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Jessica Rocole
Jessica Rocole :     Happy Birthday to my world, my bff, my mommy, my all, my everything, the key 2 my heart, the name that's tatted over my heart. She has spoiled me rotten and sacrificed so much so that my sister and I could have the coolest toys, top designer clothes, best perfumes, travel the world, best parties, great opportunities and more. Price didn't mean a thing to her when we wanted. I pray that one day I can take care of my mom like she took care of us. She can drive me crazy , curse me out but I'm just like ok ma and everything is A ok. I couldn't think or ask for a better role model. She's given her devotion, time, love, caring words, motivation and more to just the two of us. Rochelle & Her girls that's all it's been forever & always ❤️ Rochelle Jackson    
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Trica Williams
Trica Williams :     This is just sad I hope the find the thieves! I had better words for them but I chose to keep it clean!     Crooks swiped a Spokane trailer used to feed veterans. Please click 'share' to spread the word and help return the trailer to the volunteer group.
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Paibac Isreal
Paibac Isreal :     Dad kilt it yes kilt is a word in my book     Whats Better Than An Old Men Dance Battle?!…. Nothin!!!
follow BlackPeople Vines
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Anna Pietroselli
Anna Pietroselli : ♡ Worldwide fighting for a free Palestine! ♡         Hey Palestinian brothers...This is just a little demonstration of my feelings for you all. I would like to bring a message of peace, support, solidarity, faith, hope and love... I haven't found better way to express myself... I think all these pictures speak a thousand words. I know, many people are still against us, many people still alienated, but see! The conscientization is growing more every day! We're fighting, we're sharing with the world what is really happening in Palestine, the answer is the crowd! The crowd that calls for the freedom of Palestine, who calls for justice and peace! Keep the faith! Our God is powerful, merciful and fair!

God became Palestinians into true heroes, and believe me! You all aren't alone! Like me, I know that many people are with you all in spirit, thoughts and prayers!

The suffering of you all, is my suffering! While Palestine is bleeding, I'll be bleeding too!

But I believe, we will win! And the name of God will be glorified!
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Robby Persinger
Robby Persinger :     Pass the word and vote tomorrow night for J.D.     JD Anderson Update of Americas Got Talent! I need you all more than ever! PLEASE VOTE!!!! It's all up to America now. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! The more people see this the better chance I have on the show! Thanks everyone!
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Alex-Michael Carballo
Alex-Michael Carballo : Black Swans Feeding Fish     So the natural Law is kill..wait wrong word... hunt for food... so an animal would only kill an animal for the purpose of food...
So here we have 2 diff species helping each other.. species which are considered less evolved.. not at the top of the food chain..still have this sentiment to help each other...

What the hell happened? Did evolution make a humans brain smaller? Why the hell can we not behave civilized when its most important and violence is always the outcome? Why are people so accepting of all this?? I have constantly heard.. "what can i do? Im only o e person?"... do not underestimate the power WE ALL have inside to change for the better..

Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong it does not matter who, religion, colour, backgrounds...

If we cant then we the we do not deserve to survive as a specie..

