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Autoboneco LIZT Favoritz
Autoboneco LIZT Favoritz : Rowland S. Howard - Nothin'     Baby, when you leave
Don't leave a thing behind
I don't want nothin'
I can't use nothin'

Take care into the hall
And if you see my friends
Tell them I'm fine
And using nothin'

Almost burned out my eyes
Threw my ears down to the floor
I didn't see nothin'
I didn't hear nothin'

I stood there like a block of stone
Knowing all I had to know
And nothin' more
But man, that's nothin'

As brothers our troubles are
Locked in each others arms
And you better pray
That they never find you

Your back ain't strong enough
For burdens doublefold
They'd crush you down
Down into nothin'

Being born is going blind
And bowing down a thousand times
To echoes strung
On pure temptation

Sorrow and solitude
These are the precious things
And the only words
That are worth remembering    
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Loben Tatlow
Loben Tatlow : I'll be the first to admit, this might not be directly linked to either soul music or racism and I'm sorry if anyone feels this might not be the best place to share it... but even so, I would urge you to watch and listen to it... And in doing so, I hope you feel as I did that many of the words, the sentiments, the emotions and the vision of a more equal (in the full sense of the word) society that Michael Sheen's speech evokes and advocates, come with the same passion and from the same place as the will and desire to fight to eradicate racial intolerance and hatred. It is a glimpse of a better, fairer country and world where I want to live and for my children to grow up in.
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Agustin Sobrino-Figueroa
Agustin Sobrino-Figueroa : Every time I see someone trying to talk bad about our University, our education or even us... All I do is laugh on the interior and "nod in disagreement". I have witness great things in my time here and it is inspirational. There is a lot of people with amazing talent and even better work ethic. Keep doing what you do and just "nod in disagreement" when they try to bring you down. Let what you do be your fighting words. Remember Full Sailors, the sky is not the limit... We are our own limit. #KeepGoing
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Cane's Bucket List
Cane's Bucket List :         When I was first diagnosed with cancer, words cannot express the devastation we felt. While I enjoyed my routine visits to Banfield, I didn't know what my experience would be like at a cancer specialist. Things like surgery, radiation and chemo were all scary words, and a part of me expected the visits to be less personable b/c it has to be a tough profession to be in (albeit very rewarding when treatments are successful!)... Boy I could not have been more wrong!

Many of you worry about what I must be going through in these visits, so this post is to give you a better idea. My doctors and nurses at VSNT are not only incredibly talented in specialized cancer care, but they are compassionate, kind-hearted, generous and SO personable. They listen, they console, they advise, and they are so engaged in the various decision we're faced with at each stage of the process. They are doing everything they can to make me as comfortable as possible and to allow me to enjoy every day I have with my family- quality of life always comes first!

When I go for treatments, I look forward to getting lots of hugs, kisses, AND getting to see my furry furiends- we actually get to socialize & listen to music back there to keep us relaxed and happy! They also prioritize our comfort first, so many procedures are done while taking a nap (thank pawd!).

If you don't believe me, these pictures just says it all. Getting quality care is so critical, but VSNT is so unique in how they go about caring for their patients and pawmilies and deserves so much recognition and respect.

Thank you Dr. Rolfe (my primary doctor- I lub you!), and to the beautiful and talented vet techs pictured here with me! Special bark out to Dr. King, Dr. Cook, Dr. Reaugh (surgeon at DVSC) and other technicians and staff that are not pictured here. Can't you just feel the love? Lub, Cane

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Hope for Jocelyn
Hope for Jocelyn : Today has been a long day...Buddy had a little bit of a rough and rocky day. We did get fluids and potassium that went pretty well we never got home from CHOP till 6:10 tonight. We also had to do some labs so I'll know those results tomorrow. Buddy's GI doctor got held up today because he was in clinic and we went kind of later in the afternoon today anyways. We will most likely be doing potassium again Thursday as well as our normal fluids. Well tonight hasn't been the greatest and buddy isn't feeling well. Things weren't good when we got home buddy was very flush looking and just wasn't herself she kept staring and going into a phase kinda thing but did come out of it...First thing I thought of was maybe a reaction to the potassium but once she drank something and we drained her stomach she looked a little better and wasn't as flush looking but pale she also felt a little warm but no temp thankfully. I'll update in the AM! I'm keeping a close eye on this kiddo she LOVES to throw us curve and mysterious curve balls! We appreciate your support and kind words! Thanks for being apart of our journey and riding along on our roller coaster!

