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Len Brown Must Resign
Len Brown Must Resign : Chief Planning Officer Talks to Wellington on the Auckland Super City     What a complete load of horseshit - the local boards are completely ignored by Brown and his sycophants and they simply do exactly what they want spending ratepayers money of maintaining their own opulent lifestyles.

If you doubt what we're saying, just ask Desley Simpson whether they were consulted about the IT blow out and the many other issues - such as cutting core services and trying to keep his CRL dream alive.

God help Wellington if they follow Auckland's lead.....................!

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Fehh Oliveira Soares
Fehh Oliveira Soares :     kkkkkk olhja aii Fernanda Vittoria Leticia Soares Nathalia Santos Anna Beatriz Ferreira Bolanho kkkkkkkkkkkk aii crl rss     Bagulho ta loco, se liga... Confronto com as policia, da pra ver até as bala passando daqui de cima :o
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Monserrat Crl
Monserrat Crl : Monserrat Crl added a life event: Started Working at Big Time Rush.    
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Crl GM
Crl GM : Crl GM added a life event: In a Relationship.    
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Brandon Salomão
Brandon Salomão : Gool crl
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Allan Queiroz
Allan Queiroz : Gool crl
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João Oliveira
João Oliveira : Globo SP ao vivo e Gratis Online - TV Online     crl vamo sp
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Khalid Onsil
Khalid Onsil : Sobhi Aboulouz    
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Cynthia Crl
Cynthia Crl : Mobile Uploads    
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North West Group 4 JRL Inc.
North West Group 4 JRL Inc. : The group is now seeking applications for sports trainers for the Under 14, 15 & 16 years Group 4 representative teams for the 2015 season.
Application forms can be obtained from the North West Group 4 JRL Website and should be with the Group secretary Paul Richards no later than the close of business 19th December 2014.

The Group is seeking two (2) sports trainers and a Leaguesafe per age division (as listed above) as per CRL guidelines.

Further information can be obtained from either
Michael Gleeson
Mobile 0409 980 231
Paul Richards
Mobile 0427 687 609

Yours in Rugby League
Michael Gleeson

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Plat Maravich
Plat Maravich : Way Past Cool - Force of Nature Vol. 1     For old time's sake...this is a joint I made in 2011. I still like it though!!! My man Crl Crrll on the beat tho...
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Livia Zanni Crl
Livia Zanni Crl : Timeline Photos        
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Asmaa Youssef
Asmaa Youssef : Sobhi Aboulouz    
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Greater Northern Region of CRL
Greater Northern Region of CRL : MOREE BOARS    
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CRL Gamefarm
CRL Gamefarm :     Mao ni situation duol sa farm. Ang sapa ni overflow na.     Look Ang Baha Sa Bagyong Quennie Sa Argao!
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Pipe Pte Crl
Pipe Pte Crl :    
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Fawzi Abu Hmeidan
Fawzi Abu Hmeidan : Sobhi Aboulouz    
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Unk Andrey Bbê
Unk Andrey Bbê : - Atletico Crl ' :)
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Pipe Pte Crl
Pipe Pte Crl : ¡Nuevo Caso de Asesinato!    
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Gilbert Rada
Gilbert Rada :     There it is folks!!! Tio Adrian Contreras, Gilbert Rada & Wayne lowery better known as CRL. To Witt- Contreras    
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