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VOA Khmer
VOA Khmer :     In this edition of “Music with Mani & Mori” – we’re playing songs that you requested as your favorite English songs on our Facebook post. The three songs that we have selected are: “My Girl” by The Temptations, “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, and “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson and other various artists.

If you have comments or want to request a song from us, please email us at, and please join us again next month.

នៅក្នុងកម្មវិធី “Music with Mani & Mori” នៅលើកនេះ យើងខ្ញុំនឹងនាំមកជូន នូវបទចម្រៀងដែលប្រិយមិត្តបានសំណូមពរតាមទំព័រ Facebook។ ចម្រៀង៣បទ ដែលយើងបានជ្រើសរើសគឺ បទទី១ “My Girl” ដែលច្រៀងដោយក្រុមតន្រ្តី The Temptations ។ បទទី២ គឺបទ“When I Was Your Man” ដែលច្រៀងដោយ Bruno Mars និងបទទី៣ “We Are the World” របស់លោក Michael Jackson និងលោក Lionel Richie៕    
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Santa Fe Skies RV Park
Santa Fe Skies RV Park : Timeline Photos     Oreland C. Joe (Southern Ute/Navajo) #SFIM14 #FineArtFri #NativeArtist

Oreland is world-renowned for his work in stone and bronze sculptures. His works can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections in the United States and abroad. He is a native of New Mexico and is of Dine' (Navajo) and Ute decent. He has grown up in the four-corners area most of his life, both on the Navajo and Ute reservations. Currently, Kirtland, New Mexico provides home to his family and his studio.
As a child he knew, at an early age of four, that he wanted to be an artist. As a young man, he experienced various influences that have played major roles in his life and how these experiences have formed the man who commands admiration and respect in today's contemporary art world.
The influences he has had throughout his life include his family -his father, mother, grandfather, and teachers. These individuals provided encouragement, support, and inspiration to grow his artistic talents. He found that his father's work as a silversmith and painter, his mother's musical talent, and his grandfather's participation in traditional songs and dances provided him with cultural inspiration and appreciation for cultural history. These experiences provided Oreland with a rich and viable life way which in turn was the catalyst that spun ideas, images and creativity into a successful career.
Written by Rose ToeheFlagstaff, Arizona #NativeArts #Native #Ute #Dine #OrelandJoe
Booth: 700 LIN-E    

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Tony Koulianos
Tony Koulianos : Rihanna - Man Down     Rihanna - Man Down-I want to marry her lol     Music video by Rihanna performing Man Down. © 2011 Island Def Jam
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Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran : How Ryan Anderson Responded to a Gay Man Who Wants to Redefine Marriage     questioners officially stumped...

audience officially encouraged by common sense reasoning

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Kaneisha TakeOff Dodson
Kaneisha TakeOff Dodson : Me and Lilttle London DanceN TIIIIIIIIIIIRED !!!     I want a man like this !!     Tired As Ever, DanceN Wit My Jr Lil London(7) .... All Choreography By Lil London lmao Follow Us On Instagram @Underrated_LJ and @Littledivalondon
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Natalie Heels
Natalie Heels : DO YOU WANNA DO SOME BLOW, MAN? FROZEN PARODY     So I asked kyra if she wanted to listen to "do you wanna build a snowman" but then this loaded     From Frozen's Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, Bree Essrig & Brett Erlich voice this chillingly real video about two sisters whose relationship has gone cold: D...
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Sarai Pelaez
Sarai Pelaez : Shit honestly i cant have a relationship rite now cuz i be working too mush n its stressful to the point i dreanm about ma job...and i dont wanna argue eveyday with a nigga aint tryna stress more....everytime friday cums i wanna enjoy myself i dont wanna waste my only day me or not..i know im a loyal person......point blank i want a man who gose wit the flow n understands me n is loyal n who got fashion n who got stufff going for them selfs but i guess theres nun out here....but imma enjoy my single life so imma live ot up
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Nertnapa Waiphoka
Nertnapa Waiphoka : I came to work here I want a boyfriend a foreigner (I do not want boyfriend thailand) I very hate man thailand be boyfriend only (But I do not hate man Thailand only thing at be friend) stop think about me wrong story .. i very bored bored
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WhatsApp Funsite
WhatsApp Funsite : A MUST READ
young man was in a taxi, he had only N200
in his pocket. An old lady came to him and
said "my son, can you please give me
N100, I want to take a taxi to my house".
The young man said "but Madam I have
only N200, the taxi is N100 and return is
N100, so I don't have money". Then he
thought for a while & said "the Bible says
blessed is the hand that gives than the one
that receives". He gave the old woman the
N100. When it was time for him to go back
home, he knew that he had no money, he
stood there at the park begging taxi drivers
to help him.
In less than an hour, he received an alert
saying "N500,000 has been deposited into
your account". He was shocked, he went to
the nearest bank they told him yes that
the money was deposited into his Account.
There was joy in his face & he said these
words "I know God holds my destiny"
Type "Amen" If You Believe That God Can
Do A Miracle In Your Life.
Remember, God Can Lift You Up From
Type "Amen" If You Believe God

