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Lani Timms
Lani Timms : President Jacob Zuma: Re-erect the fence along the border of the Kruger Park and Mozambique and bring in the military to guard our borders! - Sign the Petition!    
5 minutes ago - View -
Volenti Kuboni
Volenti Kuboni : Zuma issues veiled warning to Malema    
20 minutes ago - View -
Mlungisi Khumalo
Mlungisi Khumalo : Meeting Jacob Zuma is like meeting Jesus himself you can feel his presence .... My president a man who survive a devil in his home .... My president a man who came up wit the reconstruction and development project Zuma msholozi a man who assisted Mandela to end IFP war in 1994 my president
33 minutes ago - View -
Celebrity Fun & Jokes
Celebrity Fun & Jokes : Celebrity Fun & Jokes: POOR, RICH KID!     I laughed until my stomach hurt when I read this joke about Jacob Zuma's son in Germany. Click on the link to see what I mean
34 minutes ago - View -
Emma Tanyaradzwa Maringe
Emma Tanyaradzwa Maringe : EFF And Julius Malema FORCEFULLY Removed From SONA 2015    
39 minutes ago - View -
Jaco Cloete
Jaco Cloete : President Jacob Zuma s message to fellow South Africans on COP17/CMP7    
42 minutes ago - View -
Godfrey Mokgobi
Godfrey Mokgobi :
42 minutes ago - View -
L7lvrboy Production
L7lvrboy Production : NEWS-Top Story

"Given the pressure on the president's diary, some unforeseen circumstances may cause changes in the schedule during the year," presidency spokesman Mac Maharaj said in a statement on Tuesday.
"President Zuma is already scheduled to appear on the 11th of March 2015 in the National Assembly for the first quarter."
The dates proposed for the National Assembly in the three remaining quarters were: June 18, August 6 and November 19.
For the NCOP the presidency proposed May 14.
Zuma has come under fire from opposition parties for not coming to account to Parliament.

The Department of Home Affairs waisting millions of taxpayers money every year on court cases for matters that could be resolved easily.

46 minutes ago - View -
Solly Oupa Leshabane
Solly Oupa Leshabane : Mmmh my shedule is tight

I have to meet Ntombiyenhle Zuma (Jacob
Zums's daughter) for lunch tommorow at protea hotel and then rush to Switzerland the same day to meet my associates to discuss the development of small micro, medium enterprises and develop strategies to keep them marketable and equally competitive against the so called "WELL ESTABLISHED BRANDS".

Both Cde Peter Ngobeni and Oliver Mabunda will drive me to OR Thambo international airport so that i do not have to leave my Range Rover sport and my Audi Q7 at the airport. I also would like to urge them not to use both of this cars for any political programmes as i will leave each of them with just R150 000 to assist in the running of programmes of the ANCYL. I trust that these funds will be used acordingly.

Imediately after the switzerland summit i will return for a meeting with Thabo Mbheki and FW deklerk in aukland park.

I unfortunately cannot devulge the agenda of the meeting as both formers states man requested that i keep the agenda confidential.

I hope not to be bothered by anyone as i will be a very busy man until sunday

Kind regards
Leshabane S.O

1 hour ago - View -
Virgo - South Africa
Virgo - South Africa : Woman who caused TB Joshua's church to collapse declares to kill...     Woman who caused TB Joshua's church to collapse declares to kill President Jacob Zuma - Read more & See Video :
1 hour ago - View -
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi : Woman who caused TB Joshua's church to collapse declares to kill...     Woman who caused TB Joshua's church to collapse declares to kill President Jacob Zuma - Read more & See Video :
1 hour ago - View -
Sandra Maart
Sandra Maart : If only President Jacob Zuma would stop talking and start listening to the people he would be a better president coz then he would know what we are actually going threw.
Ai if only

1 hour ago - View -