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Katy Bond
Katy Bond : England v Fiji or Ireland v Romania anyone?
16 minutes ago - View -
Sam Bowers
Sam Bowers : In The Loose    
1 hour ago - View -
Thomas Ash
Thomas Ash : Mortis Gentis     I don't particularly want to aim this factual article at black people but would like the world to remember how badly the Irish suffered. They were imprisoned and then sold. History likes to call them indentured but that's just a fancy name for slave. Even without being enslaved, royalty claimed to have the right to have sex with any of the maidens they chose to.

After being enslaved the plight of the Irish was that of hopelessness as the struggled to survive under harsh terms. If you look back at early census reports you'll see a large percentage died of consumption. That's alcoholism. They turned to the bottle for relief from their harsh reality and it consumed them.

So the bottom line blacks weren't the only slaves in history, the Jewish people suffered as did the Irish. Somehow the Jews and Irish have managed to get over it while blacks seem to be stuck in time and forever bitter about it as if they were the only ones disrespected by wealthy or victors of war.

1 hour ago - View -