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Pharaoh Passport Paige Pharaoh Passport Paige : Timeline Photos     TGI3: THANK GOD I'M 30 - FIRST FRIDAY 05.02.14 Noir Ultra Lounge FELLAS 30 & UP, LADIES 25 & OLDER (NO EXCEPTIONS) — with Joseph Welch and 50 others.     05.02.14
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Steve Brown Steve Brown : Funny first Friday comedy tour page     Visit, like and share the Funny first Friday comedy tour page for comedy news, funny stuff and FREE PASSES!!!! LIKE our page today :)
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Chris Jo Wade Chris Jo Wade : Downtown Rome, GA    
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Cara Carlson Cara Carlson : Hallelujah! FINALLY in my 30 years of observing Lent, I stuck to my abstinence of not drinking Coca-Cola, my most favoritist beverage. I was actually abstaining from drinking anything but water, but I failed that a few times - accidentally drank a Tim Horton's coffee, drank alcoholic beverages on 4 special occasions and accidentally drank a cup of Sprite (I thought the pitcher was of water). I also only ate meat on the first Friday of Lent. I caught myself midway through a beef pasty. This has been my best Lenten Season EVER!!!! Next year, I'm going for 0 mistakes!
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Watch the video: video

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Brad Lanford Brad Lanford :     Come out and listen to some great music!
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Doug Hallberg Doug Hallberg : Painting Party!! Underwater Wonders    
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MaryHelen Orr George MaryHelen Orr George : Mobile Uploads     Our newest Charles Wallis painting we bought at his Waco showing. Don 't you love her?     Charles Wallis paintings are still on exhibit @Papillon. He will be in the shop with new art during our First Friday (May 2). Live music, gift items from Israel, complimentary Happy Hour 4:30-7:30 pm. Join us!
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Maria Beth Stanfield Maria Beth Stanfield : GREEK SIP, BACK SPIN, First Friday, Schoolhouse and Chocolate Friday are all coming! I AM FEELING SUPER FANTASTIC!
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Paul Toussaint Paul Toussaint : Mother Lightning's Peace Garden: First Friday Putnam, Ct., Living In The Here & Now    
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Down Under Pottery Down Under Pottery : Planning our First Friday summer music series. Booked 4 great musicians to play. Much more info to come!
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Gary Emery Gary Emery :     First Friday Bal is coming May 2.
Be sure and take advantage of an opportunity to practice up with all your bal friends and to get ready for Mickey's awesome workshop which will then be just 8 days away. And leads, lets get busy, the girls are outnumbering you and we have two more follows from Flagstaff coming down to join us for the summer.

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Glenn Genney Glenn Genney : MATCH RESULTS 20/04/14

1st Nigel Grindle 24lbs 13ozs
2nd Paddy Ballons 21lbs 2oz
3rd Stuart Reed 20lbs 9oz
4th Jack Holmes 15lbs 7ozs

well fished to all there will be no match next Sunday as Harry Bradley's memorial match is on Saturday then the next match after that will be the first Friday afternoon match on the 2nd of may further details of times will be posted on here in due course

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Andrew Tamayo Andrew Tamayo : First Friday & Saturday N a longggggggggg asssss time I stay in & sleep .... no hangover on a Saturday or Sunday:) I'm so fucken proud of my self hahahaha big accomplishment ;)!!! Feels fucken beautiful ha:) time 4 this old as nigga to turn down just a little :)
Happy easter FAMILY
Ohhh & HAPPY 420

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Roberto Mattiacci Roberto Mattiacci : Timeline Photos     See You Every first FRIDAY of the month !!! — feeling excited.    
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Aira Calanuga Jacob Aira Calanuga Jacob : To all my frnds at Dubai Evangelical Church i miss u all!!Happy Easter!!!see you soon....maybe on first friday of may ill be there!:-D:-D:-D:-D
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Cocoa Prettyblack Watson Cocoa Prettyblack Watson : **Its Ashamed😔That Easter Sunday💐Be The ONLY Time Church⛪Be Swole Like First Friday At The Club❕Smh **
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Isaac Graham Isaac Graham : TUTU TUTU!!!! Who ready for church this mourning? TUTUTUTU!!!! Who getting dressed early like it's first Friday? TUTUTUTU!!!!! Who getting them selfies in in them church outfits? TUTUTUTU!!!! Who ready to go get spiritually wasted off the word? TUTUTUTU# ohh my bad I forgot yahll don't get motivated for the Lord like that
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Ryan Kendrick Ryan Kendrick : Thankful for another day, happy Easter to those who celebrate. He arose! Im Excited to get to service to play my instruments, use my talents and recieve the message.

