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Moves Dance Studio
Moves Dance Studio : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton - Can't hold Us - Moves Dance Studio     Pop Jazz at Moves Dance Studio - Byblos,Lebanon. Choreography by Olya Filova (Оля Филова) Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton - Can't hold us. ww...
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Done Vida For Becky
Done Vida For Becky : New Life Worship - Here In Your Presence (Audio)     Good morning! Today I head to the doctor for my post-op appointment. I feel like I'm on the road to recovery. I still have some pain, I believe where the intestine was cut. I have gained some weight back but am still under 100 pounds. I need to gain around twelve pounds to get where I want to be but eight pounds to get where I was before the surgery. I still have a rash over my incisions but no fever, so that's good. I will let you all know how the appointment goes today.
Life is to be shared. With each other. Our joys and our pain. God put us together for that very reason. To help hold each other up. You have all done that well and I thank you! Thank you for the continued support and prayers! It has been a tremendous joy to me; the outpouring of love. I couldn't do this without you. I pray blessings over you!

I'd like to share this song with you. I listened to this over and over when I was in the hospital and felt that I was spiraling down. It helped me remember that all of this has nothing to do with me. I knew He would see me through, not necessarily because of me but because of Him and His plan. I had to put my trust in Him completely and know that whatever the outcome, it was His plan and He would use it for His glory. Sometimes it's hard to see that through all the pain, He can use that. He can and He does. For me. And for you.     I'm not encouraging to pirate this song. If you like this buy it.
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Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris :         Happy Anniversary to my love, my best friend, my husband of 14 years. Our life together continues to get better with each year. I can't wait to see what the next 14 hold. You are the love of my life Jeremy Harris. We have beaten the odds. First loves can last! I've loved you since I was fifteen and I always will! Special thanks to a man who taught two teenagers how to fight for our love! Rich McKinley you are a big reason why we are still an us! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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Hassan Márió
Hassan Márió : Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton & John Harris with Can't hold us (Frontliner Remix)     Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll fight 'til it’s over
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Like the ceiling can’t hold us     This is Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton & John Harris with Can't hold us (Frontliner Remix) Enjoy The Music!!!
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Mike Austin
Mike Austin : Hold Fast Mercy Me (Lyrics)     To all those out there that is hurting , this song is dedicated to all of you/us ..........Read the Lyric's.....................................     Yet another one of my favorite second video...hope you enjoy. :-)
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Stoke CON Trent
Stoke CON Trent : We just wanted to say a big thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all of you AWESOME people who turned up to Stoke CON Trent on Sunday! Considering it was the first event of it's kind in Stoke, the turnout was beyond our wildest dreams! You were all so enthusiastic and your costumes were superb! Thanks to all that entered the Cosplay Parade to show them off too, it was truly a sight to behold! The guests & stall holders were knocked back too, and Virginia Hey said that it was one of the nicest crowds she's had the pleasure of meeting! And trust us, she's attended A LOT of conventions! Our Cosplayers that were out and about entertaining the queue and the crowd also had a brilliant time with you all and can't wait to come back and see you all again! Stoke needed an event like this, where like minded people can come along and celebrate the world of entertainment in the unique way that only a comic con can truly play host to! So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Keep uploading and sharing all of your fantastic videos and photos that you took on the day... And we'll see you at the next one, which we are looking to hold around APRIL 2015!!! Look out for the updates! Until next time...
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Randy D. Mosier
