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Brian Hadley
Brian Hadley : Would? by bloozluvr     Got many requests to share again thank you : )     The weakest link lol
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Paula Hadley Baker
Paula Hadley Baker : I just went into my office and then upstairs to my craft room after not being in it in 2 years. All I am going to say is it looks like Pinterest throw up in there. I believe I need to down size and sell off a bunch of things. Just not sure where to start. I believe I will start with a bottle of wine. Stephanie Huckleby. I will have a bottle for you in about a couple of hours. Rachel Soria I found more baby food jars for you.
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Crystal Dawn Lopez-Eldred
Crystal Dawn Lopez-Eldred : Timeline Photos     However......#donttryme😯 — with Shonda Smith and 46 others.     Elizabeth Marie Hadley we need one of these lol
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Santa Fe Realty Group
Santa Fe Realty Group : Scientifically Develop the Habit of Lead Generation: Part 4 @ Susan Hadley     Scientifically Develop the Habit of Lead Generation: Part 4
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Barry Bryan
Barry Bryan : Timeline Photos    
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Andrea Nicole Hadley
Andrea Nicole Hadley : Timeline Photos     You either ran today or you didn't.    

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Michele Hadley Buendia
Michele Hadley Buendia : I have Bella's outfits all picked out for tomorrow! Can't wait to take family pictures with Morgan Michelle Martin tomorrow 🙈🙉🙊
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Sam Dove
Sam Dove : Will you help Hadley too?     Hadley needs your vote in the cutest baby competition.
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Hadley Rowe
Hadley Rowe : why is online dating so hard
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Lindsay Cannon
Lindsay Cannon :         Happy 5th Birthday a few days early to the strongest lil girl I know, Hadley B! Love her big!
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Gary Hadley
Gary Hadley : Timeline Photos     With Lourdes Flores and 16 others.    
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Skomes :     Tonight I'll be joined by Remi. @1/6 and @ginger van hadley who'll be providing raps and sings while i tap pads, stacks of other great music throughout the day too and some good eats, gonna be a fun night!
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Maxine Hadley
Maxine Hadley : Yay! wide awake and listening to my "baby-piglet" snuffling next to me with his hot fat plates occasionally whacking my booboos and/or boat... #muvverslove...
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Dauntless Indies
Dauntless Indies : Timeline Photos     Drum roll******

Falling For Love (Beyond Love series #2) Coming Spring 2015!

Featuring: Caylan Hughes
Photography for Caylan: Golden Czermak - FuriousFotog
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha - Cover to Cover Designs
Entertwine Publishing


Love can be deceiving
Love can be unkind
Love comes when you least expect it
If you’re lucky, Love will find you

Caylan Dorn drives himself hard to make something out of his life. He holds multiple jobs; construction worker, fitness trainer and model. He’s already been on two book covers and has been asked to attend a book signing with the author. A month before the signing, he decides to move to the town where it will be held to begin a new life and has no trouble finding jobs in what he excels. The signing is located in a plush hotel, but little does he realize what awaits for him there.

Irish Hadley has worked at ‘Pops Bar’ most of her young life and loves her extended family there. However, she’s tired of constantly being hit on by all the guys. She wants something more so she accepts a full time job at a large tech company, while continuing to help out at the bar on weekends. She’s been instructed to attend a convention at one of the ritzy hotels nearby but dreads being around all the mayhem. She soon finds there’s another event being held there and her curiosity is piqued.

What else will she find there? A hot and sexy redhead that won’t take no for an answer. — with Caylan Hughes.     Cover reveal from Vicki Green - Author!

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Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan : Is Hadley a Cute Baby?     Hadley needs your vote in the cutest baby competition.
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Zack Hadley
Zack Hadley : Can't wait for Christmas to fuck off. Honestly, what's the big deal! Family time? I spend great, quality time with my family all year round, I buy gifts for the ones I love as and when I feel like it and I'm NOT religious. Wearing a dodgy jumper and putting pound shop tinsel up in my house doesn't make it ok either! Roll on January when it's all back to normal!
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Casey Hadley
Casey Hadley : Three Six Mafia - Where is the Bud     I keep it 100 as fuck.    
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Stephanie Vote Langevin
Stephanie Vote Langevin : While my dad had all the grandkids today, Tim and I finished shopping and got everything wrapped and under the tree! Brought the kids home and Hadley was under the tree in seconds and crying cause she wanted to open them! I may have to move them till Christmas Eve!
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Calvin Campbell
Calvin Campbell :         Dunkirk Trail, Village of Hadley. If you can help out, they are taking food and cash donations for the local foodbank.
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Liouxeese Hadley
Liouxeese Hadley :         So I put the girls in the back, after the beach romp this morning. I walked around to the driver's door to be greeted by this scene! Possibly Aire-conditioner related (my first Aire-pun!) So hot in Adelaide today. :-)
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Gen Hadley
Gen Hadley : Obama Grants Clemency For Drug Offenders, Including Four Who Were Set To Die Behind Bars     Why can't he do this for our Native Brother, Leonard Peltier.
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Samantha Hadley
Samantha Hadley : time to delete some dead ends from my friends list.
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Terri Edwards Winingar Sanders
Terri Edwards Winingar Sanders : Family 2014         my youngest granddaughter...Hadley
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Mia Dunn-Hadley
Mia Dunn-Hadley : Amazing night out! Loved seeing the gang :)
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Liouxeese Hadley
Liouxeese Hadley :         Ruby does this; sits a distance away from me and friends. Funny girl!
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Delmus Hadley
Delmus Hadley : I've been going all day. This ole boy needs sleep
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Charles Hadley
Charles Hadley :         Great way to spend the first day of Christmas break! Elizabeth Hadley and Lisa Matlock Autry have more and better pics. I just wanted to chime in.
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Chris Hadley
Chris Hadley : I just got finished writing 3 1/2 pages for what will eventually become the 1/2 hour pilot script for my web series, THE LATE, LATE NEWS. Obviously, this is only a first draft, and it's far from finished, but I'm very happy to have gotten started on it.

