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Natasha Hickson
Natasha Hickson :         School day
58 seconds ago - View -
Jason RastaGrinch Hickson
Jason RastaGrinch Hickson :         Follow BlackGirls
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2 minutes ago - View -
Latosha Nero
Latosha Nero : Shametra Hickson We The Only 2Up
5 minutes ago - View -
John Hickson
John Hickson : I really need to get the fuck alway..
14 minutes ago - View -
Jason RastaGrinch Hickson
Jason RastaGrinch Hickson :     Yesssss     follow BlackPeople Vines
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15 minutes ago - View -
JusMe NotYou Hickson
JusMe NotYou Hickson : U want u salad tossed?? Ask ur bitch!! That's her specialty! ! #morecherriesbitch
18 minutes ago - View -
John Hickson
John Hickson : u always talk to ppl about your they can help
19 minutes ago - View -
Lisa Marie Hickson
Lisa Marie Hickson : Yesterday wide awake today tired 😔
25 minutes ago - View -
John Hickson
John Hickson : this were u fuck up at going back to talk about other ppl your problems like they can help....
26 minutes ago - View -
Takeia Hickson
Takeia Hickson :     Too funny     LMAOOO ! I Can't Breathe >_< He Funny Asf
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28 minutes ago - View -
Alan Hickson
Alan Hickson :         Getting jiggly with it...
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31 minutes ago - View -
Mellz Hickson
Mellz Hickson : - I almost had his kids & ya bitches think he leaving me 😂 yeah aigh via 👑💍💕
40 minutes ago - View -
Brian Hickson
Brian Hickson :     I usually speak against what he talking about but the definition he put behind his presentation is logic and logic is truth and fact! We are gonna have to value the lives of each other. We need to be united we have remained divided to long. No matter title religion group we become great in numbers! A revolution isn't a big fight between two groups of people! Its a elimination either one shall parish because of pure ignorance or evolve to move forward as a nation     Tyler Perry Oprah Winfrey Kevin Heart
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52 minutes ago - View -
Donald-Pooh Hickson
Donald-Pooh Hickson :     funniest shit ever     I can't believe that happened!!!!! I would have Drove off for my life tooo
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56 minutes ago - View -
Mellz Hickson
Mellz Hickson : Ima Hold You Down Lil Mama Till The Day I Die 💯💕💪😘💏💑💍❤️
1 hour ago - View -
Suzie Wilson
Suzie Wilson :     lol.. Adrianne Hickson :p     The very thought of "us" being together makes me SICK!!
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1 hour ago - View -
Brian Hickson
Brian Hickson : For all of yu who are deleting messenger app. Because of facts thats already happen. If yu have fb Instagram Twitter a computer or smart phone! Collective data has already been gathered on you!!! But they got yu thinking this one application is stealing your info! Your cell phone is a tracking divice camera GPS all this is data thats created to collect data from yu. Lets not forget about those of yu who like to use maps application and it shows everywhere yu are at!! So removing messenger serves no purpose. The government has info on everyone that live and practice programmed culture!
1 hour ago - View -