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Malan Pryor
Malan Pryor : Finna listen to Aaliyah till I fall asleep 💖💖
8 minutes ago - View -
Angie Bukumiric
Angie Bukumiric : Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew         Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - If Your Girl Only Knew (Released: August 13, 1996) Cameos include Missy Elliott, Timbaland, 702, Lil' Kim, Ginuwine, and her brothe...
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Kamielaa Smith
Kamielaa Smith :     Oh my god the song Aaliyah Stephens and this gose to Ougbad Khayre sorry babe     Tag a friend who can't dance!!
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Howard Carpenter
Howard Carpenter : Howard just brought the body count to 1,952,872 by icing {CNF} Aaliyah.
10 minutes ago - View -
Carmela Carmela
Carmela Carmela :     It's nice but different to be home with me myself and I....I'm gonna make time with myself more often! Nobody will love you better than you♡
14 minutes ago - View -
RNB-BLACK & OLD SCHOOL MUSIC : Aaliyah-Try Again [Clip 2002]     THE GOOD MORNING SONG !!!

Aaliyah-Try Again
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18 minutes ago - View -
GURU GOLD Tracks : Satin Jackets - Aaliyah's Boat     !!!!!!!!!!
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32 minutes ago - View -
Lamiah Scott
Lamiah Scott : nap time for aaliyah 💤💤, if she don't shutup . 👊👊
35 minutes ago - View -
Travontae Mf Kingtriggatray
Travontae Mf Kingtriggatray : Lmao I swear we is so weird like Frfr we argue then snap right back to normal like nun happend but that's just wat we do anyways babe I love u like Frfr n ik u do probably way more then me lol nah aha but u so sweet like omg I feel licky lowkey ☺️ Anyways I didn't want to make this long but I love u baby just wanted to let everyone know your all mine lmao I can't wait to see u Friday byee

"We not together yet tho but he still mine

~Arise thang~

39 minutes ago - View -
Mya Mareikura
Mya Mareikura : Aaliyah Ge

pretty crack up
That I still have your stuff
Rate 10/10

46 minutes ago - View -
Nicole Winters
Nicole Winters : Aaliyah - Miss You (Aaliyah Tribute) ft. DMX, Timbaland     THE RUFFEST ....     Music video by Aaliyah performing Miss You.
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48 minutes ago - View -
Li Kasey Badazz
Li Kasey Badazz : I'm Finna 👊👊👊Aaliyah Asx She Keep On Playing Wimmie!...


49 minutes ago - View -
Ellena Go Ham Gastelo
Ellena Go Ham Gastelo :     Got bored y'all :/....So I Decided to sing Aaliyah's: I Miss You.
#R.I.Paradise Aaliyah    
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52 minutes ago - View -
Farrah Fatema Mihandoust
Farrah Fatema Mihandoust :     I don't even have to miss someone and i still feel like crying everytime i hear this song.
53 minutes ago - View -
PHYNO : If you are given the opportunity to
back one of these celebrities. who
1. Dagrin
2. Tupac
3. Aaliyah
4. Sam Loco Efe
5. Jt Tom West
6. Fatai Rolling Dollar
7. B.I.G
8. Justus Esiri
9. Goldie
10. Mc Loph
11. Micheal Jackson
12. Whitney Houston
13. Fela
This post was served to

1 hour ago - View -
Brittany Adkins
Brittany Adkins : *3 o'clock in the morning*
Aaliyah - (half way asleep) mommy?
Me - yes baby?
Aaliyah - can I hold you?
Me - (smiles) we can hold each other.
Aaliyah - (giggles) yes we can. Mommy I love you and gives me a big hug and kiss.
Me - I love you too baby.
Aaliyah - it's okay mommy everything is going to be okay!
Me - you promise.
Aaliyah - I promise mommy.

These moments I cherish forever and would never have to question her. She means her promises.! I sure do love my babies...

1 hour ago - View -
Rebecca Fox Busby
Rebecca Fox Busby : We are about to go to bed. Aaliyah didn't. Go to sleep till 12 she should. Sleep a little while . Then going back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon. To sit with our sweet Mary Taylor Fox and my daddy. Pray for God to take her home soon this is killing all of us. Sitting watching and waiting as she waste away.
1 hour ago - View -
Edwin L Ballard Jr.
Edwin L Ballard Jr. : Mobile Uploads     My heart is hurting today, my head is pounding and I didn't sleep at all last night. No matter how I try I can not seem to wrap my head around the news that Aaliyah's Cancer is continuing to spread and not responding to the new chemotherapy. I've spent the night researching other options and reaching out to medical personnel across the world. I'LL DO WHATEVER IT MAY TAKE TO SAVE MY BABY'S LIFE. Aaliyah has fought hard, valiantly and most of all she has always refused to let Cancer beat her. She has endured 16 cycles of chemotherapy, 42 rounds of radiation, 2 surgeries, unexpected hospitalizations, a stay in the PICU and months of physical therapy. Through all of it she has continued to smile, remain positive and shown everyone the true meaning of NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) We could all stand to learn a little bit from her. I ask that all of you PLEASE continue to stand with us in our faith and pray. I want our Lord to know just how many people Aaliyah has behind her. We will continue in our search for a"cure" and look forward to the day Aaliyah can say screw you Cancer, I won. If you could post a comment below, Aaliyah keeps up with the page and enjoys reading words of encouragement, it would be appreciated. If you are able to share her story, each new like is another prayer and another step closer to raising awareness.     In the name of Jesus! FB family friends that read this say a prayer for this strong young lady! #TheBlood #NEGU #PrayWithoutCeasing #Amen
1 hour ago - View -
Anna Nikki Cole
Anna Nikki Cole : What just happened cx Aaliyah Boswell
1 hour ago - View -
ForeignGirl Myaa
ForeignGirl Myaa : Still Out W. Von Dae Dae LaLa N Aaliyah fina Go Out To Eat
1 hour ago - View -
Kayla Rene Valdez
Kayla Rene Valdez :     Aaliyah     Omfg the girl on the left thoe
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1 hour ago - View -
Breasha Nichole
Breasha Nichole : You need to stay off Facebook and stop worrying about these messy females out here Aaliyah don't need a daddy I'm her daddy her and deja, as long I have breath in my body they good and you good, so let them talk cause That's what people do it's life,, you have nothing to worry about Aaliyah here now and she not going nowhere she's beautiful and so are you I love y'all to death, and I'm tired of getting here and it's the same shit but different females so leave that be and let them talk...
1 hour ago - View -
Ramuj Gaskin
Ramuj Gaskin :     Bol I knew that was coming Aaliyah    
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1 hour ago - View -
Aaliyah Pioneer
Aaliyah Pioneer : Aaliyah needs a Vigorous Scrubbing!    
1 hour ago - View -
Jowharah Hall
Jowharah Hall : IF I TRIED TO EXPLAIN, YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE ME.     Lol...Rajeeyah Smith, Aaliyah Brown, Monica Moore...ooooh boy...y'all man...     Just watch and be amazed.
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