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Becca Couce
Becca Couce : 5 Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman     Whether it's male to male, female to female, female to male, male to female, being forced to do something you don't want to do is just wrong all around, whether it's sexual or anything else. Separate cases of rape should never be looked at differently based purely on the genders of the people involved. Also, UGHHHHajsdioddf it is SO frustrating to read the f-ed up socially accepted misconception of "...the idea that sex is something men do to women. Men give out sex, women receive it, and that's just how sex works."
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Dexter Works
Dexter Works :     It's really hard not to love Marshawn Lynch!

He's a humble, real dude who is not about the limelight and just want to play and make that dollar for his fam... and, then keep it moving!

He's doesn't like to talk, so you can blame a man for being the same way that he has been all of his life! It's not like he has changed his demeanor!

So let that man live his life and leave him the fuck alone!

Q     Full Interview... LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!!!
"Im just here so i won't get fined"
Lol I love this dude!!!! #2015SuperbowlMediaDay #BeastMode #SeaHawks #Seattle #Superbowl #Champs #MarshawnLynch #Oakland #TheTown
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John E Waller
John E Waller : Michael Jackson Man in the mirror Grammy Awards 1988 Remastered HD     if your unwilling to make a change ..
You are the Problem -- If you want the Change
SELFISH MOTIVES ARE EVIL IN TODAY,S SOCIETY .     All remastered by MathuMJ97 Please don't steal this video, I didn't put my logo. All right goes to SME
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Steve Beumer
Steve Beumer : Mitt Romney announces he won't run for president     Breaking news at noon. Mitt Romeny is a great man and would have made a good President in 2012, but his time has gone and went. Thanks Mitt for making the right decision for you and the country.
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Sean Ballard
Sean Ballard : An Open Letter To Charles Barkley & Co.     This is awesome. As much as I may hate on LeBron, I must say what he did by drafting his own personal letter and putting it out to the people has changed the game. Athletes are starting to understand that they hold significant power in addressing the people without the often conniving ways of the media. This is perfect timing, as well, with the advent of Marshawn Lynch and his series of interview tactics to avoid that very situation. In this digital world, why do athletes need the media to address these problems? Answer these pressing issues yourself, the way you want to handle it, eliminate the middle man from painting the story a certain way, and allow us fans to think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions.
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Dutches Avalon Hatchett
Dutches Avalon Hatchett : Yo, I employ these niggas.
They be grown Men but I little boy these niggas.
Want the cookie so I gotta chips ahoy these niggas
But I never I phone android these niggas
Use rubbers with them I don't ever raw these niggas
More money then them I imma son all these niggas
I ain't shoppin but it's like I gotta store these niggas
Put em on time out and Neva call deez niggas
Pusey like girls damn is mah Pusey gay?
Pusey this Pusey that Pusey taken
Pusey ride dick like she a Jamaican
Pusey stay warm Pusey on vacation
U loose bitches need a Pusey renovation
You can eat it with a Pusey reservation.
Pusey rather get a standing ovation.
Clap. Clap. Clap for this Pusey nigga
But I can't give this Pusey to a Pusey nigga
Awe man slow down imma give u somethin that u can hold down
But I can't give u head I'm to ill for that
Imma make a movie still kill bill for that
What the fuck this ain't chanel nigga custom down
U the same clown nigga that was runnin me down
Now u all in the source cause u ran me down?
Rule number one be a boss ass bitch
Never let a clown nigga try to play u
If he play u then rule number two
Fuck his best friend and make him yes man
And get a dick pic and then u press send
And send a red heart and send a kissy face
And tell him that his friends love how ur Pusey taste and that's rule three
I'm the school chief
My wrist look like I am a jewel thief but that's cause I am a boss bitch
No macorini cheese and grill my sword fish
Bitch bitch bitch imma boss ass bitch😘

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Mike Reeves
Mike Reeves : Friday funny (groaner alert, but you'll smile anyway...):
A long time ago, in Communist Russia, there was a famous weather man named Rudolf.

He's always had a 100% accuracy rate for his forecasts of the Russian weather conditions. His people loved him and respected him for his faultless foresight. He was particularly good at predicting rain. One night, despite clear skies, he made the prediction on the 6:00pm news broadcast that a violent storm was approaching. It would flood the town in which he and his wife lived. He warned the people to take proper precautions and prepare for the worst.

