundraiser for Ken Clark who is running for state legislature District 24 tomorrow, April 24th at 116 W. McDowell Rd, Phoenix, 85003 from 5:30 to 7pm. Please come and talk with Ken about the issues that are important to you.
4 hours ago - View -
Danna Bobby Browder Danna Bobby Browder : Scores For Latecomers
Jen Hopsen 145 avg. 186
Larry Willis 133 avg. 178
Walt Siewert 190 avg. 223
Pam Urban 123 avg. 146
Tim Smith 169 avg. 223
Kenny Urban 247
J Ryan Sanders 171 avg. 255
David Garza 245
Jerry Biehl 196 avg. 246
Ramona Biehl 128 avg. 166
Ginger Biehl 127 avg. 160
Rene Kreger 188 avg. 212
Dee Sanford 182 avg. 242
Richard Kreger 196 avg. 230
Sandra West 159 avg. 213
Bobby Roy 173 avg. 241
Sue Stav 171 avg. 201
Karen Bradley Witsberger 146 avg. 179
Beverly Babb 153 avg. 236
James Schwartz 131 avg. 186
David Harrison 115 avg. 172
Jason Harrison 163 avg. 231
Herman Wright 195 avg. 234
Ray L Woodford 246
Harvey Farris 196 avg. 227
Dorothy Lawley 160 avg. 195
Chayne Brothers 248
Ashley Lawley 245
Mark Smith 246
Richard Meyers 259
Brian Patterson 278 734
Ken Kirkman 248
Eric Edwards 246
Ronald Wreyford 247
Mike Curry 190 avg. 221
Mark Wreyford 248
Debbie Tremont 148 avg. 191
Larry Riley 173 avg. 203
Jared Riley 237
Deb Knappick 137 avg. 184
Robert Knappick 279 733
Dan Harrison 153 avg. 268 667
Doc Laskie 179 avg. 214
Jim Madeksho 230
Cassidy Clark 231
Jeff Shafer 199 avg. 229
Chris Risinger 259

5 hours ago - View -
Adam Wyler Adam Wyler : Ok. Time to get a little serious here. In a moment, I am going to list all of our members who haven't given us their email addresses. Not because I am calling each of you out. On the contrary. I am mostly a shy person. Not as shy as I used to be, but certainly not overly aggressive. The majority of the ones we don't have are not Facebook friends of mine. So, I have no way to send a private text asking for things. I want as many who can attend the reunion dinner to have that opportunity. And the reality is that more than half of our members don't view our daily posts. However, by listing your name, you are forced to view what we are requesting. Here is Part 1 of the list: Akrivi Santiago-Theodoropoulos, Alan B. Cozart, Alice M. Sheffield, Amy Smith Brannen, Andrew Gamsby, Anne Freeman, Antoinette DiLiberti, Becki J. Waples, Ben Branan, Bonnie Henderson, Brian Thomas Fry, Carol Lelekacs, Christopher Bergh, Christopher Blyshak, Don Martin, Cliff Snedeker, Colleen Whitham Fanguiaire, Courtnay Campbell, Dale Crabtree, Dan Lipori, Dana Kent Vega, Daniel Hawkes, Darryl Poutre, David Crandall, David A Knight, Debbie Vass, Denise Lewis, Dennis Blume, Donna Mack, Doreen Hock D-Mar, Dorie Shine Priolo, Doug Chase, Douglas Wright, Elizabeth Bialow Pekin, Frank Werner Kohler, Freda Drake, Gigi Galliher, Gina Perry-Pesce, Ginger Moran Bierdeman, Grace Symington, Ingrid Augustine, Jackie Barratt Tinny, Jane Williams, Janet Weaver, Jerold Miller, JIll L. Solomon, Jim Sullivan, Jo MacNutt Luthe, Joy Valha, Joy Williams
5 hours ago - View -
Lindy Bout Lindy Bout : Dearest Lindy Bouters,

Each year we work very hard to plan the best Lindy Bout that we can dream up, and each year we are never quite sure if or how it will surpass the previous year. But, each year, without us expecting it, you come and add so much more to the event than we could ever plan on or ask for -- and each year you inspire us to do it all again!

A lot of people put a lot of work into Lindy Bout, but you put in the soul. You bring something magical that no amount of planning can add to an event. Thank you for filling our hearts with love, our eyes with tears, and our feet with dancing rhythms.

