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Ashley A. Deen
Ashley A. Deen :         ATTENTION! The Little River Leadership Class IX is hosting a draw down on November 1st! For information or tickets, please contact me or any LRCL member: Fonda Hawthorne at the Chamber Little River, Bryan Snell at Ash Grove, Anna Russ McFarland at Domtar, George Kennedy at Foreman schools, Jason Sanders at Ashdown schools, Roddy Jack III Smith at Madden, Deann Jenkins Klitz at the courthouse, Kirk Pittman at Ashdown Wal-Mart, Rose Whisenhunt at the AMA, Josh Hawley at FNB, or Jamie Bagley at the Little River News.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Just come across this new release. It has a few tracks I've never heard of before. Looks like a must buy. Has anyone heard it?

Track Listing
1.Drop Down Mama 4.20
2.Cowboy Movie 9.50
3.Triad 9.48
4.The Wall Song 7.56
5.Bertha 4.16
6.Deep Elem Blues 7.15
7.Motherless Children 9.14
8.Laughing 10.40
9. South Cave Blues 9.59

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Semi truck drift     Alright Jimbo McNease your up and Kayla Abbott Buchanan tell joe to send me the video when he does it     Semi truck drifting on the road. That's something you don't see very often.
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Jason S. Smith
Jason S. Smith :     That's it...enough Internet for today.     Two guys have been working, and crawling around on these panels for a few days, and then this little lady came out to say hi. She was about 4 inches all spread out, and her body was about the size of a Gatorade cap with all of the babies on her. Language warning.... you know me.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Timeline Photos     THIS is a test?     Tina Coyne Helen Stead MaRia BadArse Liam Grady Salamasina Bamber Tina Kershaw Claire Turner Chelsey Cartwright Linda Baker Bev Nuttall Kidnapper Npw Tippawan Punkoo Vanida Payun Suchart Mud Anne-Louise Clague Chloe Smith Lisa Alderslade Lisa Pemberton Lisa Quakers Duckworth Bryn Pemberton Tanya Haslop Louise Whittaker
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Madera Speedway
Madera Speedway : THE FINAL 25 LAPS OF THE $10,000.00 TO WIN AT MADERA is released on ShortTrack TV! Click here to watch the final 25 laps on video

Here is the video of the final 25 lap segment of the $10,000 to win LoanMart Short Track Shootout. This race gets intense as the Late Model drivers were going after the BIG LOANMART CHECK!
Eric Holmes won the $10,000, Garland Tyler was 2nd and earned $2,500 in prize money and bonus bucks, Bryan Herzog was 3rd and earned $1,500 in prize money and bonus bucks.

LoanMart "Best of the West" Short Track Shootout results;

1-Eric Holmes
2-Garland Tyler
3-Bryan Herzog
4-Ryan Cansdale
5-Emma Tucker
6-Rick Thompson
7-Blaine Rocha
8-Jason Aguirre
9-Zane Smith
10-Brandon Loverock
11-Trevor Huddleston
12-Ryan Hart
13-Mike David
14-Carl Pearce
15-Del McIntosh
16-Danny Guibor
17-Buddy Shepherd
18-Tony Schmitz
19-Luis Martinez Jr.
20-Charles Price
21-Kyle Gottula
22-Matt Erickson

Note; The 2015 $10,000 to WIN LoanMart Short Track Shootout is October 17th!

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Jason Moose Smith
Jason Moose Smith : Someone shortened my rope....
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Ben Orange
Ben Orange :     Neil Yeowart Chris Smith Christophè Dempsey Andy Procter Jason McCloud     He's watched too many RKO vines...
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :     Debbie Cunningham Chelsea Danielle Hibbert Nikki Brown Tanya Haslop Helen Stead Mandy Cooper Sally Sal Sal Kerr Lucie Donnelly Louise Fazzy Wazzy Farrimond Niamh Riordain Kilsey Walker Marie Grady Colbev Grady Nicola Gaspar Claire Turner Claire Haigh Debbie J Herod Debbie Walker MaRia BadArse Rosanna Harris Salamasina Bamber Rachael Brooks Hayley Smith Louise Whittaker Julie Louise Heywood Anne-Louise Clague Amanda Platt Amanda Rowe     Trening jogi na weekend ;-)
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Kevin M Tucker
Kevin M Tucker : Another, for fun!

This time, we are changing course a little, and having characters compete. The catch: these people must be known for/by the vehicle they drive/pilot. Basically, you have to be able to name the car/boat without looking it up, or know the character by referencing the vehicle, so that you know others will know it too. All of their personal and professional resources may be brought to bear, but no movie references, only TV. Anything you cite MUST include reference to the episode or situation. Only one person, must be present the whole time, and is the only one allowed to pilot the specified means of transport. Sleep is required.

Mission: Race to deliver 3 human adult female passengers from Hong Kong to Savannah. Consider all NATO and Warsaw Pact allies to be hostile except the US, Great Britain, and Japan. All travel must be made over land and water only no air no space no alternate dimensions no crazy stuff.

Prohibited: MASK characters, Agent Coulson, Jason and the Wheel Warriors, Transformers.

