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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Id like to send a bday up the heaven today rest in peace father in law happy birthday.
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Luke Potter
Luke Potter : 'The sink is underneath the window so you can keep an eye on the neighbours whilst you are washing the dishes!' Jason Daryl Smith 2014
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Jason Leonore Smith
Jason Leonore Smith : Bridesmaids - Clip: I'm Ready to Paarrtyyy! - Own it on Blu-ray & DVD 9/20/11         Annie is relaxed and ready to have a good time in Vegas! Own Bridesmaids starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper...
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James JungleBoy White
James JungleBoy White : YOUNG PRIME X JUNGLE BOY X MAKE YOU FLY     NEW MUSIC (Make You Fly) Young Prime Firstclass
If U Supportin U A Blessin, If U Hatin U Is Too... #ItsJUNGLEBOYYY
Rashad B. Swagged'up Que Que Russell Rashavia Peterson Rashaye LilBit Young Ronnie D Nathaniel Rico Paid Wright Rebecca Maignan Ced Fetti Cece Aint'Stressing Cece Missgeorgia Peach Charlene Nicole Fabiana Adames Faith Callaway A'Leyia Juicyy Cunningham Anisa Knowels Howugetitkaee Curry Bossin Tweet Milli BOy Skate Sherley Mz-attitude Israel Shenika Dunn Shanice Yolo Star Summer Stefanie Porknbeanzchiick Steven Charles Cherry Rude Jean Charles Yung Streetz Dominique Wallace Doming Colas Brittany Thickthick Smith Monet Sands Tu Firstclass Resq FirstClass Jason KeyFootage James Bernard Lexus TooKute Janae Lowkey Whiteboi While You Wait WhiteGirl Lexi Skinny Ahh Kerri Kejuan Evans Shawn Moo Shanice Riettie Made N Dade Ccm Marc Stro Corleone Sylvester Deloach Young Duce Millions Yella FckEm
    #FirstClass #G5MUSIC #AboveAll
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Ashanti Cardenas
Ashanti Cardenas :     oh hells yea!! that was awesome xD Jaime Aguirre Jen Farb Austin Smith Dafne Abril Cardenas Denise Oreos Cardenas     AMAZING! Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' in 20 different styles!
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Blog: 'Yes means yes' standard for sexual encounters in California schools     Go home're drunk.
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Clayton's Shoe Store
Clayton's Shoe Store : Timeline Photos     Walk! Tullahoma Pedometer Challenge Shoe Winner, Radiance Moorehead. L to R: Florence Hull, Jason Waller, Asia Moorehead, Radiance Moorehead and Tim Smith.    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Marlene Henry owns just one PBR bucking bull, but he’s a special one. Check out the athlete profile on Mick E Mouse.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Me and my bestest mate and his lovely sister who used to take us out. Jason and Dawn Walker. And Me and Jay with some lad on the Speedway, Harvey fair.
It'd be great if you could somehow show these to Jason and Dawn, Denise Walker.

41 minutes ago - View -
Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         I have to share this video of Grace doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. I came up the driveway and she was outside doing it all by herself and anyone who knows Grace knows she never takes her glasses off, so she must have really wanted to do it. Proud mom moment!
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Emails like this make it all worth it:

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support on Thursday. It really does mean the world.

I am looking forward to working with you this year!!

Enjoy your Saturday.

43 minutes ago - View -
Jonathan Ferrer
Jonathan Ferrer : I’m happy that I am on a friend list (and keeping me on there) of The Social Media Celebrities, thank you so much guys. This is my SHOUT to all of YOU!.

I want you to meet my Social Media Celebrity Friends. ADD and follow them :-)

If I missed anyone, get my attention, like and comment & say something you like about me, I will add you :-)

Adam H. Hurstfield
Angie Ray
Anthony Burns
Aron Parker
Ben Glinsky
Bishop Stewart
Sean PI Stewart
Brent Ray Fraser
Charles Fuchs
Darren Little
Dave Lear
Dean Milner
Eric Caprarese
Eric Villafranca
Faraday Hosseinipour
Iram Chiu
Jason Domingo
Jhong Banzales
John Hammer
John Melton
John Ung
Josh Norman
Juan Nolazco
Justin Clark
Kai Lo
Keith Townsend
Kim Simpson
Kris Darty
Kristina Korbel
Kyle Pacetti
Lance Holroyd
Lawrence Tam
Layla Black
Martin C. Seludo
Mary Elizabeth
Matt Mason
Mayo Landicho
Melissa Salinas
Mo Kumarsi
Nelly Smith
Neide De La Vega
Nick Miyasato
Niveen Salem
Noelle Joanna Rapisarda
Peter Chung
Petya Edwards
Rob Fore
Rob Hugen
Romeo Zapanta
Rosanne Twartz
Ryan Bell
Seb Brantigan
Saverio Loria
Sean PI Stewart
Sonia Line Arseneau
Shahraz Kassam
Shane Carling
Silvia Shamus
Stephanie Rosell
Tara Wilson
Trisha Collette
Tyler K. Moore
Urban Turnsek
Virgil E B Davies
Zach Robertson

