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Fabian Jimenez
Fabian Jimenez : MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - CAN'T HOLD US FEAT. RAY DALTON (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)         Macklemore & Ryan Lewis present the official music video for Can't Hold Us feat. Ray Dalton. Can't Hold Us on iTunes:
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Jessica Foley
Jessica Foley : I'm not sure why, but for the last couple of nights we've had to put Brantley in the bed between us and both hold his hands for him to go to sleep, and then after he falls asleep put him in his crib where he will sleep through the night.
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Last Place Cruising
Last Place Cruising :         Regardless of whatever opinion you may hold I think it's something we all need to step back and accept; it will be a sad day when you can't go out and buy a brand new HSV/Commodore or FPV/Falcon.

I remember growing up I would have been about 9 or 10 when my cousin came around to my parents place, he had just had his first kid. I was more interested in the fact that he'd just rocked up in a brand new bright red Commodore, by memory it may have been a VX or VT. The whole family was cooing over the baby whilst I was too busy admiring this beast in my drive.

Flash forward to today and whilst I don't own an ADM V6 or V8 I still suggest we take the time to pay respect to such an integral part of Australian culture. I'm sure we've all got our opinions, everyone does but I also am sure that a fair lot of us can say that Australian motoring history would not be the same if not for our love affair with these Aussie built dirty big boats.

Photos courtesy of Slammed HSV'S & FPV'S

- Kregg

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Matt Cohee
Matt Cohee : Baseball Player saves the American Flag from being burnt.         Rick Monday Saves the American Flag from being burnt Baseball
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Joseph R. Lucero
Joseph R. Lucero : 11-20-14 Time 12:30 p.m. STATUS REPORT: Toni and Corrina were going to see Aunt Bobbie and meeting up with Yvette, Corrina had let Toni to the passenger side of her car, I was standing at the top of the front landing when Toni turn around and start walking back towards the house, she put one foot on top of the first step, lost her balance and fall backwards landing on her back hitting her head on the asphalt payment HARD! I check her over not letting her get up when I notice blood on the back of her head, we got her up and took her inside to the kitchen sink to clean her up, when she started to throw up we put her in the car and took her to E.R. at T.M.C. they took her in right away, did their i.v. etc, put her on the machines , they took her for a C-T scan ( I went with her) she would not stay still, they took her back to the E.R. section and gave her some meds to calm her down, an hour later they took her for the C.T. again, NO BLOOD IN THE HEAD, all appears to be o.k. they put in 4 staples to the back of her head, ( they took 5 vials of blood to check over ). We were there at 1:00 p.m. and out at 5 p.m. she was a real wacko case all evening, Corrine, Yvette and aunt Bobbie were there with me. Thank you . Yvette and Corrina stayed here with us for a few hours then they had to leave for their home. Toni has been asleep for the last few hours, I have to take her back in 5 days to remove the staples. She is not a good patient, it took 4 personal to hold her down while they were treating her for the staples. Please send some prayer for her to keep her calm and well. Your Friend in Christ, J.R. Joseph R. Lucero Thank you Family and Friends.
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Lisa Helena Roberts
Lisa Helena Roberts : #TBT post? This weekend at Supermegafest marks my official one year anniversary of cosplay/cons and Mr. Clever. :) Even though it doesn't hold a special place in my heart like Arisia does, and it did freak us out the first day there, on a positive note I did meet some new friends, and it was my first time getting my photo taken by a professional photographer, which led to being listed as one of Nerd Caliber's top crossplayers of 2013. :)
And it did make me go home and create a better, more SA costume that I'd eventually debut at Arisia. :)
I've certainly had some ups and downs, but I have no regrets. I have had some crazy arse times with some of the most amazing people because of cosplaying.
No regrets! Good luck getting rid of Mr. Clever now, bitches! Hahaha :)

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Ashley Nicole Lopez
Ashley Nicole Lopez :     Ajay Scala Rosanne Mendez-Silva Jessica Arellano Annabell Estrada Stephanie Casas Jennifer Arianna Trinidad Judy Ann Quesada lol this is so us with the side door     When you’re not even close to a person and they hold the door open for you
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Ryan Lennox
Ryan Lennox :         Throwback Thursday!!

