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Johnny Holmes
Johnny Holmes : Gm friends n family ...i like to thank u all for yall kind words yesterday it made me feel so much better really tho
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Katja Soehngen
Katja Soehngen : Simply breathtaking sighting.
A once in a lifetime experience.
It was great to see the interaction within the Lion pride, the two females worked perfectly together,protecting the cubs as much as they could, the roaring gave us goosebumps, it was a long and sleepless night.
And we enjoyed every single second of it.
We felt very "privileged" to be able to witness something special like this

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Anne Marie Rork Allison
Anne Marie Rork Allison : Cindy Steinberg:

"Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis."     This is how my life was and is. It is a constant struggle with no winner!     Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis. Cindy Steinberg is a powerful and inspiring pain care advocate. Follow Cindy at
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Man city is the best
Man city is the best : Half Time:

"West Ham United FC" 1-0 "Manchester City FC"
(Morgan Amalfitano | -)

Better team is winning. Edin Džeko, Yaya Touré & Gaël Clichy having worst game. In simple words West Ham playing like we should be.

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Phyllis Potter
Phyllis Potter : Cindy Steinberg:

"Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis."         Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis. Cindy Steinberg is a powerful and inspiring pain care advocate. Follow Cindy at
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Kirk Tardiff
Kirk Tardiff : AMERICAN SNIPER Trailer #1 (2014) Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood Movie HD    
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First United Methodist Church of Bad Axe, MI
First United Methodist Church of Bad Axe, MI : Ephesians 5:18-20 (NLT)

18 Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit, 19 singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts. 20 And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul contrasts getting drunk with wine, which produces a temporary “high,” to being filled with the Spirit, which produces lasting joy. Getting drunk with wine is associated with the old way of life and its selfish desires. In Christ, we have a better joy, higher and longer lasting, to cure our depression, monotony, or tension. We should not be concerned with how much of the Holy Spirit we have but with how much of us the Holy Spirit has. Submit yourself daily to his leading and draw constantly on his power.
The effects of alcohol are obvious, but what happens when we are under the influence of the Holy Spirit? In these verses, Paul lists three by-products of the Spirit’s influence in our lives: singing, making music, and giving thanks. Paul did not intend to suggest that believers only discuss religious matters, but that whatever we do or say should be permeated with an attitude of joy, thankfulness to God, and encouragement of others. Instead of whining and complaining—which our culture has raised to an art form—we are to focus on the goodness of God and his mercies toward us. How would others characterize your words and attitudes?
When you feel down, you may find it difficult to give thanks. Take heart—in all things God works for our good if we love him and are called by him (Romans 8:28). Thank God, not for your problems but for the strength he is building in you through the difficult experiences of your life. You can be sure that God’s perfect love will see you through.

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Anne Marie Rork Allison
Anne Marie Rork Allison : Cindy Steinberg:

"Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis."         Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis. Cindy Steinberg is a powerful and inspiring pain care advocate. Follow Cindy at
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Teresa Holport Mcfarland
Teresa Holport Mcfarland : Gov. Snyder on School Cuts: In his own words         Gov. Snyder cut over $1 billion from education.
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Dev Bishnoi
Dev Bishnoi : I got Selflessly Caring. What two words describe you?     Ma,am Thanks for the better mssg & happy diwali to u and your family
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Gord Walker
Gord Walker : 8 years ago a beautiful little person entered this world and changed it for the better for all the lives that she has touched . The gift of a Grand Daughter is something that cannot be put into words . A lot of things are different since Chloe`s arrival, life happens and time never stops moving forward, those things are constant .Just as my love for that Tiny Dancer born of my Tiny Dancer will never end....Happy Birthday Chloe
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Jacob Gatlin
Jacob Gatlin : Verbal Abuse is the most damaging kind of abuse. I say this because even children young enough to talk are affected by their parents. We are all victims of this abuse at some point in time. Be careful what you speak into someone else life. You just don't know how powerful your tongue can be. Even when your speaking to yourself negative thoughts and words are no better. Choose today to break free from all forms of Verbal Abuse giving and receiving.
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Aditi Jahnavi
Aditi Jahnavi : Did you all feel that the Diwali night and the morning after,was hotter than the regular nights and days?
Some people must have been bussy burning crackers and enjoying while some must have felt this.
I know that you all know,why it happened.
Well,its really very amazing to see those dazzling and vivid skypointer crackers in the sky but its really disheartening to know that despite of knowing the life threatening and hazardous environmental effects of these nonsense bullshits, we still do it for the fun.
I mean, aren't we mature enough to take responsibilities? Didn't you see the large number if casualties on that very day? Don't you think its our time to tell small kids that Diwali means Deepawali-its the festival of lights,togetherness,celebration of happiness and not of crappy crackers.And do your younger ones know why actually Diwali is celebrated?Bachpan se adat chhudvaoge,tabhi bade ho k pataakhe nai jalaenge.
Instead of wasting money on crackers,why don't you buy something for poor ones?Afterall India is suffering from poverty.
Or if ye 4 din ki zindagi vala funda is applicable to your life then you better stop doing all the things you are doing for your career.
Fun,Mazeee,Masti etc words are not applicable at the sake of other people lives.
PEOPLE DIE ON DIWALI because of the increase in the level of CO, SO2 & NO2.
Please try to understand the thing YOU ALREADY KNOW very well.

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Wendy Bee Bimson
Wendy Bee Bimson : Right here goes .

After having a bomb shell dropped on me by Darren two weeks ago I think I am finally ready to say it out loud .

He does not love me anymore and has another woman in his life !

With not a pot to piss in or anywhere to go I was pretty scared and at 53 not where I wanted to be .

But, my children have all stepped up with reassurances, support and love. But Emma has been my rock. She has helped me get strong and in her words...not be a pussy lol.

My family are amazing .

So Darren I hope you find what it is you are searching for but take note that she won't ever be better than me ! I have things in my children that you will never feel in your lifetime .

So for me it's onward and upward and with a little bit of luck life is about to be a complete new adventure for Wendy Bee xxx

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Riverside Fellowship of Seventh Day Adventists
Riverside Fellowship of Seventh Day Adventists : My Guardian Angel

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Ps. 91:11

A guardian angel is appointed to every follower of Christ. These heavenly watchers shield the righteous from the power of the wicked one. This Satan himself recognized when he said, "Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not Thou made a hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side?" The agency by which God protects His people is presented in the words of the psalmist, "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them."

I have seen the tender love that God has for His people, and it is very great. I saw angels over the saints with their wings spread about them. Each saint had an attending angel. If the saints wept through discouragement, or were in danger, the angels that ever attended them would fly quickly upward to carry the tidings, and the angels in the city would cease to sing. . . . They would bear the tidings upward, and all the angels in the city would weep, and then with a loud voice say, "Amen." But if the saints fixed their eyes upon the prize before them, and glorified God by praising Him, then the angels would bear the glad tidings to the city, and the angels in the city would touch their golden harps and sing with a loud voice, "Alleluia!" and the heavenly arches would ring with their lovely songs.

His angels are appointed to watch over us, and if we put ourselves under their guardianship, then in every time of danger they will be at our right hand. When unconsciously we are in danger of exerting a wrong influence, the angels will be by our side, prompting us to a better course, choosing words for us, and influencing our actions. Thus our influence may be a silent, unconscious, but mighty power in drawing others to Christ and the heavenly world.

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Brooke Glassburn
Brooke Glassburn : Matt Nathanson - Headphones (Official Video) ft. LOLO     Going to start sharing every positive story I read :) I love Matt Nathanson, and this made me love him even more! Watch this now. Made me cry. Let's start sharing the good news stories instead of the illness, crime and other horrific things. The ones that make you cry happy tears. Share that! Please and thanks :)     360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. Many of whom cannot reach or afford help. For his new music video, Matt Nathanson decided to join t...
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Chris Knight
Chris Knight : LIVE: Police clears Occupy protesters from Parliament Square         Occupy Democracy protesters continue to rally on Parliament Square in London, as police move to clear the site. Protesters have been rallying for five days t...
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Lilly Jackson
Lilly Jackson : Cindy Steinberg:

"Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis."         Chronic Pain is a serious and widespread public health crisis. Cindy Steinberg is a powerful and inspiring pain care advocate. Follow Cindy at
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Kansiime Beatrice
Kansiime Beatrice :         Woooo thank u God. Great thanks to the entire family of the late Rwamparangi RIP and my dear friends ,For the love and care u ve alwayz shown me. I ve no better words to define how am feeling. Long live !!
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George E Flemming
George E Flemming : A Confused and Lost Generation…

All one has to do is to look across this nation…
We seem to have a “confused” and “lost” generation!

So many are wanting to know which direction to turn…
While many in churches don’t seem concerned!

Our money bears the words; “in God we trust!”
So many souls are “burdened” down with various lusts.

It seems like God is being pushed
“back into a corner.”
The fiery tide of evil seems to be getting “warmer.”

We have “better” technology, but lonely hearts…
As the very core of “family”
is often “torn apart.”

We have “smarter” cell phones and 3-D t.v.’s…
Looking for entertainment that will always “please.”

This generation seems to live “day by day…”
But anything of God… Many drift “further away.”

TRUTH today is what many desperately seek…
What is “truth” seems to “change” just about every week!

The TRUTH of God’s word is what must go out!
This is what the purpose of life is all about!

If you’re “confused” and “lost.”
And don’t know “where to go…”
May I introduce you to the redeemer
of your soul?

The God of the Bible and the Lord of creation…
Extends to all his wonderful gift of salvation!

Why not come to him now? And simply trust him?
Jesus is here right now?
Won’t you accept him?

Everything you need in life, or wish to obtain…
You can find it all when you call on Jesus’ name!

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Jithesh Jithu Mstkz
Jithesh Jithu Mstkz : A meaningfull SILENCE is always better than a meaningless WORDS
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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams : To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine... and those who don't.
As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in
water there is bacteria.
In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated
that if we drink 1 litre of water each day, at the end of the year we would
have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. coli) - bacteria
found in faeces.
In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.
However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum,
whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification
process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.
Remember: Water = Poop, Wine = Health.
Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water
and be full of shit.
There is no need to thank me for this valuable information!!!

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NatashaAlways SmilingRicker
NatashaAlways SmilingRicker :         Up praising and thanking God for another year I've been blessed to have my boo, my Love, mY baby my motherrrrr. Happy birthday my queen loving you to life and back... couldn't have been blessed with a better mother. He has let his beautiful Angel Grace us with Her presence another year. Thanks for being you and my backbone and shoulder to cry on. Words can't express but you already know. Love you, love you, love you enjoy and be blessed and I'll see you after class...
#keep calm she's a Scorpio

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Daina Horner
Daina Horner :     Now, think about this for a moment... This is for every dad who thinks his daughter could do better...    
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SueLena Weaver
SueLena Weaver :         A couple of times a year I pull out an oldie, that I love and want to share it with you. There's no better way to start a day off than with a good laugh, and this should provide just that. There are absolutely no curse words in it and it's not just funny,. it's laugh out loud hilarious. Many of you have seen it before, and shouldn't mind seeing it again, and there are also many of you that haven't seen it and I know you'll enjoy it as well. ok enough rhetoric, here tiz...... enjoy..
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Melissa Price
Melissa Price : Well, I'm sorry to say that the mouse that got into my house last STILL in my house! Let me paint this picture for you. 4:45am: sound asleep until there came an unusual scratching sound near the side of our bed. My husband and I both sat up with the flashlights on our phones staring at the floor. He tried to assure me that it was the cord from the baby monitor...but I knew better! No sooner did I say, "what if it's the mouse?", did the little thing dart across the floor under our bed. Of course there was a brief slurring of bad words that followed. Not wanting to risk waking the girls, we let him go. I laid awake til 6am listening to the mouse scurry about. And just as I am getting up to get dressed for work, my husband sits straight up in bed and shouts "there's the mouse" while pointing at my feet. Yup...I freaked out! My husband just laughed. Needless to say, the theme of my day will be MOUSETRAP MAYHEM!!!
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Lawrence Vegas Land
Lawrence Vegas Land : Blackness     You know, sometimes, just sometimes, I don't like posting things like this on my page, because I know there are coons or friends who are associated with coons, who will like this, but who, for lack of a better term, "are not about that life". About what life? Ones who actually appreciate being black. So many out there don't. Not the same thing as embracing the ignorance that our people have to offer, but our intelligence.     That BLACKNESS ... in Nina's own words.

