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Pat Riley
Pat Riley :     Im chasing after you...    
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WMBF News : Myrtle Beach Police chase and tase man accused of sexual assault     Myrtle Beach Police chase and tase man accused of sexual assault:

Myrtle Beach Police witnessed security guards chasing a man at Broadway at the Beach early Saturday morning who allegedly stuck his hands up the dress of a girl at a bar and fondled her, according to a police report.

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Janice Hannagan
Janice Hannagan :     Colton and Chase running barrels at Alma    
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Lauri Young
Lauri Young :     U see million of babies shell crabs. And brody chasing bird lol.. =:)    
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Keith Brooke Richardson
Keith Brooke Richardson :     Chasing pavements with alisha    
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10 minutes ago - View -
Janice Hannagan
Janice Hannagan :     Colton and Chase at Alma ... Thinkin Chase is too tired to run ... Had too much pasture time earlier in the day :/    
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RIDE bmx
RIDE bmx : Introducing the Marana Og by Chase Hawk - Ride BMX     Chase Hawk + etnies + amazing spot = edit magic.
15 minutes ago - View -
Chasing Life
Chasing Life :     How do you chase life? Tell us in our Chasing Life Fan Inspiration app!
15 minutes ago - View -
Joseph Chavez
Joseph Chavez :     Whos down? Chase u cnt play unless its da low key     That's How You Play Paintball!
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21 minutes ago - View -
Vulture : This Is Hilary Duff’s Comeback Song: ‘Chasing the Sun’     Here's Hilary Duff's new single.
24 minutes ago - View -
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez :     Jeremy Anderson Chase Carpenter Brenden Nosalik Jon Krueger Dylan Clauss Robby Duh     Curta: RadioConnectMusic
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Match of the Day
Match of the Day : Timeline Photos     Liverpool FC have joined Manchester United in the race for Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen as FC Barcelona chase Daniel Agger.

Aston Villa FC - Official want to sign Victor Moses on loan from Chelsea Football Club.

And find out which Southampton FC player Liverpool are eyeing up next.

It's today's gossip second edition:    

26 minutes ago - View -
Ana Woodard Franklin
Ana Woodard Franklin : Sheriff Ana Franklin    
33 minutes ago - View -
Trevor Jude Primeaux
Trevor Jude Primeaux :     Now this is what I'm talking about! We needa do this!! Greg Bryant, Chase Anthony Bonin, David Alford , Coy DaWildman Horn, Caleb Wolfman Horn!     Instrutor zero
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34 minutes ago - View -
Hannah Lipman
Hannah Lipman : If money didnt exist, would you still be chasing the same dreams?
36 minutes ago - View -
Brian Nhira
Brian Nhira :     One of the greatest assurances that we have while chasing God's dream for our life is that whenever we stumble or whenever we fall he will always pick us up, dust us off and send us right back out there to continue chasing them!

"Failure doesn't mean you are a failure... it just means you haven't succeeded yet." -Robert Schuller    
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36 minutes ago - View -
NASCAR from Bleacher Report
NASCAR from Bleacher Report : NASCAR Standings and Schedule After Brickyard 400     Jeff Gordon locked up his spot in the Chase!

Where does the rest of the field stand?

36 minutes ago - View -
Amanda Grewe
Amanda Grewe : Cows running after remote control truck     Okay, i need to borrow someone's cattle so I can try this. Bucket list     Hahaha this is awesome. A bunch of cows checking out, and chasing a remote control truck. If I had a farm I would totally do this.
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39 minutes ago - View -
The Rock is Culture
The Rock is Culture : Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars    
42 minutes ago - View -
Cody Joseph Painter
Cody Joseph Painter : Dear New Resource Bank,
I was so excited to be part of your commitment to the environment with my meager savings account. And yet, I can't cash checks or deposit cash anywhere, and your 1 branch in SF won't do me much good in Louisiana. So... Yeah, bye. I guarantee I'll be upset about Chase's fees and general evilness every day, but what can I do?


