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JPM Mastering
JPM Mastering : Listen: Mugstar + Damo Suzuki "Waken to the Night"    
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Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson :     Stop it jpm     Et c'est reparti ! Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle...
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Jpm Manantheri
Jpm Manantheri : Mobile Uploads        
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Jpm Ugay Mason
Jpm Ugay Mason : I'm off for 2days feeling good very happy kalami sa life
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Senia Pamblica
Senia Pamblica : Michael Bolton - A Love So Beautiful (subtitulos español) by JPM        
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Jeison Arley Florez Alvarez
Jeison Arley Florez Alvarez : El Hueco Live - Jpm & Leysong ( ensayo ) 2014 jhory caceres         TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD:
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Bryan ONeil
Bryan ONeil : Your search for As we approach this coming Thursday, the 25th ... I have a few thoughts to share ... I view the responsibilities of the FDIC-R (the receiver) to the estate of the seized bank, WMB, as a separate issue from the agreement initially maintained between JPM and the FDIC ... I don't view that arrangement made via the PA&A Agreement or contract, if you will, as involving us. We (equity) only hold Trust Markers in the WMI (the parents) estate and subsequently shares in the new exiting company ... anything seized that wasn't supposed to be ? ... well, the FDIC is obligated to the WMI estate as we have discussed ... I view the PA&A agreement between JPM and the FDIC's termination upon the sixth anniversary of the banks seizure, (as stated) as somewhat of an end to JPM's exclusivity rights to finalize its own (JPM's) purchases, or payments for services and products actually received ... I believe the ending of this PA&A contract will allow the FDIC to no longer be obligated or limited to the one initial purchaser, if a product or service has not been paid for by JPM, IMO, this would then allow the FDIC-R to then market for sales outside of the PA&A's exclusivity issues with JPM only, if JPM's obligations had not been fulfilled. If JPMorgan has NOT locked down its purchases from the FDIC ? ... I believe it becomes an open market' ... _______________________________________________________________________________________ I see the FDIC' receivers responsibility to the estate as being totally separate issue from the PA&A contract with JPM, and the FDIC-R returns of potential cash and assets to the estate, could go on for years .... the way I read this PA&A ~ ~ JPM was given an entire six years to complete its obligations to the purchase of WMB from the FDIC ... beyond the six years ? ... well I guess we will see soon enough Good Luck to us All' AZ
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