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Biman Chakraborty
Biman Chakraborty : Timeline Photos     খিদিরপুরের ঘিঞ্জি বস্তিতে শৈশব কাটিয়ে যে নারী এখন লক্ষ-কোটির মালকিন, তাঁকে প্রেরণা ছাড়া আর কী-ই বা বলা যায়!
খবরটি পড়ুন নীচের লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করে। ভাল লাগলে Like ও Share করুন।     Jillian Haslam

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Marie Cole
Marie Cole : Timeline Photos     The Curvy Plus Model looks grand in Chic And Curvy's New Plus Size Bodycon Kaleidoscope Print Maxi with Back Keyhole in Orange, Pink, & blue at
Model: Janna Plus Model
Photographer: Lesley Pedraza Photography
MUA: Make Me Blush - Makeup By Jillian Bianca
Hair: Tiffany Brooks    

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Denmark Labitigan
Denmark Labitigan : Nice Talent [SHARE]         Wiggle By: Jilliane Flores [SHARE]

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Jason Duval
Jason Duval : Photos of Jessikat Kakes     Thanks so much for tayla's cake , I LOVE it don't want to cut it thanks again amazing xxxx     How good is this ladies :) Lianna Kerrie-Anne Durrant Traci Rhodes Anastasia Crystal Carter Alicia Reed Alicia Strother Danielle Bransby Kitty Dawson Sophie Dentrinos Sarah Lock Sarah Griffiths Catherine Wood Katie Fong Jillian Thomas Andrea Duval
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Levrita Rodriguez
Levrita Rodriguez : Jillian Talks About Her New Book Unlimited⎢Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels Everyday Health    
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so HEALTHY it SHITS people
so HEALTHY it SHITS people : When it comes to probiotics, all are not created equal! And blanket statements don't apply either (i.e. "refrigerated probiotics are better"). Here are a few key tips to finding a good probiotic:
1. Choose one that is Only probiotics: many products out there want to do it all -- they want to be a multi, greens powder, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics all in one. Nah. In my experience, you get better outcomes and tolerate probiotics better if they are JUST probiotics. "But Jillian, what about prebiotics?" If you eat veggies, fruits, nuts, coconut, green tea, you are getting prebiotics. Supplemental probiotics tend to increase gas & bloating.
2. Look at dose: In general - unless you are super sensitive or have SIBO - you want to be looking at products that have at least 20 billion CFUs per serving.
3. Go wide range: In your large intestine, you have literally thousands of strains of beneficial flora. You can mimic this in a mini way by choosing a probiotics that has a wide variety of strains.
4. Look for Lactobacilus and Bifidobacter: of the trillions of bacterial cells in your gut and the thousands of different strains they represent, these two strains tend to be the most dominant and the most health-giving.

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Ulises Sosa
Ulises Sosa : Mobile Uploads     Photo by Hugo V Photography
Muah by Jillian Schreiner

xoxo — with Hugo v photography.    

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Ulises Sosa
Ulises Sosa : Mobile Uploads     Photo by Jessy J
Hair by Jillian Schreiner
Make up by Vanessa Blanco
Model Little Linda    

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Paisley Watson
Paisley Watson : Timeline Photos     With Christina Anderson.     Seems like a good one to end the day on. Especially after a fun evening with Jillian and Mere (Slowly but surly working my way through The List)

Speacking of special occasions, who is doing what on, say, August first? You see, its kinda the celebration of my entrance into this world (either via childbirth or being beamed down, the verdict is still out on that one) and I'm trying to figure out just what I want to do with myself. So, Sam, Karen, Jillian, Megan, Ari and Ian I'm looking at you guys for ideas.

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Ulises Sosa
Ulises Sosa : Timeline Photos     Photo by Victor Rodriguez Photography
Muah by Jillian Schriner
model Little Linda


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Danny Kunza
Danny Kunza :     Aww Jillian Cooper this is what you have to look forward to in life :)     THANK YOU!!! ~ I can never fold fitted sheets and this HELPS!
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Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams :     Adorable
Kayley, Paulette, Angel, Rose, Michelle, Jillian, Sarah, Alex.     I just wrote it, it's a rough video but I'm thankful "Jesus Loves Mama"
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Sax Dma
Sax Dma : Timeline Photos     With Ranee Jones and 48 others.     #TeamNoSleepCrew
Warren Archer Charly Carlyle Sharrief Thomas Frank Blenman Anna Marie Cecilia Philip Whc Boyd Jr Bruce Hewitt Cookie Burnsbabiesandkillskittens Gates Chad Lieber Martin Heidegger Jillian Hutchinson Melody Joy Taylor Flash Usagi Chan Ambrose William Seward Carlos Gamarra Rick Giacoman

