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The Secret Kindness Agents The Secret Kindness Agents : NBC Charlotte     Get the tissues ready. We warned you. What are you doing this weekend to make someone feel special?     ICYMI: "All the pretty girls in our school and he asked me, Momma. ME!"

A football player asked his friend with special needs to prom in a big way:
Watch the video: video

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PonyFur Emporium PonyFur Emporium : I honestly feel bad for anyone who isn't bisexual. Missing out on half of the world's pleasures seems pretty depressing.
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Die Pretty Clothing Co. Die Pretty Clothing Co. :         Floral Lace Wrapped Beach Cover-Up in white, black or mint

Item No. : White - DP43211-1; Black - DP43211-2; Mint - DP43211-3

Price : $27.99 (Was $39.99!)

Size S/M/L only available.

To purchase today, please inbox us or email us & include the following:

1) Full name

2) Email address

3) Mailing address

4) Phone number

5) Item number(s) OR picture(s) AND size(s) of the item(s) you wish to order

6) Form of payment (etransfer or PayPal accepted.

Email to:

Please feel free to ask anymore questions you may have!

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Die Pretty Clothing Co.

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Kat Crimson Kat Crimson :         ★✩★ KAT CRIMSON - Naughty Fun Quiz #1 ★✩★
Burlesque Star name generator ★Just for fun★
Have you too dreamed of being a dancer up on stage, under the glow of all of those pretty colored lights, wearing your shiny little outfits and being adored by your audience? Find out what your stage name is! Take this fun little survey -
Feel free to post your results below :D

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Kitten Envy Kitten Envy : Hate people who slut shame models.
Especially fetish models.

I sincerely feel bad for people who bully others about their work.

I'm sorry, I get paid to be pretty and be the "unclassy whore" title you bestow upon me.

I don't post pictures of my kitten bits and bare tits for my page. Everything is always covered.

I expect this from people though. It use to hurt, but now it is just sad.
Because obviously someone is so unhappy with themselves they feel the need to try and bring others down.

Hope they get past whatever negative things going on in their life

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Mhra Leander Pallat Mhra Leander Pallat : Anti Smoking Campaign Old Ad - Cigarette in My hand     To alert my smoking friends.

("With a cigarette in my hand I felt like a man" ...... I was a dead man")

"I remember the time, I had my first hook
Try it just once, friends gently provoked
Friends told me yes, light a ciggy for a start
you would like the fire in a pretty girls laugh
With a cigarette in my hand I felt like a man
cigarette in my hand I felt like a man

My hero look so right
with a cigarette on his lips
Could I go wrong if I follow his tips
On the job I learnt a thing or two
cigarette had a place in every work day too
cigarette started every hour of my day
couldn't get out of the habit, no way
With a cigarette in my hand I felt like a man
cigarette in my hand I felt like a man.

In moments that were a little a lonesome,
cigarette and I were happy twosome
cigarette slowly became my crunch
energy and stamina are lost very much
until one day I couldn't stand on my feet
smoke made me feel real dead meat
then I realized I have paid a price.
With a cigarette in my hand, I was a dead man."

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Catherine Guertin Catherine Guertin :         Hi, are you looking for a cheap place to stay with cool people? 110 per week in a Share room in an appartment in Ascot, you have your own bed in the room and thats pretty quiet , its closer to Hamilton too . Its not far from the city. 220 bond , 1 month stay minimum. All bills include. Closer to Dumben train station, bus and fary. To come and see or more information feel free to contact me.
Thank you

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Women's Rights News Women's Rights News : I need feminism because it has come to the point where if I walk on the street and not get cat-called, I start to feel insecure. Cat calling has become so regular to me, that if it doesn't occur, I start thinking, Am I not pretty enough? I'm in no means asking to be cat called but this is how far it's gotten and I need feminism because I shouldn't be thinking like this.
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Alice Estrada Alice Estrada : Alesana - Best Ex-Friend     EMO mode.. GALIT NA GALIT ANG PAKIRAMDAM KO..

Pretty words roll off of your tongue
Come out of your mouth heard by everyone
So convincing I believed it
For so long I still can't figure out
Why many wont last, why many wont last
With the blink of your eye it's all gone away
... please give me one more stay, I guess that's why I feel I'm loosing again...

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Tersa Williams Trinkle Cassady Tersa Williams Trinkle Cassady : Just a quick update that I don't have much to report right now. We are still waiting for Chris's numbers to come up so he can start his next chemo. We are on day 56 now and he still hasn't recovered. With the first round he recovered on day 22, so we are just about 2 months behind on his treatment plan. Hoping this isn't how it is going to be each time. We are back at the U on Monday and I am hoping we have more to report.

The plus side of this is Chris has been feeling pretty good so he has been able to be outside now and doing some things around the house. He gets winded and tired but at least it helps him feel some what normal, if that is even possible anymore. Mya even got him to get his bike out the other day to play follow the leader with her!

Thank you all for your continued support, love, and prayers!

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by faith fotography by faith fotography :         Big. Brown. Eyes. I'm a complete sucker. Say hello to Mr. Noah & Mr. Micah. Mom and Dad make pretty cute babies - and by "pretty cute" I mean FRIGGIN' ADORABLE ;)

Feel free to share and tag photos, but, please, do not crop out the logo. Give credit where credit is due! If you like this image, please consider "liking" By Faith Fotography's page!! Also check out!!

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Popcherry Popcherry :         Pretty As You Feel Skirt $29.99
Free Shipping Australia Wide Over $50 + Free Shipping Internationally Over $100!

