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Gotham City Memes
Gotham City Memes : Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Trailer     New DC animation.
What's your first impression?
We will have an in-depth trailer review for you Friday.

#gothamcitymemes     Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Trailer
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Kering : Speak out for women     In this video, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks about her new book Off the Sidelines: Raise Your Voice, Change the World. She was speaking in New York last Friday about the challenges that face America’s working women, her personal inspirations, and how men and women can speak out to change the rules.

This was the first edition of Kering Talks, a series of intimate conversations (with 50 guests) curated in conjunction with Fast Company, featuring luminaries and creative minds whose goals are to ignite innovation and inspire social change. Future topics will include: creativity, women’s empowerment, sustainability and young talent. Fast Company is a cutting-edge publication that reports on how ‘fast companies’, start-ups, and entrepreneurs are developing The Next Big Thing, exploring new design or leading with a new vision.    
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St Patrick Young Adult Ministry
St Patrick Young Adult Ministry : Eucharistic Adoration at Catholic Underground     Here's the Info for Friday!! Also, I attached a little video to get you through the rest of the week Can't wait for our dinner on Monday. I'm going to start calling it "family dinner" like Snooki and the gang on the Jersey Shore. Sorry for ruining this post. #pagansneedlovetoo #thatwhywetaketheirholidays #thatisall #sorryimnotsorry


First Friday Adoration


2021 West Pikes Peak Ave. -

7pm - Need more info? Contact Carol at 417-894-5980 or Jill @ 719-244-8722.
    (Shot on an Sony EX1) Take an intimate look into the candlelit Adoration at Catholic Underground Chicago. Catholic Underground Chicago http://catholicundergr...
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EdmondActive : This week's first Around Edmond is almost ready to post! If you have a community event you'd like to share Friday, send it over!
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Billy Creason
Billy Creason : For two tix to our show Friday night at Johnny n Junes , what kind of guitar am I playing in my profile pic ??? Make and model , first correct answer comment wins must be 21 to play !!!! Good luck
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Tinytalk Derbyshire North & West
Tinytalk Derbyshire North & West :     Hope you like our first TinyTalk video! We will be singing and signing this song during the instruments section on Friday! So get practising your hot food and cold signs!    
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ArchDaily :         The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has announced the winners of its first round of architecture awards! Among the winners were Vo Trong Nghia Architects and AECOM. Stayed tuned for the World Building of the Year award on Friday and view the full list of day 1 winners, here:
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Orchestra Hall
Orchestra Hall : Fusion 2014     We are excited to welcome Fusion+Fashion for their first event at Orchestra Hall this Friday. Tickets:     This is "Fusion 2014" by Jaafar Alnabi on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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BlacBoy Wett Wett
BlacBoy Wett Wett :         FIRST FRIDAY OCT 3
ALSO HOSTED BY TAMPAS OWN DJ HEADBUSSA AND POLKS OWN DJ SPADE MUSIC BY DJ SECRET ........GET DERE EARLY ... StunnaD promotions bringin da whole county out again! EVERY FIRST FRIDAY AT ALLIGATOR ALLEY The Thickest First Friday In Central Florida
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Corporate Afrika
Corporate Afrika : Webisode 4 : #Corporate Afrika (First Friday Of Every Month @ Browns Bar & Braisserie     Webisode 4 : #Corporate Afrika (First Friday Of Every Month @ Browns Bar & Braisserie     Free Entry!! CORPORATE AFRIKA - MONTHLY NETWORKING EVENT First Friday Every Month - Fri 3rd October 2014 September Venue: Browns & Brassserie 8 Old Jewry Lon...
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Mike Larry
Mike Larry :     FIRST FRIDAY OCT 3
ALSO HOSTED BY TAMPAS OWN DJ HEADBUSSA AND POLKS OWN DJ SPADE MUSIC BY DJ SECRET ........GET DERE EARLY ... StunnaD promotions bringin da whole county out again! EVERY FIRST FRIDAY AT ALLIGATOR ALLEY The Thickest First Friday In Central Florida    
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Waterstone Salon
Waterstone Salon : A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay (Talen Heater Cover)     WaterstoneSalon hosts First Friday with new artists; Talen Heater and Barbara Cecil. 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM, join us for wine, cheese and cheer!     Had fun putting my own style into the EDM song originally by Coldplay and Avicci. Hope you like it! Vocals, Piano, Ukulele, Percussion - Talen Heater. Guitar...
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Arizona Science Center
Arizona Science Center : October Adults Night Out: 1980s Fright Night. The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. this Friday!     Back by popular demand, Dave Engelthaler from TGen Foundation will be giving an encore lecture at 7 p.m. - “Can the Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?”

