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Nguyễn Phú
Nguyễn Phú : Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra         Bài hát: Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra..Little do you know.How I'm breaking while you fall asleep.Little do you know.I'm still haunted by the memory.Little do you know.I'm trying to pick myself u
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Meghan Mann
Meghan Mann : "The Crossing" © 2014     "The Crossing" is here! Congrats to Nick Triolo & everyone involved!

From my previous post on the trailer for this...(Now the completed documentary)

It's no secret my love for Todos Santos, Mexico or my love of running. Nick Triolo introduced me to the beauty of trail running while I was down there last year. He also did something I could never imagine doing. He organized and ran a 70 mile protest run across the Sierra de la Laguna for an amazing cause. To stop open-pit gold mining in Southern Baja, Mexico. This was one of my favorite days/nights in the Baja and very inspiring. Check here more about this cause and the film they have now completed bring more attention to this irresponsible issue taking place.     "The Crossing" is a 15-20 minute documentary that follows activist, writer, and sponsored trail runner Nick Triolo as he organizes and attempts a 70-mile protest…
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Seth Ryan Henderson
Seth Ryan Henderson : I'm in love with Alex & Sierra's new single "little did you know" 😍
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Sara Leite
Sara Leite : Alex & Sierra "Say Something" in an unplugged performance! - THE X FACTOR USA 2013         Alex & Sierra left a mark with their performance of A Great Big World's "Say Something." What did their mentor, Simon Cowell, have to "say" afterwards? "Say ...
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Monique Williams
Monique Williams : U.S. Department of State: Embassy Freetown, Sierra Leone    
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