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Phil Maunsell
Phil Maunsell : Congratulations Kel Jones on the birth of your beautiful daughter Scarlett Jillian another sister for Paige, Krystal and Danielle xxxxx
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Cloudie Juarez
Cloudie Juarez :     Christine M Mendez Jillian Monique Salas Amy     REPOST from @DMODeejay - #Beyonce #DrunkenSinging #DrunkInLove
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HB Fit
HB Fit : Girls, has the rental market dropped in Perth? Let me know please. Jillian Bloomfield Dani Stewart Sarah Procter Amy Felton Kirri Robson Terrenaand Gary Beauchamp Brooke Fudlovski Jody Beauchamp
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Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker :         I had a great, enjoyable weekend with lots of legends of Pro-wrestling. It all started around 5pm Friday afternoon in Douglasville, GA. There I did a Meet & Greet with the Legendary Rock N Roll Express & WWE Hall of Famer Jake the Snake Roberts. After the show Ricky & Robert took me to a fine Mexican Restaurant called Cinco de Mayo. After a good meal, it was off to Milton, FL for the 2nd Annual Memorial Brad Armstrong Show. After driving all night down to Florida and sleeping 3 hours in the car, I met up with Former WCW Star Steve Armstrong & spent the day with him. The evening arrived and it was time for the 2nd Annual Memorial Brad Armstrong show....WOW!! That show was loaded with legends & legends to be. Johnny & Davey Rich, Lord Humongous, Tessa Blanchard, Steve Armstrong Jr. with his family: Dad Steve, Uncle Brian AKA Road Dog & Grandfather Bullet Bob. The show was a huge success for Brad's daughter Jillian Armstrong's future college fund. It was a great honor for me to be the Host of the show... I left Milton around midnight and got back home just in time to preach a message on Hell at my home church of Brotherhood Baptist. Long weekend, couldn't have been done without the Lord's strength. AMEN
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Rachel L Park
Rachel L Park :     Jacob Surratt Charla Wright Katie Bryant Lauren Almand Jillian Rane Dennis     Cats
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Catherine Hutsell
Catherine Hutsell :         I'm getting so excited!! 19 days til we're cruising with James Hutsell Benjamin Gauge Hutsell Steven Hutsell Holly Fuller Strother James Jacobs Tristan Strother Evan Strother Anna Martinez Jc Guerrero Kaely Churchill Tammy Singer plus her 2 (I think. Lol) ~Pictures are from last years cruise~ Hoping Melody Nesbit and Jillian Garrity makes it on our ship too!!
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The Lion's Den
The Lion's Den : Breastfeeding selfies just tasteless narcissism     "’s less about a celebration of love for the baby, and more to do with pure exhibitionism."

So tell me breastfeeding moms, as I am about to celebrate our one year nursaversary with my son with a breastfeeding photo shoot on Friday, do you think that breastfeeding photography is tasteless narcissism and should be celebrated in private? Do you take breastfeeding photos and post them social media? If you are not a breastfeeding mom, do you find them more about the mother than the baby, maybe even just looking for shock value? ~Jillian~

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Iren Banawan Sumampong
Iren Banawan Sumampong : Happy Birthday to my daughter Jillian Kacy! We love you so much...
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Alana Williams
Alana Williams : I'm so Stamford I remember Jillian Rae Britt Milena DeOne Chanel DeRubis we use get smacked downtownStamford
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Leslie Hyde Guthery
Leslie Hyde Guthery :         John Carlyon Damieon Potts Scott Wolfe Jesse Cole Guthery Jillian Sokolosky. I was challenged by Tammy Roberts to the ice water challange. You have 48 hours to do the same or donate $100 to breast cancer.
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Tanya Linkletter
Tanya Linkletter : Sorry for all the posts...But here are my 3 things I'm grateful for, I was nominated by Crystal Radisic to post 3 things im grateful for, for 7 days.
1) My little family Jay, Jordan Eric Noble, Josie Noble and Jada Noble and my Daddy Carl Linkletter I love you guys!
2) For my health
3) For my many great friends!
I nominate Sherry Stan Thiessen John Hurlbut and Jillian Dupras