This is the same exact spot in 2013 when CMRR brush crews began clearing from Hurley Mountain Road to Route 209. One year later... we have the first train to HMR since 1976! From this point on... no washouts and nothing to hold us back from reaching Ashokan! All Aboard for Ashokan!

Please share if you support the Catskill Mountain Railroad Co.!

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Fernando Vera
Fernando Vera : So for everyone who's worried about what happened to me last night, i'm alright. Just had a trip to the ER last night because of an accident during practice

So here's the story: 4 of us are learning new sabre (curved, spanish sword) work. My friend and I are standing next to each other, with some reasonable space in-between us. We both tossed at the same time. Mine went straight up, but her hand slipped and sent it over my head. I caught my toss, and my head caught hers. She screamed and starts freaking out and i'm just like "Chill, it didn't hurt, i'm fine!" and then my coach says "You should probably go get some paper towels." Right when he says that, I see the first drop of blood drip from my hair. "Oh look at that, I guess i'm bleeding" I said. "Oh yeah you are." said my other friend. "Let's get you cleaned up" she said and then took me to the bathroom. We got some more paper towels and put some pressure to control the blood while we got some ice. After a few minutes of having the ice on, she took it off and took a look at the wound. Washed my hair out with some wet paper towels and put the ice back on. My other coach comes in and takes a look at it, and tells me to call my mom because I should probably go to the hospital. So, we did. Doctor said that it left a gash 3 1/2 cm long, but that it was too deep to just use medical glue. So, i got 6-7 staples put in my head to hold it together while it heals. The funny part about that night though?

I felt NO pain WHATSOEVER. During anything

Afterwards, my friend that hit me met me in the ER waiting room with her mom and the brought me flowers: Blue Orchids, my favorites :)

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Emily Becker
Emily Becker : Geary Thomas Becker, not only a honorable hard working man, but a genuine loving grandfather. Always giving, caring, and supporting. Never once did he not believe in his family. He raised 6 beautiful children, one of which I'm blessed to call my father. He was the rock and solid foundation of this entire family, and the reason we have individually grown into who we are. I'm at a loss of words for how heart breaking it is he is no longer with us, but a big part of him always will be. He will be greatly missed, as he watches from above now. I hold gratitude for the memories with him I can cherish, and the impact he had on my life. I will never stop loving you. Thank you for being our hero.
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Dylan Rumbaugh
Dylan Rumbaugh : A Beautiful Design (Part 10) - Together for the Gospel     "May we hold fast to the word of God as the inherent words of God himself ordering and leading us into the fullest possible life. Might we take Biblical manhood seriously, Biblical womanhood seriously. Might we elevate it, celebrate it, rejoice in it. Might we be a community of faith that is visibly and tangibly for one another and in our interactions as husbands and wives, as male and female, single or taken. Might we be a bright Gospel light in a culture that's growing increasingly dark concerning all of these things."

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Ronald Gardetto
Ronald Gardetto : Baseball Player saves the American Flag from being burnt.         Rick Monday Saves the American Flag from being burnt Baseball
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Constance Malak
Constance Malak : Baseball Player saves the American Flag from being burnt.         Rick Monday Saves the American Flag from being burnt Baseball
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Michelle Forth
Michelle Forth :         SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Need to find homes for our 3 BEAUTiFUL MALE
American bull dog/Pit mix
Loving dogs' they will be FREE to Good Home W/ Back Yard!
Please help them out by giving them your love & attention! This is my last resort &
If I can't find them homes we are going to put them to the pound. Breaks my heart to do this
But I HAVE to do what I need
to do for my family'. Please ask around if needed!
They are awesome & very loving just can't keep the pups from the mom & dad (we own) to many dogs in the house hold. I have 3 kids that they LOVE, so they are great with kids. They are puddle pad trained & go outside at times.
Very Smart Dogs! Will
learn FAST! One of them is kennel trained. The one I was going to keep but can't anymore.
So 3 males NEED LOVING HOMES! Please help us out! HELP THEM OUT!!
I honest to god, DON'T want to take them to the pound. There is to many of them there as it is.
;(. But I can't keep them any longer' Need to do what's best! Hope you all understand! Thnx & REALLY hope to hear back!
Questions & other info PLEASE contact me on my cell;

