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Claudia Ortez-Landa
Claudia Ortez-Landa : Timeline Photos     And now, the Dateline Tuesday Timeline!

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Rolf Yungclas
Rodney Paul Williamson, 70, Satanta, Kansas, died on Monday, September 23, 2014, at Satanta District Hospital, Satanta, KS. The son of Frances & Agnes (Hickman) Williamson, he was born January 24, 1944, at Satanta, KS.
He and Letha Schoonover were married April 21, 1968, at Scott City, KS. He was in US Navy from 1962 to 1967. He was a member of United Methodist Church and American Legion Post 276 of Satanta.
He & Letha was owners of the Pizza Shack from 1976 to 1983 and then open Stop to Shop TrueValue 1983 to 2011.
Survivors include his wife, Letha Williamson, Satanta, KS; son, Devin Williamson & wife Dawn, Ulysses, KS; daughter, Belinda DeMott & husband Tim, Baldwin City, KS, 5 Grandchildren and other relatives and friends.
He was preceded in death by his parents, brother, Ronnie Williamson.
A memorial has been established for Dudley Township Library and American Legion Post 276. Memorials may be mailed to Paul’s Funeral Home-Box 747-Satanta, KS 67870.
Funeral services will be held on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 10:30 A.M. at the United Methodist Church, Satanta, Kansas and Satanta Dudley Township Cemetery, Satanta, Kansas.
Paul’s Funeral Home, Satanta is in charge of arrangements. Friends may call Wednesday 10 am to 8 pm at the funeral home.

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Raquel G. Triana
Raquel G. Triana : SBS Dateline | Zack s Battle    
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Mat Troy
Mat Troy : Dateline Topflat:
*Kath channel hops to X Files*
Kath: oh my god
Mat: what?
Kath: I think it's Fluke
Mat: dont look into the sewer!
Kath: No it's Toombs!
Mat: Eugene Victor Toombs
Kath: Squuueeeeeze!

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Laura Markham McDonald
Laura Markham McDonald : Timeline Photos     This is a scan from the actual magazine so sorry about the creases. This is a great publication. Pick up a copy.

AOR Magazine BEST SHOT Pg 10 : We've never showcased a new band on our Hit Me With Your Best Shot photo spread before but we have now - so get a taste of Tempt! The caption reads: Dateline: Pryor Oklahoma May 25 2014 It's 4:30PM and New York quartet Tempt have just walked on to the Retrospect Records stage at the Rocklahoma festival, their first big showcase gig for their new EP Under My Skin. Like a match to a stick of dynamite they launch into the opening volley of their trademark melodic rock 'n' roll with an impressive display of athletic star power. Drink this amazing image in and tell us you don't wish you'd been there in the crowd too. Find out more about Tempt on p23 and p103. — with Zachary Gross and 3 others.     Another reason to love TEMPT!

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Natural Detox Pat
Natural Detox Pat :    
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Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog
Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog : Novel Grounds    
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Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist
Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist : Warren Scherich    
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Juan Benedicto
Juan Benedicto : Timeline Photos     MODOC NEWS WIRE....DATELINE... SEWICKLEY PA...

Norfolk Southern Railroad is suing locomotive enginner over train crash...Enginner C.E. Hellig is being sued by Norfolk Southern Railroad his employer after Hellig's train missed a signal or ignored a signal to stop his train. Hellig's train slammed into the rear of another parked train...Mr. Hellig is a member of the SMART Union...Norfolk Southern is seeking damages for the repair of two locomotives and other freight cars...It is not clear what Norfolk Southern would gain by the lawsuit, except it would now shift the responsibility for damages and reckless behavior to the person or persons directly responsible...An unnamed source said that the railroads are tired of paying for the "destruction derby attitude of train crews"... Mr Hellig said he does not have insurance to pay for the damages and could lose everything he owns...
MODOC NEWS WIRE...     interesting.. opinions?

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Nicole Barthus
Nicole Barthus : Colored Girls Rock!!!    
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Anna Sofoulaki
Anna Sofoulaki : SBS Dateline | The Poorest President    
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Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist
Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist : Warren Scherich    
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Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist
Warren H. Scherich, Jr. Artist : Warren Scherich    
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A Little Bit Different: Tourette's Syndrome
A Little Bit Different: Tourette's Syndrome : SBS Dateline | Zack s Battle     Zach's Battle: It’s a year since Dateline first met 15-year-old Zack Lamb, who has one of the most severe cases of Tourette Syndrome in the United States, and it’s been the biggest and most difficult year of his life.
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We found not just one, but two project managers to help us over the Art Week period. Though the application dateline was stated 5 October, but work is piling up, so we decided to bring in reinforcement earlier.

The call is now closed. Many thanks for the interest.

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Huck LeftLane Northcutt
Huck LeftLane Northcutt : Breaking News AP.
Dateline 23 Sept. 2014 1625 Hrs.

In a news conference, this morning in Damascus, Syria, Mohammed Abdul Jabar, the leading translation expert, was discussing several vague passages of the Qur'an, When he was heard to exclaim WTH!??!

Apparently, it is NOT 72 virgins awaiting those that die for Islam, but rather, One 72 year old virgin...

Details and responses, as they become available, from the leaders of Islam and their militant factions.

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UC Davis College of Letters and Science
UC Davis College of Letters and Science : Economics chair Stevens to lead GSM on interim basis :: Dateline UC Davis    
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Martin Cortes
Martin Cortes : Tercero 3: Our most sustainable residence halls yet :: Dateline UC Davis     The rooms look bigger..nuff said
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Dateline NBC
Dateline NBC : If you guessed 1989.. congratulations! You are correct.

What was your family doing in the beginning of that fall?


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Naota Nandaba
Naota Nandaba : Dateline gives excellent tips on killing someone.
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Kris Beezie
Kris Beezie : Shocking Hotel Room Undercover Video: Don't Drink From the Glass     Umm so I won't be drinking out of the glasses at hotels anymore THANKS DATELINE LOL     A shocking undercover report that might have you packing your own cups for your hotel stays. Ever wonder why you rarely see new glasses on the housekeeping's trollies? This could explain why.
Watch the video: video

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Linda Arndt
Linda Arndt : Timeline Photos     And now, the Dateline Tuesday Timeline!

What year was it?


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Melissa Beth Owens
Melissa Beth Owens : Timeline Photos     And now, the Dateline Tuesday Timeline!

What year was it?


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UC Davis Student Housing
UC Davis Student Housing : Tercero 3: Our most sustainable residence halls yet :: Dateline UC Davis     Did you know our newest residence halls are our most sustainable residence halls yet? Read why in the article below!
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Elizabeth Bell
Elizabeth Bell : 'Dateline' plans spotlight on Techel case     Welcome to Iowa
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Novel Grounds
Novel Grounds : ★★★★★ “Holy hell, I was going to end up on Dateline. I was going to end up strangling my bride - in bed, and not Fifty Shades-style. Shit.”
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Libby Moore
Libby Moore : Agencies-Warn-of-Concussion-Prevention-and-Treatment-Claims!    
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