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Rush Garcia
Rush Garcia : May the peace of the Lord be with you over there my Dear Friend In Christ.

How are you doing today together with your family over there, I am Mrs Rush Garcia a born again christian woman.Am 59years from Sweden,Am Lying down here on a sick bed in hospital suffering from a Brest cancer and leg stroke.My Lovely friend i will want you to be a friend with me by sending me a message to my private email address below.

I have a project for the less privilege and the widows also want you to build a church on my name so people can be praying and worship there.I want to donate all my belongings and my fund in the bank to the less privilege and the widows. Kindly get back to me on my email address here .( I wait for your urgent message in my email. Remain bless in Jesus

Mrs Rush Garcia

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Jaswinder Singh
Jaswinder Singh : Dear friend.. With the help of a common friend, I came to know about a little angel, who is suffering from cancer by came across a post of your page . As stated in the post that after sharing it, FACEBOOK will donate some money for treatment of the girl. IS THERE ANY LINK AVAILABLE WHICH IS TO SHARE?? Please help me out..
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Ricardo blog
Ricardo blog :         Good news for my guys who hate smoking, for they shall be free from lung cancer. Bad news for those who sees smoking as fun for they shall have lung Cancer as lover and I believe you know the end result⌛iku. Lung Cancer is a growth of malignant cells in the epithelium of the air passages(bronchi)or lung, which is a very common type of cancer. It is very hard to detect in the early stages, and symptoms arise only when the disease is advanced. Symptoms include recurrent chest pain, persistent cough, loss of weight, breathing difficulties and yellow sputum that may be streaked with blood. The main cause of lung cancer are smoking and exposure to industrial air pollution. If I were you I will run for my dear life. Next time we shall discuss on how best to stop smoking.
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Mehtap Gacar
Mehtap Gacar : Embroidery Library        
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Prayer requests and inspiration
Prayer requests and inspiration : Any prayer warriors out there?? Prayer request from a dear friend of the family, cancer in colon 2 large spots, and her 2nd family member having large mass removed from abdominal area!! Right now Lord I rebuke the illness of the body and help restore there spirit and faith in u!!
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Keith Mann
Keith Mann :         I know a lot of people are keen to hear an update from me and I promise a fuller one when the time is right. I’m still very much engaged with the therapy, which is a campaign that requires some focus. As you can see from the photos here I was landed with a rather significant tumour load to get rid of and this isn’t the full extent of it; they can be seen and felt elsewhere and were found to be widespread internally. Nevertheless we are thrilled with the way things are progressing. The natural world without doubt holds the answer to cancer and it is clear that my body is healing but this isn’t something that can be or should be forced or rushed. Disease doesn’t simply evaporate instead it is killed off by the immune system and this can be quite challenging at times and even a little whiffy! The alternative to healing this way is of course to allow the disease to thrive and the fallout from that is so much worse as we so often see. This project is hugely exciting and holds great potential for humanity and all we hold dear. I must say that we are deeply moved by the endless love and support and are eternally grateful for your help in getting me to this stage and for making natural healing methods a greater part of our consciousness.

I do need your continued support so please even if I go silent for a while don’t forget me because I am very much here! Together we will heal the world.

With love and respect,

Keith x

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Johnny Sawyer
Johnny Sawyer : There is only one hope for the world today and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel (good news) message is that God desires to have a relationship with every human He creates, it is not His will that anyone perish but that all will come to eternal life!

Just today, I saw where a young girl who attends the Lowell Church of God is missing, where girls in our local towns and cities are being sold into sex slavery, where people are begging for prayers for loved ones whom the doctors have given up. A pastor friend of mine lost his wife to cancer last week; a former MIP Intern who is now a pastor has a dear wife suffering from bone cancer, had to delay treatment because she passed out twice during chemo. A pastor friend in Lincolnton passed out twice from this virus going around and was admitted to the hospital last night. Gerald and I have a pastor friend who is dying under hospice care. There are millions more stories like these, people are hurting!

This world needs Jesus, the church needs Jesus, now more than ever before. It is the last days, time are perilous, but God is pouring out His Holy Spirit! I am asking our church to be in prayer so the church will have a spiritual awakening and will be empowered to win the lost.

Pray for our Church and Pastor's Council as we meet tomorrow night, pray for our leadership, pray for the harvest, pray for Israel.

In His Love,

Pastor Johnny Sawyer

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Man Woman of The Year Campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Man Woman of The Year Campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society :         Week # 8 - MEET THE MAN AND WOMAN OF THE YEAR CANDIDATES! Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks for highlights on each of our 2015 candidates in the fight against blood cancer.

Meet Lisa Webb-Curtis, Candidate for Woman of the Year! Lisa, currently a Director of Finance with TEKsystems, is originally from Southwest Texas. After moving to Virginia to attend college, she worked in the Northern Virginia area in Finance before and after returning to Texas to pursue her MBA. She spent time outside of the corporate world as a business owner until rejoining the corporate world 5 years ago.

She is the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl named Grace and has been part of the LLS team in training family for many years. She has 12 marathons under her belt and recently added cycling with Team in Training to her list of activities. LLS is a cause that is near and dear to her heart and she looks forward to being part of this fundraising family for many years to come.

Congratulations Lisa!

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University of Alabama Trombone Studio
University of Alabama Trombone Studio : Yea, Alabama!     We were so thrilled to do this for trombonist and Alabama Fan Josh Patrick! He is a friend of Jeremy Wilson....trombone professor of the Vanderbilt University Trombone Studio.

Here is Jeremy's post...

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Josh Patrick was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Josh, aside from being an amazing friend, pastor, husband, father, speaker, and writer (you can follow his blog at, is a rabid, non-apologetic, dyed in the houndstooth Alabama Crimson Tide fan AND a former trombone player.

A couple weeks ago I wrote to my friend and colleague Jon Whitaker, who teaches trombone at the University of Alabama, and told him about Josh's story. I asked him if there was any chance that the Crimson Slides (yes, I totally agree, the name is awesome) could put together something to encourage Josh as he is about to begin chemotherapy. They posted this video just a few days later, and I had to share it.

This is not only a kind gesture, but also evidence of the wonderful camaraderie that is present in the trombone community. It is encouraging to see a teacher and his students using their musical gifts to bless someone they've never even met. This is what it's all about, folks. We musicians are here to make the world a more beautiful place and spread joy. And besides all that...the video sounds great!

To Jon and the Crimson Slides, thank you from all of us who know and love Josh. Bravi, and God Bless you all.     Recorded for trombonist and Alabama fan Josh Patrick. Get well soon and Roll Tide!
Watch the video: video

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Sylvia A. Earle
Sylvia A. Earle :         My dear friend and mentor, Dr. Genie Clark passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. Throughout her life she showed us how to live a life of purpose, inspiring millions, including myself to follow their dreams.
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Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis : I lost one of my dear life-long friends this past weekend. It is with great sadness that I report that Larry Culis has passed away. He was found in his bed Sunday morning, March 1st. The exact cause of death is not yet known but he had undergone major heart surgery in the past few years. He was a classmate of mine from the class of 1970. He was married to his High School sweetheart, Debbie Herbal, also an Affton alumni. I believe she was from the class of 1971/1972 and who had passed away from cancer some years ago. He is survived by 2 wonderful daughters, their spouses, and 3 grandchildren. Thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends.
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