It's very tough to create a story, characters and dialogue from scratch, as any writer can appreciate, but I think I've done a good job so far. Plus, given that it's a comedy, it's pretty funny so far. Lots to add, and eventually, lots to take out, though.

There'll be plenty of room for improvement later on. That being said, I'm finally happy to have taken the time to work on my screenwriting, and I'm already thinking of what to add to the script when I work on it tomorrow.

Hope all my screenwriting friends are having a great weekend, and I wish you all the very best with your movie/TV scripts as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams :         10 singstar games for plays toon 2 excellent condition Hadley used $15 each or the bundle for $100 loop
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Ted Hadley
Ted Hadley : Spent Friday night with precious Jeff Newberry family in Pocatello. Left for Sandpoint this morning. Safe trip through Montana to Idaho! Thank you, God! Meatloaf & baked potatoes at Dad & Mom Krum's home. Of course, I'd drive 9.5 hours for a good meal!
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Samantha Hadley
Samantha Hadley :         My niece is perfect thank you JESUS CHRIST
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Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell : I have to say I am amazed by how sweet and kind Brody is! Today he made Hadley a necklace (out of Legos) and put in a box then wrapped it! He said "she should get to open the first present since she has never ever opened a Christmas present before!" Love that guy!
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Gen Hadley
Gen Hadley : Have lots of pix to post from the weekend events but am feeling lazy. Hope to have them up by year.....LOL...jk.
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Wendy Ellis Powley
Wendy Ellis Powley : Timeline Photos     CAMPERS, If you like to have fun camping then this hoodie is for you.
Hurry... Get your hoodie NOW! Not Sold in Stores!

On sale today for only $39.50
Get your hoodie here... — with Mike Morgan and Ruth Bauman.     Michelle Mitchell Greenough Sarah Hansen Jennifer Hadley-Kupfer Parker Timothy Parker lol made me think of you all!!!

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C.j. Hadley
C.j. Hadley :         The Most Innovative Firework In Thailand, Wow..
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Jaye Hadley
Jaye Hadley :         Santa Adventure at Bass Pro Shop :)
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Kayla Danielle Hadley
Kayla Danielle Hadley : Timeline Photos     Is this you?    
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Amber Cutchember
Amber Cutchember :     That Is So Cool     Dunkirk Trail, Village of Hadley. If you can help out, they are taking food and cash donations for the local foodbank.
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Hadley Eng
Hadley Eng : Profile Pictures        
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Wade Hadley
Just curious ...... I have a leatherback and a dunner . My leatherback , doesn't mind being stroked on his back , but he IS older than my dunner . My dunner seems to be irritated when I stroke his back . Do you think its because of the scale difference that my dunner seems to be irritated or because he just isn't used to it yet ?

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Tiffany Dotterer
Tiffany Dotterer : Timeline Photos    
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Doug Farrick
Doug Farrick : Great to hit the Hadley golf range today. Hit balls better today than I do during the season! Not bad for December 20 😳
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Alyssa Ann Baldwin
Alyssa Ann Baldwin : Think that Hadley is a Cute Baby?     Hadley needs your vote in the cutest baby competition.
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Hadley Allchurch
Hadley Allchurch :         First taste of a Calippo... In order.
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April Durgin Hadley Meunier
April Durgin Hadley Meunier :         Singing Christmas carols like...
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Mike Hadley
Mike Hadley :         at the VA in temple
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Kelly Lorena Stokes
Kelly Lorena Stokes :         Good food and family Christmas party at Jon Hadley
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TrevtheRev Hadley
TrevtheRev Hadley : "All About That Rice" [feat DJ Not Nice] PARODY of All About That Bass ~ Rucka Rucka Ali         This is Jokes :D This Song on iTunes All Rucka Videos at R...
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Jennifer Seelbach Hadley
Jennifer Seelbach Hadley :         This is what I did all weekend with Brian Hadley
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