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Musawenkosi Zuma
Musawenkosi Zuma : MyANC    
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Angel Puryear
Angel Puryear : Misty JO     I like...
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Steven Kesterson
Steven Kesterson : In the brightest hour of my darkest day day I realized what is wrong with me can't get over you can't get through to you its been a helter skelter romance from the start take these memories that are haunting me of a paper man cut into shreds by his own pair of scissors and never forgive her he will never forgive her because days come and go but my feelings for you are forever because days come and go but my feelings for you are forever
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Young Alex
Young Alex : Been running helter and skelter so that I can beat the clock, ain't gat time for pussy or some fucking cock!
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Isle of Thanet Gazette
Isle of Thanet Gazette : Pirate Party at Broadstairs Bandstand     ARRRR you ready for Helter Skelter's Pirate Party at Broadstairs Bandstand today? Post us your photos of the family fun day
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Hendrik Van Wyk
Hendrik Van Wyk : MyANC    
16 minutes ago - View -
Musa Ntombela
Musa Ntombela : MyANC    
17 minutes ago - View -
Dave Chaz Challoner
Dave Chaz Challoner : The Beatles - Helter Skelter ( RARE FILM ) hd and hq         Awesome song. Remember to watch it in 1080p!
Watch the video: video

34 minutes ago - View -
Dean Allman
Dean Allman : Mark EG & M Zone @ Helter Skelter - Decadance (16th October 1999)         Download full set in high quality 320kbps mp3 - Or download full pack - Mar...
Watch the video: video

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Ralph Stander
Ralph Stander : MyANC    
36 minutes ago - View -
Grant Kennett
Grant Kennett : This man I know needs some shelter
He don't believe anyone can help him
He's doing so much harm, doing so much damage
But you don't want to get involved
You tell him he can manage
And you can't change the way he feels
But you could put your arms around him

I know you want to live yourself
But could you forgive yourself
If you left him just the way
You found him

I stand in front of you
I'll take the force of the blow

You're a boy and I'm a boy
But you know you can lean on me
And I don't have no fear
I'll take on any man here
Who says that's not the way it should be

Sometimes you look so small, need some shelter
Just runnin' round and round, Helter Skelter
And I've leaned on me
Now you can lean on me
And that's more than love, that's the way
It should be
Now I can't change the way you think
But I can put my arms around you
That's just part of the deal
That's the way I feel
I put my arms around you

40 minutes ago - View -
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Heidi StageDoor
Heidi StageDoor :    
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Neo Mahao
Neo Mahao : MyANC    
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Moses Baloyi
Moses Baloyi : MyANC    
59 minutes ago - View -
Jacques Cupido
Jacques Cupido : MyANC    
1 hour ago - View -
Karloz Le Darkie
Karloz Le Darkie : MyANC    
1 hour ago - View -
Mariano Garcia
Mariano Garcia : Motley Crue - Helter Skelter         KICK ASS
Watch the video: video

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Rosemond Phil-othihiwa
Rosemond Phil-othihiwa : Mobile Uploads     4th haux 2 my haux burning ryt here on my street... gooosssh!! it's rili crazy, pandemonium over here.. shouting, crying and running helter skelter..     so sorry dear. Pls do all u can to get out of this. The lord is Ur strength.
1 hour ago - View -
Shameer Gani
Shameer Gani : MyANC    
1 hour ago - View -
Tlhogi Wills Maitshotlo
Tlhogi Wills Maitshotlo : MyANC    
1 hour ago - View -
Dan Williams
Dan Williams : Cardiff Bay beach brings seaside to the city     Definitely puts Cwmbrans little sandpit to shame.
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