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Jeremy Machamer Jeremy Machamer : Anobody out there have a spark arrestor silencer for 250/300 sx, have a pretty much brand new stock silencer for trade, going out to colorado and dont really feel like buying a new spark arrested silencer
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Lyla Nicole Lyla Nicole : Neal Caffrey - TOXIC     So, I know of one reader who is a #LoganHart fan. Anyone else? How do you feel about this guy?

As you know, I'm a fan of all my characters, both good and bad -- perfect and perfectly flawed, so my thoughts on his character are pretty much null and void. #authorproblems     Re-Uploaded from my old account ievaisjfik. Show: White Collar Character: Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) Song: Toxic by Britney Spears Edited by: Charlotte
Watch the video: video

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Luann Treadaway Nelson Luann Treadaway Nelson : How do you deal with the following issue: Someone asks to be added to your friends list who is either much older or much younger than you? (For example, a friend of one's mother, or a friend of one's child.) You feel pretty sure that the older person will be offended by your opinions which vary greatly from his, and that you will be driven nuts by the younger person's posting of rap videos and cat memes. I am ignoring a few right now and feel very guilty about it.
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Red Dirt Graphics, LLC Red Dirt Graphics, LLC : 89er Parade, Un-edited video 1 - no sound video only     Here is the un-edited video of some of the parade from 89ers. Working on the edited but might be a couple days. There is a second half of this also I will upload later. Due to the battery life of the Drone, I can only get 20 min at a time, so shooting the whole parade is not possible, but what I did shoot turned out pretty awesome! Feel free to share it. Once I get edited version up I will take this one down.     Aerial Video of the Guthrie 89er Days Parade 2015 - By Jarrett George Photography & Artistic Imaging - Produced by Red Dirt Graphics, LLC.
Watch the video: video

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Song Of The Day Song Of The Day : Hardwell feat. Mr. Probz - Birds Fly (OUT NOW!) #UnitedWeAre     Song Of The Day!:

Birds Fly (Feat. Mr. Probz) - Hardwell

Recommended by Ari for a night of ranked. Honestly I had not listened to Hardwell before, even though he was ranked #1 DJ in the world. Probably should have earlier, this is some pretty good house he does here.

Have a suggestion for Song Of The Day? Feel free to post!

Playlist for Song Of The Day is live on Youtube:     Hardwell feat. Mr. Probz - Birds Fly OUT NOW! Sign-Up to WIN one of the signed CD's: Hardwell: A...
Watch the video: video

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Kind Kravings Kind Kravings : What a day... what a day! First off let me say that food truckn' is no joke. They were not kidn when they said it is grueling work, but also let me say that with no experience under our belt and for having been short handed we feel pretty darn happy with our opening day thanks to all of you wonderful patient people. We were very happy to have had the opportunity to serve you. We had a really rough start with many trials and tribulations but we over came and pulled it offin the end selling out of every single thing we had except coffee. Our sincerest apologies to those who we were unable to serve and for those who felt they had a long wait. We did our best and we promise to get better. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for such a warm welcome. Feel free and encouraged to leave reviews on our page. We welcome your thoughts on how we can improve as well! We want to provide you with an exceptional experience.
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TeamMason Help STOP SBS TeamMason Help STOP SBS : Jaxens Journey        
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OK to be Different OK to be Different :         Plearnwan Panich is one of the Bangkok's latest and most charismatic cafe restaurant that flaunts an enchanting interior, erratic yet whimsical in an appealing way, using galvanised steel, reclaimed wood, and items from yesteryears (including the front of a lorry, a juke box, and table covers as lamp shades) which we are so familiar with, to form this vintage and industrial theme with a pretty polished feel overall. The food is very much old-school Thai snacks, desserts, and breakfast items too. Just like a warming trip back to Grandmother house. I felt enchanted

Thanks to Edric for suggesting this unique and playful cafe in Bangkok. We spent so much time looking for it in the brand new Siam Square One (connected to Siam BTS) but finally locate it on the fashion level #3 but its all worth the effort

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Olivia's Little Heart Olivia's Little Heart :         Well, April is just flying by! Oli is loving the warmer weather and being outside more! She's almost sitting by her self too, sooooo close! We only have TWO appointments scheduled for May, can you believe it!? That leaves us lots of time to play and learn! We will be using some of that free time for an in person visit to both Boston Children's and CHOP, but we are pretty sure we have a plan in place on that front. We just want to make double-extra-sure before we finalize anything, so we are going to feel it out in person and meet with some of the team!

We got Oli's 6 month pictures/Easter pictures done that I never posted (oops!) so here they are! A big thank you to Reanna at Porcelain Photography!

Also, May 4th is Heterotaxy Awareness Day! Mark your calendars!
Thank you for your continued support of our sweet girl!

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Bloo Bloo : BronyCAN         I DIDN'T SEE THEM ANNOUNCE ME AND I FEEL BAD FOR NOT SHARING THIS RIGHT AWAY!! Canada friends, rejoice for I am coming to hug you once again!!
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Taylor Q100Country Taylor Q100Country : Being Latino     Yep...pretty much sums it up! ;-)     How I feel every time! #BeLatino #DigiLatino
Watch the video: video

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Microwave Jenny Microwave Jenny :         Last night we ended our Victoria length of our Tour! Thank you all so much for coming out to watch us play! We feel very lucky to have such beautiful and respectful fans who always make us and everyone around feel very comfortable. We often get comments from staff members after our shows saying that they rarely see such polite and attentive crowds hehe we just say "yeah they are pretty awesome" xx
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