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Sweet Darkness Designs,  Victorian/Gothic/Steampunk Wearable Altered Art
Sweet Darkness Designs, Victorian/Gothic/Steampunk Wearable Altered Art : Valentine Wolfe - SNow Queen

One of their older songs. This is a must listen to. Listen closely, absorb the words. Better yet, pour a glass of dark red wine, sit back and enjoy!     I made this because im a big VW fan. I assure you no copyrights have been infringed as i have the bands consent..
Watch the video: video

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Amy Mccaffrey
Amy Mccaffrey : Most ignorant words of the day! So I was taking a break at work today, trying to avoid talking to some newer girl at my work who I can just tell from previous conversations we dont have much in common. Anyways she looks at me and says "So you don't have any kids?" Me "Nope." Her "How old are you again?" Me "23" her "damn girl times ticking! It's better to push me out young hurry up! Why don't you have kids yet?"

There are just so many things wrong here.

Are you indicating that because of my age I should have a child? Okay does that pertain to everyone? Just curious. If I was homeless? If I didn't have a boyfriend?

That aside. I don't see why I should hurry up to do it as if my organs are close to shriveling up or something. It's like she was saying it was something to get out of the way as if it was a bad thing. That doesn't exactly make me want to hurry up.

Having kids shouldn't be a requirement. Not everyone has a life long aspiration to be a "mom" some people want other things too. Idk if I want kids or not yet to be honest but I vow to actually want them if I do have them. Not because society says I should, not because I'm a certain age, but because I feel financially and emotionally stable enough to want to bring something better into this world than what there is today.

Wtf is really wrong with people though??

"It's better to push me out when your young."?!?!?!

*palm to forehead*

This same broad asked me why I had a cup I was drinking out of (it was a camp cabelas mug) I said "what do you mean?" She said "do you like hunt or something?"

And she is creating humans. Yay.

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Terrence Smith
Terrence Smith : From Jews In Uganda Africa to Jews in America = (African Americans) !!! Abayudaya Artists     YOUTUBE VIDEO MESSAGE FOR YOU AFRICAN AMERICANS

FROM : Jews In Uganda Africa ( Shalom-Israel-in-America)

Intro: Words To The Song
{{ Shalom l'Israel u l'America }} u le chol Yehudim ba olam haze!
Koki alongside David alongside Rachman,for this year it's a tune ya'll know

In Africa we are the Jews in Africa(we rise and shine)
In Africa we are the Jews in Africa(we rock and roll)
Shine shine shine....

To NOAM friends and the USYers,Kulanu,B'chol Lashon and the others,
YJC a the founders,(founders)Together as friends a we getting higher
Slow and nice a we aint in a hurry,so interestin its more than a movie
Working together with friends like Mukiibi,Yosef Kalema,Esav and Koki(AYA) now we're growing and controlling,thanks to HaSHem for the food that we're eating the air that we're and life that we're living,
Coz its only You we believe in that-No more crying no more suffering and no more "dying"
Rav Gershom (big up) Israel(big up) Aharon.....Jeje Keki
Samson Ziwu yeah and all the Mamas.....

East to the West North to the South,
South Africa West Africa, East Africa lets tell them something
gonna make them wonder, Israel in Africa abaana ba Yudah fe tusambagala never mind the Jews are strong every year we get to the higher level, better let them know no more wrangles naffe tuveyo

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Seether : Seether's March Madness | Which is the better song performed live?     Our first #MarchMadness tourney semifinal is set as “Fine Again” trounces “Country Song” to move on to face “Truth” in the final four. Next up,"Words As Weapons" squares off against "Fake It" for a chance to move on. Make sure to vote now for your favorite Seether live songs to enter-to-win tickets to the upcoming U.S. tour dates or some killer Seether swag!

NOTE: replies to this thread do not constitute a vote..please vote by clicking through to the poll. Thanks!

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EARTH Animal Sanctuary
EARTH Animal Sanctuary : EARTH Animal Sanctuary updated their status.     Well, well, well...

I guess our video is getting just a wee bit of attention...

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Overdownunder :         At 11:30pm on this day 1 year ago, Jaie Moran took his life, the exact time he passed away is uncertain.

It borders morbidity to report suicide as we do, to remember and to wade in the trauma of it but for those bereaved, that's exactly what they do because of love lost.