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Cary Standridge
Cary Standridge :         Almost every year I've heard of someone dying during deer season from falling out of a tree stand. I've always thought, how can anyone fall out a tree stand. I don't think it's falling from a deer stand but being thrown out. I was hunting a deer stand my cousins' wife had been hunting out of all week. I felt it shift and then it swung around the tree so fast it through me out, only to be saved by my gut landing across the safety bar. With the stand now upside down and only my gut across the safety bar keeping me from the rocks below, it was all I could do to get a foot back on part of the stand and eventually able to get a hand hold. The good Lord has said that he has given us a day to be born and a day to die. I give God the Glory for my life and that my little girl shouldn't suffer such a lose when there's so many trying time ahead.
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Apostle NB Shabangu
Apostle NB Shabangu : Let us look upon the Cross, we not going to see Him, were He was Crucified.

He was buried in a tomb, but the tomb never hold Him.

Surely Jesus is the Son of God.

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D.c. Galli
D.c. Galli :         Ok since the last one was so successful I'm going to expand the scenario.

A landing party of Tau numbering 25,000 strong set up an advance base i the Himalayan mountain range where they observed the human race for six months before making contact.In those six months they were able to create a heavily fortified base and signal for reinforcements. When they made contact they were initially greeted with interest and welcome of their message of The Greater Good was widely accepted.

This prompted many nations such as Canada, Denmark, India, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Canada to immediately join with them. While nations like Russia, China, and the US were wary.

Six months later the large Tau force arrived spurring fear to run rampant and anti xeno fever took hold the countries that had allied with the Tau early on maintained their alliance while the civil war erupted in the US over which side to support.

The Tau refuse to give their advanced weaponry to their new found allies until they can be fully trusted. While rebel forces are able to capture and reverse engineer some of there exosuit technology. So once again the question is how long do we last and can we win ?

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Everglades District - Gulf Stream Council
Everglades District - Gulf Stream Council :         Available for SALE …we still have shirts left from SAW 2014, but this could

be your NEW Class B !! The cost is $10.00 cash, adult sizes S – 3X.

Proceeds to benefit - Susan G. Komen - Race for the Cure!

Thanks for your support!

Let me know, if you want me to hold one or two for you.

I will also have them available at Roundtable!

Join us on January 31st for the Susan G. Komen – Race for the Cure, 5K walk.
Walk with our team - “Scouting for a Cure” !

Contact: Karen Helstrom for more info.

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Menace Marine
Menace Marine : We need another revolution. The system is broken. We elect officials to represent us and they do whatever they want. Raise taxes to fund projects that we don't need or don't even exist, grant citizenship to people here illegally. I agree we need immigration reform but you can't just forgive and forget people who break the law. Substitute any other crime into the scenario and see how ridiculous it sounds. The American people have lost their hold on this country.
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Anthony Faber
Anthony Faber : Jesus and Satan have an argument as to who is the better programmer. This goes on for a few hours until they come to an agreement to hold a contest with God as the judge. They set themselves before their computers and begin. They type furiously, lines of code streaming up the screen, for several hours straight.
Seconds before the end of the competition, a bolt of lightning strikes, taking out the electricity. Moments later, the power is restored, and God announces that the contest is over. He asks Satan to show his work. Visibly upset, Satan cries and says, “I have nothing. I lost it all when the power went out.”
“Very well,” says God, “let us see if Jesus has fared any better.”
Jesus presses a key, and the screen comes to life in vivid display, the voices of an angelic choir pour forth from the speakers.
Satan is astonished. He stutters, “B-b-but how?! I lost everything, yet Jesus’ program is intact! How did he do it?”
God chuckles, “Everybody knows… Jesus saves.”

