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Malav Thummar
Malav Thummar : ARQUITECTURA     Duplex Design - Conceptual project by CSG-Art&Design — with Construface FaceConstruction and 31 others.    
8 minutes ago - View -
CEO Luke S. Kahng
CEO Luke S. Kahng : Timeline Photos     Put an End to Your Shade Matching Frustrations
The Chairside Shade Guide (CSG) system is a revolutionary new level of excellence in the art and practice of cosmetic shade matching and communication. CSG is comprised of five unique, individual sets of ceramic shade tabs used for matching the natural dentition of patients. The Chairside Shade Guide system is divided into five innovative categories, each containing 20 tabs that work together to improve communication between doctors and laboratories and effectively eliminate guesswork regarding how restorations will be completed. Because the Chairside Shade Guide system is manufactured with porcelain ceramic shade tabs it provides more realistic color comparisons than is possible with other traditional shade tab systems; leading to exceptionally life-like restorations and fewer remakes.

Visit for more information on this revolutionary system    

14 minutes ago - View -
James Wagoner
James Wagoner : MnSEIA – Midwest Gateway to Solar | Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association     This a must attend even for anyone interested in the future of renewables
25 minutes ago - View -
Capitol City Cheer
Capitol City Cheer : The energy that our teams showed last night was amazing! Can't help to think that this might be our best season yet! Ready for Season 12...Bring on CSG Springfield!
45 minutes ago - View -
CMA Students' Guild
CMA Students' Guild : CSG Tem of the Day

"Capital Budgeting"

Capital Budgeting is the planning process used to determine whether an organization's long term investments such as new machinery, replacement machinery, new plants, new products, and research development projects are worth the funding of cash through the firm's capitalization structure

57 minutes ago - View -
SkyGEM Exhibits
SkyGEM Exhibits : SKYLINE CSG Portfolio - Taking brands to the next level, and beyond.     @SkylineExhibits Creative Services Group boosts brand recognition on and off the #tradeshow floor?
1 hour ago - View -