Doctors and scientists are constantly finding new emerging infectious diseases and finding out that old ones are becoming more dangerous. Can one of these new superbugs cause a zombie apocalypse?

Seating will begin at 6:45 p.m. Seating is first-come, first-served.
#FirstFriday #FREE #Zombies

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UConn Men's Basketball
UConn Men's Basketball : Timeline Photos     UConn First Night is set for Friday, October 17th. You don't want to miss it.


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Matt Doeseckle
Matt Doeseckle :         So, you probably hesrd about the lunatics where everyone wins POF, surprisingly enough still going though. Life continue to shit on me on the daily and I'm probably going to lose my insurance and job in 2 days.

First things first, my packaging, decanting and shipping has been totally streamlined, all orders involving swaps or Money will be out hopefully Thursday, if not Friday. For reals. I don't sleep anymore so I got time.


That being said here's a story about why I wanted these to be special...

So, If you guys see the pics up above, that's a smattering of the swag I'm tossing in the PIFS. AND EVERYONES BOXES FROM NOW ON,!

I know this because I'd made and unobtrusive Mark on the wrapper, the first time it came back I figure it was a fluke as it was a luv Id swapped with several times, so I sent it to someone I never knew, two months later with a bottle of Velvet Dogs Playing Poker, one of my top 10

Bloody horribly hard to find bugger. I got 2 full Decants and a bottle of "His station and four aces before I lucked into that. Along with my once around the world candy over a period of 7 months including summer and winter

I actually got the exact piece of candy from no less than ******THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE******

Few things won't be in the basket, I love loose leaf but couldn't even afford double ply toilet sheets at the mo'. I don't put any candy with huge preserves, if you get candy it will be hand wrapped in little bags by me. And I worked in an ER For over a decade, germs shiver when I near a sink. This is my fave company at the moment.

Following are some pictures of other swag you may dig or not, but it ain't crappy candy and stale early gray,ni prefer my bergamot in the head of a fouger.

And p.s.

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Sara Oh
Sara Oh : Television Rd - Burial Ground     Television Rd is releasing their debut album this Friday at the Red Dog. Here is our first single. :)     The first single off of our debut LP "Character Splatters." Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Harley Butt at Acrylic Recordings.
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Hewitt-Trussville High School Husky Band
Hewitt-Trussville High School Husky Band : The Hewitt Trussville Marching Husky Band 09 26 2014     We performed the entire show for the first time at a football game this past Friday night at Gadsden. Here's a video of the full show! Lots of cleaning left to do, but we are making great progress!     Our Husky Marching band's performance at Gadsden City High School
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Sara Oh
Sara Oh : Television Rd - Burial Ground     This Friday at the Red Dog Television Rd will be releasing their debut album! Here's our first single. :)     The first single off of our debut LP "Character Splatters." Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Harley Butt at Acrylic Recordings.
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Lauren Marsh
Lauren Marsh :         I made $100 yesterday just for 1 hr of "work" on Facebook. Not to mention the $100 I made the same way on Friday!

Want in? I am offering 10 FREE SIGN UPS once again, but you MUST complete all sign up requirements by 3pm EST TODAY, 10/01/2014. First come, first serve.


Tired of struggling and could use some quick, EASY cash? I have just the thing for you! We are hiring referral agents NOW! Dedicate just 3 hours per week and easily earn $400+!!! We get paid DAILY to copy and paste information on social media. You can even do it from your smartphone!

Comment AND message me TODAY!

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Rolonda Blush
Rolonda Blush : Morning Giveaway!!!!

***FREE Tickets to See DRU HILL this Saturday Oct 4th at Ashton's in Florence***
{Stepnice Weekend Bday Bash OCT 3-5}}

1st Person to answer all questions right/ Win!

1) Who will be at Temptations in Florence this Friday?
2) Who is coming to Club Shingle OCT 17 for Wilson Homecoming
3) What animal is Rolonda scared of a) Spiders b) snakes c) dogs d) caterpillars
4) What is Dat Dood buckets Real first Name

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Juanita Rebels Wrestling
Juanita Rebels Wrestling : BELIEVE - Motivational Video ᴴᴰ     47 days Rebels!!! I can't wait for wrestling season...................
Something is wrong with my watch 47 days can't possibly take this long.
I hope you are half as excited about the upcoming season as I am.

Morning weights sessions are going STRONG and guys are working hard. Our first competition is 2 weeks into the season against a league opponent. This match up could determine if we are on a path to a championship. Be ready, start to prepare today. If you put in the absolute minimum effort you will have absolute minimum results and with phenominal effort comes phenominal results.