After he arrived home later that evening, his wife met him at the door and started arguing with him that his weather prediction was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. This time, she said, he had made a terrible mistake. There wasn't a cloud anywhere within 10 miles of the village. As a matter of fact, that day had been the most beautiful day that the town had ever had and it was quite obvious to everyone that it simply wasn't going to rain.

He told her she was to be quiet and listen to him. If he said it was going to rain, IT WAS GOING TO RAIN. He had all of his Russian heritage behind him and he knew what he was talking about. She argued that although he came from a proud heritage, IT STILL WASN'T GOING TO RAIN.

They argued back and forth for hours , so much that they went to bed mad at each other.

During the night, sure enough one of the worst rainstorms hit the village the likes of which they had never seen. That morning when Rudolf and his wife arose, they looked out the window and saw all the water that had fallen that night.

"See," said Rudolf, "I told you it was going to rain." His wife admitted: "Once again your prediction came true. But I want to know, just how were you so accurate, Rudolf?" To which he replied, "You see, Rudolf the Red knows rain dear!"

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Zach Medlin
Zach Medlin : Not All Superheroes Wear Capes     Hey all,
For those of you that saw this post last go-around, THANK YOU for your kind words, prayers, and donations to Connor's campaign. I wanted to provide an update on him as I know it's hard to follow and that you may be wondering.

Connor completed his 30th and final radiation treatment of his first attempt to beat DIPG. There were ups and downs and good days and terrifying ones in the past 6 weeks, but Connor is strong and is making progress. We have celebrated many small victories during his treatment and in a few days, Connor and his parents will get to go home for the first time since 12/15.

Connor will continue to get round' the clock care, but hopefully the comfort and familiarity of his home will help him progress even more. As the family transitions home I want to ask my friends and family to remember that he is still a very sick child, and while he is going home, he is not cured by any means. Alexis and Peter will continue to need your prayers to maintain their strength and enjoy every moment with their dear son. Connor will need your prayers to continue to improve and somehow and someway be granted a miracle by the grace of God to be one of the few to defeat DIPG.

Take a moment today share your love with your family, kiddos, nieces, or nephews and then say a little prayer for Connor-man and his amazing parents.

Thank you so much

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XXX. : Timeline Photos     She is a Single Girl
She is looking for a Single Man
If you want to date this girl you can do it here

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Kyle Bezuidenhout
Kyle Bezuidenhout : Man found alive in sunken ship     This guy really did not want to die     --- Subscribe for more --- On May 28th 2013, a South African scuba diving team were conducting a dead-body recovery effort. They were rec...
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Sabuz Hossain
Sabuz Hossain : Ami jani na......... I want to stay simple man.
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Teresa Alvarado
Teresa Alvarado : The Sexualization of Children     ATTENTION EVERYONE...I'm ANGRY! PLEASE help me spread this message!!
You dont have to read this post...but please watch the video on "The Sexualization of Children" below and SHARE with your own thoughts and help bring awareness AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE by reversing the TREND in your home!! Remember when we were kids, "JUST SAY NO" well, there is a whole new meaning now. Just say NO to the TREND -- Thank you!
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Niesha Killyaself Ford
Niesha Killyaself Ford : No woman wants a man that lies for no reason.. nor dry cheating types a nigga.. I want loyalty and respect.. #RELATIONSHIP. #CURRENTLY #PENDING . no reason. I just feel like I need to be alone..
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Ikpeba Solomon Idahosa
Ikpeba Solomon Idahosa : Parables are good and is important for us to understand it. I want to speak another one. The kingdom of heaven is liken unto a man who bought cd plate, after playing it until he gets tired the plate now started sipping. God will help us!
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Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson : Do You Want To Smoke A Bowl Man? (Frozen Parody)     Hashanah Cristina Lynette Skanes     So. . . . . Do Ya?!? The story of one man's resilience to smoke his friend out of a depression. Disclaimer: No...
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Sinte Numpa Gilbert
Sinte Numpa Gilbert : Hidden Blade & Pirate Cutlass (Assassin's Creed 4) - MAN AT ARMS     Ok this is what I want for my bday.     Which weapon will be next? ► Subscribe! Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games...
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Emily Haynen
Emily Haynen : What Is Your Superhero Archetype?     ULS Classification: H-8
Label: Morphee
Powerset: Shapeshifting; Regenerative Healing Factor; Manipulate own Size (growth/shrinking), Self-duplication
Notable Members: Mr. Fantastic, Morph, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, Elastigirl, Mystique, The Cheerleader (TV), Ant-man, Giganta, Triplicate Girl, Multiple Man

Flexibility and adaptability are your defining features. You can go with the flow and adapt to almost any situation you find yourself in. Because the world around you is always changing, but no matter what comes and goes, you'll still be here.