Randy D. Mosier : The Known Universe     Our God is an awesome God. By his word the heavens were spoken into existence. His majesty is higher. His power is greater. Yet he loves even me. For while we were yet dead in our sin, Christ died for us. No matter what you face today know God is greater than your problem and will hold you in the palm of his hand. In fact he will wrap his loving arms around you. Feel the breath if God against your face as you press in to know Him and hear His voice in your life today.     The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and…
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Lisa Miera-Connelly
Lisa Miera-Connelly :     Happy 19th Birthday my baby girl
19 years ago God blessed us with your presence!!! Monique Leanne
you continually bless us everyday!!! "My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to- Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small- you never need to carry more than you can hold- And while your out there gettin where your gettin to- you know somebody loves you & wants the same things too!!" We you to the & back!!! Blessings all year!!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️    
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Yayo Dopeboy
Yayo Dopeboy : OBB - HOLD SUM (OFFICIAL VIDEO) LIKE SHARE COMMENT ... CHECK US OUT     Filmed & Edited By Jbizzy Brooks #GlassImagery
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Safe Sanctuary
Safe Sanctuary : This sucks....people dump their old dogs to die in shelters...we rescue them to give them a happy ending...for those that have done you know how much it hurts us??? Do you know that with ever dog we hold while it passes a piece of our heart goes with them??? This was your job, your responsibility...Yes, it hurts....but you got a dog or a cat, they gave you their best years...the least you can do is to be with them in the end and stop pushing them off on others who do heart is broken
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Michael John Soriano
Michael John Soriano : Kobe Bryant Mix | Can't Hold Us         My third mix! This one took me a while because I wanted to get the right clips, so I hope you guys enjoy! Can't Hold Us By Macklemore
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Walter Urrutia
Walter Urrutia : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us [Subtitulos Español]     Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us [Subtitulos Español]     Quieres la canción para descargar con el video incluido? Quieres la canción para descargar solo con la música ? Esta ...
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Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown : Christina Aguilera - Can't Hold Us Down     definitely not dancing on my own to this tuuuuuune     Music video by Christina Aguilera performing Can't Hold Us Down. (C) 2003 BMG
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Johnsie Hart
Johnsie Hart : Crabb Family - Still Holdin' On     Jesus is the best friend, the only Savior, the greatest gift we'll ever receive. He meets every need. He loves like no other. In HIS PRESENCE is joy evermore, peace that passes all understanding. Just hold on to HIM closer than we hold our cell phones... Check His messages; what He has to share with us. JESUS WILL PICK US UP AND HOLD US EVEN CARRY US THROUGH ANY STORM IN LIFE. OH, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me and purchased our salvation on Calvary. Amazing grace, how marvelous is His love. Amber reminded us we should treat (hold onto) His love letters like cell phones and tablets, checking HIS notifications everyday, throughout the day. What fellowship and joy if we hold onto messages (promises) He has given freely to whoever will ask, believe and receive holding on to Him as closely as we hold our phones. Jesus is of much more value, more blessing than anything on this earth and HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED! Let's have a talk with Jesus Who makes everything all right!    
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Jennifer Leighton
Jennifer Leighton : Ok ladies, fall is fast approaching us which means cooler weather for wearing jeans. I have a bunch of gently worn jeans from Gap, Banana Republic, and Express size 12 that need to go!! Locals only, I can't ship and unless you plan on driving to my house within the next few days I can't hold either. I'd like to get $10 a pair for them or we can work out a lot price. Message me if interested. If you buy the lot I'll throw in some shirts for free:)
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John Tedesco
John Tedesco : Click here to support Christopher ' s Legacy by Allison Marie Tedesco     Thank you all for your prayers and support over the last 2 days following the death of my 29 year old brother Chris from complications with an asthma attack. In lieu of flowers my family has decided to create a legacy fund to help with Christopher's final expenses and put some resources together for baby Noah in the coming months.

