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Tricia Marie Roche
Tricia Marie Roche : Who the hell is doing gemma Collins make up in towie ???
10 minutes ago - View -
Linda Murray
Linda Murray : Hazel Sharp nominated me to make a list of songs using the following rules:
List 10 songs which played a major role in your life. I had to do 12!!
Be spontaneous and don't waste your time thinking about them.
The songs don't have to be of "major musical importance" but should have touched you somehow.
When finished, list ten of your friends - and tag the ones who nominate you, so they can see your list.
1. Time of my life - Dirty Dancing
2. Sorrow - David Bowie (Official)
3. Sunshine after the Rain - Elkie Brooks
4. Olivers Army - Elvis Costello
5. Lyin Eyes - Eagles
6. How deep is your love - Bee Gees
7. Walking on a chinese wall - Phil Bailey and Phil Collins
8. Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding
9. Lets stay together - Tina Turner
10. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
11. Town called Malice - The Jam
12. Just cant help believing - Elvis Presley
When finished, list ten of your friends - and tag the ones who nominate you, so they can see your list. I nominate Claire Thomson Jackie Dow Julie Jordan Gemma Bain Stewart Gillian Spence Sue Olivier Kelly Murray Tierney Alice Murray Robert Runciman Colin Stewart

20 minutes ago - View -
Sophie Hoult
Sophie Hoult :     love Gemma Collins! everybody goes around calling her this 'fat' thing. i don't think it matters it she's 'fat' or thin. the word 'fat' gets thrown around so much these days. the thing is with Gemma she says it how she is. i love her :3
32 minutes ago - View -
Adecco New Zealand
Adecco New Zealand : Foundation for Youth Development    
35 minutes ago - View -
The Joshua Williams Show
The Joshua Williams Show : Today Josh will be joined by Arg, Gemma Collins, Sam Fairies and Joey Essex from Towie with there new home at Itv Be and our very own Jamelia will be hosting the lauch show at 7pm on itv be
44 minutes ago - View -
Lewis Jackson
Lewis Jackson : Gemma collins teaching a fitness class? Seriously?
53 minutes ago - View -
Jack Wilde
Jack Wilde : Gemma Collins. Can not stand that bitch, considering she was in front of me asking if the "bacons fresh" a week ago she can not complain about being fat lol
54 minutes ago - View -
Closer Magazine
Closer Magazine : From Gemma Collins' tragic miscarriage to Lauren Pope's night with Justin Bieber- we give you...     Enjoying tonight's TOWIE?

Here are some of the Essex ladies' secrets- revealed!

1 hour ago - View -
Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins : Find Out How and When Will You Die?    
1 hour ago - View -
Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins : The real story of Anabelle, will make you PANIC!    
1 hour ago - View -
Gemma Collins
Gemma Collins : The real story of Anabelle, will make you PANIC!     Leah Stephens
1 hour ago - View -