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Cristy Nguyen
Cristy Nguyen :     :))))) girls must watch!     Yes, I'm rappin' about Don't judge me, ya'll no I'm silly.
On a serious note, I gotchu, but you gotta pay me.
#bigegomua #makeup #eyes
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Miss Benilda
Miss Benilda : This is why I keep to myself about my famdoms. Not all but a lot of "nerds" are more judgemental towards girls. I may not have been into my Star Wars or my Doctor Who my whole life, but dont judge me or push me out just because YOU dont think im genuine.

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Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight : Chad Kroger Buys Avril Lavigne the Biggest Diamond Ring Ever!     Nickelback's Chad Kroeger knows HUGE diamonds are a girl's best friend.
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News karnataka
News karnataka : Chennai engineer 'buys' minor girl for Rs 1.3 lakh, sexually abuses her     Chennai engineer 'buys' minor girl for Rs 1.3 lakh, sexually abuses her

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AY TV : Timeline Photos     STORY OF THE NIGHT

One day, a girl was sent to hospital and died
there as a result of cancer. the mother was
so angry and asked God why he took her
Daughter. The mother even cursed God for not been
there when his daughter needed Him most. The
mother return home that night and on her
bed was a letter.

Dear mom, i love you so much and i know
some day we will see each other again. don't
be sad thinking about me. Grandma met me
as soon as i got here. the angels here in
heaven are so cool and Jesus Christ doesn't
look like any of his pictures. I wanted to say
good bye to you that"s why God gave me his
own pen to write you this letter.i think
Gabriel is the name of the angel who will
dropped this letter. God said he was in the same
place with me as when his son Jesus was on
the cross. He was right there as he always is
with all his children. I have to end here
because God needs his pen to write more
names in the book of life.
May your name be added by God today in the
book of life too.


7 minutes ago - View - : Well, I guess I am not an attractive girl!    
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j van Vicker
j van Vicker : All My Friends Online I Have A Gift For Your Please Be Sincere! WHAT ARE YOU REALLY LOOKING FOR ON FACEBOOK???
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1. Rib cracking Jokes
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8. Patience Ozokwor.
9. All Of The Above

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Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis : Excited little girl on my train. "I LOVE LONDON, I LOVE IT, ALL OF THE BUSY PEOPLE, ALL OF THE BUILDINGS".
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Julius San Jose
Julius San Jose : Sa Picture: Barbie Girl 😘
Sa Personal: Rugby Girl 😨

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Z93...The Rock Station!
-kid on a leash
-really fat girl with really skinny guy in wife beater t-shirt
-idiot who decided to bring their dangerous dog
-old people with their mouths open walking aimlessly
-shirtless guy with knife wounds
-hillrod with f-bomb on his t-shirt
-pregnant, chain smoking teen

Who are your favortie people to see at the county fair?

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Jeepney TV
Jeepney TV :     Alone
Singer: Kara
My Girl OST    
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Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed : Dance And Musical Party Present By Ayyan Umer
Couples Are Allowed And Girls Are Allowed Only , All things Provided If Some Interested :)
Contact = 03325899922

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DailyRecord : Scottish teacher Jeremy Forrest jailed for having affair with pupil, 15, set to meet girl behind...     “It is thought that such a meeting could give a lot of closure over the things that happened to them both."
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Secretlifeofabionerd : I keep seeing people wear these t-shirts with blotchy patterns all over Hong Kong. I got up close to a girl wearing one today..... was sweat stains......

Bwahahahahaha I cracked up laughing on the metro after I realized what it was.


#HongKong #ExpatSilly

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Light & Composition
Light & Composition : A Shepherd Girl, by Ryszard Wierzbicki     I took this photograph at Muang Ngoi village in Laos, when I was visiting a distanced community that could not be accessed by the regular road, back in December 2012. So, I went there with a box of sweets and school tools and entered into the village full of Kids. Many of the kids were enjoying...

31 minutes ago - View - : Caterham Supersport Asia Race Car Testing by Leona Chin     Caterham Supersport Asia Race Car Testing by Girl Drifter Leona Chin    
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Nick Hornby
Nick Hornby : Very excited to tell you that this morning we will be exclusively revealing the cover for Nick's latest book, FUNNY GIRL. Watch this space!
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Music212 : IF I BECOME NIGERIA'S PRESIDENT, My 7 points agenda
1. I am going to make sure any guy or girl who breaks each others heart will spend 20years in jail.
2. No man is entitled to more than one wife.
3. Any guy without 6 packs or any girl without figure 8 will have to relocate to Iran or Iraq for survival...
4. No work on Mondays
5. You must not have more than 2kids..
6. If U are married and ain't paying attention to your wife or husband, you will be jailed until you change.
7. Every cheating man or woman must be kept in a zoo for 2months.
8. No sex until U seek permission from your local Govt chairman. and it's once per month.
Will u vote for me ???

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Blu Mar Ten
Blu Mar Ten : Blu Mar Ten - The Feeling     The last copies in the world of this 2003 track are available here:     2003
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NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT : Akpos was with his father when he saw his girlfriend coming. The following conversation took place:

Akpos: Have you come to collect your book titled; ”SPEAK ENGLISH MY DAD DOESN’T

UNDERSTAND IT” by Ngozi Okafor

Girl: No, I want that our hymns called ”WHERE SHOULD I WAIT FOR YOU”

Akpos: I don’t have that one maybe you should take the other one ”UNDER THE MANGO TREE” by Crooks

Girl: Fine but don’t forget to bring ”I WILL CALL YOU IN 5MINS” while coming to School

Akpos: I will also bring this one too ‘I WON’T LET YOU DOWN’ by Chinua Achebe


Dad: These books are too many. Will she read all of them?