If you have seminary school or fire training school, your presence is missed but you are working and the team understands. If you are missing workouts just because, make a commitment to yourself to do everything you can possibly do to make you the best version of you that you can possibly be for one day, today.

Wrestling practice is going on currently at Edmonds - Woodway high school Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are lots of guys there to drill with and I encourage everybody who can attend to attend. Mason has been going so there might be some ability to carpool.     Find your WHY. If you're going through hell, keep going. Speeches from: -Eric Thomas a.k.a. etthehiphoppreacher -Muhammad Ali -Al Pacino (in the movie: Any G...
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Lezlie Alizon Green
Lezlie Alizon Green : Talen Heater - "I'll Believe" by Frankie Hernandez & Bret Levick     WaterstoneSalon hosts First Friday artists; Barbara Cecil and Talen Heater. 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. See you there!     Talented young Ashland, OR artist, Talen Heater, performs emotional Hernandez/Levick indie folk ballad. Video by Talen Heater & Brian Heater Released by Migh...
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Waterfront Concerts
Waterfront Concerts : Timeline Photos     This weeks' pre-sales are TODAY, Oct. 1 (10am) to Friday, Oct. 2 (12noon). All times are local. INFO Pre-sales for this week include:

Nov 19 Saginaw, Me (The Dow Event Center)
Nov 22 Bangor, ME (Cross Insurance Centre)
Nov 29 Boston, MA (TD Garden)
Dec 02 Albany, NY (Time Union Center)
Dec 04 Cleveland, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)
Dec 06 Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)
Dec 09 Grand Rapids, MI (Van Andel Arena)
Dec 11 Chicago, IL (United Center)
Dec 13 St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Center)
Dec 17 Buffalo, NY (First Niagara Center)
Dec 19 New York City, NY (Madison Square Garden)     Roll Call!

Any Bob Seger fans already purchase their tickets this morning through the fan club pre-sale for his show at Cross Insurance Center with @ The J. Geils Band on November 22nd?

Strut your stuff!

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Cicily Dgnf LaRoque
Cicily Dgnf LaRoque : wake up wake up its the first of the birthday party friday who's partying with us
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Kalin Mitchell
Kalin Mitchell :         #cbcmar Welcome to October! Let's see...we have Thanksgiving and Halloween ahead this month and also it's time to start thinking about having the winter tires put on. I can't find anything official but it seems that mid-October to the start of November is the time frame for having that bit of winter preparedness done.

For weather today, a fairly calm if somewhat cloudy and cool Fall pattern. We actually have something in meteorology called a "deformation zone" in place over the Maritimes. A deformation zone is an area in the atmosphere that is being stretched in opposite directions (I've attempted to illustrate the location of the boundary on the attached satellite shot with the yellow arrows, but they are best viewed in motion). These zones typically act as boundaries for precipitation and cloud cover and are very slow to move, sometimes even stationary.

In the case of today, this deformation zone is separating the part of the Maritimes that is seeing some clearing of the cloud cover from the part of the Maritimes that is likely to remain cloudy for the rest of Wednesday. Now watching this boundary in motion it does seem to be sinking slowly to the south so northern/central New Brunswick, PEI, and Cape Breton will be the best bets for sun or sunny breaks before sunset this evening.

I'm also continuing to watch the low that developed near Bermuda earlier this week as it tracks closer to the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia. I still expect this system to re-enforce the cloudy weather pattern for that province as well as bring in some periods of rain late Thursday into Friday. Guidance consensus (weather prediction computer models) seem to keep the heaviest rain offshore at this time, but if it tracks a bit further west than expected Halifax and the South Shore of Nova Scotia could be in for a very wet Thursday night and first part of Friday.


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Burger 21
Burger 21 :         B21 Burger Battle! Did you know that both of our features of the month are brand new creations from Burger 21’s first-ever dedicated corporate chef Mike Remes? Which one is most your style, our Fried Green Tomato Burger or Pineapple Upside Down Shake? Tell us your choice below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win $21 Burger 21 gift card. One winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday afternoon.
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Court Street Market, Florence, Al
Court Street Market, Florence, Al : Our lineup for First Friday....Shakedown Kings will be playing from 6pm to 8pm. Our new vendors who will now join us permanently is Jack O Lantern Farms with Odette's, The Factory, Alan Phillips with the Red Clay Epicurean and Corina Calise with Let's Eat In and Imibala! Our artisans for October are Louisa Kennedy with Artfully Yours and Ross LeBlanc, Jessie Stracener with Creative Ginger Tree, Susan Ruffrage and her beautiful pottery, Earthside and the Hummus People! It's going to be a fabulous evening! We have a surprise brewing but for now I will keep you all on pins and needles!
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B Everett Jordan Dam & Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
B Everett Jordan Dam & Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers : This group's content is available only to members - Triangle Trail Hikers (Cary, NC) - Meetup     Looking for something to do next Friday, October 10th?! Come on out to Jordan Lake and join one of our Park Rangers for a hike on one of the many Jordan Lake trails. The hike will begin at 10am at the Jordan Dam Visitor Assistance Center (2080 Jordan Dam Rd, Moncure, NC 27559).

