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Woodcrest Guitar Co.
Woodcrest Guitar Co. :         Some more progress on the Tele project! Wire up the control plate with CTS potentiometers, a CRL 4-way switch, a Mojo oil filled metal film type tone capacitor and vintage push-back wire. Pots are capped off with genuine Fender dome top knurled knobs.

Previous owner or factory drilled the neck screw holes very crooked in the body, and neck had 8 screw holes. Drilled them out and plugged with maple dowels, then re-drilled STRAIGHT holes. Good as new! Final wet sanding on the headstock and some buffing followed by final assembly, test, soundclips and putting it up for sale! If you're in the market for a sweet unique Tele... Might want to check this one out!

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Charlene Lieb
Charlene Lieb : Thr aint a Native out thr I wld trade for tha one I got right here..! Luv u CrL! -*luv my son*
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George Wood
George Wood : AA Auckland Matters October 2014 Issue 2: Road Pricing     AA Auckland report support for @akltransport CRL surprisingly low with their members. Only one-third believe it would be money well spent. AA report: "Perhaps for the first time chinks in the broad level support for the CRL. Also AA report only minimal awareness of the benefits.
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Hadrien Crl
Hadrien Crl : Damon Wild - Avion (Marcel Dettmann Remix)     ;)     out on SYNEWAVE get it here:
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Hadrien Crl
Hadrien Crl : fabric 77: Marcel Dettmann promo mix That's a crazy ass mix     fabric 77: Marcel Dettmann is available from the fabric store: & iTunes: @MarcelDettmann will launch fabric 77 at fabric on Saturday 30th August. Ti
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Vanessa Fontinelly
Vanessa Fontinelly : Cala a boca, e me logo beija fdp ;)
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Luana Otaviano
Luana Otaviano : Timeline Photos     Você já tinha reparado essas pessoas fazendo sexo na abertura de Harry Potter e o prisioneiro de Azkabam? Veja 10 mensagens secretas em filmes que você já assistiu várias vezes e não percebeu:     crl jfaiosgjeiobjfdionefm
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Pasifika Events
Pasifika Events :         Beautiful day for day 2 of CRL 2014 .. Malo lava le taaalo!
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Laylla Mello
Laylla Mello : Nunca negue SEXO para uma Mulher! (OLHA ISSO!)     Crl KKKKKKKKKKKKK :O :v     Nunca negue SEXO pra uma Mulher!!!
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