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Siberian Husky Rescue Inc.
Siberian Husky Rescue Inc. :
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Patrick Sean Nagle
Patrick Sean Nagle : A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar that reads: CHEESEBURGER: $1.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH: $2.50 HAND JOB: $10.00
He walks up to the bar and beckons one of the three exceptionally attractive blondes serving drinks. "Can I help you?" she asks. "I was wondering," whispers the man. "Are you the one who gives the hand jobs?"
"Yes," she purrs. "I am."
The man replies, "Well, wash your hands. I want a cheeseburger."

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Raquel Vazquez
Raquel Vazquez : Mobile Uploads     #truth     I want a man of GOD!!!!
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Shelley Cable Hickenbottom
Shelley Cable Hickenbottom : Alan jackson - the blues man     Play it loud as you want honey. I love it too Randy ;)     He's just a singer A natural born guitar ringer Kind of a clinger to sad old songs He's not a walk behinder He's a new note finder His name's a reminder of a...
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Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick : set list - Phoenix - 7/25/14
Hello There
Big Eyes
California Man
On Top of the World
Need Your Love
I Know What I Want
Baby Loves to Rock
Sick Man of Europe
That 70s Song
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police

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Jody Lynn
Jody Lynn : Timeline Photos     Good morning, Jax Fanatics!     I want a Jax Teller man in my life. So yummy.
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Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers : What is it with people liking my post when I ask them a question I don't want a like I want a answer like Whoes coming with me man.
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First To Know
First To Know : Man Lives On a Pizza-Only Diet for 25 Years [VIDEO]     Man Lives On a Pizza-Only Diet for 25 & Doesn't Weight 400 Pounds

And his doctors want him to stay on the diet?! Find out how this is possible...

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Camille Harp
Camille Harp : Man accused of torturing and decapitating 5 dogs he bought off Craigslist faces felony charges     People who want to sell or give away puppies or kitties on Craigslist.. THIS is why it's a bad idea. For some people I've tried to convince, YES, this ACTUALLY happens.
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Blanca Castañeda
Blanca Castañeda : Man, I want a tattoo soooo bad. 😢
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Erica Shae
Erica Shae : Jama Nicole Trainer is all like Erica you need to go on a date with this man, I'm all like awee I want a yorkie puppy!! 🐶👋🙅
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Thomas Bouknight
Thomas Bouknight :         Jesus said of his Father in heaven, “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” (Matt. 5:45). In other words, God extends his common grace to all. The air breathed by every man, sinner or saint, is God’s gift, regardless of the man’s morality. Likewise suffering may be equally distributed among the righteous and unrighteous—but God will use it for the good of the righteous, and likely the unrighteous too, drawing them to Him, should they respond in faith.

True, there are passages promising certain material blessings. Yet there are other passages saying the wicked prosper while the righteous suffer. The evil man may have good soil and a large crop, the good man poor soil and a small crop. The evil man may live a long life, suffer little, and prosper much, while the righteous man may have his life cut short, may live it in pain, and may be materially poor. (All this will, Jesus says, be radically reversed in the life to come.)

Indeed, Scripture demonstrates not only that the righteous may suffer despite their righteousness, but will often suffer precisely because of their righteousness—”Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim. 3:12).

