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Richard Azzouz Hawari
Richard Azzouz Hawari :     In the name of their Allah, the fortunate Petrodollars Saudis, are taped proudly, and manley beating the poor unfortunate Arab Yemenis, because some smart English man traced a line in the sand, according to the underground petroleum reserves, and called it the borders dividing the same Arabs family unto the poor starved Yamenis, and the fat cows the Saudis, and when the poor cat crosses the man made send in the sand, the fat cow takes great pleasure in torturing him, burning or killing him! These are the Arabs, these are the Muslims, or just the fucked up terrorists? For the stupid Moroccans, who want to boost of their Arabic noble blood, one day soon, I'll give the opportunity to be with you loved ones in Saudi! Trust me savages you should be in Arabia, with your savages! And leave the Amazighs of North Africa to live their free lives!     الاخوة السعوديين رضي الله عنهم يكرمون الاخوة اليمنيين . ومن اصاب فله اجر ومن اخطأ فله اجران .__
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What Man Wants
What Man Wants : Alexandria Morgan em anúncio da Tom-Tom - What Man Wants     Alexandria Morgan strapless :D
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Viva La Mia
Viva La Mia :     I want a monkey man     She is gettin her jumps down!!
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Phillip Brei
Phillip Brei :     Man!! I want a tree house. Just gotta find a tree here first.     Bicycle used as a tree house elevator woooow
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OG Molly
OG Molly : I want a real man where yall at

Lmp doe ♥♥ツ

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April Marie Damasco
April Marie Damasco : Half A Heart | Ian Eastwood Choreography | Cover | Leonard |         * Watch it in HD *

Hello Everyone! :) It's my new cover video of Ian Eastwood :)
Its been too long, I really wanted to make this video.
This dance is dedicated to all couples, Who break up. But they still love each other.
Its means that once a break up happened they wanted to get back together.
And they really missed each other and felt like they weren't all of themselves without the other person. :D - Leonard Detablan
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Marko Lehmusvirpi
Marko Lehmusvirpi : Bon Jovi - These Days     I was walking around, just a face in the crowd
Trying to keep myself out of the rain
Saw a vagabond king wear a Styrofoam crown
Wondered if I might end up the same
There's a man out on the corner
Singing old songs about change
Everybody got their cross to bare, these days

She came looking for some shelter with a suitcase full of dreams
To a motel room on the boulevard
Guess she's trying to be James Dean
She's seen all the disciples and all the wannabes
No one wants to be themselves these days
Still there's nothing to hold on to but these days

These days, the stars seem out of reach
These days, there ain't a ladder on these streets
These days, are fast, nothing lasts in this graceless age
There ain't nobody left but us these days     Music video by Bon Jovi performing These Days. (C) 1998 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Gavinio Zwayne Manamela
Gavinio Zwayne Manamela : When a jobless man wants a job, he distributes his C.Vs to different companies at a time . . .

But why do you complain about a single guy who chases different girls at a time? He's also hunting a first-come-first-serve woman . . . :D

#Ntlogeleng hlee!

17 minutes ago - View - : Medeshi News : Somalia's police boss called 'war criminal' in Canada     Man wanted in #Canada for war crimes named as new police chief in #Somalia

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Patrick Neville
Patrick Neville : I heard someone at the bar tonight between songs saying how he came there specifically to hear me sing. I hope he was still there for Cat Man Blue so he could get what he wanted. That was a surprising and awesome thing to hear, made me feel damn good. Whoever you were, thank you. Little things like that make all the work I do worth it.
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Phenyo Butale
Phenyo Butale : I note numerous attempts at being the voices of reason. I acknowledge your efforts but none of u is talking about what the people are saying. The people simply want answers, is that unreasonable? Is that what you call opportunistic? I am clear in my mind about what the demands are. A man died. A man of the people. A great man. They say he died of natural causes. I say he didnt. So i am insensitive because i am asking questions? I am also very clear that i do not trust Khama's government, to carry out any honest and clean investigation, the police and the DIS are too tainted to be trusted. I mean, the police continue to take our brothers and sons into custody and these people disappear in police custody, and they stubornly and arrogantly keep the families in the dark. Even when courts grants orders for them to inform families, they simply ignore. So how can i trust them? The less said about the DIS the better. Who can forget the senseless excution style brutal killing of Kalafatis. Isnt it that cold blooded murders were convicted and sentenced to prison but they were immediately pardoned by Khama, proving beyond resonable doubt he is in support of what they did. Not only that they were even reinstated at the BDF. So the Khama regime and the security apparatus are one big group of consirators who can not be trusted. Under such circumstances, do u blame people for demanding an independent inquiry? Shud Khama not have instituted it, even before he was asked, knowing very well that all organs of state have been weakened and only one center of power remains. Only the sovreign rains and organs of the state are at his bidding. Se ke boamaruri jo ke dumelang mo go jone ka jalo 'nkampa ka swa ke le mo go se ke dumelang go na le go tshela ke sule pelo ka ke mo go se ke sa dumeleng mo go sone'
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Pam White
Pam White : The Happiest Man in the World     i want what this mans had.. off his head surely??    
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Obiorah T. Momife
Obiorah T. Momife : Another Arrested Development. Lolsssssss