For those not affected by suicide, your life is a blessing but for those that are, words fail to describe the reality one lives with the grief of losing someone in such a way.

Life is hard, no point in sugar coating the reality of it and it can be great too. If you're reading this and are having a hard time, know this, it could be a whole level worse.

In August 2015, we plan to tour Australia in over 35,000 k's to reach communities that have the time to listen and learn of newer or better ways to cope and we hope to make a positive impact in the community following Jaie's mother Sandra (Piper) as she rides her motorbike around this amazing country trying to prevent so many others from suffering the same ill fate she has.

There is always tomorrow -

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Candace Lillie Keith: A New Beginning
Candace Lillie Keith: A New Beginning : Candace Lillie Keith: A New Beginning updated their status.     Day +6... Today has been a fairly restful day. Dr. Grimley is very happy with her. His words today, "This is going better than I expected." I'll take it! God's grace and mercy never ceases to amaze me! We continue to praise His name and give our Lord all the glory and praise!
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Crystal Utopia
Crystal Utopia : New Customer Registration - Crystal Utopia     In lieu of April Fools - We decided against playing the 'We are closing down" prank - Mostly because April Fools should be funny, and not cause distress ;)

SO! I have compiled a list of 4 events below, That I am hoping make you laugh this morning. ONE of these is NOT true. The rest, unfortunately for me - Are true recounts of events in my life, That are painfully embarrassing to relive, even more so to share.

You need to tell me which one is NOT true and I will send you some crystal love in the mail (Anyone that guesses correctly will be sent a prize, You must be registered in our system One guess per person. Share with your friends - Extend the love

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Catherine Landry
Catherine Landry : Ottawa cancer patient's drug costs force her to sell business     THIS>>>>>>>>>>ENRAGES ME TO NO END.
Are we living in the middle ages? Have we not done enough fundraising to end this insanity. I am beside myself right now. WHEN does it EVER change,end,become better???The pharmaceutical industry is out of control and price medication out of the stratosphere,thus crippling human beings.
I AM ENRAGED. Pierrette Breton, I bow down to you and I will commit to try to change everything as this is no way to live a life .My sincere apologies for this endless amount of bullshit you are subjected to.
...................i have no words.

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Reach Rescue Inc
Reach Rescue Inc :         Thanks for all of the kind words, phone calls and emails post surgery. This sitting home waiting to get better is a load of crap! Look at these daffodils, I'm pretty sure the sun is made of daffodils. Thanks Kathy
Sunshine and daffodils can cure most anything.
Kind Regards, Cindy

1 hour ago - View - : A New Way of Thinking by Jane Garapick     A New Way of Thinking by Jane Garapick of Getting to True Love

We've all heard so many versions of the same thing: Just love yourself and your life will change. Just think positive and everything will be better. You just need to trust more, have more faith, believe it can be and it will be.

But if you're anything like me, I can hear these words and understand what they mean, but actually doing them is an entirely different thing.

What does it really mean to love yourself?...[more]

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Richard Isaac Hasson
Richard Isaac Hasson : Hopsin - Nocturnal Rainbows [RAW]     Yes, it is rap. Yes, he does use some foul language, Just take a moment and listen to the words. If it makes you feel better, post a song that speaks to your thoughts. I will take the time to listen to it, no matter the song. Put it in a response here, or post it to my wall. You would be amazed at my open mind towards any music. My playlist is various genres.
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Vincent Ruben Ornelas Support Page
Vincent Ruben Ornelas Support Page : Vincent Ruben Ornelas Support Page updated their status.     To everyone who has been wondering about Vince's status, I'm so sorry for not updating this page lately. His father Vincent E. Ornelas has fallen very ill and is unfortunately on his way out of this world and on to a better place. At this time, the family and close friends are spending his last days with him. In due time we will inform Vince Jr. (Ruben), we are just working with his doctors to give the news to him in the best way possible. But Ruben is doing well, he is in a care facility in Las Vegas that is taking good care of him! We are in the process of figuring out how to get him back to California, hopefully Santa Barbara or Ventura county. He definitely has his personality back, he can say a few words and phrases and is fully able to feed himself. He has speech therapy working with him and physical therapy working with him to move his right side. He can move his right leg on his own but needs to work on his arm movements. I hope this message reaches everyone who is or was involved in both Vince Jr and Vince Sr lives. Fortunately Vince jr (Ruben), survived a horrible tragedy, but may his father go in peace and be reunited with his wife Rita.
Vince Sr. is currently very well taken care of in a wonderful hospice location in Las Vegas NV and is very comfortable and will go in peace any day.

