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Collver Family Ministries
Collver Family Ministries : Collver Family Ministries updated their status.     Collver Family Ministries would like to thank Pastor Kevin and Stacy Brown and the precious people at Cornerstone Church in Americus, Georgia for giving us the opportunity to worship together with you last weekend! We love you!
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Daniel F Herod
Daniel F Herod : Fished for a while Monday and seen a few fish caught---could not fish where I wanted to. Too many people fishing in all the right places----fished again a while ago for a couple hours where I wanted to fished and got skunked----not a good start for my fishing season.
51° ☼ Vis~10M Wnd~15NNW Hmd~65% DP~40° BP~29.86↑
Gas Monticello $2.38 Delphi $2.36 Laf $2.19
Norway Dam flow 2450cfs at 11am ▲ from 2350cfs last night
Lake Shafer is 645.24ft at 11am ▼ from 645.25ft last night
Oakdale Dam flow 2460cfs at 11am ▲ from 2270cfs last night
Lake Freeman is 610.46ft at 11am ▲ from 610.40ft last night
N. Webster 3.88ft at 11am ▲ from 3.85ft last night
Oswego------5.73ft at 11am same as last night
Ora-------------7.95ft at 11am ▼ from 8.01ft last night
Winamac-----5.96ft at 11am ▼ from 6.00ft last night
Wabash River Flow
Peru--------------8.38ft at 11am ▼ from 8.44ft last night
Logansport-----5.16ft at 11am ▼ from 5.49ft last night
Americus--------5.75ft at 11am ▼ from 6.14ft last night
Lafayette--------7.01ft at 11am ▼ from 7.66ft last night
Will get a water temp later today!!!
"Tight Lines and God Bless"

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Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia
Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia : Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia updated their status.     Just a Reminder UTBC April 5,2015 is Harvest Day at the Tab, what an awesome experience to bring your sacrificial offering on Resurrection Day. For he so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son that whoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus Paid it All!
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Americus Holiness Deliverance Temple
Americus Holiness Deliverance Temple : ahdt     Visit our new website at!
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Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia
Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia : Union Tabernacle Baptist Church of Americus Georgia updated their status.     UTBC, Sun. Apr. 5th (2015 Harvest Day) -

A time of sacrificial giving in response to the initiative led of God
(The Building of the “Sanctuary”) The work God does on earth is always facilitated through the gifts of his people. According to Exodus 35:20: We want ALL of the congregation to be involved by give out of what God has given you). Everybody has a part because God is not after the resources of a few; he is after the hearts of all his people.

Note: USE the Sanctuary Fund envelope for your Harvest gift but write “Harvest Day” & the amount on the envelope.

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TIM's Artistic Art, LLC
TIM's Artistic Art, LLC : TIM's Artistic Art, LLC updated their status.     Ya'll may think I'm playing but this is Easter Week and if people are waiting to place orders this week, you don't need to be waiting around. I'm going to do the best I can to help everyone, but I might have to turn down some orders; because it's just that crazy.
I got orders coming from Dawson for a funeral, order just came in from ATL, and a lady drove down from Americus yesterday, because all the screenprinters there are booked up. Please don't wait until Thurs or Friday to get your orders in. I'm going to sleep right now.
All orders for 10+ shirts on Thursday will get a $50 Rush Order Fee, I am not kidding. Thanx!

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