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Ashley Guder-Malogrides
Ashley Guder-Malogrides :     Obviously I don't know this man first hand AT ALL but I have always liked his work.
But this video as well as some others he has posted have given me more respect for him.
As a performer of many arts, a father, a friend to those of us he doesn't even know, a God fearin man n just overall respect as a human. You never really know when your words could completely change someones life n give them the motivation they need.
He is completely right in that change starts within you, within your mind. You not only have to work hard to get better in life. You need to know things are better.
Energy starts from within. What you think you receive. People can try to deny this but in the end its the truth ! No matter what may happen in the course of a lifetime DO NOT allow anything not even yourself to bring you down in a way you feel its impossible to get up from.
Everybody has there days, months, years. Life has its moments but you have to do better. Think of those who come behind you
Your future whether you want to see it or not they will kno nothing but excuses n negativity if that's what you show them.
Tighten up, n don't get mad that somebody at least cares enough to say a message like this.     I'm done
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Carmen Cluck

Sylwia Sierpinska

Protecting a human being has got nothing to do with any religion. It's a natural human desire to protect another human, u don't have to practice any religion and believe in God. It's natural, it's inside every human beings heart to protect and help vulnerable people.

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Mary E Cook
Mary E Cook : What An Awesome Dad!     How adorable :)     Anything to make his little girl happy. She is adorable, but he steals the show. As a parent, sometimes you learn the words of your child's favorite songs better than they do because you've heard them a gazillion times! :)

Please Share
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Mharidzo naMufundisi( Pastor's Sermon)
Mharidzo naMufundisi( Pastor's Sermon) : People of God...I'm hear to encourage you today. It doesn't matter what it feels like ....looks ...taste like ...smells like...If God said...YOU COMING OUT OF THIS ON TOP OR YOU SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE...You better hold on and ride it out because you are going to see it come to pass ...No matter what the doctors say... No matter what your symptoms say.. No matter what the the paperwork say....No matter what your mind say... God said you are coming out...
That Settles It All!!! I bind up fear and doubt and cast them into outer darkness. .You have the victory because the fight was won from the beginning. ..Jesus saw to it way back on Calvary. that at this very moment when you needed it the most that this word would bring you resurrected power along with a Holy Ghost push to help you move forward. ..You're gonna win...This thing can't beat you ...Not with who you are carrying. ..Now come on and Get Up...PUSH...His strength is being made perfect in you this day in the name of Jesus Christ I decree it so and so shall it be...

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Sergio Attard
Sergio Attard : Anonymous reminder & A Message to Humanity     Very powerful words !     A very Powerful message to all the people of the World.
United We Stand.. Together we can fight for a better world. No man, women, or children should be enslaved (either it realizes it or not) for the greed of the few (that bitchy 1% indeed). No human life should ever be sacrifice! Nowadays, more than ever, all over the world, raise your vibration frequency and stand united as one, divided by zero. We will not be silenced any longer, we will not be handled any longer, we will stand for our beliefs or we will perish, cowardice lifestyle is no more an option once you know.

Thanks to: CHARLIE CHAPLIN (the voice)
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Shakeel Rehman
Shakeel Rehman :         If parents would heed to these words, youth would be much better.
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Jennifer Hartley
Jennifer Hartley :     haha My friend Mary made a Mormon version of Would you like to build a snowman? so fun!     Happy thoughts (and song) I share with love: Do you know how absolutely awesome the Book of Mormon is? :) Reading it has helped me understand the joy and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that it contains the word of God - living what I have learned through it has changed my life for the better in so many ways! If you ask me about it, I’ll tell you more :) #BookOfMormon #IKnowItsTrue
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Judah Martin
Judah Martin : I would like to share something deeply personal with you all. I've been sitting in front of my keyboard for a while pondering the best words to convey the fear and shame I have felt for years because of the secret I've kept from most of my friends and family. But part of growing up is learning to accept yourself for who you are, so, here goes---

.....I am not a Beyonce' fan.

...My, that feels much better now that it's in the open!

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Jennifer Holland Reynolds
Jennifer Holland Reynolds : Sitting here tonight, trying to slow my head down from all the events and I can't hold back tears. My family is just so loved.
Keely Dockery, we make a grand team, you and me. I can't really even find the words.... the way Kambree loved on Jae, and you just taking care of me, the memories made... I love you both.
Jade Johnson, thank you for meeting me at the ER doors with just support. Love you, sis. Mamas are even good for adults to have around.
Laurie Holland, I am glad I had my mama and Jae's nana today. It made it better for us both. Jackie Reynolds Langohr, thank you for coming to love on her too.
To each of you that called, texted, or facebooked today. Thank you. Jae has gotten to make so many friends since moving to Levelland, and it has touched her to see and hear all the well wishes. Truly a blessing.
Covenant Children's delivered today across the board. Excellent place to have for our kids in the area.
Julie Scott and Miran Faulks Reynolds, I am so lucky to get to do life with you. Thank you for helping with my kids today. I have the best sister in laws eva!

