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Hbk Trevor Lee Hedger
Hbk Trevor Lee Hedger : Guess i should just stick to the army, love can wait
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Dante Hbk
Dante Hbk :        
23 minutes ago - View -
Charlotte Gonzalez
Charlotte Gonzalez : ANAK - CAKED UP (Official Music Video) feat. HBK CJ         Here's the official music video for ANAK's single "Caked Up" coming from their debut album which is scheduled to release in December 2014. HBK CJ appears cou...
Watch the video: video

28 minutes ago - View -
Ricky Hbk Fields Jr.
Ricky Hbk Fields Jr. : Timeline Photos     Hey! Come see us at Toronto Fan Expo next weekend. Booth 456.

We're also doing a Banana Bar Crawl that Saturday night:    

31 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : Timeline Photos     A swarm of birds so massive it showed up on radar:    
33 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : WATCH: How do driverless cars work?    
33 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : Timeline Photos There was a time when "Super Blackhawk" meant a single model Ruger is 44 mag, blued and with a peculiar trigger guard. These days the term means a variety of firearms.    
34 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : Cats Going Outside For The First Time    
34 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : Timeline Photos     In Japan, firefly squid - or hotaru ika, as the locals call them - rise 600 metres (2,000 feet) to the surface of the water and light it up with their electric blue bioluminescence.

View more of Takehito Miyatake's stunning photographs: via Colossal    

34 minutes ago - View -
Vikas Gupta
Vikas Gupta : Timeline Photos     Signs of a gamers :v

-HBK     hahaha , guess i have to do this if i want myself to be considered a gamer

35 minutes ago - View -
Melissa Hbk Baines
Melissa Hbk Baines : Terry singing in top club for your dad Laura Parker xx ♡
35 minutes ago - View -
Vijay S Hbk
Vijay S Hbk : New Murder!    
36 minutes ago - View -
Jammy Jerry Hbk
Jammy Jerry Hbk : Timeline Photos     When pallasite meteorites are sliced open and polished, a matrix of stunning yellow crystals are revealed. This specimen was found in 1951 by a farmer in a town called Esquel in the Argentine Patagonia.

Image: Doug Bowman (    

36 minutes ago - View -
Rahshad Hbk White
Rahshad Hbk White : How I Hear Niggaz Shootin Every Damn Day But Nobody Ass End Up Shot?!. . #Flexin .. Yall Lames Dnt Wanna Hurt Nobody. .Fucks Up Fr???
40 minutes ago - View -
Tumelo Killa-tee
Tumelo Killa-tee : NIGGUR :-( :-( :'(

> You Flirt With Her
> You Promise Things
> You've Lied To Her
> You Played Wth Her
> You Hurt Her

And You Think You Are The "Man"???

Bruh,This Is Too Immatured
A Real Man Will Stick To One Girl :)

#HBK (Y) (Y) (Y)

51 minutes ago - View -
Steve Duarte
Steve Duarte : Timeline Photos     DID YOU KNOW ??

Shawn Michaels has forfeited most titles in WWE History.


#WWFOldSchool #ShawnMichaels #HBK    

55 minutes ago - View -
Craig Guillory
Craig Guillory : Wiz Khalifa - Everything, Everything feat. Iamsu!, Berner, JR Donato & Kool John     Taylor gang & HBK     Wiz Khalifa - Everything, Everything Wiz Khalifa - Everything Everything Wiz Khalifa - Everything Everything Wiz Khalifa - Everything Everything Wiz Khalifa ...
Watch the video: video

57 minutes ago - View -
Hbk Twon
Hbk Twon : Timeline Photos        
59 minutes ago - View -
Hasana Hbk
Hasana Hbk : Arabic writing of ‘Salawat Sharifa’ as it is known, ‘SALAT-I-NARIYA’ .

Arabic recitation of it is:
“Allahumma salli salatan kamilatan va sallim salaman tamman ala sayyidina Muhammadi'nillazi tanhallu bihi'l ukadu ve tanfariju bihi'l kurabu ve takda bihi'l havaicu ve tunalu bihi'r ragaibu ve husnu'l havatimi ve yustaska'l gamamu bi-vechihi'l karimi ve ala alihi ve sahbihi fi kulli lamhatin ve nafasin bi adadi kulli ma'lumin lak” *(40times)

The meaning of it n english is:
“O God! Send your blessings upon Your Beloved, Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), upon his Family and upon his Companions and Peace, for every blink of an eye and for every breath that we take so difficulties dissipate, wishes come true and for the sake of his blessed face, it can be requested rain to fall from the clouds”

(Ash-Shura Surah,42:49, 50)

If u read ths 40 times everyday u will get wht u want...

59 minutes ago - View -
Ganesh Gani Hbk
Ganesh Gani Hbk : Love tammu a lot
1 hour ago - View -
Hbk Twon
Hbk Twon : That shit just ruined my day
1 hour ago - View -
Chrystena N Corey Murphy
Chrystena N Corey Murphy : My weed fresh cut, homie let it dry more. Eff a broke chick, real G's will let her die poor - HBK
1 hour ago - View -
Omar Hbk Villalobos
Omar Hbk Villalobos : Timeline Photos     With Gabby Mtz and 3 others.    
1 hour ago - View -