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And Suddenly Bronies After Dark
And Suddenly Bronies After Dark :         There's one game on this earth that doesn't deliver the feeling of success when you beat it.

And that game is Bioshock Infinite.

after I got home today and completed watching the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun I decided to play a LITTLE bit of the bioshock franchise. I had completed bioshock 2 a while ago and the first one didn't want to work properly on my pc so I decided to continue where I stopped on infinite. As a true hardcore gamer I was playing on hard difficulty and completed the game just a little while ago. Now I have this empty feeling spinning inside me and even though i got a ton of achievements and almost got all of the health upgrades I still can't shake off the feeling that I was a huge failure.

That said I think that this was a great game and delivered the story and atmosphere really well. I need to give everything a bit of critic though so my opinion on the ending is negative.
A lot of things get explained and you do get that "wait what!" moment but I for some reason don't really like it.

Also at half way of the whole game it decided to take this huge turn from get the fuck out of here and everybody being clueless to oh shit tears everywhere (the dimension rips that Elisabeth can make) let's fuck shit up. I personally didn't like the turn and would have loved to continue the game so that the main characters would get away from Columbia and eventually remember all the "I AM YOUR FATHER" stuff. XD HA! I would have loved a peaceful ending.

Anyways enough text for one post. I will do more.


23 seconds ago - View - :         Games with Gold has a pretty good line-up for March. On Xbox One, one of the best platformers I have ever played, Rayman Legends, is free. Xbox 360 players get Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. - Wolf
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Silvio Goyanna Neto
Silvio Goyanna Neto : Vendo jogos ps3 usado
The Last Of Us R$90,00
Bioshock Infinite R$70
Call of duty Black Ops 2 R$50
GTA 5 R$90

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Brian Crocker
Brian Crocker : Please note - these are just lists. The actual battles will start for voting on FRIDAY!
Bracket 4: Modern Age bracket
1) Warcraft Battle: Gul'Dan (all games, Hearthstone) vs Garrosh Hellscream (WoW: Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor)
2) Call of Duty Battle: Nikita Dragovich (Black Ops) vs Johnathon Irons (Advanced Warfare)
3) Saints Row Battle: Killbane (3) vs Zinyak (4)
4) Far Cry Battle: Vass (3) vs Pagan Min (4)
5) Indie Battle: Mom (Binding of Isaac) vs Order of No Quarter (Shovel Knight)
6) Over-the-top Fun Villains: Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2) vs Wheatley (Portal 2)
7) Military villains: Edgar Ross (Red Dead Redemption) vs Colonel Ryder White (Dead Island)
8) Dragon Fight 2: Electric Boogaloo: Alduin (Skyrim) vs Deathwing (WoW: Cataclysm)
9) Sci-Fi Battle: Harbinger (Mass Effect 2 and 3) vs Zhao Yun Ru (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
10) "You Are A Right Bastard" Battle: Acrturus Mengsk (Starcraft 2 and Heart of the Swarm) vs Zachary Hale Comstock (Bioshock Infinite)
11) Al-History Villains: Haythim Kenway (AC 3/4 and more) vs Admiral Havelock (Dishonored)
12) Murderers: Origami Killer (Heavy Rain) vs Letho Kingslayer (Witcher 2)
13) RANDOM! Creeper/TNT/Lava (Minecraft) vs "Whatever Warchief Comes Back to Fight You Again" (LOTR: Shadow of Mordor)

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Marina Ermakova
Marina Ermakova : Check out how Marina14 stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!     Playing BioShock Infinite with Raptr for the first time.
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Mintylamb Gaming
Mintylamb Gaming : Watch Me Playing Bioshock Infinite     Hey flock,

Here is today's live streaming in funsize 15 minute chunks!

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Miyu Miyu Cosplay
Miyu Miyu Cosplay :         Elizabeth with a #skyhook at @fishhousepensacola after the #Pensacon #cosplay contest. #Pensacon2015 #bioshock #bioshockinfinite
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Tom Chung
Tom Chung : Columbia (name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     Thanks, Bioshock Infinite!
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Ovelha-VideoGames Simoes
Ovelha-VideoGames Simoes :         Jogos para ps3

Trocas,só com volta.

Call of duty Ghost : 44,90
Dead space 3: 44,90
Watch dogs: 59,80
Ni no kumi: 79,90
Crysis 3: 54,90
Bioshock infinite: 49,90
Dragon ball z battle of z: 59,99
Dragon ball z budokai: 44,90
God of war assencion: 49,90
Injustice : 44,90
Hitman : 49,90
Uncharted 3: 44,90
Dmc: 49,90
Battlefield 4: 49,90
God of war 3: 44,90
Batleroyale : 44,90
Deus ex: 44,90
Gta complete: 49,90
Demon souls: 44,90
Apache: 49,90
Infamous 2: 39,90
God of war collection : 34,90
Twisted metal: 49,90
Metal gear 4: 39,90
Dead sland: 34,90
Transformers war for cybertron: 44,90
Vanquist : 44,90
Marvel vs Capcom 3: 39,90
FIFA 14: 39,90
Transformers fall of cybertron : 49,90
Metal gear rising: 34,90
Resistence 3: 34,90
Dragon age 2: 39,90
Need for speed the run: 44,90
Lilipop: 44,90
Ninja Gaiden 3: 49,90
Star wars: 39,90
Massa effect 3: 39,90
Splint secund: 49,90
Quantihum theory: 34,90
Bayoneta : 44,90
Ssx: 39,90
Heavy rain: 44,90
Assassins creed 3: 39,90
Assassins creed 2: 34,90
Assassins creed 1: 29,90
Darkvoid: 29,90
Hotshot golf: 29,90
Vegas 2: 34,90
Blazing angles: 19,90
Infamous : 29,90
Dragon age 1 : 29,90
Massa effect 2: negociado
Granturismo 5 prólogo:
Call of duty mw1: 29,90
Saínts row 2 : 29,90
Nhl 10: 19,90
Killzone 3: 39,90
Fifa 12: 9,90
Dark kingdonw: 19,90

Fones: 8741-4752
Tim: 9678-0971
Vivo: 8199-8810

Whatsap: 8741-4752

Todos os jogos tem 30 dias de garantia.

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