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CitiDent CitiDent :         Dear friends and family,

In less than 48 hours, I'll have realized my goal of running THE Boston Marathon and joining the Boston Strong family. The final count down to April 20th is here! With all your support, I have logged 685 miles in the past 5 months and mentally studied every hill on the course, I couldn't be more excited to arrive at the starting line in Hopkinton on Monday morning to begin the 26.2 mile journey to the famous FINISH in Boston.

I am so grateful for all your generous support of my run, and in particular for supporting the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on my behalf. 100% of your tax deductible donation will be going toward research finding better therapies and ultimately cures for this deadly disease.

You can follow me on my run by logging onto and check with my bib number (26054). Alternatively, you can text my number to 234567 to receive updates of my progress during the race as well. My starting time will be approximately 11:15am EST.

Thank YOU! See you at the FINISH line :-)



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Cathie Coats Cathie Coats : Lisa     Thomi Clinton's friend's dog needs a loving home. Her owner has cancer. Can you help?
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ECAN Esophageal Cancer Action Network ECAN Esophageal Cancer Action Network :         Is there a Story that would make YOU want to Save Lives?
Here's Fred Ferrier's story of a dear friend lost to Esophageal Cancer and why he will rappel 24 stories in his memory: "This rappel and ECAN is especially important to me as one of my best friends of over 20 years recently battled esophageal cancer. The word "cancer" remains a scary one, but only by talking about it and bringing it to the forefront of the public eye are we able to educate, identify and treat not only esophageal cancer, but cancer in all its forms. If my participation in this event helps bring awareness to even one individual, then I feel a small personal success. With the generosity of people like you, this event and ECAN as a whole can save a life...perhaps even your own. Every donation is truly needed and sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your support!" Support Fred's efforts to go Over the Edge and take Esophageal Cancer Awareness to New Heights:

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Alba Sharing Shepherds Alba Sharing Shepherds : WATERFORD MICHIGAN

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Alba Sharing Shepherds Alba Sharing Shepherds : WATERFORD MICHIGAN

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Brian Shap Brian Shap :         Hey all, LFC Baltimore's sister charity (The Craig Willinger Fund) is seeking a young cancer patient/survivor to honor with a trip to FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada this summer. The charity, which was dear to your very own Sally Kirkness, needs help finding a soccer fan who has fought/is fighting the disease. Please help us spread the word/widen the search. Qualified applicants should be 10 to 25 years of age and have a story of how soccer helped them transcend a cancer diagnosis. Application details can be found at Thanks/Cheers/YNWA ~Brian Shap, LFC Baltimore Reds
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Polished To Perfection Polished To Perfection :         My dear Taylor... you almost had me in tears with this breast cancer set of nails. You are a very awesome young lady, and it's my honor to be your Nail Tech! !!! (Stephanie)
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Team Inspiration Warriors Team Inspiration Warriors : Lori        
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Lisa Osborne Lisa Osborne : Please Help,
My dear friends cancer has worsened & is no longer able to care for his "Zoe" She is 3 years old,32 pounds,all shots etc.1/2 french bull dog 1/2 sweet pitty,does anyone know rescue groups?Thank you ~Lisa

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See Jane Ride See Jane Ride : Click here to support Helen Breon Volz Cancer Medical Fund     Please help these dear friends of Jane

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Anthony's Barbers Anthony's Barbers :         It is with our deepest regret that we lost a member of Anthony's family today. This extraordinary lady lost her life to cancer. Gail kept our shop clean as only she could. Best of all, she had the gift of making us laugh. RIP our dear friend.
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Melanie Rose Killick Melanie Rose Killick : Kylie Minogue - (No More Rain live version from Kylie X Tour London 2008)     In December 2008 after two rounds of chemo, I sat in the audience at Kylie's X concert with some dear friends. Kylie wrote this song about coming out the other side of cancer and it still fills me with hope every time I hear it ♡     IMPORTANT: if you can see this video here... then emule for it... This video is published here for promotional reasons. If you like this video. Please buy th...
Watch the video: video

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Dance For Dreams Charity Competition Dance For Dreams Charity Competition : Who's ready for dance off update number 4

Here it is as of 5:30 pm day 2 - ONLY MARKED DANCES ARE CONFIRMED

Dancing for Agape Hospice is Friends (confirmed), Hide and Seek, Stomp The Blues
Dancing for JDRF is In The News, POP 101
Dancing for Little Warriors is Get My Name, Snapbacks and What, Shake That and Gold (tie)
Dancing for MS Society is Rockin In Rhythm, Wantoo Mania, Prutataa Science
Dancing for Juno House is Turn Up the Music and Happy Face
Dancing for Kids Cancer Care is The Following and Glamorous Life
Dancing for Debra Canada is Footloose, Why Do I Love Pizza, Generation Now, Fireball, Dear Future Husband (tie)
Dancing for The Arthritis Society is Miss Murder, All That Jazz and Experience
Dancing for Medicine Hat Women's Shelter is Cell Block Tango, Joes Garage, and Pearl White Moments
Dancing for Alzheimer's Society is Friend Like Me and Surf City



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Niomi Juelez Niomi Juelez : Horoscope 13
Apr 18, 2015
Today's one of those more or less advisory type horoscopes, dear Cancers. First, though, a shout to Lesley Poulter- a Very Awesome Cancer, indeed. One of my favorite commenters to see. You guys, let me tell you, today: cross those t's and dot those i's and make sure you're taking the time to do things right. You generally do, but in the rush and push of the day, man, sometimes, these things happen.

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Regine Siemons-Lefteruk Regine Siemons-Lefteruk : Please pray for my dear student Kaylee.. she has been struggling with cancer for less than one year and she has declined significantly in the last month and she's now very very very ill with multiple tumors on her brain and on her spine. ... she is unresponsive and only with close family and friends in her own room ....I'm so sad and I feel so badly... I was praying for a miracle....and i still am even though it doesn't look good right now. ....please join me! !!!!!! i don't know if she knows the Lord .....she is such a beautiful girl inside and out! !!!
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FREE GIRLS YOGA FREE GIRLS YOGA :         After being called horrible things in the media regarding her weight and how she looked in this dress, this was her response. You tell em Pink!
“I can see that some of you are concerned about me from your comments about my weight. You're referring to the pictures of me from last night's cancer benefit that I attended to support my dear friend Dr. Maggie DiNome. She was given the Duke Award for her tireless efforts and stellar contributions to the eradication of cancer. But unfortunately, my weight seems much more important to some of you.
While I admit that that dress didn’t photograph as well as it did in my kitchen, I will also admit that I felt very pretty. In fact, I feel beautiful.
I’m not worried about me. I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off.”
#healthybodyimage #healthbody #pink #sayitlikeitis #dontjudgewomenontheirbodies

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Dementia: The Journey Ahead Dementia: The Journey Ahead : One of our dear friends has an all too familiar, heartbreaking situation. Please, share your experiences and comforting messages for her.
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Mike Chua Mike Chua : Mike Chua added a life event from April 6: Lost a Loved One.     To my dear wife Catherine,

Whose life was so cruelly struck down by cancer, and whose ashes we laid to rest at Pine Hills Cemetery today.

Know that you had fought the good fight these last 2 years and now it's to rest in peace.

It has taken me 20 years to realize this, but of the 2 of us, you were always the stronger and braver one. Thank you for giving me the best 20 years of my life.

I will love, remember and miss you always,


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