A huge thank you to all our instructors, judges, DJs, door keepers, designers, setter-uppers, writers, painters, flamingo hangers, beverage pourers, competitors, baby smilers, emcees, photographers, videographers, website workers, beancounters, housing wranglers, anthem singers -- We have an anthem?! -- dancers, schedulers, heavy lifters, drivers, hosts, lovers, and fighters.

Many, many people deserve huge thank yous: Barney, Suzanna, Zenith, Selena, Katie, Chris, Elsie, Camille, Florence, Mathieu, Ken, Lily, Keisha, Vivek, Ania, Jacky, Geoff, Marita, JP, Kaitlin, Kelsey, Alain, Gen, Dargoff, Brittany, Joshua, Joel, Louise, Leah, Kofi, Lauren, Matt, Phil, Lisa, Julie, Julia, Julia, Birkley, Wes, Travis, Mark, Dave, Geoff, Justin, Claudia, Clark, Meghan, Travis, Rosea, Wes, Shawna, Ryan, Candice, Devon, Lloyd, Tom, Georgina, Arnt, Alan, Scott, Read and Ben.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Lindy Bout VIII to the best Lindy Bout yet!

Love and Swing outs,
The Lindy Bout Bossies
Stephanie, Eileen, and Lucy

7 hours ago - View -
Peg Heidkamp Parsons Peg Heidkamp Parsons :         Save the date - August 23rd - Cisco All School Reunion: Awards Banquet 1959: Program: Rev. Ken Winter; Toastmaster: Don Whisnant; Guest Speaker, Dike Eddleman; Awards given by Wm. Clark, Dorcas Herren, Vern Kuetemeyer, Jane Winter, & Fred Luke. There are four pages to this post.
7 hours ago - View -
Francisco Robalino Francisco Robalino :     Opening for Miss Jennifer next sat. sets from 1-2…its gonna a sick time.
Nicholas Sarlo Carlos Robalino Carlos Merchan Amanda Chiara Fiducia Chris Lavado DjTony Cee Dj Mike Manson Amer Chaudhry Meg Mazzotta Stevie Clark Sean Alan Heald Antoine Vnardeep Aneil Matthew Younis Daniel Asaro Yeimy Aleman Janeth Catalina Merchan Robalino Arianna Concepcion Arlene Velez Joe Santos Trevor Wilkes Ryan Newton Rubí De León Derek Dlite Sesar Pacheco Joshüā Heald Katarina Herrera Miguel Bondoc Miguel El PrincipeCharming DiNero Michael Durand Mike Techh Gau Truc Ct HousemusicEvents CT House Nation Eikonik Co. CT & NYC House Events and Music CT HouseScene CT College Nightlife Jester Jimenez Jordan Harris Alejandro Vallejo Astante James Grant Ogren Christina Graham Frank Bravo Ken Ichi Mateo Acevedo Brian DaCosta Brian Vasques Djlalek Juan Maria Alexandra Morales Fausto Robalino Fabian Martinez Xavier Merchan Kristin Marie Bryan BrendAmore Alexander Bruno Franceschi Vinny Piccirillo

7 hours ago - View -
Kera Soinfamous Sutton Kera Soinfamous Sutton :     Ken CirocBoi Williams Jontavius D Royal Dexter Jerron Payne Mario Bryant Jerinique M Gaston-Walker Tamel Au'nesty Walker Shan NJay Clark L Valez Sutton Shalez Sutton Kaiyom Rutledge K.j. Moneytalk Lester lmao I'm diein over here     What kinda gun this nigga got ? O_o
Watch the video: video

8 hours ago - View -
Amy Hollingsworth Amy Hollingsworth : Sierra, our 20 year old Mustang/Quarter Cross mare just received her spring Equimax wormer along with our other two horses. She took it like a champ just like the rest of our horses have taken it for years. This time we did not put it her goody bucket as we have in years past. She took it the old fashioned way just like everyone else.
For those of you who have known this mare and her history you'll understand what a huge accomplishment this was and why I'm so proud of her right now. :-) Way to go Sierra! I guess all the work of messing with your mouth to take your daily dose of Pergolide has finally paid off. I'm one very happy horse owner right now, can you tell? ~Amy Samantha Durborow Jes Radius Ken Feigner Tina Kemper Tess Mariah Clark Jan Tumlinson

8 hours ago - View -
Stafford & District Billiards & Snooker League - sponsored by Kennys Stafford & District Billiards & Snooker League - sponsored by Kennys : Division 2 latest result:
Cons D 4-1 Burton Manor A
Simon Towle 39 - 43 Peter Green
Robert Ward 49 - 21 Ken Lancaster
Mick Holmes 70 - 39 Dan Clarke
Geoff Evans 56 - 17 Anthony Davies
George Hunt 27 - 74 Neil Holmes