Despite your capacity for versatility, you are actually astonishingly reliable. You put on a good show when you're around others, but you have a strong independent streak. Some of your loud and flashiness is just a cover--inside you hide a world beyond what anyone from the outside would guess.

Keep on doing your part (even if that part is always changing) and you'll do all right.

Genre-Savvy Advice: You may find yourself often in the role of jester or trickster on your team, but you may want to be careful to not over-do it--It may also be helpful to know a little bit about your hidden depths.

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Rowan Eva
Rowan Eva : The Hellfreaks - Boogie Man (Official)     Holy crap! I want one please!!!!     Gyártó: Los Tiki Pictures Shakey Sue - vocals Yoda Surfer - guitar Bloody Holly - upright bass Peter Pain - drums Cherry Blossom - bo...
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Catharina Maria Rina Cilliers
Catharina Maria Rina Cilliers : WHAT GOiNG ON ON MY PROfile? You will not have sex Group on my PRofile without my permission? I am not you Moslem woman thart you treat like that? This my profile UNFRIEND yourself butt I will report this if you do anything like this again? I want invite new. SA friends? How can I? You even block me off my own profile? I won't aloud this? Go and do this on your profile? This my profile and NOW MAN WILL TREAT ME LIKE THERE WIFE? I Am not moslwem I will not accept that man is my boss? This my profile if don't ask permission I will report this? You EVEN BLOCK ME OFF MY OWN PROFILE? NOw I will not accwpt this kind behavour I want to invite New SA Friends how can I? Please before you attempt any sex group chat you inform me ok? Thank you Rina
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Onwenna Eze Collins
Mr O'Conney Akamesieke also known as Emmanuel Okonne,AniomaVoice Asaba news,AniomaVoice Abuja,Anioma Voice Lagos and Anioma Crimewatch is a man with incurable penchant for fraud and blackmail.
This fellow who prides himself as the founder and sole owner of Anioma voice blocked me from all his numerous accounts on facebook because I disagreed with him on his mission to use Anioma voice as a tool for blackmail and fraud.He did same to those that questioned and disagreed with his flawed activities.This same rogue went as far as using other pseudo accounts to access my page on facebook purposely for mischief and blackmail.Few hours ago,my attention was drawn to how he lifted a post I made four days ago into Anioma voice group page and captioned it "a cry from a misused citizen". Since Akamesike is has nothing to offer Anioma people again,he resorted into invading people's account with the aim to misrepresent and possibly ridicule them.
I want to state clearly that Akamesike is irresponsible,fraudulent and deceitful.His activities should not be taken seriously because of his nature.Politicians have refused to patronise him,he decided to take on persons like me.Its shameful and unfortunate.

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Yolanda Gray

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Jim Rosendale
Jim Rosendale : Crowder - Come As You Are (Lyric Video)     We so often in the American church seem to want people to vome to us after they have somewhat cleaned up. This is a great reminder that the Gid of the universe cares little about that...He first wants you to vome...come as you are...and allow Him...never do the work of making you what he created you to be.     Music video by Crowder performing Come As You Are. (C) 2014 sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records
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Kari Gray
Kari Gray : What Women Want in a Man. Age 60

Doesn't scare small children
Remembers where bathroom is
Doesn't require much money for upkeep
Only snores lightly when asleep
Remembers why he's laughing
Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself
Likes soft foods
Remembers where he left his teeth
Remembers that it's the weekend