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Kristy Minor Jenkins
Kristy Minor Jenkins :     LMFAO!!! Kyle Rayfield, Nicole Pettijohn, Jason Bowen, Lavada Ann Smith     I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.....THIS VID ON REPEAT
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Lunch with lil man then packing up for the weekend fun.
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Dejuan Duke Smith
Dejuan Duke Smith : Iron Mic Coalition 10 yr Anniversary Show     Yep!     Sunday, Aug 31 @ The Hi Tone. The 3rd Edition album release Show
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Jason E Smith
Jason E Smith : Timeline Photos     - Myster    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Man shall not live on bread alone but EVERY WORS that comes out of the mouth of GOD
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Cat Copella Daugherty
Cat Copella Daugherty :     I am nominating this for the BEST Ice Bucket Challenge Video ever-- I'm just sayin! Lea Ann Jensen Lewis and I are starting a movement to have this win some kind of award!     Harvey floyd did the ice bucket challenge he was challenged by Jessica wilson I will like to challenge Robert hodge April Dockery West jason amonett Tonya Cooper Alex Callins katie smith Teresa newman . You all have 24 hour's t o do this if you don't you'll pay $100.00 but if you do this you will pay $10.00.
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Fabe Six
Fabe Six : This dude's arrest will go down in history! Lmao!     Stephen Mark Pyne Jr.
Jason Smith
Gina Bova
Keenan Williams     This dude's arrest will go down in history! Lmao!
Meet #MrTurner!

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Andy Bushrod
Andy Bushrod :     Sian Thrasher nominated me for this, she's raising money for women vs cancer, which is an illness which had affected my family and friends. Please donate

My nominations were Jason Glynn happy birthday mate, Matty Keefe and Dave Smith

Wig supplied by Simon Jones who is also nominated along with my old mate hoss Julian Miller :-) 24 hours guys !    
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Ronnell Williams
Ronnell Williams :     BRAND NEW Shitt


Nena Latrice Bitch Tatted Azz E'niece Duane Johnson BabyHussle Ler Derrick J'Avon Dominique Hughes Tatiana Vaniece Facey Alsina Bree Ace Arradondo Alyson Davinchie Riviers Grimey Hussle Spade Dominique Taylor Raven RJ Stewart EL Stussy Larissaa Rose Raianna Shannon Theresa Love Brittany Waymeisha Hall Bellaa ThaaReal Monaee Nyiesha Pretty Michelle Keemo Meemo Indo Franklin O'g IVo Kornisha Miller Kurtrena Miller Poetically Outspoken Lottie Dottie Rodney Exavier Darrion Edmond Erik Guzman Kiyza Lavish Edwards Rreonna TooPretty Tahiti Fowler Latrell Jackson Swayzee Flightclub Kennedy Young Zay Hussle Menace Ashley Espinoza Ashley Allen Cordale Hawkins Willie D Harris Domo Harmon Sway W W Hadnot Joseph TwoFlyy Hawkins Sensay Jones Muh'Lovelyness Nicolee Shuntal La'Jea De'ujanara Simmons Kayla Simone Tiera SooBeautifull Symone' Jeneaha So'Thick Smith Destiny Bonner Desiree Patrick Scotty Michael Ferguson Kianna Scoggins Desirae Nicole Laing Monise LaNae Lanise Washington Nyighyell Anthony Lovely Jazmine Lovely Shaay Biz Foo Flocc Boy Foreal Felicity Nicole KeJon Ward Autumn Kees Jennifer Jackson D'erra Monique Jenkins Kaosha Liane Wizzy Wizz Robert Mehoe Lee Black Rob Jason Jackson Theresa Aniya Johnson Jon Jon Jackson Mia IsJonnee Jaynu Gorgous Zell Prince Jamal Jay Active Tiffany Jones TahJe RespectMe Collins Truly Blessed Young Macio     Brand New lil track Spazz ft. Smurff2KoOl - Na$ty Girl
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Ps4 games
Fifa 14 £20
Cod £15

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : I am offically enlisted in the marine corps!!!!!
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Ps4 games
Fifa 14 £20
Cod £15

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Willem Keyser
Willem Keyser :     Rambo Flex Baker Nick Cawthorne Adam Roskell Jason Michael Smith     At the ATM on pay day.
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LairOf Wonders
LairOf Wonders : Photos from Escape Velocity's post in Comic Art Fest 2014         This year's COMIC ART FEST is ready to blow all your Geek and Art loving minds! There is a huge and AMAZING line up of amazing guests from/in/& around the Comic Book industry!

Cody Kuehl (Denver)
Gerhard Kaaihue (Denver)
Karen Pratt Smith
Joe Becker and Charles Bendert (Denver)
Robin Childs AND Cory James Childs (Denver)
Ben Worrell and team (CS)
Brandon A. Miera (CS)
Jeff Herndon (Fort Collins)
GARY BLEHM (CS) PenMen creator
STAN YAN-(Denver)
SHAWN GUSTAFSON(Denver)-writer The Specialists

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Jason Bigmoves Smith
Jason Bigmoves Smith : A new beginning of happiness and I will like to thank God for it.
1 hour ago - View -
Godspeed Firearms School
Godspeed Firearms School : Smith & Wesson President & CEO James Debney takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge!         Smith & Wesson President & CEO James Debney takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge after being nominated by Steve Troy of Troy Industries, and nominates Jason Hor...
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :    
1 hour ago - View -
Newton High School
Newton High School : Congratulations to the following teachers for winning the PBIS lottery this week! They are as follows....Gunny Smith, Ashley Coles, Kandi Manning, Amy Fanusi, Sarah. George, Ashley Cobbs, Tyshema Mitchell, Shundra Green, Tamara Verrett & Jason Smith! Go Rams!
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