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Anthony Ford Anthony Ford : Zapp & Roger - I Want To Be Your Man    
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Because I'm Psycho, That's Why Because I'm Psycho, That's Why : I am so sick of having a normal non-sex conversation with someone and then seeing a dick picture. It boggles my mind how every guy is so proud of their dick. They are circumcised or uncircumcised, so unless you're packing an elephant trunk (which would scare me) or you're missing half of it, I will file it in my head as "just another dick". I am always nice and say something encouraging but a part of me is offended, it's not like I asked to see it. If I ask to see it then that's okay, otherwise it's more likely to turn me off than on. I know I'm an oddball but I cannot fathom most women actually ogling a penis or masturbating to it. The picture does not tell me if that person is the kind of person who could please me. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the smaller that they are the better they will probably be in bed. Face it, the wee man feels that he has to work harder than Ron Jeremy. If someone wants to turn me on stimulate my mind, engage me in a conversation, hell, fucking fill my head with a bunch or meaningless pretty lies. I have a few really gross pictures on my computer that I have had to send to a few of the people on this page who thought I would want to see their penis. There's tons of pictures of putrid vaginas on Google images and I feel that's no less offending than sending me something I didn't ask for. UGH!!!!
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Richard Bates Richard Bates : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Marques Lewis Marques Lewis :         In “It’s Love For Her” series, Sanaa has been through so much with men. All she wants is love and a family for her kids, but the men she is meeting want to hurt her. They want to leech off of her, beat her up, and more. So much drama, sex, and a wanting to find love all in one series. at everything she has went through. Why did her ex’s left her with two kids and wouldn’t commit? . Now Sanaa, at 36 did she find love? With getting in a fight with a married man's wife and being a victim to domestic violence did she give up on love or have someone? Click to find out!!! You can 1-click the series or order your copy on paperback!

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Lep Re Chaun Lep Re Chaun : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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No To LNG - Squamish No To LNG - Squamish : Stephen Harper is “the most vindictive politician I’ve ever met, someone who I think is ruthless...     BC Liberals know this better than anyone. Where do you think Christy got all her ideas for destroying the province and forcing LNG down our collective throats?

“Harper runs the most secretive government that ever existed in Canada. [According to Richard Nixon], if the Office of the Presidency does it, it’s not wrong. Harper wraps himself in the flag and he wraps himself in the office. But he isn’t worthy of the office. And he’s proven it time after time by lying to us about things, and in a democracy you can’t run a democracy on lies…. If we stand up and we do something about it we can stop this man. But if we sit back and count all the reasons why we can’t do a thing, that steamroller that Stephen Harper has rolled over the institutions of this country will continue to flatten everything in its path. And I for one don’t want to live like a rabbit. I don’t think you do either.” —Michael Harris, Canadian investigative reporter

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Johnny Grissom Johnny Grissom : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Gordon Johnson Gordon Johnson : Winnebago Man     You think you had a bad day. This was made before the internet was. I know I won't buy a Winnebago It's a pull behind for me. Leave the trailer,and take your truck where you want to go for a day a two.No pressure..
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