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I Am Lady B Bless
I Am Lady B Bless :         I am fine and all is well, I am thankful for all the love, the calls, the support and all the concerns. There is no words to describe the feeling of losing ones vision in ones eyes. The state of darkness is sad, lonely and depressing, we so often spend time on useless and wasteful things, places and even conversations not even knowing we are wasting time, taking for granted this sweet thing we call life. For a full whole week I was unable to see and as the Doctors went about doing what they can do to pinpoint a reason, all I had was time, now I took the time to think, now I wanted to be useful, now I wanted to see this and see that, when the possibility of not being able to see again was there, it was then that I wanted to see more then ever. Huuummmmmmm How mistaken we are as human, taking things for granted as if it will always be there waiting for use to appreciate it. My friends and family live your life for real, stop being robot to a system that cares nothing about you, every day we get up and do the same shit over and over again, till one day we dead. You all better get outta that one for real. I will tell u now I will never take this sweet life for granted again. Watch me as I run fly ride skate my way around the world.

“No one has a right to come in to the world without leaving behind a distinct and legitimate reason for having passed though it” - George Washington Carver

Thank you for your support
The Be Bless Foundation, our purpose, our mission and our vision is very clear and simple, to advocate for better education for children in undeveloped & disadvantaged areas, by setting goals that benefit the community.
Please join us online at:

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Pets on Death Row - Urgent Death Row Cats
Pets on Death Row - Urgent Death Row Cats : Pets on Death Row - Urgent Death Row Cats         "Attention Seeking" are two words which have been used to describe CHESTER, and they are also two words which describe a cat who is an absolute love! Chester can't get enough of people and his behavioral notes even mention that he would be a good fit for the first-time cat owner, although he scored a super AVERAGE rating. Chester should transition readily into just about any new home setting, and then he will pour on the unconditional love! Make sure Chester gets his ticket to freedom tomorrow, by sharing him far and wide, tonight.
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Joshua's Leukemia Journey
Joshua's Leukemia Journey :         I have been thinking all morning what to write, how to commemorate the day where our lives changed forever. I have come to the conclusion that no words can express the absolute devastation, confusion and anger we felt when the doctors told us that our precious little man has cancer. April 1st 2014 11pm. The day the earth stood still and at the same time came crashing down around us. We will never forget this day, our very own crapaversary. Our first crapaversary. One year down only two and a half years to go till end of treatment. But the pain, fear and scars will be with us for the rest of our lives. But so too will all the love and support from our incredible friends and family. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. For that we are eternally grateful, so so so much love for all those people who have held us up when all we wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry. For those who helped look after Rosalie while we were stuck in hospital with Joshua. For the hugs, kisses and understanding while we cried our hearts out. Though it has been tough and completely unfair we truly have been blessed with the community of people who have rallied around us this last year. We have met so many inspiring kids and their families and we are constantly amazed at the strength and resilience of them all. We have so much love for every last one and wish with all our hearts we could take it all away and make them all better. So one year. We made it. Joshua made it. So incredibly proud of the caring, strong and happy little man he is becoming. Our real life superhero. Kicking cancers butt one day at a time Xx
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Ella Amore Mahoney
Ella Amore Mahoney : Hey Future Vikings! :) I'm so excited to get to know you guys. I know I posted an introduction (it was pretty weak though) so this will be my better one. Also, my way of looking for a few future roommate. So yeah, here's a little bit about me!

I am from Puyallup, Washington. It's about 3 hours south of BHam. I've lived in the same house my entire life, so moving kinda scares the crap out of me. I have 3 dogs, Sparkie, my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Blewy, my Australian Cattle Dog, and Posey also a corgi, and she is 6 months and named after my favorite SF Giants player (baseball, anyone?) I also have a cat, Buddy (but he's nobody's buddy. He's mean.) Also, I hang out with mostly guys, honestly living with all girls makes me a little nervous, but girls nights are fun so it'll be a good new adventure.

