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NDVR events
NDVR events :
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AMH Entertainment
AMH Entertainment : Edge Of Eternity (Pc, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBOX ONE)     This weeks Indie Game of the Week is #EdgeofEternity     An indie tribute to J-RPG classics. Explore a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction, intense ATB battles and branching story.
Watch the video: video

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Afanur Rashid
Afanur Rashid :
Download link is -
Dead alliance is a side scrolling action platforming shooter set in a zombie infected post apocalyptic world.

Choose a character, load your weapons, fight and save the world.

- Amazing pixel art style.
- Over 70 challenging levels.
- Gruesome boss battles .
- 4 different level modes.
- Over 20 weapons to choose from, including mini gun, laser, flame thrower etc. Explosives like grenade, dynamite to blow off obstacles and hordes of zombies.
- Lots and lots of zombies, finish them all.
- Tons of screen shake, explosions, flashing, particles effects.

Music : Machinimasound and
Teknoaxe : youtube

We are a two man indie game studio, it's the first game we started to develop, we need your support and feedback.
Any feedback would be much appreciated. If you face any trouble playing the game or find a bug, please report us. Thank you!

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Will Lewis
Will Lewis :
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Will Lewis
Will Lewis :
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Aracing with Him
Aracing with Him : GOOOOOD         Many people asked us why we wanna set up 'Aracing with Him'. The answer can be as simple as we are not satisfied with current situation, but it can also be very complicated on how, how we can do better than this. The story of 'Fung' simply illustrates the same will we have to make our world a better place. He shares his architectural knowledge to the community through his interest in cycling, so people are better drawn to the biking culture.

For us, we notice that travelling is very appealing to most people. We make deals with corporate, small business to give privilege to the group which is willing to take cycling as their way to go around the city, to promote sustainable culture.

Other than that, we as well spotted a lot of kind acts by people like Fung, they are happy to share their skills, knowledge and even resources to the community. This makes the game even more excited with offers in different form, like give-away food, free cooking lessons,complimentary entry to exhibition etc.

To make it organised, we announce a direction card a day to lead locals and tourists to inner part of the city by meeting meaningful individuals and companies. All direction cards encourages followers biking or riding mass rail transit. Only at the end of the day will they know what offer (surprise!) they get. That means they can just focus on how to get to the destination and leave rest of the planning to us.

We aim to make this a new way of travelling - to understand a place in a sustainable way by supporting social good and local community.

#socialgood #community #travel #sustainable #local #smallbusiness #cycling #biking #Massrailtransit #direction #cardgame #meaningful #surprise #aracingwithhim #SIngapore #Hongkong

25 minutes ago - View - : Born Under the Rain, an indie Adventure RPG game for RPG Maker VX Ace ::     Our Gem Spotlight goes to Born Under the Rain by Housekeeping, LockeZ, Indrah and Crazy Leen. Masud did a terrible thing. Now he wears the Mask of Odion, a cursed relic that's forced his soul into the body of a mummy.
39 minutes ago - View - : divergence, an indie Action Puzzle game for Custom ::     Our Development Spotlight goes to Divergence! One of the McBacon Jam Game entries by psy_wombats, alterego and arcan! Divergence is an exploration game pitting you against an abandoned laboratory and whatever secrets it may contain. Discover the nature of a terrible experiment, witness the result, and ultimately uncover the fate of the research team. Game length ranges from half an hour to over an hour to find all the secrets the facility has to offer. Featuring top-notch visuals, a unique world-shifting mechanic, and a compelling story, Divergence is perfect for those looking for a short, quality exploration game.
41 minutes ago - View - : Last Word, an indie RPG game for RPG Maker XP ::     Our Featured Game of the Month goes to Merlandese's Last Word! In a society where the last word is the final word; where shutting down your foes with your ability to leave them speechless is the ultimate power; you must wrangle your way through an evening of polite chit-chat in order to defeat a devious foe.
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Ben Watzreal White
Ben Watzreal White : Shots, pop and hip hop will be served at 930 at the showdown on 6th n market in SF this Friday! I have any amazing line up with nothing pure raw natural talent. Don't miss out!!! #ShowDown #SanFran #Cali #BayArea #Indie #IndieArtists #FreeMusic #FreeShow #FunAndcheapSF
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NEXT LEVEL Entertainment
NEXT LEVEL Entertainment : Over the decades there have been countless stories of musicians who were ripped off by their record labels and music publishing companies. Why? Exploitation was the name of the game. Keeping musicians in the dark was standard business practice. However, the past has passed, and today, any musician who signs a record contract, and learns later what he or she signed, has only themselves to blame.

That's why not only do we show are development with our artist but share and educate indie artist also. We want to make yourself more aware so you can make sure your not taken advantage of, scammed, our manipulated.

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Linus Smith
Linus Smith : Has anyone one picked up hand of fate? or even heard of it? if not i would recommend it highly its a indie game that its a cluster fuck of different game types its a deck builder/ rogue lite/ rpg/ storyteller/ with a fighting mechanic similar to batman. Its a really good game for people that love having a different adventure every time you play a game.
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Andi Risaldiansyah M
Andi Risaldiansyah M : Yeah
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