42 minutes ago - View -
Greta Perry
Greta Perry : Sadly, the world we live in now, has hackers and spammers as an every day nuisance. This is the second time in 2 months I have been a banking fraud "victim." It is being painlessly handled by Chase and Paypal - but nonetheless a huge annoyance and inconvenience. Just saying....
43 minutes ago - View -
Breaking News (Teesside)
Breaking News (Teesside) : Hit-and-run death driver Ashley Lindo is jailed again for dangerous driving     Hit-and-run death driver Ashley Lindo is jailed again for dangerous driving: Ashley Lindo killed Daniel Conroy Curtin in 2006 :: He has now been jailed for 18 months after a high speed car chase through Middlesbrough town centre
44 minutes ago - View -
Nora Estephanie Hernandez Torres
Nora Estephanie Hernandez Torres :     Noah Gonzalez Chase Whitmore     Pump track skateboarding!! Borrow a. Oars after seeing this, only took one digger, little swelbo this morning!! Haha
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47 minutes ago - View -
Tayler John Henry Godfrey
Tayler John Henry Godfrey :     Chase an status melting faces with destructive bass    
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50 minutes ago - View -
Moz Kidd
Moz Kidd :         Happy Moz Kidd Monday :)
I just replied to 86 of the best messages ever (inbox). #TeamMozKidd you are amazing :) Thank you/Obrigado.

You are definitely fuel for my dream chase.

New song "Famous" in August with Mark Exodus.
Stay Tuned :D

50 minutes ago - View -
Best Instagram & Vine Videos
Best Instagram & Vine Videos : Watch These Japanese School Girls Chase Each Other Like Ninjas     I bet you can't do any of their skilful moves...
55 minutes ago - View -
Emma Pearce
Emma Pearce : Can I please use this group to say a huge THANKYOU to the man in the white car that stopped in Dalvik ave Merriwa to assist me and my son! Not sure what would of happened if u didn't!
Please be aware any Merriwa residents the man at 66 Dalvik ave merriwa, tried to steal my sons bike while he was on it, threatened and yelled at us and then chased us up the road. We were just walking home from the park on the footpath.

57 minutes ago - View -
VeloNews : China’s Ji Cheng to take post-Tour break after earning lanterne rouge -     Tour lanterne rouge Ji Cheng is ready for a rest after chasing breaks, enduring knee pain, and fighting time cuts.
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Erica Westmoreland
Erica Westmoreland : Hippo Update! Hippo is doing great! His sutures were removed on Saturday and he is getting around splendidly. I have had multiple people comment that as soon as his hair grows in, it will be hard to tell it is missing. Him and Hopi (his little sister) were playing chase the other day outside and he caught Hopi. She was not impressed, but I was. Hippo's new family will be here to visit with him next Sunday and then will take him home forever in the next couple weeks. We wish we had the time to devote to Hippo, but with the baby coming and our other dogs, we felt that he would get more attention and love with this family.
59 minutes ago - View -
Virgin Radio 96
Virgin Radio 96 : JFL 2014: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Andy Samberg, Chevy Chase and more!     Montreal LOL'ed thanks to The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg, Seth Rogen, Chevy Chase, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more! Check out the highlights from Just for Laughs 2014!
1 hour ago - View -
Tanner Morris
Tanner Morris : Being forced to overdraft my account to make it to a job sucks. Being broke sucks. Chasing your dreams.. fucking rocks.
1 hour ago - View -
Theresa Levasseur
Theresa Levasseur :         Everyone loves Heather Lentz, "Sweetheart of the Line"! And that love was bumped up a few notches last night as she started off the evening handing out 80 popsicles to folks in Line! Thank-you Audrey Kozack! People were chasing her down for an hour after the treats were gone, wondering if she had any more! Heather offered food to one gentleman who has never accepted anything from us. Last night she asked him why & he quietly said he was afraid. Had been told if he took our food "they" would cut his throat. That was his reality. We chatted with him, he said he had a hard time talking with people & didn't want to take food from people who needed it more. We told him no one is starving, it's a party & a way to connect with folks. We just like to share & wanted him to be a part of it. Eventually he agreed to take one of those ham sandwiches. He said he was afraid of women due to past issues. Heather & I said we would continue to check in with him & promised to leave our claws behind. Later, he had a piece of cake. Allowed a few smiles...