10 hours ago - View -
Ramona Ostrander Guelph Remax Ramona Ostrander Guelph Remax : AvGeek is the worst buzzword ever and is damaging aviation - Air Facts Journal     Madelyne Gundy, Kylie Lannéval Marett, Ally Fidler, Kyle Ostrander, Gracey Gundy, Kimberly Squires, - with Ken Mist, J. Todd Dussault

Ok guys... Got a little project for my Gen Y & X Friends. Could you please read this blog, pass it on to your groups and ask them what hashtag SHOULD be used to capture the interest of all you savvy souls of the future? Aviation needs to stop being so 'basic'. ;)

As a baby boomer, AV = audio video and yes, the stigma of geek went with it.

So I come to all you trendsetters to help us fuddy duddies bring today's COOL to aviation.

Love to you all for helping me out! xo

11 hours ago - View -
Jean May Whitehead Jean May Whitehead :         Lonnie Donegan
Miki & Griff
Des O'Connor (TV's newest comedy personality)
Jill Westlake (Glamour in song)
Peter Goodright ("It's only me)
The Clark Brothers (American entertainers)
The Kestrels (Ace harmony group)
The Tiller Girls
Ken Moule & The Orchestra

"Putting On The Donegan"

Promoter - Leslie Grade

11 hours ago - View -
Allison Hinds McCarthey Allison Hinds McCarthey : It's a HINDS thing, you wouldn't understand's Photos     If you're lucky enough to be a HINDS, then you've hit the jackpot. Click here --->     I think we need a whole slew of these shirts!!! Nancy Hinds Clark Hinds Angela Stephens Daniel Hinds Andrea Tom Hinds Ken Hinds Rachel N Jordan
11 hours ago - View -
Glen Stoker Glen Stoker : airspace     Who's coming to this?
Next Thursday, May 1st at 6pm, we open the doors to PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS where our shiny new Gallery will play host to 50 artists' responses to the Manifesto.

You will see works by
Dean Kenning, Jennet Thomas, David Blandy and Larry Achiampong, Mathieu Beausejour, Clunie Reid, Billy Childish and Harry Adams, Plastique Fantastique, Oona Grimes, Leslie Deere, Arnaud Desjardin, Richard Paul, BAZ, Alexis Milne and Tex Royale, Andrew Gilbert, Frank Wasser, Katie Schwab, Jenny Moore, Dominic from Luton, Kevin Hunt, Alice Walton, Tanja Ritterbex, Benedict Drew, Stewart Home, Mark Pearson, Colin Lowe, kennardphillips, Doyle and Mallinson, Shane Bradford, Mark Beasley, Simon Fujiwara, Cedar Lewisohn, Patricia Ellis, Lucy Harrison, Natalia Mali, Anna Francis, Harriet Murray, Neil Taylor, Emma Holmes, Peter Lamb, Ami Clarke, Pat Rock, Leigh Clarke, Common Culture, Laura Oldfield Ford, Jessica Voorsanger, Emma Hart, Melanie Stidolph, Abigail Lane
and Sarah Lucas.

12 hours ago - View -
Amagi Metals Amagi Metals : Timeline Photos     Tune into tonight's show to hear from special guests Amanda Muell and CEO of Amagi Metals, Stephen Macaskill.

They will be joining Ken Clark to talk about Liberty Lab an upcoming event hosted by Liberty on the Rocks Denver; an event and discussion you won't want to miss!     CEO will be talking liberty, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies! Can't wait to spread the word about Liberty Lab - Denver's liberty entrepreneurship event!

12 hours ago - View -
Sylvia Connor Sylvia Connor : List of songs that mention "George Strait" in the lyrics....…. we got 32…if anyone has a new one, please add below…thank you!!!

