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Nick Mcmakin
Nick Mcmakin : Hardees in liberty need to get there shit fucking straight I'm not a back up so need to train there people right and stop OK if the managers will stay off there fucking phone and worry bout work shit will be good down there and you want have to worry bout shit but my days off don't fucking text or fucking call me I have a life to OK but I can't with all y'all s bullshit grow up dam
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Juiceky Burgers
Juiceky Burgers : Jeet Yet? Another Favorite a fur piece up the road: Hardee's in Lexington, NC - Juiceky Burgers     Jeet Yet? Another Favorite a fur piece up the road: Hardee’s in Lexington, NC
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Azila Azmina
Azila Azmina : Siti Hajar     Boiikott!!
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Ravielle Green
Ravielle Green : Didn't cook to day ate at hardees
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Kaye Tart
Kaye Tart : To the Christian Teacher in a Public School     For all my Teacher Friends and Family
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Latoyia Davis
Latoyia Davis : This is where we went to hardees on her bday suffering to wear...        
Watch the video: video

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Pat Stevenson
Pat Stevenson : Steve Herman     Good list of discounts for senior citizens.
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MattandRachel Blackwell
MattandRachel Blackwell : Christ. Paris Hilton must be hurting for money, they have her as a has been in another Hardee's commercial... oh wait she was playing herself.
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Sheila Hensley
Sheila Hensley : Mobile Uploads         Kevin Hardee heres one for you lol
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Hailie VirdieRain Sloan
Hailie VirdieRain Sloan : I'm so sick of hardees
10 minutes ago - View -
Britney LiveLife Baltimore
Britney LiveLife Baltimore : Lawddy I'm ready to get off
I'm dragging in this Bitch
Tired af
This a first fa me workn at hardees
I vow not to be tired b4 work no more

10 minutes ago - View -
Tina Hardee Pye
Tina Hardee Pye : Mobile Uploads     My sister tagged me in this earlier. Made me chuckle lol 🙈 K x — with Lorraine Eva Parsons and 41 others.     Terri Hardee Youmans
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Jayme Balbaneda
Jayme Balbaneda :         Yes ! This is our first rodeo ! @Hardees Extreme Rodeo
11 minutes ago - View -
Matthew Dunivan
Matthew Dunivan : Is Mr. Hardee's son Carl Jr.?😄🍔🍟🍦
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Gary Bosworth
Gary Bosworth : Timeline Photos     Social Media Monitoring is the next big thing. New post on the DataFox Blog by Bastiaan Janmaat     Blair Hardee
22 minutes ago - View -
Mary Ann
Mary Ann : So disappointed wid Hardee's tonight... The chicken was 👎
22 minutes ago - View -
Wayne Morley
Wayne Morley : Hardees A-hole commercial     Hysterical commercial from Hardee's promoting their new Biscuit Holes
Watch the video: video

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Rachel Shonhart
Rachel Shonhart : Razzle Dazzle     So... if you haven't been to Razzle Dazzle yet, you're seriously missing out on some awesome clothing! It's the first place I've found that's local, with stuff that's actually in current fashion, wicked cool jewelry, shoes and bags to die for... and the best part? They even have PLUS SIZES! Can I get a woot woot from my fluffy sistas? So yeah, head out to Hardees and turn left into that little strip mall... they're the last shop on the right, beside The Hair Zone. Tell 'em I said hi ;)
26 minutes ago - View -
Shelly Earley Dollar
Shelly Earley Dollar : OMG! The Texas Thickburger from Hardees IS AWESOME!!!
26 minutes ago - View -
Regina Plummer Mcdonald
Regina Plummer Mcdonald : I Love Texas - Texas BBQ Thickburger Extended Cut     Another brilliant piece of pornography courtesy of Hardee's. .......REALLY?     Hannah Ferguson and Paris Hilton take on the best of Texas in the extended version of the The Texas BBQ Thickburger® commercial. Only at Hardee's. Show us ho...
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Lori Watts
Lori Watts : The Walking Dead - Season 5     Chris Hardee.... Watch the trailer, looks intense! I can't wait!!!!!!
30 minutes ago - View -
Faith Abney Cook
Faith Abney Cook : Huge yard sale! Saturday August 2nd. 8 am At Happily Ever After resale store at 2591 Charlestown Rd (next to Hardees). Racked clothing will be $10 per bag. All other clothing $1 each or stuff a bag for $5. Shoes $1, books .50 each or 3 for $1. New items 1/2 off. Legos, Duplo blocks, trikes, sandboxes, oversized waffle blocks, princess baby walker, basketball goal, pretend play, furniture and more! Also tons of household items( towels, bedding, dishes, etc)! Sale starts at 8am!
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Paul Bosworth
Paul Bosworth : Just watched Hardee's commercial. ...on my way to confession now...whew!
34 minutes ago - View -
Jennifer Rost Wright
Jennifer Rost Wright : Ok I just seen the new Hardee's commercial and all I have to say is .."yeah those skinny girls in those swimsuits REALLY eat those huge burgers!"
37 minutes ago - View -
Rodney Musielak
Rodney Musielak : Don't be haten the Hardees commercials , They are by far the best commercials I have ever seen , Makes me want a cheese burger !
39 minutes ago - View -
Amanda N Pittman
Amanda N Pittman : At the dr first thing this morning. Valdosta for hours. ..trying to find shoes and clothes for school....on the way home some crazy number calls my phone...I have a KFC strip in one hand and a Hardees strawberry shake in the other...not healthy but nonetheless it's true....this lady goes off on a spill about sending me a free supply of something I didn't understand a word she said but her last sentence before I clicked end call LOL was "Amanda how much weight do you want to lose?"....bless her heart she wasted those 2/3 minutes#askingthewrongpersonitsfridayimstarvingaintstudyingnodietthankya#####
40 minutes ago - View -
Bob Lynn
Bob Lynn : Uh have you seen the new Hardees Texas burger ads? Deelicious...
44 minutes ago - View -
Chris Mcneill
Chris Mcneill : Who remembers when Hardees cook burgers on flame grill and u sat outside at concrete tables with umbrellas
45 minutes ago - View -
Amanda Walton
Amanda Walton : I should stop questioning the logic of those with a restrictive intelligence. I'm in the hardees parking lot. Was recently in the drivethrough but I was told to pull up and wait for my fries..........there's nooooobody behind me. Like at all. Rme
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Felicia Bowen
Felicia Bowen : Wanna know a secret, trashy, fact about myself?
I always have, still wanna bartend my way thru college.
I feel like that'd be awesome.
Hardee's just ain't.....😂

