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Harold Rafael Beltre Ynoa
Harold Rafael Beltre Ynoa : Timeline Photos     Don't miss High Heat as Christopher Russo discusses Cole Hamels trade rumors, Phil Hughes' three-year extension with the Minnesota Twins and more, coming up at 1pm ET!    
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Jim Scott
Jim Scott : The Padres are pursuing San Diego's own Cole Hamels!!! MY HEART WOULD EXPLODE!
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Joe Grossman
Joe Grossman : Buster Olney at posts this:

Cole Hamels would make Pads a top contender

The Padres are said to be pursuing Cole Hamels, writes Ryan Lawrence.

San Diego still has three of its top four prospects remaining after its flurry of trades, based on Baseball America’s rankings -- catcher Austin Hedges, pitcher Matt Wisler, and outfielder Hunter Renfroe -- and the Padres have a potential trade chip in Wil Myers, who will be under team control for five more seasons. So San Diego has the roster firepower to put together a trade for Hamels, because it’s hard to imagine the Phillies trading the left-hander without at least asking for at least two in that group of four players.

Don’t forget that Hamels grew up in the San Diego area and the Padres are among the teams to which he could be traded without his permission. This distinguishes the Padres from a team such as the Red Sox, who are one of the teams to which Hamels could veto a trade.

Buster points out issues and what would result in his column at ESPN Insider. If the Padres offered 1 of their top 3 and Wil Myers plus another mid-level prospect, one would think the Phillies would pull the trigger. And if I'm wrong about that and they could get more, well.. the Padres would suddenly have a very dangerous team and the Phillies' rebuilding would have a solid start.

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I Love The Phillies
I Love The Phillies : Philadelphia Phillies rumors: San Diego Padres a trade partner for Cole Hamels?     Enter the Phillies, who have talked about a potential Hamels deal with the Padres, according to Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News. A deal makes sense on all kinds of levels, not the least of which being that Hamels is a San Diego native …
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MLB-Fans of Everything Baseball
MLB-Fans of Everything Baseball : Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia     Report: Cole Hamels- Wil Myers trade talks premature. phillie34
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