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Jay Rosado
Jay Rosado : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!     Me and Coral Matos was at the gym like.....     Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Kuldeep Sagar
Kuldeep Sagar : What does Easter mean for bobby calves?         What’s sweeter than a bobby calf? Not much! But an indulgent dairy-free Easter comes pretty close. Enjoying delicious alternatives to dairy chocolate is not only, well, delicious – but it can help change the world for calves. Need more reasons? Here are five ways you can feel great while stuffing your face with chocolaty goodness:
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Linda Dulay
Linda Dulay : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Valee Ruvalcaba Gomez
Valee Ruvalcaba Gomez :     Kimberly we poppin ' high five ^O^ everyone talked smack & shit they made us feel important senior year cx lmao     , sitting pretty! reminder ladies
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Rob Rouse
Rob Rouse : I really love my job! Its been a hectic busy pace this month. Standing up a new company from scratch definitely has its challenges. When I got here we had nothing....and i'm not exaggerating. We didnt even have a building to work out of (we share small office space with the BN S2). No equipment. Pretty much a whole company of Soldiers coming in straight from AIT. We still dont have much experience but we are slowly getting there. I dont want to go into specifics about alot of stuff due to OPSEC reasons but my point being I have a very young, motivated group of guys/gals who have reminded me of what a great privilege it is to serve this nation.
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Thoba King IV Vuitton
Thoba King IV Vuitton : [Verse 1:]
Time will bring the real end of our trial
One day there'll be no remnants
No trace, no residual feelings within ya
One day you won't remember me

Your face will be the reason I smile
But I will not see what I cannot have forever
I'll always love ya, I hope you feel the same

Oh you played me dirty, your game was so bad
You toyed with my affliction
Had to fill out my prescription
Found the remedy, I had to set you free

Away from me
To see clearly the way that love can be
When you are not with me
I had to live, I had to live
I had to leave, I had to leave

:'( Maxwell - Pretty Wings ...

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Donna Cook Sellak
Donna Cook Sellak : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Red, The Original Master
Red, The Original Master : I've gone on here and admitted that I used to be beta as fuck in middle/early high school.
So I used to play Resident evil with a group of People.
One of which lived in Chicago
We lived close to each other (25 minute drive) and we were good friends
The other 2 KNEW I liked her, but she didn't.
We played together pretty much every day for a few months back when RE5 Versus was still popular.
So then on Christmas 2010 I was up late texting her and I was just telling her about how I liked a girl. She was asking about her, I described her, so then she asked why I hadn't asked her out yet, I told her that she probably doesn't think of me that way.
We talked for 30 minutes about how any woman would be lucky to have me, and I wouldn't be rejected. How she would LOVE to have a guy as nice and caring as me.
SOOO I told her finally it WAS her.
10 minutes pass and she said that she didn't know it was her, and then proceeds to make excuses as to why she cant be with me.
Ok before I go any further.
If you wanna reject a guy cause you have no feelings for him?
Do it. But if you do not, and they're opening up to you like this?
DO NOT fucking tell them that any girl would be lucky to have them, and that You, personally, would love to have a guy like them, then turn them down. We were close friends who talked every day, I was there when she needed someone to talk to. AFTER this happened, she still treated me the same, and would tell me about more guys she liked, treating her like shit, so at that point I'm just like. FUCK IT I QUIT. This wasn't the first, and it wasn't the last, after getting this too much I got sick of dealing with it.
and THAT my children. Is why I'm an asshole.

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Ulf Hamrin
Ulf Hamrin :         This pretty much explains how I feel after I workout...IM FREAKING HAPPY MAN!!!!!!! I'm so blessed and so grateful for everything that happens in my life so why not share this joy with all of you!

I hope this puts a huge smile on your faces!

Esto define como me siento después del Gym! ME SIENTO ALEGREEEE MI GENTE! Estoy tan agradecida por todos las cosas que pasan en mi vida y porque no compartir mi alegría con ustedes?