I intend on majoring in Elementary Education with History. I am a transfer student. I want to live in Birnam Wood. I will not be bringing my car to school.

In terms of my interests, well that's a longer list again. I love music and movies. Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, TSwift, The Colorist, The Wombats, Garth Brooks, Family of the Year, Lee Brice... yeah it's a really random list. I enjoy comics (Captain America is the best.) I like to draw, sing and enjoy watching theatre. I like to be very spontaneous. I am non religious (been there, done that, it's not for me. I check No Religious Affiliation when I am asked.) Oh and I cuss a lot, so hopefully whomever I room with doesn't mind hearing the words shit and fuck often... I grew up with all guys. That being said, I do enjoy being girly and getting all dolled up, but not all the time.

So if you read all of that, you are THE BOMB. I talk a lot. Like as much as that post... So if you want to, get to know me. I'm not shy, and I don't bite.

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Borne Photography
Borne Photography : Comfortable in My Own Skin ~ A Diverse Woman Project
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Sergie Kells
Sergie Kells : Nothg in life is worth fightx 4. Ur best cloth is sm1 else' rag, ur account balance is sm1 else' church offerx, ur boy/girl frnd or fiance has once been sm1 else' ex, every prostitute u see in a hotel/street @ nite was @ 1 point in life a virgin. So whatz e squable all abt? Life is too small 4 u 2 feel big or better than anybdy. We're all naked 2 death. Nothg can save us 4rm it. Brag not abt wealth, beauty, intelligence, level o educatn, fame n material possessns. There's nothg we've achieved in life dat no 1 else hasn't. Guyz neva u 4get dese words. Stay blessed
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Vanessa Russell
Vanessa Russell :         Update: i just came back from the animal hospital with some very good news :) my little man has improved alot but still not 100%.. They had him on a nebuliser this morning and it helped him improve. They allowed maggie to spend the day with him which i noe is wat he needs to be better :) the vet said it is pasturella and will be an on going treatment.. Myself and i noe my little man would like to thank every one for their kind words and thoughts x
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Go Sister Go
Go Sister Go : NEWS 6 Breaking News- Breakthrough for Autism and Down Syndrome     Queen's & Princesses I am sending you this Post Enjoy Princess Anita Go Sister Go
Watch the video: video

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Popped! Republic - Gourmet Popcorn
Popped! Republic - Gourmet Popcorn :         Received fantastic news earlier today--- we’re a finalist in the 2015 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and we couldn’t be happier.

Our business rose to the top 100 of thousands of entries in the 2015 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. The top 100 finalists were selected based on several factors which included 1)- our business story; 2)- our product offered; and 3)- votes received (thank you Popped! Republic fans, friends & family).

Here are our next steps:

1)- Share the good news with all of you--- our supporters!!

2)- Complete our second-round submission by answering the following question ---(What is your passion as an individual and business owner, and how is that passion reflected in your business?) --- in essay format (less than 3000 words) and submit by April 8, 2015 so that the judges can get to know us a little bit better.

We’ll begin working on this right away and we’ll be certain to share our answer with all of you in an effort to “keep you in the loop” with our progress and eventual VICTORY (fingers crossed). We are really thinking BIG here everyone--- as the saying goes, “in life you have to think anyway, so, why not THINK BIG”.

The top 10 winners will be announced on April 21st and we hope to be the grand prize winner ($25,000)… if we win this thing, it’ll be HUGE!!

Thank you again for all of your support--- we certainly would not be where we are today if it weren’t for you, so for that, THANK YOU.

(Popcorn Mogul of the DMV (& beyond))

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Kerri Kelleher
Kerri Kelleher : hi everyone... just an editorial comment... I am trying my best not to be a referee, disciplinarian, or dictator when it comes to people posting their opinions here.

it is in the spirit of the page to provide information on the actual issues... and while we can debate what we think about them, it is important to do so in a kind and constructive manner.

while I appreciate the amount of private messages I've been getting, unless the comment is threatening, using swear words, or names an individual / violates privacy, I'm going to ask people to use their better judgment and be responsible for their own posts, and not ask me to delete / block / etc.

I don't want to start censoring the opinions of people that I may not agree with... and opinions voiced here are those of the poster, not of BASICS.


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