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DJ Mike Winston
DJ Mike Winston : Can't Hold Us Down (Audio)         Released Soon. Follow Axwell /\ Ingrosso Online:
Watch the video: video

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Sonia Gallardo
Sonia Gallardo :         Lord not abandon........ jose Gallardo.......I have my faith to hold on to....your love lord....your strength......clear our minds of negativity....give us hope!!!!!!
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DJ Mike Winston
DJ Mike Winston : Hardwell On Air 193         Join The Hardwell On Air Spotify Playlist! → Subscribe to my channel now! → Join me on Facebook → http://b...
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Xolani Mike Dube
Xolani Mike Dube : HE DIED AND ROSE AGAIN !

Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."..... Amen! Morning felllas !!!

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Joy Lovesherbabies Johnson
Joy Lovesherbabies Johnson :         It's been EIGHT Thursdays since I have held you close. And Eight Thursdays since I kissed your nose. Not a day goes by, not even an hour that I don't think of you, miss you & long to hold you. My sweet Eli, mommy loves you & misses you so very much. You changed my life forever. 7 Thursdays ago I was laying in a hospital room thinking I would never survive, but even in your absence you inspire me to keep pressing forward. Your brothers & you are gifts straight from God. We still believe you were a kiss sent from Heaven. While losing you hurts us more than we could have ever imagined, the love we have for you is so much stronger. We love you my precious Angel. Mommy will live the rest of her days loving you, missing you & anxiously awaiting our reunion in Heaven.
I love you Elijah Paul!!!!!

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Randy Weir
Randy Weir :         12 years ago today we lost Joshua Michael. It was by far the hardest thing we ever had to go through. Kim was only 13 weeks along, but still had to go through the delivery process. We got to hold him in our arms and say goodbye. Heather and Andrew drew pictures to put in his casket with him (I made copies of them first, posted below). This year, he finally got a headstone on his grave. When you've held a child like this in your arms, there is no doubt that it is a person, not just a fetus or any other such nonsense. I don't think I will ever understand God's purpose in giving him to us for such a short time, but I know we'll see him in heaven one day. Thanks to all our friends and family that helped us through that dark time.
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Nathan Triplett
Nathan Triplett : "I believe it’s important that all of us have this debate without impugning each other’s character." -President Barack Obama.

One of the most remarkable parts about my experience with the American Council of Young Political Leaders these last two weeks was the opportunity to interact daily with young political leaders from the other side of the aisle. People I'm now very glad to call friends. Our politics has become too polarized and too personal. It's bad for our communities and our country. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard of civic discourse. We need to do better. Our ACYPL delegation discussed immigration reform as we trekked across Ghana and South Africa. We disagreed, but we were able to do it without being disagreeable. We need more of that in our politics today. #acyplGSA

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Sarah David Martinez
Sarah David Martinez : Obama Announces Executive Action on Immigration | The New York Times         In a prime-time address on Thursday, President Obama speaks about executive actions he's taking on immigration reform. Read the story here:
Watch the video: video

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Anna Raddish House
Anna Raddish House : Today has been a very hard day, my 93 year old grandma passed away. She died very peacefully and I'm glad I was able to hold her hand and spend time with her before she left us. Please pray for my family to make it through this next week especially my dad, they were very close and he is having a hard time.

She will be laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery. Viewing is Monday 2-8
Service is Tue at noon.