In delivering Nina Simone's story, we should NOT whitewash away that which compelled her.

Dr. Nina Simone, our High Priestess, deserves the integrity of TRUTH, not the disgrace of Hollywood fictionalization.

Please share!
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Youth Confession's
Youth Confession's : Good Evening folks #maggie here :-* Disgusting and Absurd and a realy shameful :3 that post which was relatd to #RUHANI&MEETHI_CHURI 2wrds their #HEALTH some people show and prove their humanity and legacy 2 wards others i il nt say their name becAuse the¥ know better :-/ as they are $aying #I_DID_POST_4_SYMPATHY_AND_OLL :-/ :-/Don't u think it sounds worst -_- why the hell we need sympathy from you guys it just as you all share your #PROBLEms with us through confesns and in #INBOX so as i did :-O may be i didnt attemptd wrong -_- we all are like a group of family where we talk with each other :-) and oll. Atleast before use yourwords think 1nc if u can't support others by your #words so atleast keep zip ur Words -_- it can hurt and pinch a lot to the Victim :-/ nd may be they are hurting a biG shame oN You -_- if u wna flirt then u alL cross ur Limits buT when ur admins facing problems then you #COMMENTs hw u cn believe or if they r injur so how able to Post -_- Claps and huge round of applause to ur mentality :-/ Hell after the reading of coMments i got tears in my eyes :'( just cz dis is our society a big regret :-/

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Latrice Taylor
Latrice Taylor : Consistency!!! I'm thinking.... I have really good friends. Thank you for being there for me the past few months. You've prayed for me, when I stressed you always had words of encouragement, answered my calls/text whenever I needed someone to talk too and when I needed to vent you offered a listening ear. I was lonely, emotional and unsure alot of days but you all helped me feel better just knowing you cared and I got through. "So far apart but yet so close". #mybesties #mybuddy Santoshia,, Rallands and Thanks to all my FB friends too (who genuinely care).
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Zoya Roy
Zoya Roy : Theres so many things that ♥ I love about you I could name so many things you continue to doYou always stand by my side and show you care Good times and bad you're always there.In sad times you always manage to make me smile.
The way you promise we'll be together to walk down the aisleI love the moment we look into each others eyes.
A love so beautiful I have invisible happy cries I love the way we both know that we belongThrough tough times we've proven to always be strong.
The warmth of your hug when you hold metightIn bad times you promise everything will be alrightI love it when you tell me we'll always be foreverI know now and all our days we'll face everything togetherTimes that are hard and my eyes start to cryYour hand is always there to wipe them dryI love spending my days with you, they are so much funTogether on rainy days and under the glowing sunI love seeing you in the day and dreaming of you at nightI keep every memory with me and you're never out of my sightI love your gentle touch and your words that are sweetEvery time I'm with you my heart still skips a beatI love it when you know I feel sadYou will do anything just to make me glad.No one in this lifetime can understand the way I feelMornings I wake up sometimes still wondering if this is all realYour love and comfort is what I'll forever needYou're not only a boyfriend but my soul mate indeed.I love the way its taken us ages to findThe most divine love between us, for I call you mineEvery single day is better because you have brightened my lifeI hope to one day have the privilege of becoming your wifeI respect each word you say that comes out of your heartI promise you that nothing can tear us apartI love the way you've taken away all my painAnd still to this day your love keeps me saneI love the feeling I get when I hear your nameI know that when I say I love you, you feel the sameI cherish you so much and thank God I found you

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