Chris had nothing but a heart of gold; no insurance or resources and was working what odd jobs he could to take care of his new son Noah Anthony Tedesco (10 months old). He spent his time looking for work and caring for his baby boy while his young mom (Chris' fiancée) worked at a fast food venue. This certainly caught my family unexpected. We would be greatly appreciative if you would consider a donation through the link below.

Also, I am working on arrangements for a memorial service for Saturday evening here in Raleigh. As I have more details I will let you all know. Thank you. I never thought I would be doing such for my baby brother. The 6 of us were always very close, and even more so after the death of our mom 10 yrs ago. I used to change his diapers and let him hold my fingers teaching him to walk. Now he's with mommy. Please continue to keep our family in prayer.

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Jorien Jones
Jorien Jones :     Adam Michael Jones This wont ever happen to us....     I would definitely do this as a parent if my grown ass son/daughter were being bums in my house hold #bossDAD
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Monica Button
Monica Button : Reliving my steps from three years ago today....if only I could go back to somehow change the events that took place. I wouldn't go to work today...I would have spent the day with him...we would have had the typical mom telling the son that he needs to get on the right path and he would have told me that I needed to stop worrying. If only there would have been one little thing that could have changed the course of it I wish I knew what that one thing could have been. Our lives are still as upside down as they were 3 years ago and there are still people out there that could help us and they choose not to. It's funny though, in the beginning of this nightmare I had more "friends" than I could count, people wanting to help and some of you are still here and I am thankful, but my sister explained it's like when someone has a baby, everyone wants to see the baby, everyone wants to hold the baby, but the newness wears off and then all of the sudden you are alone with the baby and wondering where all of those "friends" went while you are still there alone with the baby. Shall I say that I don't want sympathy, I don't want people feeling sorry for me, I don't want attention, I just hope that all of those "friends" are still keeping their eyes and ears open even if they aren't in touch with any of our family members like they were in the beginning of this nightmare. I hope that if my son is out there alive that he will find it deep within himself to pick up the phone to call someone to let us know he is okay. If something foul has happened to my son and someone is aware of it, please come forward so we can move forward. Right now, we are stuck in limbo. Nieko, if you are out there reading this and how I hope you are, we love you, we have always loved you. We are worried about you and need to know if you are okay. Please call me. 607-661-0553...I love you buddy.
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Tera Shaw
Tera Shaw : I simply cannot hold back the good news any longer! So after much planning, hard work, and sweat, on October 11 th, my dream will be realized-The Mean Bean, a coffee, pastry and ice cream shop will have it's grand opening! Located at 2 East Main Street, on the corner in West Jefferson, (formerly Good Old Days). Our hours are broad- 7 am- 9 pm Monday thru Thursday. 7 am til 10 pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 12-6 on Sundays! Please come out and see us, and enjoy some of our delicious delicacies that are all made on sight, and meet our awesome staff!
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Alyssa Breakingdawnranch Harder
Alyssa Breakingdawnranch Harder : The world we live in a very cruel and scary place, with too many sick and twisted people in it. I just do not understand why or how someone could commit murder and then bury their victim, or how someone could molest a child and not think twice about it. In my opinion, if you commit such a crime, you should be given the death penalty or hanged. It should not be a slap on the wrist. Our prisons are full enough as it is so why keep these people that are no use to us around? Why let them live when they have ruined lives of others or taken others’ lives? My reason for this post is because of the realtor Beverly Carter. Her death hit close to home for some reason. It could be that she was found so close to where I have family and friends that I love so dearly. I pray for her family and send them much love. May they receive the justice they deserve! I just have no idea the pain they are experiencing knowing that she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave so far away. Just makes me sick and makes my heart ache. Hold your loved ones close and treasure every minute because you never know when will be their last! To all of my family and friends: I love all of you so very much even if I never get to see you or talk to you!
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You Have Chosen to Remember
You Have Chosen to Remember : We Are Reacting to the Figures in Our Own Dream

This world is simply a physical projection of the thoughts we value and defend as real. We are not awake, yet neither do we realize we sleep. What we will recognize once we awaken is that the figures in our dream were made real by us. What we experienced in the dream as real, were simply mental projections of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Regardless of the form “their” attack took, our beliefs created the figures in our dreams. All the pain, suffering, stress, and anxiety were caused not by external forces, but by our own internal dialogue. Once we see that these figures are interpreted through the value system we support, we the will stop blaming “them” or the outer world for how they “make us” feel, and start taking personal responsibility for how we interact with our own thoughts. Once we remember that we are reacting to figures in our dreams, we will through forgiveness, release "them" from all we ever thought “they” did to us. Today let us offer gratitude, for once we recognize that we have done and are doing this to ourselves, we can also recognize that we have the power to awaken and undo what we have done.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book "You Have Chosen to Remember"

If you are interested in purchasing or reviewing the book 'You Have Chosen to Remember,' please check the sites below. Thank you!


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Alfred Dunn
Alfred Dunn : A heaven of hell, a hell of heaven    
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Arsha/Kriyansh Our Life
Arsha/Kriyansh Our Life : surpriseeeeee!! :D :Dproblem was sorted so here is the last and most beautiful part of LBC
hope u all will like it nd ya dont forget to give ur feedbacks as it is last part so i want ur all feedbackss!!

