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Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass : Timeline Photos     Share this post & Tag someone who deserves a new guitar for the Holidays and explain why!

Legator Guitars will be giving away a Ninja Pro Series Guitar to one lucky winner. ( + 2 additional winners will receive a Ninja Special Edition guitar.)

Happy Holidays!     Joseph David Bass

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Sarah M. Franklin
Sarah M. Franklin : My Top 5 Rondo Memories - No. 2: "One of the most outstanding playoff performances in NBA history"    
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Nate Goodwin
Nate Goodwin : just signed up thanks to Kendra Martin to Bass University day 2 Feb 8th with Greg Hackney Brandon Palaniuk and Justin Lucas!!! so pumped
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Anderson Jean de Farias
Anderson Jean de Farias : Timeline Photos     Bassist for The Jacksons, Aguilar artist Brandon Brown is digging his new Chorusaurus pedal. He says, "The Chorusaurus has a very deep, warm, rich sound. And it's really user friendly like everything Aguilar makes!" #Aguilar #Aguilaramp #Bass #TheJacksons #Chorusaurus #Choruspedal    
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Nat_outdoor : Timeline Photos     Jason Liggett with some BIG BASS on the Bruiser Baits Intruder...
An excellent choice for flipping and pitching, the Bruiser Baits Intruder Jr is the smaller version of the bait that Brandon McMillan used to flip his way to victory and a four-day FLW record of 106lbs 10oz at the 2011 FLW Tour event on Okeechobee Lake in Florida.

Field Test the Bruiser Baits Intruder here:     Win a $50 Bass Pro Gift Card ( Free to Enter )

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Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass : Christmas shopping today and I'm praying for the rapture
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Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass : Timeline Photos        
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Evgen Hawkman
Evgen Hawkman : Nik Turner - Ejection - (Live at the Great American Music Hall, San Franciso, USA, 1994)     Musicnauts:
Nik Turner-Vocals, Sax, Flute
Del Dettmar-EMS VCS-3 Wood Axe Synth
Tommy Grenas-Guitar
Paul Fox-Bass Guitar
Len Del Rio-Keyboards (Korg Poly Six, Korg MS-10, Sequential Circuits Six Trak)
Doran Shelley-Lead Guitar
Brandon Labelle-Drums
Alan Powell-Percussion/Drums     NIK TURNER space ritual live 01 ejection The original rock n roll space warrior, the alien godfather of heavy metal, Nik Turner has spent over three crazed d...
Watch the video: video

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Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass : Baby i got that johnny if you june'ing it while you drive (;
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Josh Vasquez
Josh Vasquez : My Top 5 Rondo Memories - No. 2: "One of the most outstanding playoff performances in NBA history"    
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Edmel Diaz
Edmel Diaz : Timeline Photos     Cheesecake fam, Brandon fam, Hospitality fam, friends, family and supporters

The party to start your week off right is here

Its gonna be extra special as my cheesecake fam is hosting their annual Christmas Party with us, so I can't wait

See ya'll tonight for TAIGA's Monday Party hosted by OutShyne Entertainment with DJ OB7 downstairs playing hip hop and open format with friends; and myself upstairs playing dance and club music with Cattywomp

Got the Boomshakalaka bass ready, and some xmas remixes lined up for ya'll!

Open decks DJs Tyler Brown and Lucas Odparlik are opening so come early and catch their sets.

$2 drinks all night
Hospitality see me for Hookah and Drink Specials!

Everyone enjoy the week, its gonna be nutz with the holidays upon us — feeling festive with Charlie Smith and 19 others.     Knocking out a quick shift at the big cheese then straight to Taiga for the Christmas party tonight

See ya there!

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Brandon Bass
Brandon Bass :     Who said the shumonator and myself don't have gaming skills
#thatsyncdrifttho     Who said the shumonator and myself don't have gaming skills
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Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor : U.S. Offers $5 Mil Reward for Al Qaeda Terrorist it Released From Gitmo     Michael Goodwin Brandon Bass ya'll start packing. We're gonna go find that some'bitch!!
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Hayley Hemingway-Hare
Hayley Hemingway-Hare :    
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