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Dateline JC
Dateline JC : Carbondale man to prison for theft from Wal-Mart    
1 minute ago - View -
City of St. Cloud, Florida
City of St. Cloud, Florida : September Dateline     The City of St. Cloud newsletter, Dateline, is a communication tool of the City Manager used to disseminate municipality information to people who live and/or work in St. Cloud. The September Dateline is available for viewing and downloading.
2 minutes ago - View -
Joaquin T. Taduran Jr.
Joaquin T. Taduran Jr. : DATELINE CHICAGO: Three decades hence | news    
4 minutes ago - View -
ActivismRocks : Chuck Todd says goodbye to TDR     #Dateline Video: Chuck Todd says goodbye to TDR #ActivismRocks #AAAW     Video on Preparing for his role as the new Meet the Press moderator, Chuck Todd bids farewell to The Daily Rundown.
Watch the video: video

10 minutes ago - View -
John Enfield
John Enfield : Dateline 2014: Pushing Operating System 'Upgrades' Through Pointless System Requirements

The good news, as a student at my college this year, I have the option of downloading Microsoft Office 365 (a free* version of Office 2013) so that I can do my assignments on Word, Excel, Power Point etc.

The bad news, it is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8, not with XP or Vista. Fortunately, I still have Office 2010 (which the college offered at a pretty good discount last year) that is compatible with XP and Vista and, as far as I can tell, uses the same file formats as Office 2013 (thus is compatible with it).

I've looked at the features and settings of both Office programs and they are almost identical except for a couple of ways to collaborate online (which I hope my class doesn't use and uses what is already in Canvas!). So, there's no point in making 365 incompatible with XP and Vista other than pushing Windows 7 and 8.

11 minutes ago - View -
Three Player Mahjong(三人麻将)
Three Player Mahjong(三人麻将) : WHO IS THE LUCKY ONE!!!

Dateline:30/8/2014 (11.59pm)

1. Play Three Player Mahjong
Print screen your 4 Great Blessings(大四喜) game.

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3. Print screen image must include your game ID(name)
Each Player only able to redeem 1 time.
Try your luck now in 3 Player Mahjong!
Good luck!


11 minutes ago - View -
Gibbons, AB
Gibbons, AB : Dateline: August 27 - Gibbons     Check out this blog posted by Wild Pink Yonder regarding their visit to Gibbons!!

20 minutes ago - View -
New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association
New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association : New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association     NHADA is serious about lift safety. Read about this and much more within Dateline: NH In Motion:
45 minutes ago - View -
Kathleen Forrest
Kathleen Forrest : Jeff Kamnikar    
54 minutes ago - View -
Ericka Fizer
Ericka Fizer : How may of yall watch DATELINE.... 48 HOURS.... 48HOURS MYSTERY.... 20/20..... WIVES WITH KNIVES..... UNUSUAL SUSPECTS..... HOMICIDE HUNTER...... SNAPPED????? Alllllllllllll WHITE ON WHITE CRIME..... I'm so sick of hearing black on black crime this&that..... That shits in every race &It's not gonna stop. Its no more in the BLACK community than it is in the WHITE community...... Get over it & pray for every race!
57 minutes ago - View -
Karen Leff
Karen Leff : Pinal Co. courthouse wins another national award     Just FYI...
1 hour ago - View -
Melissa Christian
Melissa Christian : Timeline Photos     An inside look at how Dateline NBC and correspondent Keith Morrison work to tell murder mysteries as they cover one in Pendleton, Oregon:     This is huge for Pendleton Oregon,considering they dont let the Roundup be covered by news anchors...So cool..
1 hour ago - View -
Arizona Preservation Foundation
Arizona Preservation Foundation : Pinal Co. courthouse wins another national award     Dateline Toronto, Canada... the historic 2nd Pinal County Courthouse in FLORENCE receives the 2014 Public Works Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association.
1 hour ago - View -
Federal Ministry of Youth Development, Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Youth Development, Nigeria : Nigeria Needs N60 Billion for Digital Switchover - NBC     Nigeria Needs N60 Billion for Digital Switchover - NBC

Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC, has said Nigeria needed between N60 billion and N80 billion to achieve full coverage of the country from analogue to digital broadcasting by June 17, 2015.

Director General of the commission, Dr. Emeka Mba, who disclosed this at an event to mark the 22nd anniversary of the commission in Abuja, said the amount was an estimated cost of procuring set up boxes and subsidy by Federal Government, and cost of buyback subsidy by broadcast stations, cost television stations would incur on publicity of the process among other cost required to achieve the ITU dateline.

Read more:

1 hour ago - View -
Mike Moreno
Mike Moreno : Henry Sy, Lucio Tan still the country’s richest     Dateline: Richmond, B.C., A certain Ramon Co or Colet a Filipino Chinese Canadian living in a Condo corner #3 road and Williams with his wife and married son claimed his wealth now is between U.S. 7-B to U.S. 8-B he received from U.S. Federal government and is expecting to hit the U.S. 12.6-B. The reason he is always claiming and telling to most Filipino regular 7 days a week that is he holding so many U.S. treasury bonds and corresponding piece of gold with similar number on them. He showed it to me personally and it looks "genuine" but a certain Edgar Bisnar a son of my friend retired Ambassador Bisnar my former co-worker at the Dept of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines.

Ramon Co/Colet claimed he was sued by the Canadian government "Provincial or Federal" for money laundering and failure to pay tax in the amount of CDN. 150,000. which he paid immediately stressing further that since he is still keeping many U.S. treasury bond, he is under CIA survey-lance. To my mind Ramon Co/Colet is fur richer than Henry Sy and Lucio Tan.

Ramon Co/Colet said he bought a big shares of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and giant Philippines ABS-CBN a corporation owned by the Lopez and Moreno family.

Another man Ed. Rosero a daily Richmond Mall visitor said, he is willing to testify as to the correctness of this "info." Hello Canada Revenue Service!!!!

1 hour ago - View -