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Ali Faraj
Ali Faraj : The Video that inspired a Million Lives     The meaning behind this video is soo deep, always cherish your mother and father, alway,always, ALWAYS.... we all claim that we do but we can do so much better.. words wont do the depth of this video any justice, please watch it     The Video that inspired a million lives and also made a billion cry. Love your family every second of your life..
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Taneisha Sanders
Taneisha Sanders : Words can not express how Happy Iam on this Birthday of mine...
God gave me the best gift ever.My husband Arrion Sanders and i could not have asked for more are a better one...The love he is showing me is enough to take me through this lifetime....I just cant express how it feels to be Mrs Sanders. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

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AnNe RaiNe Boo
AnNe RaiNe Boo : PROMISE is just a word. No deeper meaning. So don’t depend on promises, because it’s better to be surprised than to be disappointed.


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Itay Cohen
Itay Cohen : Hamas to Civilians: It's Great To Die     There are no more words to describe how disturbing this is.     Hamas TV host celebrates their "Dead Civilians" strategy in this shocking video: "Being with Allah is better. Being with Allah is better."

Join over 25,000 people who support Israel's right to fight terror. Sign the petition at
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Nonhlanhla Baholo
Nonhlanhla Baholo : Goodmorning now that we are in the last half of the year, let me encourage you! To speak hope, favor and new life to you. We are filled with God-given destiny and passion. You are everything God has called you to be! I declare this in Jesus’ name over your life today. If you want to see your circumstances and situations change for the better, you have to start by planting good seeds through your words. Make your confessions personal and real, and allow God’s strength and power to move. Instead of saying “I’m not,” start saying “I am.” “I am blessed! I am able! I am healed! I am smart! I am gifted! I am everything God has called me to be! CLAIM IT!
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Erick E Vicks
Erick E Vicks : To me being a father to my daughter means everything to me im her father and her role model im also a role model to other kids by my actions not just my words being a father is worth every minute of it being a father gives me a bigger reason to want to do better in life so if you're a man with kids and you're not in your child life please i Beg of you to please get involved in your child's life before it becomes to late if your a man that has kids but dont have a job its alot you can do give the mother a break and get the kids let her know you want to be there kids understand Time not money well when they get older it will be about both lol but Fellas please pretty please just get involved in your child life if you can't speak to your child mother cause yall don't get along let me talk to her i want to help you as fathers we have to stick together my inbox is always open and my phone is always open fellas lets change they way Some women think about the dead beat and change it from being a (dead beat) to your child being your (Heart beat)
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Patty Loudy
Patty Loudy : Something happened today I Never thought would ever happen my daddy came to Tennessee we had a great time at the aquarium in Gatlinburg and thay are spending the night with us :))) god has proven me wrong again !!! so many things has happened for me in the past 4 years I would have bet my life on would never be for me. I made a mess of my life 5 years ago being with the wrong person just about destroyed my relationship with my family not only that but I lost who I was in the middle of all this, I was sure I had Lost my family forever but I never gave up on God and he never let me forget he was there. I now have a better and stronger relationship with my family. I have the best husband in the world! !!!! I love you so much Bobby Loudy I have so much to be thankful for Jada Cornwell Bates is the best boss at UT medical center !! My kid's I love you more than words can say my life is good I'm so happy (never forget to say thank you God for all you do) even when things aren't going the way you want. I say thank you God at least 20 time a day every day he never left me and he won't you .thank you God for my husband Bobby Loudy the best kids in the world Kayla Adams Devin Adams Casey Adams and Nicholas Joseph and my beautiful sissy Kim Jarnigan and good friends Melissa Alexander Jamie Alexander
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Dianne Hilburn
Dianne Hilburn : I am not home.I had to stay another night and no I am not happy. I'd so much rather be at home than here.I am much better now,NO it was not my heart a stomac bug or not sure how to spell this but I will give it a try divertictilices anyway I am not good on smart words I would be pretty good on them if fb would not have taken spellcheck off.I hope I get to go home tomorrow early and not have to stay around here very long.
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Los Oh
Los Oh :     All real rap fans listen to dha words! Im urging yah all to listen to the words....
Late night bars
No light in my yard only a tiki fire >_<
Ill put a better video up 2mar...    
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Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen : Timeline Photos     Arturo is a 29-year-old male polar bear currently living in Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo. He is suffering in 40C (104F) heat in an enclosure that has just 20 inches of water for him to swim in and has as a consequence been displaying worrying behavior.

