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Giovanni Ferri
Giovanni Ferri : DEVO PACT UNRAVELS    
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Brooke Paluch
Brooke Paluch : Get Involved in IF:Pray - IF:Gathering     I'm going to this tomorrow! Anyone else wanna come that's nearby?
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Tara Anne Johnson
Tara Anne Johnson : Casting     Hello, group! Please forgive the "intrusion." I'm a Casting Director working on a new, cutting edge survival TV series, and I believe this group might have some members who would be interested in applying to be on the show. Please see the CASTING NOTICE below. I look forward to connecting with any of you who are interested! Thank you for reading! -Tara

CASTING NOW: Families for a new, cutting edge survival series!
Is your family ready for the ultimate test of man against nature? Leaving material possessions behind, you’ll travel to a remote, but beautiful, tropical island, and without any assistance from the outside world, you will be challenged to not just survive, but to thrive. It will require will and determination as you’re immediately faced with three critical tasks on which your survival depends: finding fresh water, constructing shelter, and creating fire - using the islands’ plentiful natural resources. This new MAJOR CABLE NETWORK series will be the cutting edge of survival programming.

If your family is ready to leave everything behind and return to a primitive existence on a remote, tropical paradise, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We need families where the “children” who would be participating are over 18 years old. Families can include extended family members (i.e. uncle, cousin, etc.). Ideal families include at least one survivalist in the group. Click the link below to tell us about your family.

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Debra Hackbert
Debra Hackbert : Watch Son of God Online For Free     Xhino Suka Please, let us all Protect Christianity. Son Of God is a wonderful movie but it was banned in many Countries for no reason. This is not right! Everyone in the world should be able to see it. And if someone has not seen it yet, I will keep sharing this link to Watch it Online free
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Melanie Milletics
Melanie Milletics : New Study In Journal Of Public Health Finds Autism And Cancer Related To Human Fetal DNA In Vaccines     Fetal DNA in vaccines linked to Autism, Leukemia and Lymphoma.
"Fetal DNA" should be enough to stop you in your tracks.

3 minutes ago - View -
M Dane Zahorsky

Regardless of the way in which you are related to our efforts, we are deeply grateful for your work, your life, and your commitment to bringing youth into a flourishing and engaged adulthood. We are extremely excited to get to know how we might help to connect the many parts of our community like yourself, with others and the public at large in new and creative ways.

The most intuitive way to achieve this has been constructing a context in which the many different ideas and practices can co-exist, and in our digital age, the best and most flexible resource we have is the internet. As of August 2014, our website is beautiful and getting more so every day! One of its main functions is mapping the vast and diverse body of work from across the world, in the hopes of creating a comprehensive resource of and for practitioners, programs, communities, and organizations that are helping in some way to provide initiatory experiences for young people.

We are hoping you or someone you know would be interesting in creating a listing on that database by following the link below and completing the interactive form:

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Hardcore Til I Die
Hardcore Til I Die : Megarave - Bowlers / Fantazia / HTID / Bounce Heaven / Harder They Come / T.L.I at Bowlers...     Why do we RAVE?

Because for a short while....For a few hours.. Life's problems dissolve... the floor becomes a paradise where ALL ARE WELCOME and NONE ARE JUDGED.

WE RAVE BECAUSE IT ALLOWS US TO SEE THE WORLD THE WAY IT SHOULD BE SEEN.#megarave #htid #fantazia #bounceheaven #thehardertheycome #totallylostit

Join us on November 1st Bowlers Manchester for 4 arenas of the best underground music, just the way you like it!

Ticket link here:

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Davaughn Wistrom
Davaughn Wistrom :         Shop online and get up to 70% cash back at over 4000 stores world wide. Click here now ===>
Why not earn cash back for things you already buy, such as retail products, travel, cell phones and service, entertainment, (Music, videos, event tickets), and even utilities. Plus you can make some money by sharing this with others. I mean who doesn't like getting cash back? It's a no brainer and it's It's free to join. Just click on the link above to learn more.

Now if you're interested in creating a 6 figure income or more with this company, come to our live event on Tuesday the 23rd at 6:30pm PST. (Los Angeles time) Click here to join those who are going:
See ya there.

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Roger Stroupe
Roger Stroupe : Adebisi Shank - Big Unit     ♪ Yeow !! Here's a link to Whelanslive in Dublin with their coming appearances including Adebisi Shank on the 26th !!     Second track off "This is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank," out August 12th, 2014 on Sargent House Records. Support the artist: http://adebisi...
Watch the video: video

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Thomas J. Cuthbertson
Thomas J. Cuthbertson : US disagrees with world on who pays for health care     Very interesting, open the link and move around the world map.
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Shanice Desiree Casey
Shanice Desiree Casey : For Owen James Hart WWE Hall Of Fame Inducted: Petition for Owen James Hart (World Wrestling...     also to update this group on how many signatures so far on the petition it's growing slowly i think thats bcuz I've yet to get the website & the merchandise sorted out but once again I'm going to promote the link in this group in hopes of gaining more than one or two signatures at a time here it is again so come check this Out if u haven't already signed it Help support my #TeamOJH Cause plz

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Ron Bradley
Ron Bradley : Navy SEAL Credits Higher Power for Miraculously Surviving Horrors That Most Of Us Can't Even Imagine     On the night of April 6, 2007, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day came face-to-face with four heavily armed Al Qaeda leaders inside a room

Despite being shot 27 times at close range, Day was able to defeat the terrorists, clear the rest of the house and walk under his own power to a medevac helicopter.