Example: Magnum, P.I. would win, because he has allies throughout not only the Military, but access to funds, and charisma which allows him to bypass normal challenges with people.

Refute: He would lose, because his Ferrari would not carry that many people. :)
Thomas Haenke
Trinkle Joshua Burnett Allison Burnett Jay Gray Theodore Anderegg Maine TheAce Terry Tavories Davis Tiffany Bohlmann Candice Estrada Andy Miller Brian Combs Stacy Wind Jamie Nelson Katie Demetriff Roman Daszczyszak Amie Smith Scott Smith

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Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones : Homestead Karate MMA motivational commercial     Please share this post!     check out my first motivational commercial with a huge thanks to Max Perez and Oni R. Ramos! Please like and share!
u@lreadyknow #nisei #niseigojuryu #inspirationalvideo #inspiration #motivational #therealkaratekid #bmpcc #homesteadkaratemma #mma #karate #jujitsu #homestead #hkmma Kari Thompson Neiric Guerrero Kerstin Martin Bridget Steele Emily Tejera Jasmine Anguiano Kia Kidz Marco DaAnswer Johnson Herbert Thompson Evelyn Vaughns Gigi Ramos Morderchai Ramos Ramon De La CruzShifu Tracy Ashley Jr.Caitlin Dechelle Jenny Espina Marc Canonizado Sammy Vasquez Chris Sabertooth GarciaJuan Bofill Jason Statham Tyler Perry Will Smith Gavonnah Tracknation Williams Tyrese Gibson Steve Harvey Steve Harvey TVSteve Miller Vernon Steele Oprah Winfrey The Wendy Williams Show Queen Latifah NBC News HLN WSVN-TV CWTV Shemar Moore Floyd Mayweather 50 Cent T-Pain The Ellen DeGeneres ShowSports Authority Foot Locker Nike Nike Nike SportswearRobin MeadeOdd Muzic
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Jason Darrell
Jason Darrell :     Thanks a (belated) million for the birthday wishes, guys. Just got back from Turkey (can't honestly remember the last b'day I spent in the UK).

Took this vid on the boat-trip along the Turkish coastline on the day itself.

80 Turkish Lira (about £25) all-in: transfer, trip, bar, lunch, bar, swimming stops and, yep, the bar (again and again and again)! The boat even had its own DJ…
…even if he did play lots of Turkish House. #NoShit

It was the first beer I'd had since March and, boy, did it taste splendido?! Back on the wagon 'til Christmas, now.

Pinging a hearty shout-out to all you guys - thanks again (and I promise I'll nip over from Google+ to see you more often and return the salutations):
» Steph Walker
» Tina Morley
» Frank Chamberlain
» Jason Baines
» Steven Smith 'Baz'
» Claire Smith
» Penny Hoyle
» Joanne Stevenson Lovatt
» Teresa Hughes
» Brendan Mclaughlin
» Dave Smith
» Louise Harrison
» Kirsty Darrell    
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Alexis Lush
Alexis Lush : Mobile Uploads     "Horrible Cards for Horrible People" this Saturday. — with Teresa Hwa and 2 others.     It's that time again folks!! Call your sitters, bosses, and probation officers now because shit's about to get real... ;)
Phil LoCicero Redneck Ryan Heather Bernhard Maloney Jennifer Oquinn Smith Stephanie Mixa Gia Tomossone Brian Michael Venn Steven Rowley Jeremy Kidwell Shannon Madrishin Kelly Robling Joshua Michael Eric Austin Young Richard Webster Amanda Gonzalez Ian Townsend Tom Tom Amanda LaFaye Daniel Weinzierl Jason Houghton Jayson Young James Jaquinto James Coleman Rachel Galka Ben Rachel Megan Gillespie Kalee Kristich Aaron Ruby Damian Schultz Kirstie Eason Elyn Avery Kitty Khaos Taylor Toms Danielle Demello Kevin Roy Dave Winter Stevie Ike Jamie Lee Edward Hough Vee BrookLynn Stan Ziemba Jr Garcia Bradley Hall Jimi Capezzuto Teresa Hwa

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Asteroid Entretenimento
Asteroid Entretenimento :    
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Richard Quinn
Richard Quinn : Time for BBQ!     Jason Smith     #Subaru #Impreza #BBQ
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Jobsite Theater
Jobsite Theater :     We're happy to be part of this fun (and hopefully very funny) night to celebrate our community in not-so-serious fashion. Join us!
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Jason Big-jaboski Smith
Jason Big-jaboski Smith :     Yancey Kelly Lol     follow BlackPeople Vines
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Jason Travis Smith
Jason Travis Smith : Silly devil. You can't shake me brah! Have you already forgotten what Yahweh did for me?! You better start taking notes if you want to battle this lion baby! Now stand down, boy. #redeemed #roar
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Senri Kawaguchi balances school and playing     G-damn...she's pretty good!     Here's another video from Senri Kawaguchi - remember kids, balance your schoolwork with your music studies. This is Senri's entry for the Kozo Suganuma & Tenchigaraku Drum Contest in Japan. How do you like her chaances of contending? You can see more of Senri's amazing playing at and we look forward to having her on Drum Talk TV in 2015!