Rey- pyaar mein no thankuu
Saying this he went out of the room leaving a confused +blushing kriya
Kriya- pyaar!!
Kriya wa thinking a sort of thing but got distracted when she hears some announcement she goes out n stands by Sharon whose other side swayam and side rey was standing
Simmi- gysss this a sangeet function toh sangeet mein dance naa ho aisa nahin ho sakta right!!
Everyone hoots
Simmi- so what about a dance performance by our bride itself
Sharon- mai??
Simmi- yaa tum Sharon
Sharon- ok
Sharon dance performance on chalka chalka (D3 wali :P )
Rey n kriya were looking at eachother during sharon’s performance they were having a long eyelock but the claps intrupts and brokes their eyelock
Simmi- wow!! Kya performance thi
Sharon comes back in her dress back
Simmi- now its turn for smthn sensus smthn which can touch our heart and ye performance denge kriya aur rey
Kriyaansh- what!!
Kriya- mai. M. mai nahin karungi
Sharon- kriya plzzz
Rey- mee too mai bhi ni karunga
Swayam- rey plzzz
Swaron- plzzz gyzzz hamare liye plzzz
After a lot of pleading they both becomes reay to dance
They both performs a beautiful performance in lamho ke daman mein the one most memeorable performance we had from D3

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Stephen Cabral
Stephen Cabral : Joe Jackson Slow Song     SONG OF THE DAY: "A Slow Song"

I love Joe Jackson, I love this song, and I love these lyrics...

Music has charms they say
But in some people's hands
It becomes a savage beast
Can't they control it
Why don't they hold it back

You see my friend and me
Don't have an easy day
And at night we dance not fight
We need the energy
If not the sympathy

But I'm brutalized by bass
And terrorized by treble
I'm open to change my mood but
I always get caught in the middle

And I get tired of DJ's
Why's it always what he plays
I'm gonna push right through
I'm gonna tell him to, tell him to
Play us, play us a slow song
Play us a slow song
Play us a slow song
Play us a slow song

It's late, I'm winding down
Am I the only one
To want a strong and silent sound
To pick me up and undress me
Lay me down and caress me

I feel you touch my hand
And whisper in my ear
Ask me how I'm feeling now
And I want to get near you
But I can't even hear you

But this is a fine romance
If we have to be so demanding
We need just one more dance to
Leave here with an understanding.     A very very sweet song for a very special one.
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Liverpool Hunt Sabs
Liverpool Hunt Sabs :         Liverpool sabs are keeping up their continued presence in the Gloucester cull zone. Last night we managed to find two shooter vehicles in our area. We unluckily lost the first one we found so spent a few hours trawling around setts that they might of gone too. We found nothing except a few badgers out and about and snuffling around. Which is always great to see.

First time we have been stopped by the police this cull and although they were polite and courteous, the only reason they stopped us was so shooters could carry on with their dirty work. They preached about being impartial and all the usual rubbish, but again that was just to hold us up and stop us from finding the shooters again. Every pound goes to helping Liverpool sabs stay in the cull zone and ultimately saving badgers lives.

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Eve Coiffure
Eve Coiffure :     #aslongasyouhaveLIFE
Greetings everyone...
It feels good to be here with you another day :) Listening to some reggae music and realize how truly Blessed I am. I am here to testify we have Angels watching and guiding us. Do something good and your rewards will be in abundence. I am not a millionair (yet!) though my Being is worth soo much more.
It sèem tuff at times... just hold on, the best is yet to come :) :) :)
Have a safe, productive and a Blessed day everyone...
From everone at    
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James Edwards
James Edwards : James Fortune & FIYA - Hold On ft. Monica, Fred Hammond     The Bible tells us 3 very important promises of the LORD. 1) HE will nve leave nor forsake us 2) we can do all things thru CHRIST that strengthen us 3) those that Wait on the LORD shall be renewed. So i say to you be encouraged because while the storms of life keep coming and the winds of disappointment keep blowing, the word of GOD is a sure foundation that you can find shelter in the mist of the very storm     Music video by James Fortune & FIYA performing Hold On. 2012 FIYA World Entertainment & Light Records/eOne Music
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NaKisha Jackson Peterson
NaKisha Jackson Peterson : I can hardly believe it's been 8 years! I thank God for you, for the man you were, the man you are and the man you are becoming. Our lives together have been an adventure and I don't suspect it will change; nor would I want it to. We've learned so much about love, hurt, disappointment, joy, community, forgiveness and so much more by all that we have experienced in these past 8 years. I thank you for seeing me and taking effort to know me. You know when I just need to get away, so you scoop me up and take me to a bed and breakfast. You know when I need time with my girlfriends so you give me space to do that. You know when it's time to start bringing me home pickles, salt and vinegar potato chips, chocolate cake and a diet Pepsi without making any smart comments, lol. You know when I just need you to hold me for 5 minutes without any other distractions. In spite of us knowing one another so well, there is never a dull moment because we are alive and God is allowing us to constantly be shaped by our experiences. So even after 8 years, I haven't had enough. I am even more in love with you and even more grateful. Smooches baby and happy 8th anniversary!- Nick Peterson
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Aleksandar Rankovic
Aleksandar Rankovic : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us     Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us     Click here to get a FREE of download an amazing Hip Hop/Pop single before it blows up!
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Min Akeem Perkins
Min Akeem Perkins : Gm all. Somebody feels that they have been held up in the prison of life an all it has to offer but know ITS A SET UP. Sometimes God has to hold up something's, take us through something's for us to trust him. Acts 16:25-35. You have been HELD UP FOR A SET UP. Thank God for holding up what should have been, what could have been. Grater is coming just for you
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Travel the Road
Travel the Road : Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. (Hebrews 4:14 ESV)
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Susan Sly