Akpos: Yes dad, she is very smart.

Dad: Okay, don’t forget to give her the one on the table titled ” I’M NOT STUPID, I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING” by Shakespeare.

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Arirangworld :         INFINITE - Back l 2014.08.1


INFINITE / B1A4 / Girl's Day / HyoMin / AOA / NU'EST / GOT7 / MAMAMOO / Play The Siren / B'BROWN / BIGFLO / HEYNE / Airplane / DELIGHT

▪ Every Friday 13:00/ 17:00/ 23:00(KST)
▪ Website:
▪ YouTube Channel:

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Batushka Batushka
Batushka Batushka :         This little girl doesn't want her baby brother to grow up, so cute! #BeLatino #DigiLatino
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Kris Fox
Kris Fox :     My Girl Elika Is Fierce & Flossy. YASS Boo WerQ! ❤️     Hold on we're going home/ love me again mash up cover.
Thank you Dariush for the recording haha Enjoy
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Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls : These 25 Stunning Reflection Photos Will Turn Your World Upside Down     "Reflection photography is a challenging and special sort of photography that requires a good grasp of angles and perspective and an ever-vigilant artist’s eye. These 25 photos are just a few examples of the amazing reflection photos that can be taken if you keep your eyes open.

Reflection photos can be hard to capture because they require you to think about your perspective differently. Instead of shooting a beautiful scene head-on just as you see it, you may have to change your perspective drastically or even shoot upside-down to be able to capture a good reflected photo. The rewards, however, can be wonderful – reflections can place images within images, or apply beautiful and artistic effects naturally – without Photoshop."

Good Morning, Smart Girls!

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Arab News
Arab News : Firefighters rescue two girls in apartment fire     Firefighters rescue two girls in apartment fire —
48 minutes ago - View -
Global Partnership for Education
Global Partnership for Education :         The world wants girls to be educated, now let's make it happen!

Read Julia Gillard's article in The Commonwealth Minister's Reference Book:

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VanDemonFitness HIT Centre
VanDemonFitness HIT Centre :     Many say that children shouldn't train... I say that if this is your opinion and you're unable to do what this little girl can, you should reconsider your opinion!     That park strength. Better then the tv shows and video games. Share and inspire some youth @bartendazdk #barstarzz
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World of Football
World of Football : I visited my female friend last Friday, when she
went to the bathroom to shower, her phone
rang and I picked it up and saw C.Ronaldo
calling. I didn't answer. After that
moment, another call came and it was
Fabregas calling. Hmmm! I was a little bit
nervous but I remained calm.
I said to myself "Does it mean this girl is a
celebrity and I don't know about it?". Like that was not enough, another call came in with the
contact saved as "Mikel Obi".
Something popped up in my mind later and I
realized she has intentionally saved the
numbers according to the football players in
relation to how handsome her male friends are,
so i decided to dial my numbers too.
I dialed my first number and oh my God!!!
Guess what? .... I saw "BALOTELLI calling". Hmmm,
I didn't react and I dialed my 2nd number
too... Man, I started weeping profusely. I fainted
and was admitted to a hospital.

So, what player's name do you think made me faint???... GUESS!


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Citi 97.3 FM
Citi 97.3 FM : Police Officer jailed 9 years for defiling 14-year-old girl | citifmonline     The Wa Circuit Court on Thursday sentenced a 31-year-old police officer, Donald Appiah to 9 years in prison for defiling a 14-year-old girl.

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Victor Portillo
Victor Portillo :     Lmfao must watch this     When ur girl taking a shit moment
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Nigeria Centenary
Nigeria Centenary : Weekend mode activating?

True or False

Girl to girl: "Aww", u're really pretty!" "Thank you so much, you are too!"
Guy to guy: "You're handsome" "Ehn? Oh boy... u be gay?

Source: Facebook

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Love Story.
Love Story. : Be a guy that ignore other girls when     Be a guy that ignore other girls when ....

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The Mirror
The Mirror : Teacher Jeremy Forrest jailed for having affair with pupil set to meet girl behind bars     Teacher and pupil are set for a reunion - behind bars..
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Radio Mango
Radio Mango : Thrissur Superfast     HOW TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRL FRIEND    
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Saima Merjani
Saima Merjani : Super Girl     Super Girl     This girl is a boss! Watch how she saves these young kids from drowning. Physics, does it even exist when she is around? SHARE!

♡♥♡♥♡♥ MΛB ♥♡♥♡♥♡
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The New Vision
The New Vision : Ex-Cranes manager Mubiru sex clips played in court     Ex-Cranes manager Mubiru sex clips played in court

A series of video clips featuring former Uganda Cranes football manager, Christopher Mubiru Kisingiri, having sex with young boys and girls were shown in court on Thursday


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The Times of Israel
The Times of Israel : Widow of soldier killed by Hamas gives birth to a girl     Galaitu Kshaun names baby Tal-Or, to bring to light the heroism of her father, killed 10 days ago by gunmen who emerged from a tunnel inside Israel.
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The Cairns Post
The Cairns Post : The Beautiful Girls announce Tanks Arts Centre show in Cairns     TICKETS are on sale today for The Beautiful Girls at Tanks Arts Centre in October.
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Casper Loks
Casper Loks : Girls don't believe that my # is 911 like c'mon it's totally real... 💕💕😘
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Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris : I need 21 girls an 11 Boys to make famous Lms if I can choose you , I will inbox or write on your wall Read my comment first (:
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ScoopWhoop : An Adorable Little Girl Gives Some Advice To Fussy Female Shoppers. It Is Just So Damn Cute!     Hahahaha. This girl is super cute.
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Soufiane Touzani
Soufiane Touzani :     Ladies do have SKILLS! @danielahenao10

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