Think peace... think love     Humans would share more in a Moneyless World.
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Darcy Catalano
Darcy Catalano : What An Awesome Dad         Anything to make his little girl happy. She is adorable, but he steals the show. As a parent, sometimes you learn the words of your child's favorite songs better than they do because you've heard them a gazillion times.
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VCC Overcomers
VCC Overcomers : VCC Overcomers July 28, 2014     It was a great night at VCC Overcomers! 103 were in attendance. We had a little contest to see who was able to quote scripture and several of our guests were able to recite Bible verses by heart! It was impressive! Tonight's lesson was about being "Better Together Part 3", praying God's word and the importance of praise.    
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Jhoana Alejandra Rocha
Jhoana Alejandra Rocha :     Insurance companies have better adds nowadays than churches or human rights supporters. Great advertisement .!!!     No words to express just watch it........
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Justin  Bieber Hayranları
Justin Bieber Hayranları :         Harry tonight during Niall's solo in Better Than Words
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Danielle Unger
Danielle Unger : Need that one person to talk to, to be heard, and not judge but keep it real, & have the best advise, not one word answers, where I feel better after I talk to them. But that person ain't here:/
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Mary Ann Kelly
Mary Ann Kelly :     Could not have been said better. Great words of wisdom.     oh Lord...EVERYONE needs to hear this! Love me some Madea #TRUTH
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Melissa Vigneaux
Melissa Vigneaux : So during professional development today, we had real, live earthworms plunked on our tables. We were told to write words to describe it. The point of this was to show how having real life things can encourage better writing. Agreed. So, I'm going to need a couple penguins, a seahorse, a cow and possibly a spider monkey. It's going to be a great year!!
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Steffany Torres
Steffany Torres :     Felipe is someone who hasn't just inspire me but many others to be thankful with life. I must admit he's one of the most positive, funny, & sweetest guy I've ever met. Always know how to keep a smile & how make others laugh. Due to his accident and injuries now he needs to take all sorts of medicine & like he explains in this video the medicine is just not working for him. Reason why he needs our help & support to make medical marijuana legal in the state of Texas. So It can help him with pain and feel better. So c'mon spread the word! In a bit ill post another video where he explains it better. ☺️     IM GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT A STORY THAT HAPPENED TOO ME THE OTHER DAY.. I WONT POST THE VIDEO OF THAT BECAUSE ITS SO EMBARRASSING UNLESS IT GETS ALOT OF LIKES AN SHARES THARS HOW EMBARRASSING IT IS......... THANK YOU LORD FOR ANOTHER DAY.
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Linda Haley-Lester
Linda Haley-Lester : I want to say to all my friends and family tonight...I sure do love and appreciate you all... it's great to know people who will stop what they are doing , to pray or offer a word of encouragement to those who are needing both... God has been so gracious and kind to me, He truly is the best Friend I've ever known...I am so thankful for the work He has given me to do...I feel it is the greatest thing I could ever do...working for God and for His Kingdom... I pray He will give us many souls for the Harvest... I believe we are in the last days before the coming of our Lord and Savior...Jesus can see signs which point to His return everyday...just listen to what is happening all around us each day... Don't let things of this world or circumstances, which will hinder you if you let them,...keep you away from, or postpone what you feel to do for God...the Bible says that whatever our hand finds to it with all our might... the greatest treasure we could ever acquire is souls for the Kingdom... if God has given you something to work at, for Him...use all your resources to see great things accomplished... work today... we may just have a few more days or weeks to influence our loved ones for Jesus...don't squander your days away waiting for a better more appropriate time... Trust the Lord to give you the words to witness for Him...and do it as soon as possible...Blessings to you and your loved ones...
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Keyalee Reese Johnson
Keyalee Reese Johnson : No one Is gone take him from me even though he is my ex Raphael Williams he is always gone be there for me no matter he stuck by my side through the thick and thin and I couldn't ask for a better best friend/brother even though we haven't seen eye at one point n argued and and he stuck right by me.. I wouldn't trade him for anything.. even though we bump head he always gone be my friend no matter what I do love him as a friend and brother he is there when I need him the most :) he always makes my day and I can tell him anything and he won't judge me like like some people I love you even thou we get in each others nervous no matter how much we fight in the end ur there for me and I'm thankful for that.. I hope nothing changes that even thou we weren't meant to be maybe somewhere down the road we will be but just know I love you and if any girl has a problem then get the fuck over it because nothing is gone change we had well ima hope off your page love bestie and and words can't explain what we been through
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La Dana Guyton
La Dana Guyton : It's been a long day and I just can't get past my 4yr old grand daughter telling me Nana don't cry your Daddy is going to live he's coming back to life he won't stay dead he's coming back to life ok so don't cry Nana wow I felt the power in her words & begin to Praise GOD out of the mouth of babes is perfect Praise just got word 25min ago Daddy has made some improvement :) to GOD be the GLORY I get so scared when the phone rings that report was better than this mornings report. Thanx everyone for your prayers however he is not out of the Woods completely yet plz keep those prayers coming they are so appreciated thumbs up
I find myself talking to my Daddy in the spirit tell him to plz fight back & don't leave me not yet I need you in hopes that GOD allows him to hear me I am such a Daddy's girl in grown woman status ha ha :) I need my Daddy.