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Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez : It sucks not having a girl anymore .-.
I want a girl I can be happy with and have a baby already

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Sarah Zarou
Sarah Zarou : Can We Guess Who You Are in Only 20 Questions?     I got a male, mid-30s, married, new parent, short gray hair, brown eyes, fit, want my child to have a better life than I did.

Even with this chest, I've always felt more masculine than feminine. I'm definitely the "man of the house". So, except for the hair color and body type, I find this result pretty accurate. Well done, quiz.

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Artesia Ashford
Artesia Ashford : I WANT a MAN I don't need no BOYFRIEND
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Prettyface'Bri Ripbabyaustin Jones
Prettyface'Bri Ripbabyaustin Jones : I think I need rehab....... Smh I want a man my phone so dry till it ain't even funny....
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Princess Aurora
Princess Aurora : Khalil: mom I want a bolypop
Me: from the bank?
Khalil: yeah
Me: its closed
K: why
M: bkuz its night night
K: why
M: bkuz God said so
k: aw man....
Lol I love my kid and his WHY'S

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Rodney Miner
Rodney Miner : Photos from Katherine Gore's post in Single in the City of Lincoln     Thanks For Accepting My Request And Adding Me On This Group My Name Is Kath And Am Single And Looking For A Serious Relationship If Interested Kindly Add Me And Send Me A Text..I Want A Man From Age 48 Older ....Thank You.     Looking forward to my partner in life making to me. One of akind
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Alexandria Tezuka

Married: Tyler Bell (...irony? )
Maid Of Honour : Roxam X. Chibayumi( I want a dress and all )
Who trys to stop me: Julie Constantine Landis ( You cant stop the beat,man )
Wedding Crusher: Xera Nova ( Im half not surprised )
Priest: Antonio Gamez ( NO MICHAEL BAY EXPLOSIONS )
Eats all the cake: Kaley Walhart (god dammit kaley. ONE JOB. )
Cries all the time: Breta Savage Savatorie (GROW A PAIR XD)

Seems legit

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KSAT 12 &
KSAT 12 & : Good Samaritan offers homeless man job     "(I was) trying to find a job and it was hard. A lot of people didn't want to hire anyone without an address."

Tonight, Dustin Ebard has a job AND a place to sleep!

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Crystal Symone
Crystal Symone : I keep looking at this trailer, man everything I read is literally in the trailer for Fifty Shades Of Grey. I want a friend who read the book to join me whenever it comes out this fall cause just watching it isn't enough. You can't possibly relate. Fr lol
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Dori Brown
Dori Brown : Just once I want a man to be a man.....meaning own up to what you do and want, if you cant voice how you feel or voice what you want how in the hell can you teach your kids to do the same....#fakeshake #2old4games #fuxU
OAN:everything happens for a reason, "if someone wants to walk away let them"....#td.jakes

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Jai Jai
Jai Jai : Goes to McDonalds to get a feed & the girl who serves me asks me if I want a McSalad!
Confusingly, I look at her & ask her if it looks like I need a salad - give me a Big Mac meal & make it large.
Farrk man going to McDonalds to eat a salad is like going to a brothel for a hug - it just isn't happening & is pointless!!

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Tonee Lawrence
Tonee Lawrence : Yes, Sexually Frustrated Wives Can Make Sex Spreadsheets Too     Oh... What's that you say? A man who didn't want sex? My god.... I guess she's free to go make herself happy! Go on, sister!!
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DC Metro Theater Arts
DC Metro Theater Arts : Today on DCMetroTheaterArts: Read our Capital Fringe reviews and go see some shows this final weekend:
We posted Cinema Speak With Sydney-Chanele: Film Review – ‘A Most Wanted Man’; and Capital Fringe reviews of ‘Bargain Basement University’and Capital City Showcase #3-July 23, 2014 and reviews of ‘Little Red Riding Hood & the 3 Little Pigs’ at The Puppet Co. and ‘Mary Poppins’ at Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre by Rick Schneider. And we posted The Playwright’s Playground: The Playmakers CATF 2014: An Interview with Director Lucie Tiberghien (‘The Ashes Under Gait City’) by Sydney-Chanele Dawkins.
Look at our recent reviews
and other local reviews
and Goldstar 1/2 price tickets deals

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