1. Ain't Going Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up - Garth Brooks
2. Country Folks Living Loud - The Lost Trailerss
3. Cowboy Days - Terri Clark
4. Cowboy Love - John Michael Montgomery
5. Give It To Me Strait - Tim McGraw
6. Heroes - Gord Bamford
7. If George Strait Starts Dancing - Cledus T Judd
8. Love Your Love The Most - Eric Church
9. Merry Christmas Strait To You - George Strait
10. My Life's Been A Country Song - Chris Cagle
11. On A Good Night - Wade Hayes
12. Play Something Country - Brooks & Dunn
13. Play The Song - Joey & Rory
14. Pure Strait Country - Kelly Kenning
15. Real World - Big & Rich
16. Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson
17. So Long Texas Hello Mexico - Johnny Tex & The Texicans
18. Something Big - Zachary Hunter
19. Texas Women (Don't Stay Lonely Long) - Brooks & Dunn
20. Thinkin' Strait - Rich McCready
21. Western Girls - Marty Stuart
22. I Did it for the Girl - Greg Bates
23. Me and George Strait - Bobby Dean
24. Rewind - Rascall Flatts
25. American Radio - Carolina Rain - American Radio
26. Damn Strait - Galen Griffin
27. Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk - Kevin Fowler - Colt Ford’s cd Chicken and Biscuits
28. Take a Back Road - Rodney Atkins
29. George Strait and Jesus – Holly Jo Samsill
30. Country On The Radio - Blake Shelton ( CD 2013)
31. Strait and Jackson - Kimber Sparks
32. Jesus and George Strait - Dale Tyge

13 hours ago - View -
Gordon Smith Gordon Smith : Tempus Drums     And there I am, right above Todd Sucherman. In good company then. Looking at the others on this list humbles and pleases me greatly. Thank you Paul Mason. Glad to do my bit :-)
14 hours ago - View -
Catherine Steele Catherine Steele : Girl suffering from rare disorder needs new wheelchair van     Okay, we have the go ahead and blessings of the family to move forward with this benefit! So, all of you willing to donate- bands that are in- please inbox me a preferred Sunday date. looking at 4-6 weeks out to make this all that it can be. Live music, auctions, raffles- 50/50 drawings and more! I need bounce houses donated as this will be a family friendly event with the participation of this young lady's school behind us! Auction items needed- also looking into getting a storage unit donated for the auction items to be stored until the day of event! Stay tuned.... Jennifer Lee and Nevaeh Peek, Tj Rainey, Billy Mcknight, Bob Hope, Ken Gingras, Terry Cole & The Honky Tonk Hitmen, Terry Cole Show, John Hindman Music, Annette Tenaglia, Julie Anne Marino, Minnie Diaz, Travis Evans, Robin Kelly, John Hindman, George Gould, Skyler Clark, Robert B Swann, Lyla Neff Mock, Deanna Lynn Whitten, Ralph Whitten, Dangerous Ground Band, Jenny Rimmer..... Anyone else who is able to be a part of this, please inbox me and let me know what you open to do for the day. Thank you all for your support in advance....
14 hours ago - View -
Amanda J. Muell Amanda J. Muell : Timeline Photos     Tune into tonight's show to hear from special guests Amanda Muell and CEO of Amagi Metals, Stephen Macaskill.

They will be joining Ken Clark to talk about Liberty Lab an upcoming event hosted by Liberty on the Rocks Denver; an event and discussion you won't want to miss!     Learn about Liberty Lab tonight on Grassroots Radio! You can listen live online, or on AM 560. We'll be on from 6-6:30 PM MDT.

15 hours ago - View -
Ironside Guitars Ironside Guitars : Bidiniband: The Motherland     Click THIS LINK:

AND listen to Bidinibands new song. "Motherland" It's a good'n :-)

Finally a great modern protest song you can hear the lyrics for and get yer blood up for. From Bidiniband. Way-ta-go Dave Bidini Hey Dave, get a visual for this one. A slide show would be great of all the crap that's been going on in this Motherland. Maybe turn a phrase about who the Mothers are in this country selling us all out [no ideology but the obvious anti people stuff] lmao

Nice and clear and PITHY
Watch the video: video

15 hours ago - View -
The Doctor Who Hub The Doctor Who Hub : Which Doctor Who actor should play which Marvel character? For example: David Tennant as Cyclops, noel Clarke as Silver Surfer, Billie Piper as The Invisible Woman, etc...

