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Jillian Cartlidge
Jillian Cartlidge : Will you help Alexandra too?     Alexandra needs your vote in the cutest baby competition.
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Samantha Fonseca
Samantha Fonseca : I can't stop laughing omg
Christmas party (Santa will know if you cheat ...). Copy, delete my names, and fill in the names with the first nine names on your friends pane:
1. Running around topless singing Jingle Bells: Barakasai Ishida
2. Spikes the punch and drinks most of it: Kristen K. Davenport-Michaelis
3. Dancing on the desk singing "Can't Touch This": Killian Haden Graves
4. Making prank calls from the office line: Leatha Fonseca
5. Spinning around in office chair screaming: Ivan Crider
6. Locked in the bathroom hugging the toilet: Jillian Rutz
7. Passed out under the desk: Alec Mayoral
8. Sitting on the copier making Christmas cards: Marylla Cook
9. Throwing fruitcake at people outside: Keera Rose Phillips

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Dan Davis Jr.
Dan Davis Jr. : Timeline Photos     For a good knight's sleep...     Jillian Doubleday we need these!
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Solomon Abellera
Solomon Abellera :     KAKABAGYAN...


from your Kakabagyan: Solomon & Elizabeth Abellera and children:
Kate Pamela & Emmanuel Paul Queypo, and Maria Franchesca &
Jericko Nathan
Marco Solomon & Jenniffer Abellera and Andy Eliz; and,
Ivy Maureen & Paul Jason Barcarse, and Jillian Harley & Austin Kate     So true
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Jillian Abuan
Jillian Abuan :         The very powerful orange papaya soap. Only in Frontrow Whitens and lightens your skin in as early as 14-days :)
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Rose Funk
Rose Funk : Rose Funk     Oh, you were humiliated !!

Rose ROse Macy Abegail Rose Hadiya Mary JhazelMay Waleed Heenabanu Sheryl Rose Prince Syarifah June Angelica Indri Shuzey Marlyn Hector Sk Samson Maham Andreas Joseph Jillian Jenn Neil المغربية Maria Yasir Penny Rin Tassia Seba Yassia Andika Ayesha Amal Sherazl Daniel Yvonne Dave Johnny Kim Deaf Rosy Golden Muammar Delma

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Jillian Owen
Jillian Owen : Jillian Owen in Let's Vegas Casino got "Slots Tour" achievement!    
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Jillian Gruetzner
Jillian Gruetzner :         Wow.... I'm speechless
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Scotty Hewlett Jr.
Scotty Hewlett Jr. :     POW/MIA ceremony Darian James Scott Michael Croft Shaun Hawkins Joseph Batson Jillian Batson Christy Hamilton    
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Jillian Gruetzner
Jillian Gruetzner : Woman Draws a Self-Portrait Before And After the Use of LSD    
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Lance Parcero
Lance Parcero : Have a safe trip Tito Chris Tita Jillian , Lola Hermie and Lolo Sonny. So when are you coming back? Ingat!
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Howie M Cobb
Howie M Cobb : I was tagged by David Brailey to name 5 of my dream roles. Now I nominate Brian Remo, Em Miguel and Jillian Kimberlin.

1. Edna Turnblad/Motormouth Maybelle - Hairspray
2. The Genie - Aladdin
3. Big Daddy - Memphis
4. The Baker/The Witch - Into The Woods
5. Nicely Nicely Johnson - Guys & Dolls

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Jillian Sivan
Jillian Sivan : I love harry more than i love my life.


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Jayne Armstrong
Jayne Armstrong : Timeline Photos     Here's a little treat just perfect for these hot summer days in OZ!

Cucumber Sushi Platter - Recipes from 4 Ingredients Cook 4 a Cure

2 long Continental cucumbers


♥ Avocado + 120g can tuna, drained + 1 teaspoon mayo + cracked pepper

♥ 220g can salmon + 1 tablespoon light cream cheese + dill

♥ 120g can tuna in springwater + coleslaw

♥ Shredded chicken + diced dried apricots + mayo + lettuce

♥ Avocado + red capsicum + carrot + red cabbage (all finely sliced)

♥ Curried egg and lettuce

♥ Anything your family and friends will enjoy!


Cut cucumbers into even 11⁄2 to 2cm thick rolls. Place the rolls flat side down and using a small knife, rotate them as you cut through the flesh, discard the seeds. Using a teaspoon, fill each ring with your chosen filling. Gently press down on the mixture. Wipe the edges of the cucumber before serving. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for later.

Recipe from 4 Ingredients Cook 4 a Cure available exclusively from Big W Stores Australia wide & signed copies from our website. $4 from every book sold goes directly to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Signed copies just $19.99 from our website and include FREE delivery within Australia.     Jillian Franklin

