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Crystal Carruthers
Crystal Carruthers : Timeline Photos     Listen..

Please Share — with Meryangel Palero and Faded Blossom.    

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Charlene M Bukala
Charlene M Bukala : Happy Birthday, Linda Carruthers
12 minutes ago - View -
Tam Carruthers
Tam Carruthers : Please don't give me parenting advice unless I ask you! Remi is the happiest baby ever and is developing so well so I really don't need anyone's help so please keep your opinions to yourself and let me continue to raise MY child the way I want :)
13 minutes ago - View -
Gianfilippo Agente Redken
Gianfilippo Agente Redken :         Learn to THINK, SAY & DO differerntly!
Sam Villa and Andrew Carruthers are giving hairstylists access to LIVE education in real time!
Find out more right here:
OR just click play on the video below!
Watch the video: video

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Ross Carruthers
Ross Carruthers : Timeline Photos        
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Jason Carruthers
Jason Carruthers : Find What Google Says About You!    
20 minutes ago - View -
Eileen Carruthers
Eileen Carruthers : Off to Warwickshire tomorrow to stay with my sister & brother in law
24 minutes ago - View -
Stanley Carruthers
Stanley Carruthers : Miracle of life         Did you know that we are all miracles?
After watching this you will know, that life is truly a miracle.
Share this with you friends and let them know that they are also one of life's great miracles!

Animation created by Silvio Falcinelli (RenderingCG) and music by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard.
Watch the video: video

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Susan Carruthers
Susan Carruthers : Timeline Photos     Celebrating one more hour in bed with this back-in-time give away!
Just Like and Comment to WIN!

Terms: — with Nic Davidson and 6 others.    

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Tammy Carruthers Prust
Tammy Carruthers Prust : Timeline Photos     With Kathy Fallon and 2 others.    
36 minutes ago - View -
Kathy Carruthers
Kathy Carruthers : Timeline Photos         I resemble that remark!!! :)
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Michael Carruthers
Michael Carruthers : Timeline Photos     True story! — with Rebecca Vela and 47 others.    
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Dwayne Carruthers
Dwayne Carruthers : Mobile Uploads     👌 — with Darwees Darra Phillips.     So true.
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Kim Carruthers
Kim Carruthers : Timeline Photos        
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Antony Mark Carruthers
Antony Mark Carruthers : Mobile Uploads     I was dying.. — with Tania Francis Bond and 31 others.    
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Daniel Carruthers
Daniel Carruthers : Timeline Photos     Orlando Julius and The Heliocentrics on the road, January / February.     This will be an epic gig!
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Kim Carruthers
Kim Carruthers : Mobile Uploads     With Julie Buss Stramel and Angela Cabral.    
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Susan Carruthers
Susan Carruthers : Timeline Photos     Beauty Competition - Day 4

It's the FINAL day of our Max Factor UK beauty competition.

Today, we'd like you to choose between BLUSHER and BRONZING POWDER. In the comments below tell us, which one do you prefer to use and why?

New to this competition and need a few more details? Head here for all the information:    

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Donna MacKillop
Donna MacKillop :         Thank you Diane Bell this is my five pics that make me happy! But could add so many more!!! I nominate Julie Mackillop Claire Mackillop Kirsty Willmitt Nicola Carruthers Fiona McKay
1 hour ago - View -
Stuart Carruthers
Stuart Carruthers : My wonderful wife found me dried green mango. Oh lucky man I am.
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