I was in a taxi chatting with my friend on Facebook and
suddenly discovered that the man sitting beside me was reading my conversation.
Since i did not want to embarrass the man, i decided to change the topic of the chat; Abeg oga, please tell Kabiru Sokoto or Abu Qaqa
that I only took two of the bombs we just manufactured for this operation. Let them know as well that I may find it difficult to get to the target place before the bombs explode because there
is terrible traffic jam now but nevertheless, I am sure casualty figure will be high since we are five in our taxi
and all the vehicles in the traffic will be affected too. We
have less than three minutes for the bomb to go off.
Bye bye and take care of my parents and
siblings as agreed. The Man, without allowing the taxi to stop quickly opened the taxi door and jumped out.

Courtesy TU.

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Official Eric Jerome Dickey fan page
Official Eric Jerome Dickey fan page : Photos of Official Eric Jerome Dickey fan page     Just finished reading A Wanted Woman. Man oh man!!!!    
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Bong Veasna
Bong Veasna :     I wonder what name of the judge wearing Angkor Beer shirt is!
Haha funny
but I want to kill that man!
But I wonder how beautifully that man sings!
អញហា!     មេប្រយោគបាញ់សាហាវ!!!!
ឯអ្នកច្រៀងនោះក៏ណាស់ទៅទៀត :3
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Julie Mullan
Julie Mullan : My mans at work i want a lazy day now i wonder if my little ball of energy will play nice lol
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Dan Nalley
Dan Nalley : Today we celebrated my son Elijah's, 19th birthday.

I looked through some old pics of him today, just reminiscing.
Pic after pic I can just see the hand of God covering, protecting, leading him as he's grown up. He's always been set apart for purpose & lived in such an elite way. Get this, shortly after I bought him a new iPhone, he gave it back to me because his eyes stumbled onto something ( like most of us) that he knew God wouldn't approve of. To this day he chooses at 19, not to have a Facebook, just because he doesn't want to get wrapped up in drama or see any of the provocative pics out there. He's the best brother I ever seen. He's gifted, talented, anointed musician, speaker. Natural leader. He's an amazing son! I could never ask for anything more! He's a far better man than I was at his age, (and some days now).
Since a young teen, he wakes up by choice to get to the church early every Sunday to serve on the worship team. Going to 2&3 services each weekend for years.

I can't wait to see what God does in his life! It will be priceless for me to see how God blesses him for living the right way, making the right choices, listening to wisdom. Also thinking about what a great husband , father he will be. He has So many seeds in the ground, so much harvest on its way!

Anyways, I could talk about him for hours. He is my heart, my buddy & my joy. I couldn't be any prouder of you son!

Thank you for giving me the gift of being a proud father !