49 minutes ago - View -
Ruenea Boyd
Ruenea Boyd :     Makes my mind do a throwback in time. Anybody remember the swing? How about the new York hussle. Reminds me of when Curtis Hardee and I turned it out over at the Polk Street Center in Bartow, Florida.
We were not to be played with, the dance floor belong to us.     A Must See:
Watch the video: video

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The Center for Civil War Photography
The Center for Civil War Photography : Timeline Photos     So, the gentleman who owns this great photo does not know anything about when or where it was taken nor what unit it shows, Neither do I. What can this knowledgeable group divine from the clues? The hat brass helps in that men are wearing "20" and "F" on their Hardee Hats. What else? The image does look familiar to me--like I have seen another scene from the series...     Solve the mystery!
53 minutes ago - View -
Gayle L Harvey
Gayle L Harvey : Rodney Carrington - Titties n Beer.wmv     This is so wrong for me to post on so many levels. ....But I happen to have tittys n beer lmfao...this is some funny shit...with Allison Elizabeth Hardee     Rodney Carrington Live @ the Majestic
Watch the video: video

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Cierra Junior Nathan
59 minutes ago - View -
Gabriel Cheek
Gabriel Cheek : Hardee's Texas BBQ Thickburger is impossible to eat the way the girl in the commercial does it. Plus, I'm really uncomfortable in this black bikini!!! Marinate on that image!!! LoL
1 hour ago - View -
Jennifer L Zsido
Jennifer L Zsido :         fossil womens watch works just needs a battery. prices on pics herrin hardees meet NEED GONE ASAP
1 hour ago - View -
Rod Cannon
Rod Cannon : iOS Photos     Church God Pastors of Hardee County attended the 75th Church of God International General Assembly in Orlando Go live right now and listen To Samuel Rodriquez at or go to Daystar Network    
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Candyce Shakura Hampton
Candyce Shakura Hampton : Boee imaa b in hardees alll night !!!!! I wish these ppl would go home && cook or go sum place elseee !!! Bout sick of this bell goin off
1 hour ago - View -
Darla Windal Buschhorn Griffin
Darla Windal Buschhorn Griffin : won't be partaking at Hardees. Their television ads are porn.
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Allen Scurry
Allen Scurry : Age I was given: 30
Where I lived: stuebenville
What I drove: ford f250
What I did: Hardee's
Who had my heart: Latanya
Age I am now: 44
Where I live: Steubenville
What I drive: Mercedes Benz
What I do: own Heavenly Rides Cab
Who has my heart: God
Like my status and I'll give you an age

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John Gardner
John Gardner : Im so Columbia I remember Hardees by Dutch Square Mall had a playground #LOL
1 hour ago - View -
Scott Bruger
Scott Bruger : Every night at Dougs TopsideTavern 7pm to close. Bar and restaurant appreciation. Let us "serve you" Happy Hour prices anytime! ! Free pool and darts promotion! Off Montrose exit next to Hardees
1 hour ago - View -
Janice Wise-Springsted
Janice Wise-Springsted :         Letricia Hardee Stroup and Paul Janice Wise-Springsted and Ron
1 hour ago - View -
Wendy Michelle Orten Harper
Wendy Michelle Orten Harper : Rented movies , picked up Hardee's , got lots of junk food and my baby boy ! Wouldn't spend my weekends any other way!!
1 hour ago - View -
Kimberly Blanton Smith
Kimberly Blanton Smith : Nothing more interesting than sitting here with a house full of boys when the new Hardees's commercial comes on.... If u have seen it, I'm sure u can imagine.
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