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Athena Miranda
Athena Miranda : In a REAL Knife Fight - What good is Sparing?     Daily "self defense" words. I do not like fighting. when I'm fighting women over petty stuff (their men flirting with me), which most the time I avoid it can be pretty comical (on their end). I have been "sucker punched" by those in whom I Love.. or so I thought they loved me. It makes it real hard to be "On Like Donkey kong". I Am glad the women you train are "stratigic", but they still do not seem to realize/come to the realization, that it is a jungle out there. I do not like fighting, I have said that many a time. Does it exist, of course, do I Fear it, HELL NO!!! I do what needs to be done when the time comes. But for now, I will listen to your words of knowledge. And try to adhere to them. I think I know how guys feel now. Mr. Holloway, you talk, but I do not hear. You speak, and I Cannot listen.. cause I am flesh.. and well.. nevermind. Those thoughts are not of GOD. L-u. G-b! Am I wise? No! GOD is Wise through me, and I AM obedient. Am I a flesh and Bone woman?? Yes, ddefinately. Calm down Dumpling (Dimples). Mr. Holloway is just a crush. L-u. G-b.     ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING - FREE WEEK LONG TRIAL!! Luke Holloway Founder of Raw Combat International Tactical Firearms Instructor, P...
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Tiffany Nichole Way
Tiffany Nichole Way :     Pretty much     How girls feel after they shave their legs.
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CTR CrossFit
CTR CrossFit : Hey everyone and anyone,

Feel free to come to Ctr at 4pm for a bro session before Christmas! Some strength training a crazy wod and great conditioning :) anyone is welcome to come..I would say dress up but by this heat in pretty sure I'll be training in my jocks :p

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Debra Faulconer
Debra Faulconer : Walking On This Clear Frozen Lake Must Feel Like Walking On Air     Pretty sweet...     These two guys were hiking in the High Tatras Mountains, in Slovakia, when they bumped into this frozen lake with crystal clear ice. The water is so transparent that they seem to be floating a few feet above the ground.
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Josette Redwolf
Josette Redwolf :     Look at the beautiful ghost of the white deer ...native lore ..the guy taking the video should feel great..its a sign of great prosperity coming his way.     Did you guys see this on News 2 This Morning? A viewer sent us this great video of a pretty large albino buck. It was spotted in Franklin earlier this year and some other viewers have reported seeing this same one!

By all means, drive out to Franklin and see if you can get a look of this beautiful deer, but remember, killing an albino deer in Tennessee is a class A misdemeanor.
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May Flores Valencia
May Flores Valencia : Roxette - It Must Have Been Love     Pretty good song of roxette'...feel it     Music video by Roxette performing It Must Have Been Love.
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Gerry Grimes
Gerry Grimes : hey ho ... whats your'e reaction to having been a friend to some then when closed down unexpectedly by Reich Book ... then attempt to friend again .. other parties refusal to acknowledge one and veer away from one and hath anyone sent a humble friend request to person/s and been rebuffed by silence and no acceptance ? theres some pretty strange Egos out there ... why is this so ? pray enlighten me ? And in saying so do you feel dejected , made to feel worthless and slighted for no other reasons than the other persons empirical sense of superior than thou or 'I do not like thee Dr. Fell ' ... Tis not worthy of a slight debate ?
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Yasmin Santos
Yasmin Santos : Most of the time we just plan too much and we forget to really do something to turn our plans and DREAMS real. Living abroad has always been my dream but I have to admit that I never really planned that. Although I've never planned my exchange I did acted and chased my dream... That's my way of living: DO more than plan, DREAM more than complain, BELIEVE more than quit. And thank to God, my family, and my friends' support I've succeed by leading my life like this! Today, my last day in Canada, I feel pretty happy and sad, that's the well known "bitter sweet" feeling... How can I be sad if I'm going to see the people who I LOVE the most in my live? How can I be happy if I'm leaving the best year of my life and the amazing people I got to meet here in this dream country? A dream! That's what these 16 months mean to me. I'll never forget the KINDNESS, the wonderful people, the places, and the moments I lived in Canada. My heart aches and throbs with JOY at the same time, and there are no words to explain how THANKFUL I am for having this opportunity even though I don't deserve it. The scientific and spiritual KNOWLEDGE, the FRIENDSHIP, and the STRENGTH I got here will change my life for ever.. I feel like I can do anything I want and for accomplishing my goals and my dreams all I need is love, kindness, TRUTH, PERSISTENCE, and PEOPLE. See you, my dear Canada! Thanks for changing and improving my life! And for the people who I met here: you'll always have a special spot in my heart and in my place in Brazil! I won't dare to tag all of you here cause I might forget someone, but you all know the meaning you have in my life! ❤️
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Life with our Banana - Yasenia
Life with our Banana - Yasenia :         Hi guys! We are home and exhausted. Lol. We had so much fun this weekend. :-). We are by no means ever alone with 5 kids in the house, but it's always nice to spend time with other grown ups. The girls are off from school tomorrow (and for another almost 3 weeks) and I plan on doing as little as possible. :-). Then on Tuesday Yasenia has therapy. That's all we have planned for right now.