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Julian Liss
Julian Liss :         Jillian birthday party
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Jillian Cañete Labiaga
Jillian Cañete Labiaga :     MCS party    
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Melissa Mizla
Melissa Mizla : UM PIKACHU?     Vanessa Jillian Taylor Nicole     Compartilha aí quem também queria ter um desses, haha.
Só cuidado ao dar high five pra ele
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Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper : Jamaicans are always late because...     ROFLMCJ@)!!! Mos def TRU!! Wi West Indians even late fi wi owna funeral . . .. . Natasha Isaacs Ameri Jam Melrick Cooper Bethticha Keepinitonehunnit Donaldson Datgirl Annie Michael Anthony Chavelle Banks Janelle Divineone Escayg Lisa Grenade Model-Kadene Smith JD Sunshine Tresha McRae Karly Cooper Arthurs Meeks Bambi Brisk Brianna Fly Ck Love Blove Message John Marsden Andrew Ramirez Janice Michelli Darron Understanding Seven Morris Chernele FlawlessBeauty Adonis Rose Dyerr Connie DesignerDiva Richards Jillian Raffington Tishana Raffington Keisha Smith Kennedy Danielle Rachael Henderson Ashton Fly Ras Soup Rasheedah Francisco Iesha Webb Stargirl Naks Nadine Oates Javan Killah-Hoopah Ennis Don Butta Shar Smith Terry Ramirez Ingrid Johnson George Andrew Parsard Wendy-Ann Adams Jugglers Simone Adlam-shadare Simone Posh-Diva Hauteness Shania Onlyoneame Donaldson Boondock Saintz Corett Pretti Kittitian Warner Ricardo Perez Djsilentkilla Murepha McKoy Curtis Silvah Pilgrim Winston Peter Turpin Emma Lieberom Sheriffe G-Flight Donaldson Ajc Cave Paul Beecher Jessica Marie Kay Jemison Brenda Stewart Dave Whittaker Omar Johnson Marlon Turpin Lucian Soljah Chris Walters Lesion Banks     Watch more Jamaican videos at:
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Sam Chad Salvatore
Sam Chad Salvatore :         maryse alicia fox the bella twins eve torres and jillian hall
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Stephen Sanderson
Stephen Sanderson : Thank you so much for an amazing dinner Dusty and Jillian it was great spending time with you guys !!
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Jillian Betterly
Jillian Betterly : The Perfect Gift for Drivers - Pre-Order Now!     A horrifically bad idea!
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Sharon Kay Lester
Sharon Kay Lester : Having a different kind of Christmas dinner! Wandering what everyone thinks? Byos (bring your own steak ) I'll be making baked Sweet potatoes and regular baked potatoes, lettuce with all the goodies on the side, rice with broccoli and cheese, garlic bread,chocolate eclair, banana pudding, apple dessert ty Jillian! And a coffee and hot chocolate bar! What ya think folks sound good???. Most importantly all my kids and grandkids that can be will be joining us. I'll miss all our family in Indy and Illinois!!! Love you all
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Ronnie Miller
Ronnie Miller : Ann Jillian - Mae West - You've Gotta See Mama Every Night     Ann Jillian as Mae West who was born in 1893 and was the original bad girl.     Ann Jillian in her Emmy nominated turn as legendary Mae West, singing "You've Gotta See Mama Every Night"
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Jillian Marcia Klyzub
Jillian Marcia Klyzub :         Hey aunt Rebecca Hermosillo these are comfy. Thank u.
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Jillian Adge
Jillian Adge :        
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Melissa Ann Pietan
Melissa Ann Pietan :     Jillian Pietan. Do this to your son     When dad gets left with the baby...
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Jillian Jaycox
Jillian Jaycox : 3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."     Awwwe     Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at
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Adiya Myagmarsuren
Adiya Myagmarsuren : Jillian Michaels: Standing Abs Workout         Jillian Michaels: Standing Abs Workout is a short abdominal exercise circuit that is designed to sculpt six pack abs, strengthen the core, burn calories, and...
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Russell Gualderama
Russell Gualderama : Just went to black Angus with the wife and my youngest Jillian. Great meal!
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The Diabetic Diary
The Diabetic Diary : I Have Cancer, And It's Teaching Me How To Be Happy.     I Have Cancer, And It's Teaching Me How To Be Happy.
By Eliot LeBow, Doctor Joyce Fine, Jillian Frazin, Ane Axford, Stuart Fensterheim

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Modarelli Baking Company
Modarelli Baking Company : MBC Recipe Index.... Click Here     Be sure to share the Modarelli Baking Company Recipe Index for quick access to the latest recipes...It is always pinned at the top but sometimes it wanders down the page...ALWAYS under notes
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Jayne Armstrong
Jayne Armstrong : Timeline Photos     The 3 Week Diet - Lose 23 Pounds in 21 Days:

Apple Cinnamon Water – Boost your metabolism naturally and lose fat with this low calorie detox drink

• 1 red apple cubed
• 1 green apple cubed
• 1 fresh cinnamon stick
• 3 to 4 cups of ice
• 3 to 4 cups of cold water
• Combine ingredients and allow 20 to 30 minutes for flavors to infuse.
Additional Health Note: Cinnamon is a flavorful spice that packs a tremendous amount of antioxidants and other powerful nutrients. This amazing ingredient is known for reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugar, supporting brain health and even lowering cholesterol.
Share for others to enjoy !     Jillian Franklin

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Julie Espejo
Julie Espejo : Eto na ung result ng round 1 sa BEST COUPLE.....
Giselle Loide win-3 (Zyrish Romeo-2)

Round 2:
Jillian Mark-
Jhoana Bryan-

pwede po pla flood counted po yun


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Jillian Oh
Jillian Oh :         EXO 2015 Season Greetings set
pv. John Gerald
I want :>

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Jillian Alexis Belgado
Jillian Alexis Belgado :         Say something I'm giving up on you
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Jillian Maysonet
Jillian Maysonet : I knew there was a catch...

Lol I'm so dumb

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Kari Bloom
Kari Bloom : Such a fun night with Nicole Reich, Katie Ayers and Jillian Tara
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Maria N Leo Magaña
Maria N Leo Magaña : Timeline Photos     Good and bad seasons will come and go, but your marriage is forever #marriage365 |Photo by Aaron and Jillian Photography    
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