Amanda has also grabbed many hearts out here. She will talk to anyone & everyone, (wonder where Jaxon gets it?!?!) mingling amongst folks, sharing laughter, hearing stories & being her beautiful self. Last night she was handing out autographed Klondike Kate pics (her mom) & this got everyone raving about how great that party was!!!!

1 hour ago - View -
Terrence Wallock
Terrence Wallock : Raccoons Go CRAZY for Doritos!         Have you seen a wild pack of raccoons chasing down people for Doritos? Neither have we...until now! You've got to SHARE this video!!!
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Katie Clayton
Katie Clayton :     Steve Clayton even at the age of 30 the chickens are still chasing me, shame its not men ha xx    
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Griffin's Cutting Horses
Griffin's Cutting Horses :     I've been training my dogs all wrong. Looks like we are about to have a little more loping help. Chase Burgess Chasity Desselle Griffin     Bulldog on a Rocking Horse

This dog is pretty awesome...

#ABCNews #BulldogOnARockingHorse
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1 hour ago - View -
Dan Sgc Upk Loc
Dan Sgc Upk Loc : Raccoons Go CRAZY for Doritos!     crazy Jenny Day     Have you seen a wild pack of raccoons chasing down people for Doritos? Neither have we...until now! You've got to SHARE this video!!!
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1 hour ago - View -
James Bieritz
James Bieritz :     Fucking dumb ass lol     BEST CAR CHASE EVER! - Yo Mama
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1 hour ago - View -
Elizabeth Mean
Elizabeth Mean :     Up early getting my phone fixed smh. BOSS plates on a BOSS ride this is BOSS BISCH LIVING! Females stressing over the wrong things. Focus that energy on gettin rite not CHASING WRONG! I been grinding like this for less than a year and look at my life. Imagine what would happen with 5 OTHER ME'S?! Talk about great leadership...#QGMG #QUTIELIFE #getFOCUSED #BOSSliving #CATCHNbluelines #LINElife
p.s.- I know I had a blonde moment I said 107 it says 105 yes I have plenty of duh moments...    
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1 hour ago - View -
FC Naija
FC Naija : Burnley join the chase to sign Celtic defender Efe Ambrose     Super Eagles defender Efe Ambrose could be on the way to the EPL Burnley Football Club Celtic FC #NGSuperEagles #WorldCup
1 hour ago - View -
IInfamousz Helen
IInfamousz Helen : Raccoons Go CRAZY for Doritos!     Damn.     Have you seen a wild pack of raccoons chasing down people for Doritos? Neither have we...until now! You've got to SHARE this video!!!
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Fikrat Khair
Fikrat Khair : Woman Chased By Hundreds of Rabbits :D         Woman Chased By Hundreds of Rabbits :D
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1 hour ago - View -
謝宏東 : Cows running after remote control truck         Hahaha this is awesome. A bunch of cows checking out, and chasing a remote control truck. If I had a farm I would totally do this.
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West Central Louisiana Sportsline
West Central Louisiana Sportsline : Partridge to continue baseball career at Hutchinson Junior College |     Congratulations to Chase Partridge on signing with Hutchinson Community College in Kansas: - with Jeff Smith
1 hour ago - View -
Global Regina
Global Regina : Police chase ends at the Corner Gas set in Rouleau     The backdrop for the former TV show and soon-to-be movie “Corner Gas” has played a role in the long-range police pursuit of a vehicle across southern Saskatchewan.
1 hour ago - View -
Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times : 10 Time-Lapse Images of Phoenix Being Built Over 80 Years     Watch Chase Field be built in a matter of seconds.
1 hour ago - View -
Sky News
Sky News : Killer Joyrider Lindo Jailed Again After Chase     Killer Joyrider Lindo Jailed Again After Chase

A man who ran over and killed an eight-year-old boy in 2006 is back behind bars after racing through a residential area in a police chase.

1 hour ago - View -
Allison Napier
Allison Napier : Spent a lovely hour chasing tourists to give them back all their dirty laundry,tent etc that fell out of their open boot!!!
1 hour ago - View -
Shajin Mohammed P
Shajin Mohammed P : Chasing the Monsoon.     Awesome Shahil bro ... !!! tempting to meet u and ur land
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