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Hillary Thornton WKYT
Hillary Thornton WKYT : Victim missing in Lincoln County shooting     "Victim missing in Lincoln County shooting"
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Wisdom Abugu Hillary
Wisdom Abugu Hillary :         like me commnt add me
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Ron Reams
Ron Reams : Important MUST SEE video...

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Perfectly Posh - Be Pampered by Hillary
Perfectly Posh - Be Pampered by Hillary :         On sale this week is one of Posh's bestsellers the Boom Bar!!! $13

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Hillary Locker
Hillary Locker :         I have three pairs of jeggings all for 30 Morley pu
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Ron Reams
Ron Reams : Important MUST SEE video...

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Luke Russert
Luke Russert : Poll: Bush as most GOP support     If you weren't up at 5:30am a quick report on Way Too Early regarding the latest POTUS poll. Good news for Jeb, Ds want Hillary to have primary race.     NBC's Luke Russert shares details from the latest 2016 poll, which shows Jeb Bush out in the lead among Republicans and Hillary Clinton taking some fire from the left.
Watch the video: video

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Ron Reams
Ron Reams : Important MUST SEE video...

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Ron Reams
Ron Reams : Important MUST SEE video...

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Hillary C. Wright, Freelance Journalist
Hillary C. Wright, Freelance Journalist :        
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Hillary Creamer
Hillary Creamer :         Nemo bathtub $10
21 minutes ago - View -
msnbc : Meet the Democrat who thinks he can beat Hillary Clinton     “Let’s be honest here. The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families.”

- Martin O'Malley

29 minutes ago - View -
Teksquisite : Perils of shadow IT: Most senior executives are doing it (ask Hillary) - Tech Page One     File Sharing and #BYOD are contributing to #shadowIT. #DellInsightPartner @ShellyKramer about managing risks?
46 minutes ago - View -
The National Tea Party Federation
The National Tea Party Federation : Blog: Where have all Her emails Gone?     "We learned this weekend that Hillary Clinton's e-mails were deleted from the server. We also heard this week that the Chinese or Iranians may have them, or so said Bob Woodward. ..."

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National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC)
National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) : New Court Action in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal - Breitbart     Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration want the Clinton email scandal to go away. The liberal media may comply, but Judicial Watch is independent and is increasing its pressure with new court action.
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Alaska Federation of Republican Women
Alaska Federation of Republican Women : GOP Dark Horse Slams Hillary Clinton, Promises to Root Out Pornographic Government Waste    
51 minutes ago - View -
Iowa GOP
Iowa GOP : NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn & IAGOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann on Hillary Clinton     "Out here, as an observer, it’s feeling almost like a coronation, not a grassroots debate. There is such a stark contrast between the Democrats already rallying around a pre-picked winner and Republicans that are going to every single county, even the least populous counties that we have, and actually debating it out at peoples homes and events." - Jeff Kaufmann
52 minutes ago - View -
All About Hillary Clinton
All About Hillary Clinton : Colin Van Ostern: This NH Democrat is ready for Hillary | New Hampshire    
56 minutes ago - View -
Ready For Hillary
Ready For Hillary :         "Senator Kennedy inspired so many with his decades of service, so I can't think of a more fitting tribute then working to educate and motivate future generations of citizens and public servants alike." -Hillary Clinton
56 minutes ago - View -
Arab Today
Arab Today : Hillary Rodham Clinton     Clinton wants to improve ties with Israel

58 minutes ago - View -
StandWithUs : Hillary Clinton: US-Israel ties must return to 'constructive' footing     Yesterday former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraged a return to "constructive footing" in the US-Israel relationship and stressed the importance of getting back to "basic shared concerns and interests, including a two-state solution." Clinton also emphasized that Israel must never become a partisan issue, as it is too important to the United States - a sentiment echoed by both Democratic and Republican leaders in US Congress.

Thank you for standing with Israel Hillary!

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Hillary Clinton 2016.
Hillary Clinton 2016. : President Obama Speaks on Climate Change    
1 hour ago - View -
Hillary Mansfield
Hillary Mansfield :         Nomi and Zack!
1 hour ago - View -
Human Events
Human Events : CBS: 'Email Scandal Taking A Toll On Hillary Clinton'     Will she decide against running?
1 hour ago - View -
All About Hillary Clinton
All About Hillary Clinton : Robert Reich on Hillary Clinton's chances in 2016
1 hour ago - View -
NH Humane Society
NH Humane Society :         Hillary, now Hallie, is doing so well in her forever home! We got a great update and some adorable snuggly photos!:
"Hallie, formerly Hillary, enjoying a nap. The family who adopted her are our close friends but not on FB. They wanted you to see how she is doing. She loves her toys! Hallie let me scratch her ears, she licked my hand, and put her paw on my arm. She is a sweet girl."

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Hillary Today
Hillary Today : Trevor Noah chosen as new host of 'The Daily Show': Report     Trevor Noah to take over as new Daily Show host:
1 hour ago - View -
Frankie Russo Show
Frankie Russo Show : Judge Nap: 'Hillary Clinton Has Admitted to Obstruction of Justice'    
1 hour ago - View -
Up with Steve Kornacki
Up with Steve Kornacki : The man who thinks he can beat Hillary     LUNCH HOUR READING: Steve Kornacki imagines a path to victory for Martin O'Malley.
1 hour ago - View -
Ron Gysen
Ron Gysen : Apache - The Shadows - Drum Cover - Tom Hillary     vola du super bon cover...
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