This is a moderately difficult trail with a fair amount of roots and rocks, hiking boots are highly recommended. Directions: Take US 1 to exit #79 and go north on Moncure Pittsboro Rd. Take your first right onto Jordan Dam Rd. and follow that until it dead ends at the US Army Corps Visitors Assistance Center. We will meet in front of the VAC and leave from there.

You can signup for the hike here:

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Deborah Lynn Caswell
Deborah Lynn Caswell : I have to give a special shout out to my Denika girl! She is doing awesome so far this year... with a crazy Senior Year schedule. 0 Period (which she elected to take) begins at 6:50am, so she leaves to catch the transit bus at 6:10am (MWTHF) Tuesday is late day, so the entire school starts at 8:48, except Color Guard, who starts early to use the football field for practice before school (at 7:30) She takes a make up class from 3:15 to 5pm (MWTHF) in the hopes of getting to wear an Honors sash for graduation. With Color Guard practice on Mon and Wed nights until 9pm, this girl is keeping herself so focused and so busy. It was a rough year last year with my seizures starting at the beginning of her school year and my recovery lasting through the end of the year. That was a rough time for both of us. I'm so grateful I get to watch her soar this year. The SMHS Marching Band is having a preview night at Mission Hills this Friday and their first Competition is just up the road in Vista on Saturday night the 11th. The Little's and I will be attending both events and I have room in the car for anyone who would like to join. #proudmom
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Saturday's Toys
Saturday's Toys : The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World     43 years ago today... Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom opened to the public for the first time. Later that month, the park's Grand Opening Dedication would be documented for broadcast as a 90-minute television special first airing on Friday, October 29, 1971.

Particularly poignant is the program's opening song by Glen Campbell, "Today is Mine."

Filled with wonderfully awkward 1970's moments... it's a timeless look back at how it all began...     Julie Andrews hosts this celebration ... as first broadcast on October 29, 1971.
Watch the video: video

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Cultural Alliance of York County
Cultural Alliance of York County :         Can't join us at our #ShowYourArt party tonight, but want to try one of our artwork-based Artini cocktails crafted with Old Republic Distillery spirits? Visit the Roosevelt Tavern this October for First Friday Downtown York Pa and you can try all three!
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Vicky Andrews
Vicky Andrews : Heard my baby's heart beat for the first time :') find out what I'm having Friday, everything's happening so early :D
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WaterBrook Multnomah Fiction
WaterBrook Multnomah Fiction : Timeline Photos     Only one week until the release of The Daughter of Highland Hall! We'll be giving away the first Edwardian Prize Basket on release day, Oct. 7th, and then one each Friday in October. Follow the link to my blog to enter the giveaway, and please share this with your friends! Thanks!    
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Brides Magazine
Brides Magazine : Imagination Room Brides The Show Autumn Edition 2014 (     Want to indulge your creative side? Then head to the Imagination Room at Brides The Show this weekend to put your DIY skills to the test! You’re sure to pick up a new skill or two with our mini master classes hosted by the most creative companies in the business including Elizabeth's Cake Emporium, Zita Elze Flowers and Abigail Warner. The first session kicks off this Friday afternoon with The Bijou Bride. Prepare to wow your ‘maids with some serious DIY know-how!
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Scruffy City Hall
Scruffy City Hall : Scott West    
49 minutes ago - View -
Ray Wilson


CALL 4783655874 OR 4789782750 RIGHT NOW TO GET YOURS!


Watch the video: video

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Tyrell Dobson
Tyrell Dobson : Rumbass this first friday...
Tell some body!!!

