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Yvonne Carruthers
Yvonne Carruthers :         Lovely Lucy is wanting a sofa to snuggle up on, please see link for further info if you are interested
3 minutes ago - View -
Niki Carruthers
Niki Carruthers :         Brand new note 4 flip case. 35.00 obo
5 minutes ago - View -
William Carruthers
William Carruthers :         BENTLEY Speed Six (Blue Train) 1930
6 minutes ago - View -
Yvonne Carruthers
Yvonne Carruthers :         This gorgeous boy is Melvin & he is looking for a forever home. Please contact Animal concern if you are interested. More info on the website
10 minutes ago - View -
Sian Carruthers Drew
Sian Carruthers Drew : Selling a black high gloss calligaris table extends to 6ft has marks on corners etc with moving homes anyone interested pm me wanting £200 ovno
11 minutes ago - View -
Sian Carruthers Drew
Sian Carruthers Drew : Selling a black high gloss calligaris table extends to 6ft has marks on corners etc with moving homes anyone interested pm me wanting £200 ovno
11 minutes ago - View -
Shepshed Running Club
Shepshed Running Club : Shepshed Running Club updated their status.     RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS!

LRRL - Desford 6 - Sunday 29th March 2015
61st - Mike Leighton - 38:05 (chip 37:59)
260th - Jerry Cook - 46:55 (chip 46:15)

Wimpole Estate Parkrun - Saturday 28th March 2015
230rd - Mike Brettle - 33:19

Braunstone Parkrun - Saturday 28th March 2015
138th - Ray Draycott - 25:29

Rushcliffe Parkrun - Saturday 28th March 2015
189th (60th lady) - Sheila Carruthers - 29:46
205th (69th lady) - Diane Arthur - 30:53

Conkers Parkrun - Saturday 28th March 2015
28th (1st lady)- Flo Hiersemenzel - 21:04
29th - Mike Leighton - 21:05

32 minutes ago - View -
Live Free
Live Free : Live Free         Check it out family!!! Very important conversation being led with Barbara Arwine & Charlene Carruthers
38 minutes ago - View -
Tonya Carruthers
Tonya Carruthers :         Definitely not something you'd see every day driving around Tucson
39 minutes ago - View -
Gerald Carruthers
Gerald Carruthers : thanks jack
41 minutes ago - View -
Avery Carruthers
Avery Carruthers : Hey everyone! A co-worker of mine is looking for a new roommate starting in June. Send her an email at if you're interested in finding a place to live this summer! P.S. She has a cat.
47 minutes ago - View -
Theatre Communications Group
Theatre Communications Group :         Our Audience (R)Evolution Convening featured the brilliant graphic recordings of Lynn Carruthers. Here is her first panel from our session "The Ethics of Engagement," and here's a link to a PDF for your reading ease:
48 minutes ago - View -
Sara Carruthers
Sara Carruthers : Lovely dolls pushchairs / prams for sale
In used con loads of life left in them
£6 each
Pick up Wincanton

57 minutes ago - View -
Clawson's 1905 Restaurant & Pub
Clawson's 1905 Restaurant & Pub : Pintful: Wake Forest's White Street Brewing makes national splash at SAVOR     This N&O article is from last year, but it does a great job to showcasing how respected White Street Brewing Company, Inc's beers are on a national level:

" White Street’s Scotch Ale came with a pork belly brioche and its Hoptimist IPA with a brie tartlet. Both beers won new fans. “I think it’s the best one we’ve had here tonight,” said Kerry Carruthers, a 44-year-old who lives in northern Virginia, of White Street’s beers. “I appreciate that they let the beer speak for them, not the awards.” "

Read more here:

1 hour ago - View -
Julie Carruthers
Julie Carruthers : Craig Blake For fans not been able to make the weekend can you post if grey mare will be showing them on Premier sports or if you know of any other pubs who would show the games please. Thanks mate xxx
1 hour ago - View -
Julie Carruthers
Julie Carruthers : Hi everyone i would like to say a few words ..................... First of all i want to Thank Jim Bell form the coaches we have had this season & richard for helping me get the day patients out about for the day tongue emoticon & Steve the Bussy. Second BIG Thanks to all you loverly people for making the trips possible & for understanding when i have to cancel at the last minute because of the cost / not enough to run the coach. BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO Nik Broadhurst who has been our driver on the minibus runs it its very much appreciated & i owe ya a few pints grin emoticon. Last but by no means least it is a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Bobby McEwan and ALL THE BOYS for making this season awesome , i hope you have enjoyed the Traverling Barmy Armys antics as much as we have, the only downside is i wish we could go away every week & more could go but i understand everyone has different circumstances to take into consideration as i have always done my best to make it as cheap as possible for everyone. Now for the sad bit frown emoticon i have been asked about a coach to Nottingham at the weekend, IF i could manage to get a full coach it would cost £16pp without any discount for kids / concessions and i would have to pay for the coach asap (thursday) and need someone in charge BUT i am under orders that this is the one trip i will not be sorting as its my turn to have a rest & relax as the weekend has been sorted for me & i is off duty !!! , So i am sorry as i would love more fans to go but you will have to make your own way there. So enjoy the weekend & the summer Holidays , rest up ready for next season. #Crazyjellys #MuchoLoveo to you all. Jules XXXXXXXX
1 hour ago - View -