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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Well thanks to karon ex husband for ruining our lives yet just can't keep your nose out of our buisness.You have pissed me off for the last time,learn to watch your back from now one.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         I N S A N E

Peshawar Street Racing (OFFICIAL)
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Jason Smith is at Manchester Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals.    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Mobile Uploads        
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Derek Young
Derek Young : The Incredible Power of Concentration MUST WATCH FULL AMAZING     Holy batshit. Sarah Elizabeth Young Sabrina Young Kristin Nichole Martinez Crystal Gayle Coffey Eddie Smith Jason Boston Ken Jones Wil Helm Hall Mat Talos Fetterly Stephanie Wallace Tillman Hillsman Chris Ritchey     The Incredible Power of Concentration. One must watch it one of hte most amazing videos ever
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LaurelsArt2014 : David Jason, Ronnie Barker, Rik Mayall, Heisenberg, Ducklua, Danger Mouse, Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan, Will Smith, Back to The Future, Dalek, Dr Who(s), Wall-E, Johnny Five and more - Take a look below instead of just viewing the odd picture or two at the top?
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes and especially to Sue-Ann, Brooklyn, Harrison and Savannah for my new Dark Vader for my media room and new chess board. All I need now is to finish work so I can go home for a few beverages :)
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Jason A. Smith
Jason A. Smith : It really sucks when you take a nap and it literally screws your sleep cycle.
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Gunnar Shogren
Gunnar Shogren :         WVMBA XC Series Awards Ceremony-
Race Directors and Promoters
Ben Klimer, Michael Miller, Chris Phillips, Paul R. Broughton, Gunnar Shogren, Jason Martin, Alisa Lynn Moore and a whole lot of others - Gary Morefield, Thad Kelley, Drew Smithberger, Tear Jerker, Mark Schooley, Duane Jones, Logan Mountainbike, Josh Feazell, Ryan Smith, Zachary David Adams, Steve Worden, Gregory Dean Moore, Kyle Inman, (it's late help me out, I'll fill it in later...)
These are the folks that put on the races. They're not doing it to make money; they're doing it because they can, because they feel the need to, because they know what it's like to race and want others to experience it, they do it because if they don't maybe no one else will, because they have an idea of what would be a neat race, because...
We do it, so that YOU, WVMBA members, will come to our little neck-of-the-woods and ride and race. Cause we want the Circus to come to our town.
Let's give it up to the Race Directors and Promoters!

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Get 102.5 Chart
Get 102.5 Chart : Get 102.5 Chart อัพเดทเพลงสากลฮิตๆ จาก BKK Get 102.5 Chart ฟัง 30 เพลงสากลฮิตจากชาร์ต     BKK Get 102.5 Chart 21 กันยายน 2557
1.Superheroes - The Script
2.Get Her Back - Robin Thicke
3.You Don't Know What To Do - Mariah Carey Feat.Wale
4.Come Get It Bae - Pharrell Williams
5.Break Free - Ariana Grande ft. Zedd
6.Heart Made Up On You - R5
7.Fireball - Pitbull ft. John Ryan
8.Maps - Maroon 5
9.This Is How We Do - Katy Perry
10.Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
11.Rude - MAGIC!
12.Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
13.You & I (Nobody In The World) - John Legend
14.Chasing the Sun - Hilary Duff
15.Lost Stars - Adam Levine
16.Boom Clap (ost.The Fault In Our Stars) - Charli XCX
17.Angel in Blue Jeans - Train
18.Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
19.Ghost - Ella Henderson
20.Don't Stop - 5 Seconds Of Summer
21.Wiggle - Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg
22.Lost Stars (Begin Again Soundtrack) - Keira Knightley
23.A Place With No Name - Michael Jackson
24.I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith
25.True Love - Coldplay
26.Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
27.Black Widow - Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora
28.Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd
29.Try - Colbie Caillat
30.All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran

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Jason Paul Smith
Jason Paul Smith : Jason Paul Smith has reached level 11 in Monster Legends    
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Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson : Karaoke with Matty Danielson is a blast tonight at Irv's Barrv! Showtune/Disney Tuesday!
Tomorrow join Our Hostess Nova Kaine AKA Jason Johnson and her cast of Le Gurlz and Le Boyz as we welcome back to Spokane for one night, and One Night Only... Freedom Rights-Kaine AKA Fred Thompson. We have missed her!
Tomorrow we feature Polly Ester AKA Larry Haney, Beyonce St James, Belle Du Soleil, and Savannah-SoReal Kennady-Smith StJames. Le Gurlz hit the new stage in the "Showroom" of Club Red at 10pm.