Please continue to keep Jocelyn in your prayers...Pray for her comfort..Pray for our family as we are faced with difficult decisions...Thank you for letting us into your heart..We love you all you guys mean the world to us! 💜

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Keepin' Up with Kolten
Keepin' Up with Kolten :         We are home! Kolten is AMAZING as always and eating like a champ tonight. Much much better than usual actually. So glad to be home. Although the seisure was really nothing (because it was just pravoked by a breath holding spell) being in the hospital is absolutely miserable. Especially with a 15 month old for a longer period than necessary. But he still doesn't let it phase him. He absolutely amazes me. We are so very blessed to have such a strong willed and determine little guy. Thank you AGAIN for all of your sweet words of encouragement and support. You all ROCK!
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Boston College Football
Boston College Football : In his own words: Steve Addazio on BC     "We’ve brought the team back to being a tough, hard, fighting competitive football program. We’re recruiting better, and we’re still building." - Steve Addazio
#WeAreBC #BuildingChampions

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Alan Saad
Alan Saad : DAY 9: March 3rd, 2015

- amazing improvement
- dad washed his own face today; he was more coherent and he was much more like himself..
- we couldn't believe how much better he was than yesterday
- he still uses jumbled words but it was better than yesterday
- he no doubt will need therapy but at this point I am overwhelmingly happy with his progress
-easily one of the happiest days of my life

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Jim Sabiston's Essential Light Photography
Jim Sabiston's Essential Light Photography :         The Spirit of Winter

“Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.” - Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

As much as I love the work (play!) of pairing the right quote with the right image each weeknight, every once in a great while I am blessed with with the delightful discovery of an assemblage of words that truly sing to me. Aberjhani's quote above is one of those that speak in a special, clear way to my inner self. I suspect the reason is its supplication to 'grace'. It has been pointed out to me by a fellow artist whom I greatly respect, Guy Tal Photography, that my relationship with the world through my art is one of Romance. This speaks far closer to the truth than I knew myself until it was spelled out for me somewhat recently. My romance with the world's beauty, and the potential within the persons who occupy it, so rarely realized. A central component of that ideal is grace, such a delicate thing in our crude, rough human world. Yet, grace exists all around us if we would but take the time to slow down and notice. When we are attentive enough to do this small task, grace can manifest itself within ourselves and the world becomes a better place in a small way for a moment. Imagine the potential if this became the rule rather than the exception in our lives.

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Jennifer Dagmante Ishii
Jennifer Dagmante Ishii :         HOW GREAT IS YOUR WORDS MY LORD...

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Yangon Bakehouse
Yangon Bakehouse :         Meet our youngest volunteer - Gus Curran-Munoz, a teenager who is learning to make an awesome latte and serves up a smile at our Pearl Cafe. Here his own words as to why volunteer and his experiences so far:
"My experience working as a volunteer at the YangonBakehouse has been both beneficial and enjoyable. The Bakehouse is an atmosphere that provides an unwinding and relaxing area to enjoy a meal. It is a western-style café hotspot well known for its great food and coffee. There couldn’t possibly be a better place for a regular teenager to apply for his first volunteer job. The coworkers are friendly and supportive, and I already feel like a part of the family. The level of quality that this food is produced continues to astound me, whether it being the exact texture of the velvety milk needed for a proper latte, or the master baker’s intricate designs on the mouth-watering assortment of cakes, cookies, and other heavenly delicacies for your sweet tooth. Furthermore, the skills that I am learning to use in a well established and supported bakery will definitely be beneficial to later life and other job experiences. A good volunteer experience requires an opportunity that provides valuable skills and a fun time learning them, which is why there is no better place to volunteer than the Yangon Bakehouse."

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