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Free Cubbage
Free Cubbage : I dont kn whats wrong when you give your all & you dont see the out come of your faith! Or everytime you push forward you get pushed back. I see blessings every day in many ways & many things I kn God is real & yes he has been good to me! I have ? That no one can give me an answer to smh. What they can say you just got to believe lol really so you saying I dont believe smh Job friends Job friends!!! Man FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!!!. No one has an answer & God do what he wants for who he wants & when he wants lol faith or not! You can be sold out living for God & not receive from God the very faith that you believe in your heart is not moving mountains I mean if you roll with God I mean really roll with God seem like to me he dont give a hell about no crying out lol thats not moving him, you can speak something by faith if that's not what he wants then it's a wrap! You can live a holy separated life in this world all you want God still allows you to feel pain the same pain as a unbeliever! Now I still kn God is good he really amazes me I mean blows my mind & I love him soo much & I trust him but none of it means that his will for me its that I suffer threw whatever! Can or will I still praise him yes! But right now Im just seeking real deal wisdom from him alone! Not the friends of Job! Yal dont got nothing for me!lol. Tea time Im so real it gets on my own nerves sometimes but the tea can be sweet & bitter @ the sametime!
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Hon Ipoola Ahmed Omisore
Hon Ipoola Ahmed Omisore : Mobile Uploads     "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -Abraham Lincoln. — with Tk Adelakun and 9 others.     SON,ONE DAY,U SHALL TAKE THAT SEAT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS !!!
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Denearia Frazier
Denearia Frazier : i hate to say it but i want a man...:( not no ugly ass dude neither soo if u kno u ugly gtfo my inbox ASAP...#wersmyKING???
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Chris Yancey
Chris Yancey :         #100happydays
There was singing and dancing and talking and laughing and hugging and PRESENTS & COOKIES!!!
I mentioned I wasn't feeling well...but this event was so important to me because of everyone who shows so much kindness to my girls and I ... you all know what those two little nuggets mean to me ... and I want each of you to know how special you are to me and my girls.
And MAN OH MAN the weather really tested everyone tonight!!! Thank you for doing all of this, supporting ACS, putting up with my crazy ass, and for keeping this going for years to come. I love you - I do. I really hope you know that.

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David Mackie
David Mackie : I've been a bit hyper critical about the stuff I do behind the camera recently and today I was watching some videos by Dave Black a ridiculously talented sports photographer.

He spoke in one of the videos about relationship with subject and I guess that's part of why I want things to be "perfect not just David Good"

So when taking photos of Derby Skaters, I want her to walk away and say Man that's perfect

"Ultimately I am always working for the athlete, I'm always trying to get the best picture possible of them, of them, for them." Dave Black

So on International Derby Photographers Day I'm glad for the focus adjust.

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Janice Mentino Gardose
Janice Mentino Gardose : I really hate all the man's asking about Skype ...talking about hot. ..guy's if you want fuck. ..just go to hell and fuck the devil like you. ..that's ur good place not on net. ..
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Gus Kaipat
Gus Kaipat : Couldn't get it out of my head. I was driving past the Hopwood Junior High towards the PIC when a pink colored Big Boys Marine Sports mini bus (w/a chicken's nose) packed w/passengers came from behind and planted itself in front of me. I was like, "wata?!" Rough and freakin' unnecessary. Anyway, so I followed behind like the good driver I am. Then, just as it reached the P.I.C., this dog out of no where decided to cross the road towards the hotel. I swear I thought that dog was going to die! Dogs have the most terrible timing.

I knew the driver was taken by surprise. Hah! I thought, "that's what you get for passing me!" I could tell he was a good driver. He swerved to the right, then to the left, then to the right again. The passengers probably thought they were on a rollercoaster ride. They were all looking at each other wondering what was up. It was hilarious watching all of it from behind. It happened so quickly and like a miracle, the dog actually made it out of the bus's way. Its tail tucked high behind it and man it hit the road running back from where it came from. Sorry to say this but I was cracking up the whole time like crazy. OMG...the poor tourists.

Then, the silliest thing happened. A cat came running out with no regard of the on-coming traffic! It's like the two animals decided to play tag team on this guy and his passengers. He swerved again and this time..., he just had to follow the cat all the way to the other side of the road to an almost complete stop. I swear. I couldn't stop laughing. No one got hurt. But, it was like watching a live cartoon show about the pink chicken, the dog and the cat! I went passed the guy 'cause I didn't want the same thing happening to me. He was just shaking his head in disbelief. Heheheh!

Folks, when you see my Jeep on the road, in front of you, take your time. :D

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Facebook Brussels
Facebook Brussels : A man recorded the sky for 7 days, and the results are breathtaking     Amazing Europe: Have a lovely weekend friends!
Europe is fascinating - we will post on Saturdays videos, stories or images about interesting topics and interesting people. This time we are honoring a video from TSO Photography. It shows the milky way above El Teide, Spain's highest mountain:
"The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this was one of the most exhausting trips I have done. There was a lot of hiking at high altitudes and probably less than 10 hours of sleep in total for the whole week. Having been here 10-11 times before I had a long list of must-see locations I wanted to capture for this movie, but I am still not 100% used to carrying around so much gear required for time-lapse movies. - See more at:"

