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Aldo Alagna
Aldo Alagna : Timeline Photos        
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Aldo Rgm
Aldo Rgm :        
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Aldo Soto Chapa
Aldo Soto Chapa : LA RADIO, RETO DEL MATRIMONIO Y ABUELOS FANS     #TRUELOVE :3     Like si crees que los abuelo-fans son adorables :'D Y fap por mis 800 esposas! Si quereis ver la entrevista completa, entren acá (A partir del minuto 16:00):...
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Lucie Merk
Lucie Merk :         ALDO.......a sweet boy......his best friend is now in foster home in germany...he is still waiting...looking all day long at the gates......maybe someone will come to take him also ??????????
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Aldo R Perez
Aldo R Perez : A Statement from the Monkey - The New Yorker     I’m sure that by now you have heard about the monkey who stole a camera and took a selfie. Some pictures came out really well and were posted on Wikipedia. Then a legal battle for the copyrights for the pictures began.
The court determined that the pictures had no copyright because they were the creative work of the monkey and not the photographer. So after a long silence the Monkey speaks out on this issue on "The New Yorker".

Note: I want this camera that is so good that a monkey can use it. I think they were thinking of me when they made it.

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Robert Merritt
Robert Merritt : Timeline Photos     “We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”
Aldo Leopold    

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Aldo Gjoka
Aldo Gjoka : B.o.B - Beast Mode - Video     This is off of his upcoming mixtape No Genre which drops on 12-7-10 Follow B.o.B on Twitter
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Sass Cadeaux
Sass Cadeaux : I was tagged by my amazing friend and author Sylvia Stein for the 7's game. The idea is to go to the current WIP, 7th chapter, 7th line, then post the next 7 lines.

Here I will be giving you an excerpt of my next novel entitled, What's Hidden Within, book 2, The Secrets Series. This is not edited. Hope you like it.

“Well I don’t! I don’t remember how we first met, if we ever talked beyond a few hellos, and Cliff! I had a huge crush on Cliff for the longest time, but the moment she pointed out George, I practically forgot Cliff existed.”

“Did you let Alba put a spell on you?”

I slowly nodded.

“Unbelievable! Well that explains a lot,” Aldo muttered while crossing his arms into his chest.

“What does that mean?” I snapped.

His eyes lowered into near slits. What freaked me out was the color of his eyes. They had darkened. It was clear that he was fighting for control. I had to turn away.

“You better keep your hands to yourself, if you scratch me again—I swear to God I’ll kick your balls into your throat!”

Now I am going to tag Jo Pfander, Dean Sault, Patricia Petrone, Susan Zutautas, Susan Hulcher, Rayne Cullen.

I can't wait to see your WIP! Much

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ALDO Relaxing Guitar
ALDO Relaxing Guitar : Designers Vision With Five Star Relaxing Instrumental Guitar Music, ALDO Relaxing Guitar 7 Free Songs URLT16
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Aldo Stevenson
Aldo Stevenson : Spike and Kevin---Worlds greatest Cats     Two-Cat Tuesday? Done!
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Samuel Lauand Camargo
Samuel Lauand Camargo : 10 malvados do galã Brad Pitt no cinema     Tyler/Aldo
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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties : Mark Stark Ice Bucket Challenge 2014     Our very own CEO Mark Stark does the Ice Bucket Challenge! and calls out Aldo Martinez, John Joseph and Ira Stark your move guys!     Mark Stark takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and nominates Aldo Martinez, Ira Stark, and John Joseph.
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Ettore Pennabea
Ettore Pennabea : aldo champagne foggia     Isabella    
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Aldo Locatelli
Aldo Locatelli : Toccata et Fuga in d minor Bwv 565 - J.S.Bach (Aldo Locatelli)     The popularity it enjoys this Toccata and Fugue is unrivaled even among all the work of Bach. The influence of the master organists northern and especially of Buxtehude is evident, although managed by the genius of Bach     J.S.Bach Toccata e Fuga in Re minore Bwv 565 . Aldo Locatelli, organ
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Vasty Esquivel
Vasty Esquivel : Timeline Photos         Hoy quiero felicitar a mi cuñada por su cumpleaños aunque no tiene face pero Aldo o Emmanuel le enseñaran esta publicacion .que el alto Dios siga Be diciendo tu vida sabes cuanto te keremos pues te has ganado a pulso eres gran madre dedicada a tu familia y que decir del aprecio que te tenían mis papas pues eso tu lo sabes,que te la sigas pasando genial en compañía de todos tus seres queridos y de tu amado esposo (osea mi hermanito) te quiero mucho recibe un saludo de tus sobrinos y Horacio DtB
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Aldo Dimperio
Aldo Dimperio : Robbie Williams - Angels - Karaoke Version!         SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT...I think Robbie is a fantastic Person.. And a F*cking Great singer ! Hands up for his Beautiful Song "Angels"
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Aldo Junior
Aldo Junior : As Animals - I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters)     d*.*b
    Order the album now on itunes : Follow As Animals on Twitter: and Facebook:
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Aldo Cini
Aldo Cini : FESTA - BAMBINA - 2014         BAMBINA 2014 Promo Clip Festa 2014 Marija Bambina Inkurunata Xaghra Ghawdex Music used Musa - Andrew Rayel Orjan Nilsen - Violetta Photos & Videos By Marvic ...
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Giuseppina Dorigatti
Giuseppina Dorigatti : 29 Agosto 2014     Aldo Trivini     Sunset
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Aldo Maffei Mancuello
Aldo Maffei Mancuello : If you were my friend you would let me dissect you and let me keep you in a jar
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