A warm welcome to all of our new "followers". You will find that I am pretty open with questions. :-). Please feel free to ask any below.

Night guys. Love you all.

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Maria Zeneth Valderrama Perez
Maria Zeneth Valderrama Perez : I like to move it, too!         LMAO! This is pretty much how I feel, after a cup of coffee though.

Así es como me siento, pero despues de un cafecito!
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My lovely cats and your lovely cats.
My lovely cats and your lovely cats. : The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter    
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Danielle Prettigurl Williams
Danielle Prettigurl Williams : `- TAGG POST ,
Tonaye Nicole , ❤😘
Youu MainnGirrlL Youu baee you Pretty && Cool I fwuuu Heavy Asf You already know how I Feel Aboutchaa , You cann Dress YOU gotta shoe gamee !, btww Heeyy 👋😘 !,
(( o8'3o'14 )) 😍😘😁👌

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Tammy Booker
Tammy Booker : This may sound selfish to say but im going to express how i feel today my sister an i went to our sister resting place an i got so mad because to me it felt like her kin folks resting place was all pretty for Christmas an it had been well taken care of right next to her but she still had the same flowers i put on her grave on her birthday i just don't understand why couldn't those folks who dressed up the father in law grave couldn't put one flower on hers to me it feels like she's gone oh well but dang it i got mad maybe I'm looking at it wrong but its a respect thing is the way i see it had to say what i thought
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Todd Richmond
Todd Richmond : Go Fish Christmas With A Capital C        
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Rude Boy Tha Shottah
Rude Boy Tha Shottah : Man i feel for Bobby Shmurda Case Dawgg 60+ charges & most of them murda brah smh this nigga had thee Hottest song of the yr ! now he pretty much done with got me lookin at my situation like i needa slow df down stay off that HOT Shit for awhile & get money if i wonna make it in this Music shit!
prayers go out to the Homie tho ....#GS9

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Emmy Rose
Emmy Rose : I just got asked a question.
Question: What would you say to Andy if you ever got to meet him?

My Answer:lol. um....idk. I would say... "Sup Andy! How are you doing?" And he would say, "Hey, I'm doing pretty good, how about you?" And i would say "Im doing amazing." And he would say "Amazing?! Wow, like how amazing? Like oh my god I'm gonna die amazing or just eh, I'm ok?" And i would laugh and say. "Like oh my god amazing because I just saw BVB in concert and now I'm all hyped up." And he would smile and say "That, that is pretty amazing." And then we'd laugh. and id be like, "Can you sign this for me?" And he'd be like "Yea of course. So did you enjoy the show?" and I would be like "It'll be a million times better If I can have the best Andy hug you can give." And he will laugh and hand me back my thing and then he'll hug me but it'll be that, lift you up kind of hug and he will spin me once and then set me back down. And ill be like. "Thank you Andy, your such an amazing person and Thats why i feel amazing." And he will smile at me and high five me and say."Im glad your feeling amazing, that makes me feel amazing too." And then he will move on to the next person. and ill have to go scream somewhere where he can't hear me lol

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Kurt Kalbfleisch
Kurt Kalbfleisch : An Open Letter To My Grandson on the Day of His Birth    
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Sean Smith
Sean Smith : Orcas at Anderson!     Ah, life on the West Coast. When you are chased by the Black & Whites, here, it's actually pretty cool!     WARNING: inappropriate words are used (the s-word) we are sorry but we were scared.

My buddies and I were crabbing off of the west coast of Anderson Island and even though we didn't really catch anything, we got to see the pod of orcas everyone has been talking about! We were in a little aluminum rowboat and we think that the sound of the rope being pulled along the side of the boat is what attracted the babies because right after we pulled up the pot the pod headed right for us.

Most of the fun from this video comes from how scared we (really just me) were so some profanity is used. However feel free to laugh at how I respond to a scary situation like this (I yell run even though we are in a rowboat) and enjoy the beautiful orcas at the beautiful Anderson Island!
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Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott : Meet a pretty girl, take her out, and for that night, make her feel like the most special girl. Do everything you can to make her happy, because at the end of the day, that's what she's worth. #RespectWomen
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The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter
The Real Cats at West Milford Animal Shelter :         Who have become good buddies???