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Shadonna Hayes
Shadonna Hayes : KNT nobody say i aint shit. My kids dnt want for nothin they eat 3x a day clothes on they back an roof over they head (I AM A MOTHER). Keep my husband fed an pleased an a clean house he komes home to (I AM A WIFE). Ive always been a workin person nvr had to sell my body to any an every man. I respect my mind, body an soul an my bizzness aint all on fb (I AM A LADY)
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Rita Peg Maker
Rita Peg Maker :         A £10,000 reward is being offered for help in tracking down the suspected killer of a young actor and DJ in south London. Carl Beatson Asiedu was stabbed to death in Vauxhall five years ago. Detectives say the man they want to question fled to Nigeria - days after the killing. Tarah Welsh has been speaking to Carl's father John and Detective Inspector Alison Hepworth from the Metropolitan Police.
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All Akpos Jokes
All Akpos Jokes : Out of these 7 Akpos Jokes,
which is your best?
1) A teacher lecturing on
population said, ‘In the world,
after every seconds, a woman
gives birth to a kid.’
Akpos stood up and said,’we
must find and stop her!’
2.) Akpos: Why are all these
people running?
Man: This is a race, the winner
will get the cup.
Akpos: if only the winner will
get the cup, why are others
3) Akpos told his servant: Go
and water the plants.
Servant: It’s already raining.
Akpos: So what, take an
umbrella and go!
4.) Postman: I had to come 5
miles to deliver you this
Akpos: Why did you have to
come so far, instead you could
have posted it.
5) Akpos at an Art gallery: I
suppose this horrible looking
thing is what you call modern
Art dealer: I beg your pardon
sir, that is a mirror!
6.) Akpos was writing
something very slowly.
A friend asked, “why are you
writing so slowly?”
Akpos: I’m writing to my six
year old son, he can’t read very
7) Father to Akpos after exam:
Let me see your report card.
Akpos: My friend just
borrowed it, he wants to scare
his parents .

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Prince Chris Obaskilo Obaide
Prince Chris Obaskilo Obaide :         i want us to use dis medium to thank Awarin THankGod da Doctor-Love, The only Handsome man of our
Love doctor.for all your love teaching and inspirational talk we say thank you sir. Even when pple said that true love is dead,he makes us to believe that true love exist, so if you know that you have gain frm his teaching about love or inspirational talk both on discover true love group OR is Real love for Real people group, Just reply with your coment......


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Intresting stories
Intresting stories : A man escapes from prison where
he has been for 15 years. He
breaks into a house to look for
money and guns and finds a
young couple in bed. He orders
the guy out of bed and ties him to
a chair, while tying the girl to the
bed he gets on top of her, kisses
her neck, then gets up and goes
into the bathroom.
While he's in there, the husband
tells his wife: "Listen, this guy's an
escaped convict, look at his
clothes! He probably spent lots of
time in jail and hasn't seen a
woman in years. I saw how he
kissed your neck." If he wants sex,
don't resist, don't complain, do
whatever he tells you. Satisfy him
no matter how much he
nauseates you. This guy is
probably very dangerous. If he
gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong,
honey. I love you."
To which his wife responds: "He
wasn't kissing my neck. He was
whispering in my ear. He told me
he was gay, thought you were
cute, and asked me if we had any
vaseline. I told him it was in the
bathroom. Be strong honey. I love
you too!!"

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Jehad Hazim
Jehad Hazim : "If you want to have fun here, then you shouldnt be religious" an advice from a drunk arabian muslim (prefer not to say his nationality).

Who has a good reply for this young man ? Taking in consideration that a religious answer would make him more convinced that he is right.

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Femi Ajibode
Femi Ajibode :         Now that we've found love
What are we gonna do with it?
Now that we've found love
What are we gonna do with it?

Make daddy shoot, make daddy shoot
Make daddy shoot, make daddy shoot
Make daddy shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot
All over the place, I say
Come on baby when the music's playing

I want to see you dance, dance, dance
Come on baby, say when the music's playing
I want to see you dance, get up and dance
Come on baby let me show what a, what a man can do
I said music, oh yeah
Stay alone into my soul, moving on and on and

Now that we've found love
What are we gonna do with.....("Now That We Found Love" A 1978 classic by Third World).

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Danny Gallardo
Danny Gallardo :         Trying to trade my polished s and m tuff man 25t for another sprocket, its almost knew. I want a 28t guard sprocket but I might take a regular 28 depending on the condition. If ya have a guard sprocket, I might Throw in another part for the trade
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Wesley Malon Staten
Wesley Malon Staten : I want a fuxkin girlfriend man.. 💯💯💯💯💯
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Javisia Judy Lewis
Javisia Judy Lewis : I want a Nigga that'll take me out sometimes , buy me stuff don't matter what it is , it's the thought that Count !

NEVER🙅 had a man like that 💯

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