Muchos besos espero que esto les ponga una sonrisota de todo el tamaño!
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Bay of Plenty Barbell
Bay of Plenty Barbell : Remember that the target is to make a reality, not reality is tha     Awesome! Makes you feel pretty grateful for having such good gear ;D     Where's Waldo?
where lovers weightlifting?!!
Photography Mohamed Ehab
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Quintonimo Iggy Legends
Quintonimo Iggy Legends : But i hate nash greer with a passion. He is stupid, useless, good for nothing scrub that in no way benefits society positively. First he tells girls that they have to shave every inch of their body or they are nasty. They he refers to aids as a gay thing. He then has a huge as fuck ego and acts as if he is perfect when it reality he is nothing more than a boy with pretty eye and literally the only reason he is relevant and anybody cares about him is that he is attractive. If i was cared about simply for the way i looked id feel pretty shitty not like im the king of tthe world like he does. I'm sorry for ranting but i fucking hate the little scrub and his entire existence
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Srikanth Alwala
Srikanth Alwala : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Liz Cockram
Liz Cockram : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Jaymee Moore
Jaymee Moore : I seriously am starting to hate this! Third night in a row now, having this awful sadness and sense of being so alone. Soon as my love and I go to bed, I just lay down, and bawl my eyes out . . It's very scary. I don't know where this is coming from!
I can go all day feeling normal, feeling super excited for baby to get here, happy with my relationship, everything. Then night time hits, and I feel depressed.
- People are telling me everything is just shifting, ie my moods, because baby is gonna be here pretty soon . . And that seems like it could be, but why would it make me feel so down, so sad, so alone, SO FUCKED. I'm not alone, my baby is the most amazing fiancé ever, loves me up all the time, spoils me, always has, never ever makes me feel alone ; amazing friends I keep in constant contact with, my family has been so supportive . . WHAT`S THE PROBLEM!? v_v


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Joe Joey Saint Culverhouse
Joe Joey Saint Culverhouse : For the first time this summer i'm now pretty skint which i can deal with. What i can't stand is when i do a gig and not get paid for it.
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Raire Rucker
Raire Rucker : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Sofia Jamen
Sofia Jamen :         EXAM's done. Mga gwapa kuno meeeh
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My'girlfrieñÐ-sãys I'Am-a Hãñdsöme-Böy
My'girlfrieñÐ-sãys I'Am-a Hãñdsöme-Böy : I am in love & it's true,i am in
love in love with some
one............ .....she is one n only
little beauty n pretty

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Jp Cosca
Jp Cosca : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!         Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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Gerell Ware
Gerell Ware :     I feel you Will, I learned everything on my own too. Dribbling a basketball, got pretty damn good at it to. Shoot even got me a scholarship to college to play.     Will Smith Did This! Can you watch this without crying? #ItunesUncleReece #followUncleReece #Twitter #instagram
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Kyle Christison
Kyle Christison : 140kg squat 4 reps not all the way down but pretty happy with that
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David Kukutai Jones
David Kukutai Jones : Ha! My 40th this weekend and spending it with family but really wanted to lose weight and go into this next stage looking and feeling a lot better.

But thanks to a really bad bout of the flu over the last few days, am looking pretty waif like so we're good lol

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Victoria Fish
Victoria Fish :         I was Nominated by Kris Bowman to post 5 pics of me where I feel pretty. Most of these make me happy because I am with people who make me happy. I know it was supposed to be 5...but I added one more. I nominate Stefany Yeager Reily Rene Raeanna Mardean SkillingErin Rose Tollefsen Brittany HoffmanPeggy Moore Keinz Jeanie Wulf
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Loo Jaclyn
Loo Jaclyn :     Li Shi happy birthday to pretty girl    
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James Battle
James Battle :     The Black Queen can make you feel good NEwhere! Just Listen..     A LADY WAITING ON HER TRAIN SINGING BEYONCE
RECORDED AND SUBMITTED BY Brooklyn Pretty-brooklyn FabulusI
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Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson : Final day at work this week today! So fun but tiring! Got a lot to do today and this weekend. Only thing is I wish I had some help cleaning my house on Saturday. It was left for a month and is pretty dirty...... Especially since my cat was there the whole time spreading fur balls over everything...... Lol. I'll figure something out!

P. S........... why am I awake so early..... Lol.

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David Dawson
David Dawson : Day 86. New Kids On The Block - Step By Step

Oh dear God, it's so 90s. It makes me wanna crack out the old shellsuit bottoms and the t-shirt that changes colour in the heat.

It's hard to believe that NKOTB were pioneers of the 'pretty boys with muscles and dance moves' boyband movement that is now a staple of modern pop music. Especially since there have been other boybands that are genuinely much better.

It may be the fact that Side By Side was released nearly 25 years ago, but It sounds every day as old. The synth-pop musical style isn't bad, but the cringe worthy lyrics were clichéd even back then, and the constant switching between upbeat pop songs and ballads doesn't let the album flow.

I have to admit that by today's standards it stands head and shoulders over the likes of One Direction and JLS, but bands like Take That and N'sync among others through the last 2 decades have produced better vocalists and better songs.

Overall Score - 4/10
Stand out track - Games
Choice lyric - (from Time Is On Our Side) "Girl, there's more to love than meets the eye, girl, there's more to what I feel inside" (Awful.....just awful)

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Sheri Thompson
Sheri Thompson : How It Feels To Be NEW At The GYM!     Ellie Mccreight soooo freakin funny!!     Pretty funny....we've all been there at some point!
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