- Ken Spivey

15 hours ago - View -
Angie Quick Clark Angie Quick Clark : Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio | The World's Largest Annual Gathering of Twins! Next...     Ken Clark...maybe we should go with the kids
15 hours ago - View -
Davie Thebarber Davie Thebarber :     SurfaceInk TattooStudio Raymie Clark
Ken Renfrew Colin Mc Comish     Workplace Share - Biker survives 40ft fall after high-speed near miss. This video was captured from a camera on his helmet. If there is someone in your workplace who needs to slow down then please share.The message here is slow down and respect our roads.
Watch the video: video

16 hours ago - View -
Daz Dalzell Daz Dalzell :         Can anyone fil in the gaps: Back row: Hinton McNeely, Stephen Clarke, Phillip Ballantyne, Ken Haddock, Jim Dixon, Keith Thompson, William Kennedy, Stephen Gawley, Bolo Graig, Mr FEE
Seated: Mervin Allen, Geordie Cinnamond, Edward Grainger, Dunlop, Daz Dalzell, Jim Taylor.
Floor: John Bicketstaff, Eddy Ireland, Jackie Gardner

16 hours ago - View -
Kellie Hemminger Clark Kellie Hemminger Clark : Happy Birthday Ken Clark!!! Hope you have a great day!!!
17 hours ago - View -
Cinesystem Cinemas Cinesystem Cinemas : Principais estreias do mês de Maio/2014    
18 hours ago - View -
Barry Fitzpatrick Barry Fitzpatrick :     I had no idea we would have so much fun on a Monday morning gig!
    The Mighty Ken Clark leads the charge on Marathon Monday Sit-In 57. Also on hand were Mario Perrett and Steve Chaggaris for a really fun morning/midday gig.
Watch the video: video

19 hours ago - View -
Anatol Basarab Anatol Basarab : De-ar fi stiut ei...    
20 hours ago - View -
Samm Menzies Samm Menzies :     Ahhhh Labradors.... Bless.... Kate Clarke Ken Christensen Margaret Clarke Jules Carter Smith James Clarke     Unsere Clowns - Ein schönes Osterfest wünscht Lino & seine Dosenöffner
Watch the video: video

21 hours ago - View -
Roger Alexander Roger Alexander : Daily Politics 26th november 2008 Ken clarke and charles Clarke ex Conservative and labour heavyweights give opinions with Nick Robinson on economy and election date.    
22 hours ago - View -
Jen Cartledge Jen Cartledge : Thompson Funeral Chapel     My Mom & brother Scott's official on-line obituaries. Family & friends, please share this link for other's to see. Services are still pending, as we're trying to coordinate & work around schedules, etc. Thank you to Thompson Funeral Chapel for all of your hard work & for doing such a wonderful job combining the two memorials. I apologize if I forgot to tag anyone below Scott Stevens, Lavaun Stevens, Catherine Stevens, Caleb Daniel, Alyssa Toledo, Angelique Iglesias, Clare Barrett, Susanna Abuhl Barrett, Charlie Barrett, Rick Barrett, Sheri Beaird Barrett, Mary Lou Stevens Barnes, Mary-Lou Cartledge, Ellen Boldt, Frank Cart, Jean Barrett Ackerman, Debbie Barrett-Jones, Cynthia Jesudasan, Josh Barrett, Pablo Barrett, Jonathan Bruce Barrett, Patty Silverman, Suzanne Barrett, Carrie Koop Bryant, Kristine Barrett Johnson Melissa Barrett Nuckolls, Lance N Melanie Gotcher, Ginger Meador Barrett, Camilla EuDaly Barrett, Megan Dennison-Barrett, Daniel James Barrett, Randall Barrett, Sydney Gotcher, Shelby Hiscocks, Jodi Lowe, Morgan Lowe
1 day ago - View -
Ken Matosky Ken Matosky : Good Evening Art Lovers!!!!

Your starting lineup for the 2014 ArtBeat on Friday May 2nd is.......

Jesika Orahoske at The Broadway Cyclery .... 665 Broadway
Thomas Conger at Carson Business Center ... 670 Broadway
Ken Matosky at Concoctions Leaf & Bean ..... 668 Broadway
Jackee Janoco Clark at Coldwell Banker..... 707 Broadway
Kimberly Lessey at Bedford Falls Café .... 720 Broadway

Come and support your local art scene!

1 day ago - View -
Ken Reffitt Ken Reffitt : Just to let you know that this is Michelle Clark (for Ken Reffitt) getting the analog man to creep very slowly into the digital world. Don't get your feelings hurt if I don't reply quickly or don't reply at all. We are taking this slowly and besides I really only wanted Facebook so that I can find out when something is wrong with Michelle Clark. Swear, words right from my mouth.
1 day ago - View -
Arthur Woody De Pinto Arthur Woody De Pinto : I hate the Flyers,always have always will!!
There orange jerseys,Bobby Clarke,Ken Linseman,Tocchet,Giroux..all of them in between.