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Timeline Photos        
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Mobile Uploads     For security reasons there is NO difference,who agrees?    
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Adam Maes
Adam Maes : I want to start reconnecting with my old friends. I don't want to lose anyone else and regret not spending more time with the people who are important to me, while we are all on this earth. This goes out to ALL of the people that are my friends here on Facebook. If you are my friend on here, there is a reason! So for anyone that cares to read this, let's hang out! I would love to talk with my friends in real life as much as I do here. My number is 949)307-6877.

Message me, call me, I would like to hear from each and every one of you. Taylor Smith, Gladys Perez, Mia Marin, Russ Bush, Joseph Cox, Slothrop Dorsett Case, Josh George, J.c. Baty, Ticakes Pat, Aldo Rios, Clifford Julian, Edgar Vera, Greg Carlson, Julie Wickersham, Cory Zeramby, Cory Blaine, Jessica Chandler, Brendan Murphy, Aaron R Fernald, Colin Graves, Renzo Rodriguez, Luis Ordaz, Luis Chavez, Kendel Bayne, Sean Marshall, Sean Drake, Buddy De Vine, James Ramsay, Nathan DeJarnette, Nathan Kepler, Nathan Magaña, Eric Amos, Kristin Baker, Dillon Radley, Brennen Snow, Peter Hartwich, Jason Doyle, Max Gomez, Tim Rightwish, Ruben Ordaz, Jen Necro Cannibal, Christina Ann Miller, Shannon Woodruff, Yuriy T Arnold, Ivan Mares, Jessee Marshall, Laurissa Botzheim, Kari Venaas, Michael Silverstein, Teresa Stephens...

So many people so little time. This list will go on forever... I am sorry to anyone that I didn't tag but I literally don't have the time in a life to tag you all and tell you that you how important you are. Everyone I am friends with here matters to me.

P.S. If there is someone that you think of that I used to hang out with please tag them. I want as many people possible that I know to see this!

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Emily Smith
Emily Smith : Honeymoon (4 years later) all booked and paid for. ..... phuket here me and Jason Smith come in 4 weeks!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
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Mark Funeral
Mark Funeral : exit light enter night with Jason Smith
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith :         Achieve your fitness goals @ Boxercise Wednesdays👊
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Looking forward to hanging out with Michelle Jayne on Saturday and doing some life catching up. It's definitely helping the week fly by
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Abogados en Colombia llama 320 542-9469    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Abogados en Colombia llama 320 542-9469 | Photos    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Just kickin it and making time for me.
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Timeline Photos        
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Jason Smith

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Mobile Uploads     Very true!     I'M GOING

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Timeline Photos     It could be anyone in there! - give a share if you think the burka should be banned in Britain. Britain First    
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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Ned Yost shows why he's a terrible manager     espn analysts feel the same way
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Mark Funeral
Mark Funeral : Listening to ENTER SANDMAN with Jason Smith at mollys on Toulouse.
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Jason Smith
    She Gets It!!! #PutARingOnIt

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DJ Decka
DJ Decka : LA-Rated     October Treats
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LA-Rated : Mercer & DJ Snake - Lunatic (LA Rated Halloween Edit)
Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull & Iggy Azalea - Booty (LA Rated Remix)
Banda Tierra Sagrada Ft. Colmllo Norteno - El Bueno Y El Malo (LA Rated House Edit)
FEM & Sidney Samson X Don Omar - Bang It To The Curb to Guaya (LA Rated Tone Flip)
Calvin Harris X Gianni Marino X Vilma Palma Y Los Vampiros - La Pachanga (LA Rated Bootleg)
Jason Derulo Ft. Snoop Dogg - Wiggle (LA Rated Hype Intro)
Liane V Ft. Bruce Waynne X BeazyTymes - Sway (LA Rated Trap Bootleg)
Chris Brown Ft. Akon - Came To Do (LA Rated & DiamondBlend Ladies Hype) (Clean)
Chris Brown Ft. Akon - Came To Do (LA Rated & DiamondBlend Ladies Hype) (Dirty)
Strike x Antonio Giacca x Freejak - You Sure Do (LA Rated Edit)
Herve Pagez x Isa x GTA - Alegria (LA Rated Edit)
Debbie Deb x GLOWINTHEDARK x Deorro - When I Hear Rave Music (LA Rated Edit)
Rayven Justice - Hit or Nah (LA Rated Transition 126-101 BPM) (Clean)
Rayven Justice - Hit or Nah (LA Rated Transition 126-101 BPM) (Dirty)
Kid Ink Ft. Chris Brown & Tyga - Main Chick (LA Rated Hype Acap Intro) (Clean)
Kid Ink Ft. Chris Brown & Tyga - Main Chick (LA Rated Hype Acap Intro) (Dirty)
Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith - Latch (LA Rated Re-Fix)
LA Rated - West Coast Break (Dirty)
Snap x Jeremih x Zoo Station - Dont Tell Em (LA Rated Surprise Flip 124 Clean) (No Rap)
Jeremih Ft. YG - Don't Tell Em (Zoo Station Club Remix) (LA Rated Rhythm Is A Dancer Hype) (Clean)
Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (LA Rated Deep House Bootleg)
Aloe Blacc - The Man (Clinton Sparks Remix) (LA Rated Transition 130-86 BPM)
Ludacris Ft. Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa X DJ Mike D - Party Girls (LA Rated Hype Intro)