The Al-Qaeda terrorists managed to shoot the rifle out of his hand, which means that Day went real-life Rambo on them with just his sidearm. Furthermore, he wasn’t just shot twenty-seven times; he received shrapnel wounds from a grenade as well.

Day explained that after being shot in every place with the exception of the head, he prayed asking for God to get him back home to his two girls and wife. He credits guardian angels for helping him beat what some might call impossible odds.

Eleven of the twenty-seven rounds went into Day’s body armor, which is a miracle in itself. Because even military grade body armor isn’t meant to be able to withstand that many bullets at such close range.

It took a few years for Day to recover from his injuries. Today, he is sharing his story with the world and spearheading a fundraising project, where he will run a half of an Ironman race for wounded warriors and kids who suffer from brain injuries. If you would like to donate to Day’s efforts, you can visit his project link here.

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John Collins
John Collins : – blog     Short notice heads-up for RUNNERS IN THE MALIN HEAD AREA...World Jog legend TONY MANGAN has just left Malin Head, heading for Malin Town and needs some running / cycling company. So far, he's run about 50,000Km to circumnavigate the world on foot, so there's plenty to be talking about. If you see him...please join him! The link below will show his current position...
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Diane Jacobson Born
Diane Jacobson Born : Stargazer Li     Fasten your sacred seatbelt. :) It has been challenging these past weeks and more to come as we continue to swirl in the "trippy time".
Her moon 3 podcast link is below.

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Delbair Is
Delbair Is : Audio | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio     I was listening to CBC The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti this morning, the news was very interesting because they outlined and discussed that ISIS/ISIL, (their new name ISHIT) is a 2 billion dollar terror organization locally funded. You can listen to the conversation here on this link.
"To fight ISIS, the West must consider financial warfare: ISIS may be the wealthiest terror organization in the world. The group does not depend on foreign patrons. In fact, evidence suggests ISIS is self-sustaining and its business is not global but local" link:

here's the link for the page:

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Delbair Is
Delbair Is : Audio | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio     I was listening to CBC The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti this morning, the news was very interesting because they outlined and discussed that ISIS/ISIL, (their new name ISHIT) is a 2 billion dollar terror organization locally funded. You can listen to the conversation here on this link.
"To fight ISIS, the West must consider financial warfare: ISIS may be the wealthiest terror organization in the world. The group does not depend on foreign patrons. In fact, evidence suggests ISIS is self-sustaining and its business is not global but local" link:

here's the link for the page:

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Ajai Singh
Ajai Singh :     This link to a video clip on what is happening in Belgium also highlights the real and imminent danger that Shariya poses to the rest of the non-Muslim world.
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MTV Serbia
MTV Serbia : Rock chart     I ovog ponedeljka, u 20:05 stiže novi MTV Rock Chart - pozicije iz prošle nedelje pogledajte u nastavku, a reprizu sutra od 12:10.


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Linda Koprin Pardue
Linda Koprin Pardue : The Mist Rolls In - World Photography Organisation     Heya folks -- not one to ask friends to vote on anything for me - but if you actually LIKE this photo, can I get a vote? :-) Not a llike for this post - click the link and vote up or down Thanks :-)

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Laurie Hawn
Laurie Hawn : Poll of the Ukrainian People    
37 minutes ago - View -
Dom Harington
Dom Harington : World Snow Awards     My good friends at Treeline Chalets in Morzine are up for an award so would be happy to get your votes! Cheers!
41 minutes ago - View -
Cecelia Paris
Cecelia Paris : TORONTO - World of Dance     Also, on October 4th, The Girls Club Academy is honored to be performing at World of Dance.
Check out the link
Get your tickets fast because this event is guaranteed to be sold out!!
Come sit with us !!

41 minutes ago - View -
Mohammed Towhasir Tawhid
Mohammed Towhasir Tawhid : Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator     Quran Academy presents:


Hosted by: Alya, Abu Bakr & Umar Nuri

** Creating a Righteous Community | SHAYKH TAWFIQUE CHOWDHURY
** Raising a Righteous Family | SISTER ZOHRA SARWARI
** Leading a Righteous Professional Life | USTADH AHMAD SALEEM

DATE: Sunday 28th September 2014
TIME: 7pm UK Time
(check out the time in your part of the world:


Once you have registered, you will receive a link shortly before the event, which will be live only for the day of the event.

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Tinky Weisblat
Tinky Weisblat : Bill Newman | Shows | WHMP-AM – News – Information – The Arts     I,’ll be on the Bill Newman Show tomorrow to talk about World Alzheimer’s Month, Pulling Taffy: A Year with Dementia and Other Adventures , and the Pudding Hollow Pudding Festival. Listen in—or I’ll post a link later! Alzheimer’s and Pudding might seem incompatible, but they ARE my life….
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