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Claudia Trujillo
Claudia Trujillo : So I was asked earlier today what I truly want in a relationship. I've been thinking about it all day. Honestly I want someone who doesn't see me as his sex toy. Don't get me wrong sex is great when it's right. But I want someone who wants to get to know me and my girls and who wants to spend quality time with us. Weather it be just chilling watching movies; going to the park; roller skating; children's museum or just homework after school. I want someone who will do for me as I would do for him cook; clean ; massage; listen and cuddle ect... Someone who will listen and understand when I've had a bad day or I'm crying and not say I'm being a cry baby or a spoiled brat. I want someone who will go with me to church even if it's only once to see why I Like to go. I want someone to see my struggle and say good job don't give up keep trying. If I'm reading a book take interest because if I see you underneath the car or on the roof I'll ask why and what? Someone who will hold my hand in public and kiss my neck while standing behind me. If we argue walk away that's fine go take a deep breath but come back and ask if we're done so we can laugh about it and see eye to eye. Go on long walks or for a hike just because it's beautiful outside. Someone who enjoys animals just as much as we do. And someone who also has kids so when I raise my voice they understand I've had enough. Someone who see's I'm highly educated and love to work but understands that I get tired too. Xoxo and someone who loves sitting next to the fire as much as I do. Or whom loves the smell of rain or the sand between their toes lol also someone who doesn't drink to much or do drugs
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Roman Hamidan
Roman Hamidan : Emily gets to go home tomorrow, but unfortunately or son won't be able to join us. He is currently in NICU to get his sugars up to normal. It just Sucks to see my Emily do sad because she can't hold him or be with him all the time. I pride myself in being a very strong person but this just breaks my heart. I can't wait till we all can go home together and be a whole family. Patience is definately hard to come by right now.
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Nettie Cox
Nettie Cox : As the holidays approach at a lightning speed I would like to share somethings. This has been a very hard year with a very great loss and continuing challenges. Healing is slow and different for each person, I think that the upcoming holidays are going to be extremely difficult and I feel blessed to have family with whom to share, to care, to remember and possibly to cry. I also feel blessed to have had such an amazing man in my life. My Daddy, so many of my memories of him make me smile. He loved laughter, family and friends. He was a gentle man , he did not hesitate to offer a helping hand, and I don't believe he ever met a stranger. If you have also had unbearable loss this year please try to remember your loved one with a little joy and try to hold one another up to celebrate a life well lived . Understand that tears are natural , laughter is healing , memories shared make you stronger, and love joins all of us on earth or in heaven.
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Barbara McCaughrin
Barbara McCaughrin : 2014 World's Toughest Mudder SandStorm     and...for those of you wondering about the Desert Sand Storm that we is a clip....THIS is what the Mudders were battling running through the course....and THIS is what us pit crew were battling, trying to hold down our tents with sand in the eyes, wind blowing...tents were lifted off the ground WITH the gear inside! Luckily we had very large strong rocks holding ours down....another thing off the bucket list...     When out in such conditions, Mudders had to Believe in themselves to Achieve their Goals! #BelieveAchieve
Watch the video: video

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Janina HeavenlyAngel Turnquest
Janina HeavenlyAngel Turnquest : Stop holding on to the wrong things so God can send you the right ones. Stop holding on to jobs, people, careers, ect and yet we know they do not fit!! Its time to let go
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DeyJzah Opulent Mirage
DeyJzah Opulent Mirage : Omw to work,in full gig because I had an early show and went against my own rules of not going out of my house in gig,I was bashed tonight, BUT I can guarantee they won't bash again.... I wont be victimized for who I am or who you think I am..... In the words of a very smart lady, "They had me fucked up, and I MEAN IT" . I don't understand why people think that because youre gay, trans, or whatever that youre weak or an easy target. I sat here mad at God for a sec for allowing people to even be like that. Thinking that here I am a person that has been living in the same building for over 5yrs, never an issue with anyone, Im not a very social neighbor but Im not snooty either, why am I being targeted? What have I done that says come and mess with me. Im in tears writing this because I feel sorry for them. Im a good person and they'll never know that. That maybe they have been hurt and told to hate people like me all their lives and although they set out to hurt me, I only continued their pain. I wish I had a chance to tell them to stop before it all happened, to let them know Im good, Im human... but I am thankful that I was able to defend myself..Im just sad at the extent that the defense went to...Be safe out there family safe... they hate us...they hate us with a passion that's imbedded deep within...don't fight if you can run away from them that only increases their hate, but if they attack let no force hold you from protecting your VERY precious life. THEY DON'T VALUE IT!!!!! But YOU ARE PRICELESS!!!! They are so dumb minded by a hate they don't even understand why they hate you, that they can't and WON'T see your worth!!! SO PLEASE BE SAFE OUT TONIGHT!!
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Stacia D. Kelly
Stacia D. Kelly : Write by the Rails | Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club     Wonderful meeting tonight! I think we got a LOT done! 2015 is all planned out, with several people having stepped up to take over events, planning, etc. There are still spots open to help out. Please consider coming to the December event when we hold voting for new Officers and have a Holiday Party!