currently working on more....

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : unimaginable !!!     WICKED     unimaginable !!!
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Jay Benz
Jay Benz : My friend told me to share this 15min before his mom called me back and told me he took his life Shout out to Jason Carter...As I lay here thinking about my life and why i was taken through the things I been through. The number one thing I wanted and still want is my momma why because I didn't have a dad or mother i was raised my hole life by group homes.. I Been beaten held down and beaten and wooped till i was knocked out cold and everytime i cryed out to my mom for help always knowing she will not ever show eveyday to this day I shed a tear because no one knows my pain and how much I done suffered.. My family says tuff up but what thay don't know is for what i been through i am the the tuffis.. Do you know how hard it is to call C.P.S and ask about how all your group home brothers are doing and they tell you that half took there life it hit me like i lost my own blood this shit you just can't throw away and forget this shit is deep deeper than you or me this shit is stuck on my heart forever..... SHOUT OUT TO / AARON SMITH/ HE OVERDOSED..
SHOUT OUT TO/ Peter Jones/ and your family shoot himself and his family he was beaten every day because he didn't live up to his dads house hold rules. Live and never forget what you done seen or heard or felt because you will be that much stronger after... MY HALF TESTIMONY AND STORY...

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Jason Smith
Jason Smith : Whiplash Official International Trailer #1 (2014) - J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller Drama HD     MOVIE ALERT for my fellow drummers, film buffs, and for my music educator friends! Looks INTENSE but great!     Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: htt...
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Berna Roberts
Berna Roberts : Kiddie Litter Opening Credits     Also, the Color Correction skills of Michael Dana Wells     Kiddie Litter launches in October! Created by Alissa Juvan Animation by Andrew G Robinson Original Composition by Elise Lebec
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Darren Wheeler
Darren Wheeler : So Saturday is almost here and that means bootcamp is just around the corner. I am doing an earlier one this week. Time 6:30 on the tennis courts at Fit4Life health center. Cost is R30 for members and R40 non members. Lets make this a good one! STAY AHEAD OF THE PACK!!! #supashape #reebok #titantraining Fit4Life Challenge SA Tammy Ann Gagnepain Taryn Anderson Angela Booyens Cherie Ann Wilson Alex Macfarlane Ashton Anthony Webb Jenna Botha Dave Bulterman Sonya Bosman Ben du Plessis Etienne Botha Betty Hanson Fenny Bosman Leon Breytenbach Cindy Saunders Craig Van Rensburg Paula Lee Chianese Chantel Gregory Claude Gregory Cheney Smith Natalie Corrigan Calvin Stifla Johansen Sone du Toit Petrus De Lange Debbie Middleton Ronel Van der Merwe Walter Du Rand Jan De Jongh Sanet Eloff Tess Elaine Simpson Elrigh Grace Russell Fuller Michelle F Trevethan Patsilee Faber Roslyn Ferreira Terri-lyn Grendon Ryan Gagnepain George Smith Heather Skinner Michelle Hilder Heidi Scholl Jason Hilder Nicky Innes Pearsall Linda Jansen van Rensburg Jessica Kerwan Jade Robinson JP Wessels Petro de Jongh Kara Kerwan Kate Siebert Kelly Pereira Kerri Roets Lana Montgomery Tyron Marla Bam
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