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Ginger Douglas
Ginger Douglas : Spice Rack Sound Off: I love empowerment and making people feel better, however some of us need to lighten up in ourselves and go with the flow. If you could describe YOUR uniqueness in 1 WORD what would it be? And..... GO!
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Antonio Mario Ribeiro Ribeiro
Antonio Mario Ribeiro Ribeiro : ♡ Worldwide fighting for a free Palestine! ♡         Hey Palestinian brothers...This is just a little demonstration of my feelings for you all. I would like to bring a message of peace, support, solidarity, faith, hope and love... I haven't found better way to express myself... I think all these pictures speak a thousand words. I know, many people are still against us, many people still alienated, but see! The conscientization is growing more every day! We're fighting, we're sharing with the world what is really happening in Palestine, the answer is the crowd! The crowd that calls for the freedom of Palestine, who calls for justice and peace! Keep the faith! Our God is powerful, merciful and fair!

God became Palestinians into true heroes, and believe me! You all aren't alone! Like me, I know that many people are with you all in spirit, thoughts and prayers!

The suffering of you all, is my suffering! While Palestine is bleeding, I'll be bleeding too!

But I believe, we will win! And the name of God will be glorified!
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Nykiah Sky Walker
Nykiah Sky Walker : So, I lost my great grandmother, a drastic change has happen within my family, and my health condition is not getting any better, but my friends got the nerve to not respond to me AGAIN because they're feeling some type of way. A real friend will be there no matter what. I'm so hurt beyond words. I thank God for continuing to give me strength because I have to be strong for Mommy and my brothers. The rest of you sensitive, so-called friends can kiss my a** from here on out. I-Can-Only-Call-On-God
Yea, if the shoe fits...where the sun don't shine...for real

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Clayton Utz Careers
Clayton Utz Careers : The Inside Scoop - Craig McDermaid, Graduate-at-Law    
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Giselle Florendo
Giselle Florendo :     This is foreal everything I've thought but couldn't put to words in a video , she couldn't have said it any better , & it's so much harder when you have a baby with someone     why us girls trip
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Edwin Valle
Edwin Valle :     word!!!     This is why black folks need to study the law....A black man was going straight to jail....because he don't know no better.....check it out!
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Jonathan Alexandratos
Jonathan Alexandratos :         Late Nite Action Figure Club! This figure, Tigra, is from a series I collected as a kid. THE AVENGERS: UNITED THEY STAND. United they *didn't* stand in my collection, as Tigra was always missing. I never got her back then. It's not that she was rare. I think I suffered from That's-a-Girl-so-it-must-be-a-Girl-Toy Syndrome. In other words, I was a stupid kid. Though I did have Wasp, so maybe it was a feline thing? Like I said: stupid kid. Of course, when I saw her today, after years of wanting to complete that collection, I snatched her up. In doing so, I also reflected on how much, as a young boy, I resisted female action figures. Really, there was no reason for it. My excuse was probably that I didn't want to be called "gay" - a word that has no place being spat out as an insult, but is, too often, on playgrounds. I'd like to hope the climate is better now, but I have no idea. Do kids even get action figures anymore? They must, right? Hopefully the Pink-and-Blue Toy Wall (Girls-on-one-side-Boys-on-the-other) will come down in my lifetime. $7.50. I should've spent it then, but I'm glad to have done so now.
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Johnny Mathews
Johnny Mathews : Sometimes life is totally unfair, brutally unforgiving and so very harsh that the majority of people break..or turn to a crutch , an addiction , or a vice that tends to block out or mask the individuals emotions .. For over twenty years I did just that ..yep If I had a problem most days I would compound that with my addiction... over 325 days ago I made a promise to myself, my family and my friends that those days were over...then of course I have to have valve transplant surgery journey was now all of a sudden two fold ...recovering from my addiction while also recovering from major surgery ...Well they say a man is only as good as his word..and my word and my respect throughout this community means a whole hell of alot too me !! Patience is not one of my better virtues and at times I become rather frustrated with the littlest of things..Today was a test ...not sure why , not sure what pushed my trigger ..but something did !! It seems like sometimes God is punishing me ..sometimes not fully understanding the why's and the why not's are hard for a man that likes being in control !! I did not thank god follow my past ..I also did not lose my sobriety..So I just want say Thank You to all of those who follow me..Life is very good ...Im very thankful to be alive ..clean ..sober and regaining my health..I just wish my mind wouldnt try to sabotage my well being ..Remember a Smile goes a long ways ..God bless and g'nite
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Willa Vaught
Willa Vaught : Want to take a minute to thank everyone for your beautiful, kind words, prayers and offers of help after hearing about Frany's heart attack early this morning !!! Family and Friends are certainly what get you through these horrible times ! As my kids have kept most of you posted he is doing much better and was sitting up when he insisted that we all leave this afternoon !! He should go to a regular room tomorrow and hopefully come home either Wednesday or Thursday. Again, thank you all for your concern, love and mostly for your prayers !!! God is our strength and your friendship adds to that !! God Bless each of you
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Brandy Bethay
Brandy Bethay : Happy birthday to my BEST friend in this whole world!! I feel like I met my better half when I met him. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have his whole heart! I love my hubby so much.. Words can't begin to describe... So let's have a drink and some cake... And say happy happy birthday to my love!! 🍻🍷🎂😘🎈
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Ellen Gilbert Crouch
Ellen Gilbert Crouch :     This is great!!!!! I said it before and I will say it again. I don't believe you have to go to church to get to heaven. However I still invite anyone who wants to come to church to come. For me it is just like job training, if I want to get the most out of God's word, I need to practice and what better place than God's house.     Love this video… Had to share it!
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Jessica Freytag
Jessica Freytag : I've been trying to think what was my favorite part of vacation, but it's just too difficult to choose. Still, since I just posted some Museum of Fine Art pics, I'll share a favorite memory from that part of the trip:

We went to the museum late on Wednesday afternoon, mostly because admission is by donation from 4:00-9:30 that day. Our primary objective was to see the Magna Carta and the hand-written drafts of the Declaration of Independence. We got there a few minutes before 5:00, planned to stay for about an hour, and then figured we would leave and get something to eat. Four hours later we had to CONVINCE Nate it was time to go. We had hoped that he would enjoy parts of the museum, but we never expected him to LOVE it as much as he did. Exploring room after room with him, seeing his face light up with excitement when we reached the Ancient Greek art, and watching him discover a new-to-him Egyptian mythology was amazing in a beyond-words kind of way. Seeing him look at and enjoy so many different kinds of art, and I mean *really* look at and enjoy, was so rewarding. The whole experience was just so much better than even our most optimistic expectations.

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Toi McBeth
Toi McBeth :     Words can't even express how awesome this is and how I will some day own a ride that has this paint technology     yall better get your paint game up...Car Changes Colour With The Touch Of A Button!
This revolutionary technology called ‘paramagnetic paint’, allows you to change your cars colour using your smart phone. Prism shaped metallic pigments are rotated based on the voltage frequency dispersed throughout the vehicle body. Bank robbers have already started lining up!
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Jordan Jenkins
Jordan Jenkins :     Mahalo ALL for the great wishes, words cannot describe the many ways this amazing girl has changed my life for the better. In case anyone was curious on how it all went down heres a short clip of it. ;)    
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Pretty Smile Black
Pretty Smile Black : I'm not a a fighter but I will fight. I try my best to avoid all negativity cause I know that when and if I do get in some my FAMILY has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY meaning if you fuck with one COPELAND you fucking with ALL COPELAND'S so a word to the wise ones y'all barking up the wrong tree you better reconsider your judgment before some checks that will bounced be issued to name a few of them
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Sanjeev Wadhwa
Sanjeev Wadhwa :         When u start ur day,
Keep 3 words in ur pocket:
TRY-4 better future
TRUE-with ur work
TRUST-in God
then success will b in ur feet!
Jai Guruji

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Shirley Stoddard
Shirley Stoddard : UPDATE ON MY HUBBY:


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Veronica Marpoe
Veronica Marpoe :     Tom O'Brien you better start practicing how to sing for Talia's future boyfriends    
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