People are still welcome to come forward or nominate people for the ballots. Open positions:
President - several nominated me to keep the Interim position.
Vice President - need some nominees or A nominee
Secretary - need nominee who would like to or knows Mailchimp

Or, if you would like to join a committee, we have several of those running now too!

Membership, Workshops, Rising Writers Workshop, Website/Social Media and more! Send nominations and volunteer offers to had a new face!

And, the reason I was collecting all the book covers, you can download our brand new APP here:
Members in good standing will be able to have their covers in the gallery, post events to the schedule and have their profile to make it easier for each of us to share our books and links with others.

More details to follow in the Meeting Minutes. Thank you for all the hard work!!

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Sangye Sherpa
Sangye Sherpa : Last post :)
Hello guys, how this time spend so fast, growing up day by day, reaching to the destiny of your dreams,may got sucess N afta rounding the switch of the clock, way of the sun. Light of the day, behaviour ,attitude,manners,respect of my holy nigga's. The day n time makes us to leave everthing n hold up too.. All are bout to make their future bright wid sucessness of your hard working, the time makes you to reach on every steps of your day and makes you to change from others, something different so guyss let's hold up for sometime n focus on what you want, make your dream sucess. Blaming ourself is the real sin of your' i think.. So my niggas girls boys friends, neighbourhoods,brothers sister. Take care goodluck.
Love love n love :)

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Essa Aryeetey
Essa Aryeetey : President Obama Speech on Immigration - Obama Unveils immigration reform by executive order!         President Obama Speech on Immigration - Obama Unveils immigration reform by executive order! President Obama Speech on Immigration - Obama Unveils immigratio...
Watch the video: video

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Angela Flaherty
Angela Flaherty : Why is it that in churches today, people inside are exactly like the people outside...back stabbers, betrayers, gossipers, ppl who think they're better than others, angry, fake, actively in sin, fornication, drinking, drugging etc ... These are things we all face in the real world, right? It seems almost abnormal to find a person at church that is Christ like n doesn't demonstrate these characters. Why aren't we supposed to hold people that claim Christ at a higher standard??? I just don't understand why that's called being judgemental? It doesn't seem like it's okay to think, "they go to church, why are they actin like that?"... all we hear is they're human too. Just seems like most of us Christians use the, "I'm just human" excuse...but should that really be a "get out of jail card"?

I feel like most churches nowadays compromise with which sin they're going to deal with and what sin they will ignore... depending on the member, money, and other reasons. Very few Pastors will say, " I don't care if you never step foot in my church again, I'm not going to accept your sin." Why not??? Shouldn't they be able to say that?

I'm so frustrated with myself and these situations. Almost like, maybe I shouldn't even call myself Christian. I think a lot of this has to do with so many pastors today not feeling able to call ppl out because of the sin in their own life or preaching and maybe not truly called to.. maybe doing it cuz they're dad did or because someone else said they should, or maybe just because they just want to be a that case, do those folks really have their members souls in mind as they pastor them?

Sorry....random issues of my heart that I just had to share...maybe someone can help me so that someday, I can once again be sold out to the Christian ministry....

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