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Obadimu Olanrewaju Mrlarrybee
Obadimu Olanrewaju Mrlarrybee :         Nobodi can kill ur dream except u. So don't kil ur dream. Every great endeavor starts with the spark of an idea" if u cannot read,u cannot take lead. A dream can be so strong that it leads men and women to risk their lives for it fulfilment.the man who lives for himself is a failure. Even if he gains mush wealth power or position,he is stil a failure He who fear GOD fear no man. He who kneels bfor GOD would stand in any situation. YOUR past cannot be changed,but u can change ur tomorow by ur 2day Be nt afraid of greatnes: some are born great,some achived greatnes nd other hav greatnes trust upon them. Buh notin can stop an idea whose time has come. Dreams have only one at a time,that's why dreamers ar lonely just don't give up tryin to do what u really want to do. Where there ar dreams,love and inspirations, you can't go wrong nd every person is an architect of his own fortune and future my turning point hav come,#HORLAREHWAHJUH# my turning around season is now"
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Invisible Illness Awareness Week
Invisible Illness Awareness Week : Jeanne Robertson "Don't send a man to the grocery store!"     Want a good laugh? Not trying to bash the guys, but I have had this kind of experience with my husband at times. Course, this is why he calls 3 times from the store now... -Lisa     Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio this clip is from Jeanne's Southern Style! Jeanne's official website SEE Jeanne Live http://jea...
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Casey Skufca
Casey Skufca : People use GoFundMe and Kickstarter and such sites for the dumbest shit, man. get off your lazy ass and make something of yourself. Those sites are so cool for so many things and you are ruining it for everyone. Life isn't about sitting around waiting for hand-outs. You are being pathetic. Nothing wrong with asking for a little help or support but god damn people, don't you want to have any self worth at the end of the day? Make your own money you rats. Pave your own way. Don't ask me or other strangers to support your foolish lifestyles. Do what you gotta do.
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Kevin Lukens
Kevin Lukens : No I don't want to buy the bottles of cologne in your duffle bag while I pump gas, and stop calling me "boss man".
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Wendy Harlow
Wendy Harlow : Gentleman Up: DeEvolution of Man - Skinny Jeans         Want to hear a list of people who shouldn't wear skinny jeans? Men. End of list. #GentlemanUp
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Billie Reeder Alexander
Billie Reeder Alexander : Unfriendly your mother so u can post stupid statuses but yet your a grown man lmbo!! How mature and grown up u are. I love u and want what's beat for all my kids. Its called tough love sorry u made me go that far with it.
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Zane : FROM A MAN:

Hey Zane,
I have a question that I am curious about... I am 27 year old male, and in a relationship with a person I love with everything and planning marriage for next year.But it's not about her, it's about a ex who I was with when I was 18. She left me after being together for 2 years for another person...I understand now because I didn't have a job or income at the time because I just graduated.but I am over that, don't care or think about her. but she sent me a friend request about a year ago. And once inboxed me after posting a pic of me kissing my daughter asking for one to...remind you, there's a lot of pics of me and my fiancé on there, And my fiancé was sitting right there and said a few words to her she didn't like, and she deleted me lls. Now I be seeing her comments on my brothers/sisters status saying she misses them, and she want to hang out or whatever... When we were together they smoked, and laughed together and she did her hair but they never hung out or was really friends... So what is her reason wanting to come around my after almost 8 years?

MY RESPONSE: I would not even be concerned about it. You cannot dictate what your siblings do or who they choose to hang out with. If you are truly over her, it shouldn't matter if they are friends with her. It almost sounds like you are flattered by the attention and are making her significant in some kind of way. Your best bet is to leave it alone. If her end game is getting your attention, it is working. Good luck.

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Gabriela Torres De Moroso Bussetti
Gabriela Torres De Moroso Bussetti : “Slap her": children's reactions     Preparando mi conferencia "AMOR CON VIOLENCIA... ¡¡NO ES AMOR!!"
Hermana mil gracias! Irma Rivero Ortiz
Italian media company created the video to show how both violence and pacifism can be taught at an early age.

The boys are introduced to Martina, who has a giggly love-struck effect on all the young admirers. When asked to caress her, the boys do not hesitate to stroke her cheek in a gesture of intimacy. When asked to make a funny face at her, they do so.

However, when the boys are asked to slap Martina, they all look surprised and confused. Obviously torn between wanting to obey, and their own moral objections, all of the boys eventually shake their heads at the unseen camera crew, refusing to comply.

When asked why they wouldn't slap her, all of the boys responded that they did not want to hurt her, or that they did not believe in violence, and all agreed that they should never hit girls.

"Why? 'Cause I'm a man!" replied one of the boys.     What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women. this video h...
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Brian Volk
Brian Volk : MICKEY AVALON - SO RICH SO PRETTY     dam o man wake wake jast got up n started bumbbing an dont talk shit that iam a man ho b like my girl n exept it love u all if u want to talk hit me     HOLLYWOOD GIRLS
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Bre Harris
Bre Harris : Manhood is so low... Women have man get married....     NEVER! Lol he don't want to get married, he got on pink skinny jeans.
Y'all gotta start reading between them blurred lines!
Ignorance is bliss until you're left to suffer the consequences!     But why??? Has it really come to this?
Ladies!! I need your input. Would you propose to your man? Manhood is so low...
Women have man get married....

Tag A Friend/Comment and ADD/FOLLOW DeLorean
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