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Annette Bingham-Artist & Author
Annette Bingham-Artist & Author : The First Friday Art Trail     Check out! We are officially listed as a trolley stop! Very excited for everyone to stop in on Friday night. The Art Trail starts at 6pm and the trolleys begin at 6:15! The first 100 people through the door of the studio will receive a little treat bag to satisfy their sweet tooth. Come in and say HI!
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Eddie Hubbard
Eddie Hubbard :     I'd like to welcome Amos Jackson to the MCA Club! Our newest member can now earn $80 per referral selling Motor Club benefits. Our company is just like AAA, except we invest all of our advertising dollars into our own customers, and we provide UNLIMITED roadside assistance. Now is the time to get protected and start your business so you can receive your first check by next Friday. Must be 18 yrs + and live in the USA, Canada, or PR. For more info, please send a message for further details    
Watch the video: video

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Deekline : Party For The People: Tickets     I hear advance tickets are about to sell out for the first date of our HotCakes tour on Friday in Sheffield. Not a bad start!

Facebook event:

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Nancy Merkling
Nancy Merkling :         OUT OF THE BOX | When Artists Collide with Cameras
Friday | Oct 3 | 5 - 8pm | Lakeside Legacy Arts Park
Lisa Lange Davids : 1 of 10 Invited Alternative Process Artists
"This body of work grew from my obsession with things abandoned & left behind. The mystery of these places lures me in. Almost like I'm being called to share its story before its too late. So my goal with using color infrared was to breathe new life into something that's already on borrowed time....The first time I was introduced to color infrared I was immediately captivated. The first time I shot an infrared camera I was immediately hooked. I fell in love with the surreal, magical feel it creates"

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Lexi Blakeley
Lexi Blakeley : School canceled Thursday and Friday for lexis funeral (Thursday at 10:30 in marathon) and Caleb's funeral (Friday 10:30 first Lutheran in Sioux rapids). School will provide transportation to both funerals. Departure time Thursday @9:30 and Friday @10
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Channel 4
Channel 4 : Stars at Your Service - Request a star booking!     New stars available now... Pixie Lott, Jamelia, and more (booking form below). First ep of Stars at Your Service is on Friday at 8pm.
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Celebration Church
Celebration Church : Celebration Church - - First Fridays     #FirstFridays is THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 3! We'll be celebrating Yom Kippur & you won't want to miss it! Arena, 7:30 PM:
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Mike Elsass
Mike Elsass : FirstFriday Color of Energy Gallery! Mike elsass large scale
CANVAS... First showing

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West Point Band
West Point Band : Yale University Band & West Point Band Gala Concert     The West Point - The U.S. Military Academy presented a joint concert with the Yale University Band on Friday, September 26 at 8:00 p.m. The concert will took place in Yale University’s beautiful Woolsey Hall in New Haven, CT.

The two combined bands opened the concert with a fanfare and the Official West Point March. The West Point Band performed several works, to include the opening movement of Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto featuring Staff Sgt. Yalin Chi, followed by the first movement of Le Tombeau de Couperin by Maurice Ravel, which showcased the West Point Band’s double reed section. Under conductor Thomas Duffy, the Yale Concert Band performed their portion of the evening’s program. Afterward, the bands rejoined to play Carl Orff’s well-known “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana and closed with traditional patriotic music as well the school songs of both Yale and West Point.

West Point Parents, West Point Association of Graduates

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*Deep Dish
*Deep Dish : Deep Dish Halloween, Friday, Oct 31, 2014 @ 11:00 PM - 21 & Over     Tickets are almost gone for our Halloween show at Space Ibiza New York. Get your tickets now:
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Luoshen Berber
Luoshen Berber : PTP !
Hi Goodevening ! Still Unemployed ?


-Candidate must posses atleast a Vocational Diploma / Short Courses Certificate any field.
-6 months to 1 year Experienced Employees Specializing in Marketing Business Development or equivalent is a plus !!
-With Pleasing Personality
-Can start immediately upon Noticed of Hiring !!

No Exam na po ! Just an Interview ! Once nakapasa, Deploy na agad ! and Start na agad As Soon As Possible !

-Willing to work as a Contractual Basis (At first!) 1month , 2months , 3months up to 6months Contract ! If good performance , REGULARIZATION !
-Minimum rate with Complete Benefits !!
-6 times in a week with one day RestDay!

Visit our office tomorrow until Friday at :
(Infront of Smnorth , Ride on a jeepney who's signboard "Project 6" , Then drop on Ernesto Rondon Highschool ,, Infront of it is our office!)

You can apply at 8am to 4pm only !

Look for Ms. Shiela : 09328883780 text her for more info you needed !
Tell her that you are referred by :Roselle Berber ! Wala po akong Cut I'm not an Agent !
(Just text her nalang po , I can't answer your questions here in FB mejo busy din po ako :) If ever , Just add me first For me to see in my inbox your messages or else , it would drop on "the other folder" )

Bring 2sets of Resume / Biodata
Note : This is for Regular Work !!


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