Sn- church is gonna be super swole like its first Friday ladies in free before 12 at the club lol

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Martha Jensen Martha Jensen : I ordered a sweatshirt today and can't wait! I will be at services the first Friday after it arrives . . .
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Stieber's Sweet Shoppe Stieber's Sweet Shoppe : Timeline Photos     Save the date! First Friday returns on May 2nd with all your favorite attractions such as artisan booths, a car show, The Cinderella Company princesses, and more. (Hint: If you miss it, your kids won’t “Let It Go”.)    
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Marnie Gustavson Marnie Gustavson : Friday Brunches are Back!    
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Madonna Black Madonna Black : I love you like broke bitches love first Friday!!
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Tammie Clayton Allred Tammie Clayton Allred : First weekend without my dart peeps *sad face*
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James Jimmy Taco Mora James Jimmy Taco Mora : Possible First Friday Residency in the works. I will keep you posted. #thankful
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Jen Roberts Jen Roberts : 2 weeks to go and I'm already making plans for First Friday in May! Woah. Thusfar my must sees:

FREE First Friday Show w/ Bonesetters @ Do317 Lounge - MOKB Presents at Do317 Lounge
The Joy of Painting: A Herron Painting Exhibition at The Garage at 1020
and Alexander Futuretramp's gallery at Blue Wren Studio

I'm sure the evening will fill up with necessary stops by the time it's here. =)

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All Gods Creatures All Gods Creatures : Mobile Uploads     A little sneak peak for First Friday! — at All Gods Creatures.    
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Patricia Jones Burnham Patricia Jones Burnham : Last night was the first Friday night without Neal Hooks - one of the most amazing guys I've ever worked with. You are so dear to my heart and I wish you and your beautiful family all the happiness you deserve.
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Johanna Smith Johanna Smith : Yellow Springs Art Exchange     Today, I'm thrilled to announce, we finished mosaicking the vestibule of X*ACT gallery! We will start grouting this week. Unveiling is May 2 during First Friday. here's what it looks like, pre-grout.

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Greg Bryant-Hiscock Greg Bryant-Hiscock : Out with Stephen at Southampton's newest Gay Club, 'Cloud Nine'. They have Bear's night First Friday of the month! Yay! Party!
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Daniel Crimmins Daniel Crimmins : What was the first Friday The 13th you ever saw? For me it was part 6. It will always be may favorite
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Petrov Petrov :    
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Rachael Stokes Rachael Stokes : First Friday and Saturday I have stayed in for in 5 months wow 😂🙈
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Lori Teich Lori Teich : Things are starting to get busier.. Going to do Taproot's first Friday May 2nd! It'll be my first showing in Anchorage.
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Mandee Kim Mandee Kim : I really want to go to First Friday for this coming month. I just want to drink, walk around downtown, and see beautiful and friendly faces. That is all😘
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Bronson Mosley Bronson Mosley :     Here we go....
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Adam Watson Adam Watson : first friday night i passed out early in a long time. whats up with today, its beautiful out! :)
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Hilary Pfeifer Hilary Pfeifer : Artists reinterpret 18th-century botanist's shipping boxes     So happy to be in this show (remember the walking stick I made last year?) and to attend the opening with some help from Regional Arts & Culture Council. If you're in Philadelphia, please come say hi!
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Kevin Nowrang Kevin Nowrang : Fighters! Easter is coming :D.

While the official message hasn't been sent out yet, you can bet 17th Edition of the Tournament will still most likely be on the first Friday of May! More news to come later on that. However another update on something we would like to introduce.

Since there is about 2 weeks until the next tournament, we would like to try a bi-weekly (or weekly!) online mini-tournament followed with or prior casual matches! No special rules: just show up online on the PC version, join the tournament lobby and duke it out for glory. We will give this a shot this Sunday around 6pm, so make sure to be on around that time on Steam and you'll be added! If things go well, we will hold one another the week prior to 17th Edition!

To make things smoother, make sure to add me and I'll have you organized and bracketed up :D.

Hope to see you then Fighters!

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Dawn N Jody Cook Dawn N Jody Cook : Shew, what a week! This was the first Friday night that I can remember in forever, that I was in the bed by 8 PM and not back out of it til 9 AM this morning! That NEVER happens, ever!!
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Heidi Hauk Heidi Hauk : Mobile Uploads     Thanks to all who came out to our soft opening first Friday, especially Rob & Heidi from hometown and Larry and his popular salsa, great day!    
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Joan Conkovich Joan Conkovich : Good Morning! OUCH Hurting in places and bruised in places that I didn't know hurt! LOL Last night was the first Friday night in a year we have missed Tequilas of Marion...:( I am determined to get better, but DAMN roadrash hurts!!! Well broken shit and stitches don't feel good either LOL Looks like a beautiful day. WATCH OUT FOR IDIOTS!!!!!!! Everyone have a great day!!!
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Riverside Take Out Riverside Take Out : Hi everyone! Love to see how many of you check these posts. Our first Friday was just as busy as Thursday with total sales slightly exceeding Thursday's. We owe it all to you. (Actually we owe it all to bill collectors but we can pay it because of you). Keep it coming and we'll see you when you get here. Mark and Frank.
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Charlie Frye Charlie Frye : Gonna be at WICKWIRE folk art/fine art gallery in Hendersonville the first Friday night in May...I will be the featured artist at the gallery and I will be painting during the event....pretty excited about this one.....
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Kim Harker Kim Harker : Quiet night in with a Jim beam and the first "Friday" movie.
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Roberto Rivera Roberto Rivera : First Friday that was a success in a long time. SOFTBALL in Suisun once again. We won too! Much more to come.
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Dmitri S Kovalsky Dmitri S Kovalsky : First Friday night where i didn't drink a single drop of alcohol and decided to just watch a movie and go to bed. If u know me, like most, you know that is incredibly hard for me to do. Guess i am growing up and changing for the better. Patting my self on the back!
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Riley A Klassen Riley A Klassen : We'll first Friday night watching movies having a few beers .... By MYSELF lol fml
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Jason Rico Jason Rico : First Friday back!! Let's get it in!!!!
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