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Anoosh Mary Nahikian
Anoosh Mary Nahikian : If it's Facebook official, it must be true right? I'm a New Yorker now! Moved in today. Words cannot describe just how excited and happy I am! Let the fun begin... oh yeah and studying. Special thanks to Knar Nahikian and kids for help unloading today & VJ Nahikian, Andrew Seuffert, MumMum, DadDad, and Jillian for loading last night, but biggest thanks to Hoory Nahikian Seuffert who helped pack it, load it, drive it, and unload it. Superwoman! Now only if Ikea could get their a$$ in gear.
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Jordan Boorn
Jordan Boorn : Christina Aguilera - Beautiful     Jillian Ashley Boorn dont worry about what them ran down bitches say....your beautiful in each and every single way     Music video by Christina Aguilera performing Beautiful. (C) 2004 BMG
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Sandy Young
Sandy Young : Friendly Cat's Boating Surprise     Jillian Payne, Leaura Young     A cat goes for a ride on a boat... nobody expected what happened next! - Kim & Dave
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Wisconsin Christian News
Wisconsin Christian News : Jillian Kay Melchior - Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado
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Sarah Hatfield
Sarah Hatfield : All in all i thought today was a good celebration for Elissas life. I didnt really get to chat to some ppl as much as i wanted to but guess theres always next year. :/ love u all!!! Faith Hatfield Rebecca Lewis Alex Strohacker Logan Dotson Natalie Bush Natalie Schnitzer Jillian Andrews Kali Anderson-Seasor Nikki Hughes
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Junalyn Juntilla Mangaron-Jario
Junalyn Juntilla Mangaron-Jario :     Jilliane Angelie boDy pArts....,    
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Shamitha Hajira
Shamitha Hajira : Jillian Michaels' BODYSHRED         I got my butt kicked by THE Jillian Michaels today! She was in Toronto for the Canadian launch of her BodyShred fitness class, which is now being offered at GoodLife Fitness gyms. Check out the video below for a sneak peek of the class, and watch for my review in the blog tomorrow.
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Donna Greene Pascalis
Donna Greene Pascalis :     Check this out Laurie Yoder, Jillian Emery & Meghan White     I've tried this at home myself and it really is THIS easy!

Like this video? For more, visit
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Sheila Leavitt Chancellor
Sheila Leavitt Chancellor : sweet dreams!!!
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Teela Challans
Teela Challans :     Happy Birthday Jillian Christer We all love you!!!    
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Autumn Ray Isnt Perfect
Autumn Ray Isnt Perfect : the people i cant live with out :) important 2 me= my friends and family = alissa . kuria . Brianna Donovans Matea Barbara-Ann Amethyst Bonnie Amie Adam Rene Lois Nailea Dreammer Devon Steven Miranda Kate Jenifer Kevin Mekhi Johnny Jason Jillian Kathy Lindsey Jaden Bre Erika Kelli Maggie
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Angela Hernandez
Angela Hernandez : Happy birthday to me and to my birthday people Jillian Brittany and Victor hope y'all have a good one
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Becky Iverson Honnold
Becky Iverson Honnold :     Kelsey Bergman, Sandy Streeter-Bergman, Gert Honnold, Jennifer Honnold McLaughlin, Jodi Brogan, Jennifer Aguilar, Christina Iverson, Sarah Galbraith, Jillian Transue, Olivia Rose Honnold, KayLynn Holzer, Jeanne Flint, Rinda Kat, Rikki Jo McLaughlin, Shannon Alwine,and all of my very important women friends!     Every Woman MUST Hear This!
James Ellis

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Riley Howard
Riley Howard : Timeline Photos     Back By Popular Demand, FOR 3 DAYS ONLY!!

TAG Your Friends That Would LOVE This Shirt! :)

ORDER YOURS HERE==>     Jillian Bliss

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Brian Beacock
Brian Beacock :         Vote, nominate, petition, wave your brains in the air for Acting Dead!
Acting Dead for Best Indie Series
Brian Beacock for Best Actor in a Comedy
Jillian Clare for Best Actress in a Comedy
Jamie Forsyth for Best Original Song
JTS.TV - Just The Story Susan Bernhardt Jillian Clare Jamie Forsyth

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