5 minutes is a powerful block of time. When we are efficient 5 minutes can be the time it takes to set the appointment that makes us thousands of dollars, write the love notes that help our children overcome a tough moment, return ten emails that let people know that their communication is important, or hold someone's hand so they can feel our love. What will you do with your 5 minutes of time today? #StepIntoYourPower; #5Minutes

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Kris Gilmour
Kris Gilmour : Interns Australia     Are you now or have done an internship? Have a squiz at what these guys are trying to do for student interns     Help us launch Australia's first national internship accreditation program to promote fair internships.
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Joan Hart Mitchell
Joan Hart Mitchell : Something to Ponder...

If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to are richer than 75% of this world.

If you have money in the bank, in your walllet/purse, and spare change in a dish are among the the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than are more blessed than a million who will not survive this week.

If you attend a church meeting without fear of harrassment, arrest, torture, or are more blessed that three billion people in this world.

If your parents are still alive and still are very rare, even in the U.S.

If you hold your head with a smile on your face and truly are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.

If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing, because you can read and over two billion people in the world cannot read at all.

(I got this message "Something to Ponder" from one of the pastors in bible college last night)

Many of us take small things for granted...We must learn to be content and give thanks to God for what He has already done in our lives. When we are humble, patient, believers by faith and prayer, loving, giving & caring to others & obedient to God's word...then God can bless us with our heart desires.


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Jennifer Rose Rand
Jennifer Rose Rand : ya know it really hurts when you finally realize who truly cares for you and who only cares when it is convenient for them to do so.. it is ok though.. God has a plan for us all.. My family here in our little house is on a great path. We have never been so happy, this close or at peace as we are now. Nothing is going to come in between our love and we have nothing to worry about.. everyone else can just continue to be blinded by hate and jealousy. Our faith is strong and we are good! "Cant no body hold me down, oh no, I got to keep on movin"
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Ελσα Χ.Τ.Ε
Ελσα Χ.Τ.Ε : Lukas - Can't Hold Us - The Voice Kids Germany (Blind Auditions 2) 28.3.2014 HD     Lukas - Can't Hold Us (Auftritt) - The Voice Kids Germany 2014 - Blind Audition 2 vom 28.3.2014. Lukas Rieger. Team Lena. Original: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
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Kathy Ford
Kathy Ford : Good morning all!! Feeling little blessed this morning!!Got up this morning and and realized that in 10 days I am going on a another one of those across the world trips!!! At least that's what it feels like to me!! Have Had mixed feelings about going But come to the conclusion you only live once and May be only chance we ever able to go !I know the four of us will enjoy as we did last year! And could not ask for better people to be making trip with .I guess just worried about the family that's here at home. Lost so many members of family in last Six months I just worry!!( But I know that Gods in control and going to hold it all together!!) So look for pictures they will be coming !! We try to take you all with us when we go! Pictures pictures and more!! (P.S. Big Thank you in advance to Marcie and Josh and Skipper for taking care of the house and my baby's for me !) You do a great job.Little one tells me about it when we get back. Ha ha!! So Susan Driggers time to start packing! Got Camera and Phone.!!What else we need??Oh ya I did learn to shut door!!
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