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Leslie Silva
Leslie Silva : Wiggle By Jilliane Flores         Wiggle By Jilliane Flores

LIKE - Drunk Vines
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Annette Dougall
Annette Dougall :     Jillian Allan,,,xxxx     Can't wait to get one...
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Jason Reinard
Jason Reinard :     Dana Malek-Reinard is @ methods of mayhem with Jillian Burgio     The weekend is here! Are you going to get down like this tonight?
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Cindy Bristow
Cindy Bristow :     My boy never liked water either Rose P. Brown He didn't even like a pool :( He learned young to enjoy AC in the house! LOL     Jillian Jillian Jillian Jiggs, the wonderful, amazing water loving pig. ❤️❤️❤️
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Jenny Remington
Jenny Remington :     Jillian Remington- you should teach Esmae something like this. You would need a MUCH bigger rocking horse! A pony riding a pony. lol     Can't wait to get one...
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Rose P. Brown
Rose P. Brown :     I wish my pigs loved water! Destined to be a meat pig, docked tail. This baby is loving life!     Jillian Jillian Jillian Jiggs, the wonderful, amazing water loving pig. ❤️❤️❤️
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Casey Hunt
Casey Hunt :     Katie Keltner Nick Hunt Jillian Hunt Chrisi Givens Laura Hunt. Maybe for my next birthday ??     Slip & Flip!
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Angel Kristeena
Angel Kristeena :     Omg Jillian Myers Mercado Greg Adams this looks funnnn     Slip & Flip!
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Kenya Green
Kenya Green :         Wiggle By Jilliane Flores

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- Kick Ass Vines 2
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Diane Nunn
Diane Nunn :     William Nunn
David Nunn
Monique Lee Luna
Rebecca Sutton Doster
Brandie Loeken
Jillian Belk Knight
Cheryl Perlinger Page
Angie Barker
Toya Mason
Jana Davis Vaughan     Typical struggles of a 5 year-old.
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Anne Wilson Frew
Anne Wilson Frew : Wee Linda Duffy and Rita Marshall think everyone going to Rock Of Ages should dress up I know that Margaret Wilson & Helenmarie Wilson are delighted with that suggestion was wondering what Janice Bell Maryann Frew Gillian Hall Jillian Craig Fiona Donald Debbie Spiers(think I forgot to tag you yesterday) Shauni Frew Denise Mackie Shannon Marshall and anyone I've forgot I'll do whatever Jill me and you are fine we've never really left the 80's lol
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C100 FM - Today's Best Music
C100 FM - Today's Best Music : Official Website of Halifax's Municipal Government     Jillian On-Air: So much happening around the city over the weekend - Buskers and Natal Day! Halifax Transit is offering free ferry service on Saturday and expanded service on Sunday!

Details here:

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Patricia Collrin Robison
Patricia Collrin Robison :     Jillian Holden Brianne Strong Kearstin Robison     OMG! This is the PERFECT summer toy. AWESOME is this thing? I must have one! YOU?
Help these guys with the idea

PLEASE SHARE let’s make this idea happen! :)
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Stephanie Palmieri
Stephanie Palmieri :     My sister Kimberly Daly and I were nominated by Jillian Sigismondo to do the ice bucket challenge. We accepted the challenge to raise awareness for ALS in honor of out family friend Pat Quinn. I nominate Micole Maria and Jessica Sorentino to accept this challenge within 24 hours or donate $100 to Quinn for the Win.    
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adam torres
adam torres : Can We Love Some Music Too Much to Share It?     Wondering Sound contributor and journalist Jillian Mapes wrote this poignant feature about adam torres music, of which she had many flattering and thoughtful things to say. Read the story via this link:

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Hillary OBryan
Hillary OBryan :     Jillian Hall    
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MykaandShawn Guidry
MykaandShawn Guidry : Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat     For my fellow animal lovers my sister in law Amanda Chaisson Manuel, my friends Jillian Carrier, and Dana Gillard..thought you would enjoy this as much as I did..     At a time when tragedy dominates world affairs, it’s easy to despair at the path some ‘leaders’ have led us down. But if you’re worried about losing faith in humankind, despair not: we have the antidote. Cue happy tears…

Here's to you — the kind-hearted
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Jill Massiet
Jill Massiet :         Supreme Assembly: Baltimore 2014 Jillian Massiet , Supreme Immortality
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Author Glenn Thomas Langohr
Author Glenn Thomas Langohr :         I am on the RADIO KABC With Jillian Barberie & John Phillips at 2 pm Pacific time today! They are going to mention one of my prison books and my site Here's the link to radio station for a live listen in I will post the link up after for those who miss it. God is so good!
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Jillian On-Air
Jillian On-Air : PUPPIESSSS    
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Jim Jacobs
Jim Jacobs :     Jillian Jansky-Jones. Laura Jansky-Jacobs     Can't wait to get one...
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Sam Kirk
Sam Kirk : Talent | Art Alliance | July 31 - August 4, 2014 | Chicago, IL     Wish I was there for this. I hope you all enjoy it! Jennifer A. Kirk Carlene Mahanna Sarah Bunch Karla L Olvera Eric Von Haynes Geena Jackson Sofia Anastopoulos Angela Barnes Chevy T Williams David MichaelJoseph Carles Diaz Brito Bobbie Aguilera David T Kimberly Leja Atwood James Atwood Jillian Kirk Rachel Velasquez Melon JamesAH Bellomo

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Brittnae Giesau
Brittnae Giesau : Jillian Campayno is an OFFICIAL honorary Yooper now that she has been in the woods on the trails with the side by side

I don't know whether I should be more impressed by how much she loved it or that I got this bus out of the garage by myself and didn't get us stuck!

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Derek Schuster
Derek Schuster :     Jillian Samantha Gino Mary Joy Terence Amanda Chris Anthony Jordan Earl     Slip & Flip!
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Lauren Patishall
Lauren Patishall : I miss my people, Lorie Spinks Jillian Stambaugh Molly Herner Hieu Doan!
Hope you guys are doing well! I will come see you all sooon!! :)

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