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Somkeleja Ike
Somkeleja Ike : Brethen, whenever we encounter challenges let give the burden to the creator. Running helter- skelter helps not either. All we need is stand on ur feet as a soldier of Christ and seek the fact of the Lord.Hebrews 12:2, Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, Who for the joy that set before him endured the cross, despissing the shame on the Cross, Despissing the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God 1Peter3:12 may the Lord hear us when we call IJN
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Onabajo Ademolu
Onabajo Ademolu : It takes 4 years, 4 year cycle for citizens to be reminded
they are more important than the government.
I see politicians run helter skelter for campaigns, I see
highly revered public office holders visit suburbs they never
knew existed, I see money that wasnt enough to buy light
trains squandered on communication facilities and platforms.
I see government officials use social media so effectively
now than they do in office, I see politicians spray money,
share food, appliances, I was shocked to see one share LCD
screens! OMG! So we are this relevant? Maybe elections
should hold every 6 months, Naija will surely be another heaven
Amidst this, fellow Nigerians remember its until another 4
years before your chapter re-surfaces, don't let them
trivialise your power and buy 4 years with a wrap of fufu and
LCD. For me,I say a big thank you for being reminded of the
strength that lies in my thumb, for it will not go down
without a conviction.
If you have one stone to kill a bird, you ensure a perfect
target, cause you will not caste the stone again, neither
your thumb-print.
Another 4 years has come, what do you stand for? A vote to
make you wait another 4 years or a vote to keep you
relevant with a better lease of life till then? Remember your
needs list, if LCD solves it for another 4 years, then cast
your vote for your LCD benefactor, but if you have a long list
like mine, be reminded again that your power may have an
expiry date...
Regardless folks, the ball remains in our court.......Happy

ko ni baje
o baje tii

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