Please sign this petition or at least spread the word in order to have Arturo transferred to a zoo in Canada which has better facilities for an animal that is used to polar conditions.     Omg!!! everybody please help this poor bear and sign the petition!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!! Help him please

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Jessica Castaneda
Jessica Castaneda : Don't care who it is I stand by my words and actions. I'm far from being perfect but I'm better than who I used to be. I'm a work in progress and God's not done with me just yet. I can't fathom how blessed I am to have such an amazing man by my side. He's there when I need him the most He uplifts me and reminds me to look to The almighty when I begin to lose focus. It's true what they say there's nothing like a man of God who reminds you to pray harder when difficulties come about. #happyascanbe #praytogetherstaytogether #Godfirst
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Talkshop : Testimonials | Best English School in the Philippines | TalkShop     CRITICAL WRITING PROGRAM - JULY 2014
"I’ve attended #TalkShop’s classes for the past two weeks hoping to learn more about how to write better. Showing up in the classes helped me in improving my writing skills, just like I wanted. Not only that but I was able to create friendships and bonds with the teachers and other students. I really think this experience was a great one and I will cherish my time at TalkShop forever.
I learned a lot from the classes that I attended here. Even over the materials I’ve covered previously, the teachers explained everything in understandable words. The courses sound intimidating and full of pressure, like “Critical Thinking.” However, after attending the classes, it breaks your impression because it is a fun learning space and the teachers are really supportive. The TalkShop Consultants are very nice and welcoming. I have improved my writing, speaking, and confidence." - Megan Sumpaico, Student

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Chyandria Funches
Chyandria Funches : Don't even have words to express how sorry I am for my big cousin. I can't say I know how you feel or what your going through because I don't! You've gone through it these last few months and I know your tired of hearing it'll get better and that people are praying but I hope you know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and God doesn't send you through things for no reason! Stay strong and continue to pray cuz! Your blessing is coming and I love you SOO much! Rest Easy Von Gutter & Ray Major
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Gawyathry Srinivasan
Gawyathry Srinivasan :         This is for Real MEN !!! You can make a difference if your a MAN.!!!
I DO IT, but a little viloently though !!!
Toooo many rape cases in India.. Every month there is one..
I stand against anything happening anywhere with a WOMAN...
Bcoz I'am BORN to a WOMAN & NOT to an ANIMAL !!!
(this is nt posted to jst like or comment & 4get !!! SPREAD d word - make it a better place fr girls to b free)
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Edua Pive
Edua Pive :     Hahaha its gold.... This is better then getting a gun licence... Just saying!    
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Charadee Muniz
Charadee Muniz : My handsome man made me choke up and tear up all in one word,
He was saying "daddy" then he grabbed both my phone and ipad,
I was gonna FaceTime him,
But he has work early in the AM,
So instead I pulled up his pics and he starts kissing them,
He misses him so much,
I wish I could snap my fingers, and bam!
His dad was here.
But I'm not whoo-deanie.
I just wish my son had both of us right he wanted it.
Cause I know he misses his PIC lol
The only person that let's him get away with whatever he wants lol
Just wish I could make my baby feel better other than sad and lonely,
I just wanna take away his pain.
I hate seeing my heart walkin around sad :'(

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Mitchell Kern
Mitchell Kern : What An Awesome Dad         Anything to make his little girl happy. She is adorable, but he steals the show. As a parent, sometimes you learn the words of your child's favorite songs better than they do because you've heard them a gazillion times.
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Nikki FertileSpirit
Nikki FertileSpirit : "She thought I would be shaken by her presence and shocked by her words. But instead, I was just shocked by her behavior and shook by her attitude.....standing strong in place, enforced by her stupidity."

......Keep Watching, The Show Only Gets Better......


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Danniella Bowman
Danniella Bowman : You should choose VERY CAREFULLY on what you put on these social networks! I'm talking about them all! FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, SNAP CHAT, GOOGLE, ETC. Once it's out there, Its out there, you can not take it back, even if you delete it! Once people see it, its a done deal! It may be deleted from Your page but trust me. .. it can be saved to others phone, or screenshot can me used! Theres so much power in the tongue and sometimes words can hurt more than anything! Words can cut deeper than a sword at times! Sometimes I think that when you are in the midst of writing something really mean or negative. Before you hit post, ask yourself, if you were on the receiving end and was reading what someone else wrote what you are about to write. How would it make you feel???? for the young adults. Being GROWN is Alot of responsibility. If you say you are grown! You can not turn your maturity on and off whenever it suits YOU! Everyone makes mistakes, but when it become repetitive, , that isn't a mistake at all! There's no name to this but if it applies to YOU. Just DO BETTER!

XOXO thoughts from Mrs, Danniella Bowman

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Delene Knight Conway
Delene Knight Conway :     This is to funny not to share! I have felt this way a lot lately! Warning it has the A word in it!     WHEN THINGS ARE GOING REALLY BAD AT WORK .... JUST REMEMBER TO STOP AND SING THIS LITTLE SONG TO FEEL MUCH BETTER.
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