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Democrats Against Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democrats Against Hillary Clinton in 2016 : The Clash Over Clinton's Cash—And Why it Matters     "It’s not trolling if it’s true, and nothing is more true in presidential politics right now than this: The whiff of corruption and deceit will linger about the Clinton candidacy to voting day—and waft through the corridors of a Clinton presidency even if the greater potential strength of the Democratic presidential coalition overcomes the bad odor around its candidate. Yet politics won’t stop on the first Tuesday of November 2016. The truths exposed about the Clinton candidacy will shape and even define a Clinton presidency. That should matter as much to those who hope for a popular and effective Democratic administration after 2016 as to those who hope to prevent one."

#NotReadyForHillary #ClintonScandals

7 minutes ago - View - : For Hillary Clinton, Scandals Have Achieved Critical Mass     Should #HillaryClinton be headed for the White House or the Big House? #tcot
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The Conservatarian Canadian The Conservatarian Canadian : Hillary: 'Deep-Seated' Religious Beliefs Must Be Changed for Abortion     Hillary Clinton wants your religion to conform to her beliefs

24 minutes ago - View -
Buy Conservative Buy Conservative : Hillary the Scandals     *** VIEW & SHARE! ***     Hillary Clinton is counting on your short memory or lack of information in her 2016 Presidential run. Be informed and share with interested voters.
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Freedom Daily with Brian Kolfage Freedom Daily with Brian Kolfage : SCANDAL: Hillary Clinton approved sale of uranium to Russian...     SCANDAL: Hillary Clinton approved sale of uranium to Russian company AFTER millions in donations (VIDEO)

46 minutes ago - View -
The Atlantic The Atlantic : The Clash Over Clinton's Cash—And Why it Matters     If these scandals don't go away, do the Democrats really want Hillary Clinton as their candidate?
53 minutes ago - View - with Doug Giles with Doug Giles : WATCH CHELSEA LIE FOR MAMA: Hillary's Kid Defends Clinton 'Charity',...     Chelsea done drank the Koolaid. This is painful to watch.
56 minutes ago - View -
X Tribune X Tribune : {WATCH} From the Grave, Man Say: "Don't Vote For Hillary!!" ⋆ Dc Gazette     {WATCH} EVEN DEAD MEN DON'T LIKE HILLARY!!! SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS...

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Liberals Unite Liberals Unite : Dog The Bounty Hunter Lifts His Leg On Fox News Hosts, Says He Supports Hillary (Video)     Dog the Bounty Hunter disses the clown parade of Republican candidates in favor of . . .? You WILL NOT believe this!
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Blue Nation Review Blue Nation Review : NC Man’s Dying Wish: Don't Vote for Hillary Clinton     You never want to speak ill of the dead, but this man's wish probably won't come true.
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