1 day ago - View -
Kendra Sullivan Godin Kendra Sullivan Godin : Good Evening, I am asking for help locating the following class members of NMRS Class of 1975 for a possible 40th Class Reunion. If you know where to locate the following please notify them or send info to find them to Dr..Kendra Sullivan Godin at or FB message Kendra Sullivan Godin Thank you
Gail Clifford Archer, Vicki Antosh, Belinda Bencsik, Darlene Bennett, Donna Boucher, Veronica Bourbeau, Colleen Brick, Lorri Bugden Kimball, Jill Bushey
Greg Cain, Linda Chapin, Robert Clark, Brenda Couture Forcino, Nicole Dufour, David Dulong, Dawn Duncan, Arnold Dusablon
Mark Estes, Michael Frank, Robert Ganong, Marilee Gaskill, Linda Berry Gilson, Jeffery Goddard, Caroline Goodrich, Barbara Greenough Jeff Anderson
Doona Halfpenny, Mona Harney, Jane Hartwell, Thomas Heron, Wayne Howe, Linda Ingerson, Joyce Johnson Fors, Kathleen Johnson, Celia Koski, Ken Krapf.
Mike Laprade, Patrick Leach, Tim Lorenzen, Donna Lundeen, Cindy McLean, Leslie McCartney, John Malone, Lisa Marshall, Barbara Mc Endarfer, Gary Miner, Mike mosey, Daniel Murphy, Ken Murray, Rosemary Naples, Debbie Nauman
Jodi Pearson, Robert Philbrick, Susan Racine, Bernard Riberdy, Mac Robtoy, Pamela Rossi, Laura Rousseau, David Saball, Mikko Salokangas Gary Seppala, Diana Shepard, shirleen Smith, Heather Stack, Anne Stackhouse, Mark Truitt, Martin Truitt, Robert Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, Bonnie Williams Dumas. Thank you for any help in finding these classmates !!

1 day ago - View -
Jeremy Mitchell Jeremy Mitchell : 7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader     Know a great leader? Tag them in this post. I could rattle off so many: Chad Hodges, Ken Clark Jr, Shelly Clark Haines, Brian Approvinator Barnes, Tracy Callender, J Rachel Thoene, Jesse Garcia, Cindie King-Mahannah,
1 day ago - View -
Razbaque Dirge Razbaque Dirge : The Continental Reunion II - Tickets - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY - April 26th, 2014     Whatcha doin' this Saturday night? Come to our 2nd Annual Continental Reunion at the Town Ballroom!!! 9 DJs and 11 Bands! Friends, drinks, merch, and good times:
Come see old friends, classic and new bands, and many original Continental DJs at:
The Continental Reunion
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Doors: 7pm
The Town Ballroom
681 Main Street, Buffalo NY
DJ Schedule:
KEN WOLF 7:30-8:15
PHILIP BLUM 8:15-9:00
KEN COX 9:00-9:45
DAVID HALL 9:45-10:30
ANDRE’FRAZIER 10:30-11:15
JEFF NAUGHTON 12:00-12:45
Band Schedule (Town Ballroom Main Stage): TBA
7:15-7:30 BOB JAMES
7:45-8:05 THE KEVIN K BAND
9:45-10:05 NULLSTADT
10:15-10:35 TERRY SULLIVAN
10:45-11:05 TENSION
11:15-11:35 THE ENEMIES
11:45-12:05 SKINBOUND
Plus: Walk-in music, art, old friends, T-shirts and merchandise, drinks, video, and surprises...
**NOTE: This is an all-ages event!
16 years old and younger need to be accompanied by a parent. Bring proper ID if you are 21+ so you can drink!!
Bud Redding is organizing the Event; I've got the merch. If anyone needs additional information, please feel free to contact us!

1 day ago - View -
Benjamin Baird Benjamin Baird : Benjamin Baird     What shirt would you wear? I am reposing to get more feedback. Please look through all 9 choices and leave you comment. Thanks! If you have left me a comment, THANKS A TON!!!! Angela Garcea Allison Diaz Patti Baird Ken Baird Nicjeana Baird Kent Henderson Teresa Henderson Skye Henderson Sarah Michele Trina Bair Jake Preedy Chris Whalen Justin Hoertz Debbie Ross Greg Turbin Shane Austin Wayne BurnhamBreithaupt Ryan Ryan Bishop Ryan Aaron Green Ryan Hadden Ryan Clark Ryan LaSalle Cody Slonim Erin Riley Slonim Erich Eickmeyer Tommie Kessler Sandi Garnand-Brown Sandi Beckley Douville Patrick Martin Caroline Garner Trever Williams Brent Billings Brent Looyenga
1 day ago - View -