You can see all our interview episodes at
#drummer #senrikawaguchi
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : feel so shit 😔
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Eddie Mcatee
Eddie Mcatee : Schokkend:     Clint Grundy Shinny James Davenport James Davenport Roy Thompson Ben Bebro Danny Johnson Danny Mcfadden Danny Smith Jason Metcalf Keith Barlow Paul Bonney Paul Crook Paul Smith Paul Mcfadden     Nederlandse man steekt zijn ex-vriendin 70 keer in haar nek.. En dit gewoon in Nederland, niet normaal!

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Heart touching video..........This is so Beautiful         Every Human being must share
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Anakin is back in his arms again     Hey guys just uploaded a new video and I'd like some feedback. Thanks!     I own nothing! All rights reserved!
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Rebecca Tramonte Liles
Rebecca Tramonte Liles : "Inspired" Tenor sax solo written by Jason Liles     Jason wrote:
Here is a fun piece I composed for Mickey Smith for the concert. I try to be varied in my compositions and I think Mickey really made this one come alive! Thanks Mickey!
Enjoy :)     Performed on October 5, 2014 at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Lake Charles, La. This is a piece I wrote specifically for Mickey Smith, a good frien...
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Epic Dance Cam
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Looking forward to our fall festival at church this Saturday. Can't wait to see the kids have a blast hollering & throwing hay on the hayrides. A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Mark Causby for donating his truck & trailer for me to use in 1 of the hayrides & to Roger Haas for donating the hay.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :     Crazy old lady     mAYB I'm late 2 the pardee on diss, bud here my #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE vidja
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David Owens
David Owens :     Cymru Coaches Christmas partyAndrew Crisp Jason Cullen Paula Barry Andy Price-aka Zordork Byker Dave Lee Palmer Meryl Smith Carl Matthews Tim Dowling David Lockey Lock Nigel Daniels     Drugs....
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Drew Solomon
Drew Solomon :     Billy Rodriguez vs Gorilla vs Slender Man vs Jason vs Hulk vs Bouncer. Hell in a cell. Ryan Michael Smith Danielle Samantha    
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Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan : Friday The 13th "Halloween Scare Prank"     Jeff Smith Paul Ritchie     See more #Halloween videos like this on YouTube

Friday the 13th is one of the most iconic horror movie franchises of all-time, mainly because Jason Vorhees is a bad-ass killer. So when we decided to dress up as the undead madman, we inevitably scare the wits out of some people.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : I'll be at Bears Place tonight blowin' my horn with Brick Fields. Come get a little blues therapy 6:00-9:00.
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Jason Andrew Smith
Jason Andrew Smith : Well, sounds like my transmissionis going :(
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Timeline Photos     Do you agree?     This, my friends, is both a red herring AND a straw man. Not even my most bleeding heart friend wants to legally force John Hagee or Franklin Graham to officiate gay weddings, and NEWSFLASH: none of my gay friends want either of them to officiate anyway. To suggest otherwise is intentionally misleading (red herring) for the purpose of propping up their argument against gay marriage (straw man). We're better than this.
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Jason Andrew Smith
Jason Andrew Smith :         We've just finished a 7 course meal that lasted 5 and a half hours! It was an Olympic fete and very experiential. The menu was marbles that you selected! Awesome!
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Jason Prouduncle Smith
Jason Prouduncle Smith : Who wants to come round Skegness mad Friday :)
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Kyle James Early
Kyle James Early : ?¿ FUN CENTER 3 ¿?     My friends are much cooler than you, I went to the ghetto to find them #nonewfriends shout out to Charlie Hess for being such a rad human. Peep ya boy at 14:25. Miss all of you guys, can't wait to come back home and see yall! #funcenterthree #allwedoisfun    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         What did I just watch?
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Jason Dice Smith
Jason Dice Smith :         Loyal to those that are loyal to me
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Dl700 with all accessories $8500
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : would any local artists be interested in Life drawing classes (not run by me) just a place we can all paint a model together? obvioulsy it will cost money to hire someone to pose, and a place to rent a room for a few hours reply or share if you know anyone who might be interested
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Richard Litzsinger
Richard Litzsinger : Week 7 Standings    
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Patrick Gordon
Patrick Gordon : ?¿ FUN CENTER 3 ¿?     Charlie Hess makes the fun    
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Noah Becker
Noah Becker :         Due South: Artist Jason McLean Interview by Matthew Ryan Smith - Last year I visited Jason McLean and his family in their London, Ontario home to talk about the Canadian Pez Museum, a joint-project between Jason and his sons Felix and Henry. It was a cold afternoon so Jason made hot coffee. read more...
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Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker)
Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker) : Poundcake | Sammy Hagar (The Red Rocker)     Hey Redheads, here's the second video from the Bday Bash! People are still sending in a lot of great footage. If you have some videos send them to us at

We'll feature a song each day for the next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Joe Satriani Chad Smith Jason Bonham Vic Johnson Mad Anthony's Cafe

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