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Kenny Kimble
Kenny Kimble : It has been a season of disappointment in Atlanta. After coming off an excellent 2013 season in which they won 96 games and the NL East, the 2014 season for the Braves has been a bust. The bats have disappeared, and the good hitting from a year ago is nowhere to be found, as they have been shutout 16 times this season, unable to take a lead into the 9th for the game's best closer Craig Kimbrel. It has been a season doomed from the start, when starting pitchers Medlen and Beachy went down with arm injuries in March, which ended their 2014 seasons.
Major changes will need to be made in the offseason, but the Braves have got a head-start as they fired GM Frank Wren today, and named John Hart the interim GM. Gonna have to find some hitting to go along with Freddie Freeman, and try to figure out what to do with BJ Upton, who like Dan Uggla, has been a major disappointment at the plate. The pitching staff has been , like always, a positive for the Braves, and if and when Medlen and Beachy return it will be even better.
If the Braves had half the production at the plate that they had last season, they would be your division champs again this season. These things will have to be fixed this offseason.

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