Harry and Hemi! They eat together, sleep's great when the cats find friends here that they feel this comfortable with!

I am pretty sure that both these guys came to us from the same feral colony...Harry with a gaping head wound, and Hemi because he was not ear-tipped. So perhaps they knew each other before and have just decided hey, a friendly face!

But whatever the reason, I'm glad :)

You can see Harry and Hemi together at West Milford Animal Shelter, NJ, in the Library Cattery.

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Thomas Steves
Thomas Steves :         42 years clean with a morphine monkey on my back/28 years minus 2 weeks sober.I have also survived a ruptured brain aneurysm that went into a hemorrhagic stroke,five heart attacks with A-FIB,kidney disease that cost me my right kidney,type 2 diabetes with peripheral neuropathy,I am blind in right eye post brain surgery and now have mackerel degeneration in left eye,P.T.S.D.,COPD ,I HAVE ARTHRITIS IN BACK AND LEFT HAND,sleep apnea that causes me to have to sleep and rest with a C-PAP machine with humidity and O2 .I have also survived both as a logger and as an OVR LONG HAUL TRUCKER in the lower 48 and the provinces but only turned 800,000 miles when the stroke put me down.Other than these minor inconveniences I feel pretty OK.
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Ciaran Gallagher
Ciaran Gallagher :     Pretty much how i got into bed tonight lol     Is it Monday tomorrow? Already??

Anyone else feel like this sometimes?
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Blake Wallace
Blake Wallace : I gotta say the year 2014 was pretty epic for ole beastmode. Sure I might not be the brightest but there's no way in hell you can say I'm not entertaining. I was on cmts redneck island I met stone cold and Jesse Jane decker. I partied with skrillex while his girlfriend bought me shots. I was on the e! Channel on the "soup" where I was taught how to count lol. I met waka flocka and send emails back and fourth on a daily basis. And I Dj for carleo ent. On Halloween which was a huge I get the opportunity to snowboard one of the greatest mountains in the world while smoking doobies legally. I give all my thanks to MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST first. I have the best family anyone could ask for I love y'all. And I definitely made the cutest baby on the face of the earth ROMAN DADDY LOVES YOU. I don't plan on slowing down I feel I've only just begun. Thank you to everybody that supported this ugly duckling. And god bless to all and happy Holliday's. LOVE TO ALL
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CrossFit Thunder Hill
CrossFit Thunder Hill : (John)- I won an event today at the Masters Madness competition and came in 5th overall. I feel pretty good with my performance, but I am really psyched that our guys did so well. David Russell did amazing in his first competition. Nobody realizes how intimidating it is to get out on that floor with some of the best athletes in area. We kid Dave all of the time about being small, but today showed me (and I hope it showed him) that he is a monster. I look forward to more competitions with Dave and he can be on my team any day. It goes without saying that Mike Kane and Jon Steila represented us well. Just like every day in the gym, they showed up and got the work done. Jon was as consistent as you can get today, and boy was it hard to do that. Those workouts were brutal and he plowed through like it was just another day at the gym. He finished in tenth place...awesome. Of course Mike's form was as good as you can get, and as coaches and owners that says more about our gym than winning. He had more weight on his bar in the clean workout than guys that weighed over 50lbs heavier than him. It was great. My favorite quote of the day was when a judge asked why all of the Thunder Hill guys were going so heavy in the clean workout (I'm still smiling about that one). Finally, we say it constantly but it is true...we have the best members in the world. So many people drove over an hour in Holiday traffic to come cheer us on. It really means a lot to have such wonderful support. Thank you and see you tomorrow.
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Manley Jack
Manley Jack : Stay With Me/Rather Be - acoustic mash up     Put this up a while ago now when these two songs were pretty new.. story being, I didn't know either of them that well and kept getting mixed up and switching when I tried singing along

There came the idea! comment, like, share, H8
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Angela Mcdaniel Penton
Angela Mcdaniel Penton : I feel a major headache coming on!!! It's been a pretty good day and now the unthinkable... I would love to have one whole week of not having one single headache. I don't think that's possible!!!!
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Adam Keys
Adam Keys : The Case for Mammy / Daddy Marriage     It's only fair to showcase both sides in any argument and I feel this ad is a pretty solid one for traditional marriage. Everyone should give it a watch!     Our parody of *that* anti same sex marriage video. Script: Tara Flynn. Video / Graphics: Danger Farm. Voices: Tara Flynn & Luke Griffin Music: "Crazy Glue" b...
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Chaquaris Sanders
Chaquaris Sanders : G i r l s, t a k e j u s t a m i n u t e t o r e a d t h i s:

I know how some of you are feeling right now. You are tired of pretending to be happy. You still love that one guy even though you know he has moved on. You don't feel like you are skinny enough or pretty enough. You cry sometimes when you look in the mirror. You feel like all of your friends have left you. You cry at night because you feel like the world is crashing down on top of YOUR shoulders. Well take just a minute and take a deep breath in. Because you are not alone. You mean so much to someone in your life. You may not know who it is, but you are loved. Look in the mirror and SMILE because God made a masterpiece when he created you. You are beautiful in every way, shape, and form. God loves you. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here. Be positive and stay strong because the storm can't last forever. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.😍😜❤

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Caroline Nolan
Caroline Nolan : I feel like some people only comment on "fb famous" people stuff to try and get noticed by them.

Like I'm pretty sure some of them don't care about whatever that famous person is saying, they're just gonna comment everywhere and tag them to try and get their attention.
It's too bad imo.

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Darek Chambers
Darek Chambers : Its pretty swag how much my girlfriend loves me. Makes me feel all fresh and spooky inside.
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BBQ4Wounded Troops Overseas, Inc
BBQ4Wounded Troops Overseas, Inc : Mobile Uploads     A good American friend of mine makes these...

The best atribute about these pendants is the positive spirit that surrounds each one.

If you would like to own one please message me.     What's so neat about these is the spirit in which they are made with -

"I taught myself how to make them when i was laid up in the hospital after my bullriding accident. I was pretty down on myself and making them somehow made me feel good. Yes sir id leave them where people would find them or give them to nurses." Rolland

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Anne Blackwell
Anne Blackwell : Selma is not that bad, only #4 on the most dangerous places to live in Alabama. Why do you think that is? Number 4 is pretty high. I have been robbed from, broken into, harassed by policemen, and neighbors. There's not a morning I walk out of my front door without having to pick up trash, always fried chicken. The dichotomy is, I love my house, the river, Mark's Mart, and this new antique shop we discovered. I love the cemetery, even though I have a love hate relationship with the wall, and I love St. Paul's, I don't go there much either anymore for a myriad of reasons I can't explain. I miss St. John's. It took me forever to feel comfortable there, maybe that's why I miss it so much.
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Grays Harbor Hawks
Grays Harbor Hawks : So its Christmas and I thought maybe someone might want to give a gift to the program. Our fundraising dollars are set aside by the Special Olympics (SOWA) Corporate office for uniforms and "essential" sports equipment. SOWA in general helps cover costs associated with travel and facilities.

However our program still has needs that are not covered by SOWA funds. So I thought... why not, maybe someone would feel like being Santa and covering some costs that I just can't manage with our schedule and bank account right now.

A wish list.. sure we have one:
3 backpacks (what we have now is in pretty bad shape and we need one for each team) large enough to cover the rest of our list:
1 new first aid kit (Home Depot donated 2 during softball season and we have a 3rd basketball team)
1 or more boxes of ice packs that you pop to activate
3 mesh basketball bags
3 or more "New" whistles for Coaches
3 or more clip boards (either standard or the type you can put documents in)
3 or more stop watches

This equipment will be will be turned in at the end of each season and checked out to the next Coach for the following season. If you have questions regarding this list you can please send me a private message or if you want to play Santa... you can always deliver to one of our Sunday practices at the YMCA or Fridays at AJ West (Friday's will not resume until after the 1st of the year).

Thank You,
Your Coordinator in Need

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Meg Porter
Meg Porter :     ..feel sorta bad for the little critters, pretty sure they are tormented by clothing and embarassed to boot :( but dang its the cutest !!!     Who else wants a Christmas penguin?
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Tadraschell Murray
Tadraschell Murray : Sitting here watching Rocky, mind is blank. This year doesn't have that Christmas feel. (I love Christmas) every cheesy, jolly thing about it. Lol I love to give. Doesn't matter if I get anything. I just want a hug and a smile in return.
I know this year is hard, people lose loved ones and people change. I hope my grandmother knows that I love her, I haven't been home and have resorted to sleeping on my brothas floor. I feel guilty but I've decided that I will stop by on Christmas morning with a gift to surprise her, I miss her lots and I'm very grateful she is in good health.
I am grateful. Forgive me if I am ever ungrateful. My loved ones and I are not on the streets although we are separated right now. I too hope this blows over. I have people who care about me (idk why lol) I can be a knucklehead lol.
Hmm. The point of this post is to inspire not boob around lol. That's what it sounds like I'm doing.
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing... be grateful, the beat up car u drive could be gone... the grouchy family members you have could be gone...
The dog that chews on your favorite slippers and likes to slap you in the face when you're sleeping so comfy could be gone. The home that causes you stress with all the bills could be gone...
I am thankful for friends and family. Let's not forget that Christmas isn't about all the presents and gifts, it's about family. We celebrate the birth of Jesus. (Here I go sounding religous) lol make sure u know the story. Heck I know it and I haven't set foot in a church in years...
Anyways. Merry Christmas everyone. When I tell you that I don't just say it outta habit. I mean it. I'm glad I have you all as friends and if u see me say hello. (Minus the hug for right now. Pretty sure I'm contagious. I picked up a cold yesterday lol. (:

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Becky Clark
Becky Clark : I feel like ive experienced a ton of jobs- business office, calling center, waitressing,factory work and plenty more but I have found the only job I found stress relieving was making cakes.and I wanted to wait to work for a professional bakery but I found they dont hire too much so I go for an interview to do cakes for a grocery store tomorrow and im pretty sure I already have the job but it just really makes me happy to be doing that again:)
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Kedra Farlow
Kedra Farlow : ((*.*)) Wow I am blown away from all my friends who stopped by my wall and posted all the wonderful birthday 🎂 wishes! 142 of my awesome facebook family and friends came by. May you all have such loyal and sweet friends. I have to say that I am feeling pretty emotional and very very happy! I'm so sorry I must say thank you all at once this year instead of individually as I have always done in the past but know that every single one is appreciated. Goodnight and God bless y'all for making me feel better about life today! 😊
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Kathy Kettlewell Myers
Kathy Kettlewell Myers :         Well Chippy Cracky Peely is 3 months old now... hard to believe this group all started from somebody being kicked of a site for posting victorian baby shoes... at least that's what I've heard.. sounds crazy so it may not be true..
Averaging 100 followers a month that's pretty wonderful and I feel like I have 300 more friends.
I look forward everyday to new posts.. sharing creative spaces and supporting each other no matter how far away.
I have bought and sold here, perfect transactions done privately and professionally.
From the administration.. (numbering many) keep posting, keep sharing. From the bottom of our hearts Thank-you and Seasons Greetings.

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Rebecca Elaine Joiner
Rebecca Elaine Joiner : I think I'm gonna go take a long, HOT bubble bath. Sip on some jack, and eat a candy cane. And then get pretty for NO reason but just to maybe make myself feel better..
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Tia Michelle Hughes
Tia Michelle Hughes : Having a wonderful day & night with my boo, we missed church this morning cuz I was sick, I told him to go bt he said he wasn't leaving me sick it was so sweet, he has been awesome taking care of me, I gotta give it to him he's really stepped up & I've seen so much change in him ( I'm gonna take some credit for tht lol) I'm proud of him, he's gone to get me some cold meds now this is the only time he's left me all day, he's so sweet!!!!!!!! I just wanna feel better when he gets bk take my meds cuddle up in his arms & watch a movie, tht will make me feel better & I only have 3 more presents to buy & I'm done....YAY!! I'm so excited I'm getting it all done before Christmas & I got everybody pretty much wht they wanted, YAY ME, I done good, Now I can't wait to spend Christmas with all my family Noah's included, his dad joined my mom & family for Thanksgiving bt his mom was sick so their both going to join us for Christmas, it's gonna be so wonderful having all my family together, I love when we all get together, I love all my family, I miss the ones tht are gone mamaw Lowe, Curtis, Aunt Roseanne, Bres daddy Chris & my own daddy bt they will be with us in our hearts, thoughts & prayers Merry Christmas to everyone & a Blessed New Year!!! God Bless us all!!!
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Tee Jay
Tee Jay : I just wanna thank all the people who support are music I believe the year of 2014 was a pretty successfully year I feel like we got a lot accomplished and I believe in the year 2015 were gonna accomplish much more and to all are fan I promise this is only the beginning stay tuned because we only getting started #2kr #micahraw #lilswift #teejay #dedication 🎼🎶🎵🎤🎧👏
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Taylor Pearlstein
Taylor Pearlstein :     "You've no flaws, so stop pretending like you're hurting"

Reminded today of just how important these words are to me. Thanks for all the great responses to my music, everyone. I appreciate the support!
More to come soon...     New original song!
"Pretty Face." First go at recording.
This song is very personal, so I hope the lyrics can speak to some of you who might understand where I'm coming from.

Feel free to share. :)
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