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Vintage Harvest
Vintage Harvest :         Clark Miller is a big part of the Vintage Harvest family and our thoughts and prayers are with him as he battles Lung Cancer. Harvest On dear friend!
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Dan Chamney
Dan Chamney :
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Jean Bailey
Jean Bailey : Jean    
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Laurie Arst
Laurie Arst : Golden Rice Now     I got this via Chow Babe. I wanted to post it to Food Babe but for some reason couldn't. Thoughts?
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Message - 1
Message - 1 :         VERY GOOD NEWS ?

Please make it a Point of FORWARDING this IMPORTANT NEWS after READING like I am Doing RIGHT NOW.

My Dear Friends,

Medicine for BLOOD CANCER has been FOUND !!


I am forwarding it to the MAXIMUM I can.

Let it reach the CRORES of INDIANS.


Its available FREE OF COST at "YASHODHA Hematology Cancer Institute in Pune.

Create Awareness.

It might help someone.

Forward to as many as u can.

Yashoda Hematology clinic. 109, Mangalmurti complex, Hirabag Chowk,
Tilak Road,

020-24484214 or 09590908080 or 09545027772 or visit for appointment.


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马来西亚美食旅游玩Fun天 : 信不信由你    
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信不信由你 : 信不信由你 updated their status.     Plz plz plz plz fwd this msg urgently.. Atleast to 10 frns.. I am also forwarding..A baby needs AB+ blood immediately. Contact = +60145006721..... Don't delete..... Ur small SMS will sav a child.
Morning all
Dr Lai sent on behalf of the parents. Pls assist. Tq

Dear pals, Our son Wayne Yip Jin Rong, 23 months old, suffering from Neuroblastom a(childhood cancer) under chemotherapy , now he needs blood platelet donation from Male friends not from my family members. Blood bank needs only male aged between 17 - 55 years not on long term medications & blood type O+ . We need platelets donor on standby in case Wayne needs platelets due his current chemo protocol. We humbly appeal for your kind assistance to support our little Wayne. If you could help us, pls kindly go to Subang Jaya Ramsay Sime Darby Medical Center North Block, 5th floor- Blood Bank for blood test to be registered as standby Platelets Donors for Wayne Yip Jin Rong @ MRN: 1227150. Thank you very much. May God bless you, May the blessings of the noble triple gems be with you, Sadhu sadhu sadhu, 🙏🙏🙏 Michael Yip Kim Wai & Carolyn Wan Wenjing.

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John Tomkinson
John Tomkinson : My dear Friend, Christy Johnston, who was the Welcoming Ambassador to people who chose to move into our Town of Creston......She has been my beautiful neighbour across the street from me for many years. Christy has suffered a 'stroke' and may not be coming back to her 'home' across the street from my home. I just received a phone call today, informing me that Christy is now residing in Swan Valley Lodge. I had a good 'cry', but I will try to get over it to be more productive. I will make more attempts to visit Christy calls right now tend to be frustrating, so I will just settle down. I sure hope some of your wonderful Creston-ites remember Christy and her efforts to welcome 'newbies' to our Town. By the way, Christy is also a cancer survivor. I hope some of the 'millionaires' in our town can find time to have someone visit Christy. This 'Duck' misses her, already! Love, to those who Care! 'Heavenly'
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Paula Jean
Paula Jean : James Lankford: Please lower the age limit for insured women to get a mammogram. - Sign the Petition!     I lost a good friend to breast cancer. She had twin boys who were 4 when she passed. I ALMOST lost two other dear friends... no one should go through the pain of losing a mother, daughter, spouse, sister, friend, or granddaughter to breast cancer. Early detection...early treatment...lives can be saved. Brian and Jeffrey O'Neal would know their mother, Sue, today.
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Regina Brett
Regina Brett : Regina Brett updated their status.     In one week I lost a cousin to cancer, found out a dear friend has lung cancer and watched another cousin on 60 Minutes kicking brain cancer by treating it with polio. Lots of tears shed.
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Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens : Help raise funds for Josh and his family as he battles cancer.     These shirts are only $15, very easy way to show support to a dear friend and amazing father Josh Parris while he fights his battle with small cell carcinoma. Please buy & share. Thank you from everyone who loves josh.
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Emmitt's Place
Emmitt's Place : Light A Candle by Emmitt's Place & Miss Cali the spoiled Yorkie    
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Infinity Entertainment
Infinity Entertainment :         Yessss we are back at it. Another yr another day 365 support. Susan G Komen race for the cure 5k... 25thrace for cure.. This race is dear to my heart.. Please take time to educate yourself!! This year we are doing something special. Join our team and get your custom made cancer tshirt and walk/run with us for support of all cancer survivors and in rememberance of those that fought a mighty fight..
Contact me for details!!!

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Rhonda Taylor Crenshaw
Rhonda Taylor Crenshaw : Kuk University         Please pray with me for this precious baby boy! I thank you very much and please Oh my word! This poor baby boy! God please help him now! Please lay Your healing Hand on him now and save his life Dear Lord! Please comfort him and his family and give them Your peace! In Jesus precious and holy Name I pray Amen!!! share so we can get as many as possible praying for this little angel. Thank you and God bless you and yours and keep you all safe and healthy!!!
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Dr VonLono, Intoxicologist
Dr VonLono, Intoxicologist : Golden Rice Now     I feel bad for science deniers. Every time they think they've caught someone in a "gotcha" moment those pesky facts come along and ruin their moment in the sun.

Dr Moore was at an event to dicuss the life saving benefits of Golden Rice when a French journalist chose to move off that main topic and challenge Dr Moore to prove his claim that glyphosate is safe for human consumption in the context how it's currently used on food crops.

Proving one's point by drinking an unknown liquid provided by a stranger is never a good idea. Fortunately Dr declined.

Unfortunately, for the reporter and those who blindly back slapped his buffoonery, Dr Moore doesn't have to prove that people have ingested glyphosate and survived because the medical reports prove that just fine. And Dr Moore doesn't have to prove that glyphosate when used as directed does not impart dangerous qualities to food crops because countless independent studies prove that just fine. It's all about the dose. "Pound for pound" caffeine is more toxic than glyphosate.

And jiminy crickets folks, the guy was just there to talk about Golden Rice.

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