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Laurence Taquet
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Linzi Anderson
Linzi Anderson : Ocean Finance – Win The Tin     PLEASE VOTE FOR US AGAIN!!!!

We are overjoyed to tell you that thanks to your recent voting for CCF we have now been selected into the top 20 for a chance to win this amazing cash prize of £5000 in the win the tin competition.

In order for us to win all we need now is for as many people as possible to click on the link below, scroll down until you see 'The Charlie Cookson Foundation' then click vote.

This would mean the absolute world to us if you could take just a few seconds to vote for us as this will allow us enough funds to support another incredible family in such great need of our support and more. Please keep sharing and asking your friends to vote for us too.

Thank you in advance.

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Barnsley Squealington
Barnsley Squealington : Meet The Generation Of Incredible Native American Women Fighting To Preserve Their Culture     you go my sisters! also we totally gotta kick the pale faces out! totally kidding.............................OR AM I?
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Jordan Colossus Samuels
Jordan Colossus Samuels : A Beginner's Guide To All Things Dragon Age     If you like me, never played Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. Read the Kotaku link.

Its a basicly full disclosure on Dragon Age 1 & 2 and its EXTENSIVE
Once you're done reading, go to this link -
And craft your story int he dragon Age world. :)

I personally am loving all this lore :D

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Godfrey Carter H
Godfrey Carter H : 4 corners sp     The Only Place in the world where $18, One Time Can Change Your Life in A Big Way!
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Deborah Jordan
Deborah Jordan : Timeline Photos     Sound like anyone you know? Get it for yourself or as a gift and get it in time for the holidays!

Order link here:

Thanks to all the mommy super heroes out there making the world a better place! — with Melissa Wrightson and 48 others.    

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Shonta Jones
Shonta Jones : Featured Videos - HOW IT ALL GOES DOWN IN THE BAY     Click the link and show love

Happy Shopping Ladies gentlemen

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Denise Lockett
Denise Lockett : Noam Chomsky: Trans-Pacific Partnership is a “neoliberal assault”    
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Susan Mayo-Brown
Susan Mayo-Brown : Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.     A dear friend shared this link on her post. She is a strong, beautiful, intelligent white woman and I love her like a sister. You see I was raised to be color blind, and I passed that on to my children. Only if the world could see things through a different lense, walk in someone else's shoes for just one day, we would all get along much better. Stop the violence! Everybody! This may infuriate some of my close friends, but it's just an article and worth the read. Thank you for sharing this, Jillian. 😘
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Jan Lecture
Jan Lecture : Timeline Photos     “The change in how agriculture is produced has brought, frankly, a change in the profile of diseases. We’ve gone from a pretty healthy population to one with a high rate of cancer, birth defects and illnesses seldom seen before….Cancer cases are multiplying as never before in areas with massive use of pesticides. The tobacco companies denied the link between smoking and cancer, and took decades to recognize the truth. The biotech and agrochemical corporations are the same as the tobacco industry; they lie and favor business over the health of the population.” - Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, Argentinean Pediatrician Specializing in Environmental Health. Although Dr. Vazquez is speaking to what he is witnessing in Argentina, the same can be said about the rest of the world and America. It’s time to ramp up our efforts to raise public awareness and educate about the harms of GM crop agriculture.


#GMOLies #GMO #BiotechCrops #GMCrops #TobaccoIndustry #HealthHarms #EnvironmentalHarms #agriculture #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa    

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Wink's Movie Link
Wink's Movie Link : Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)         Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD) The Park Is Open June 12 Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awa...
Watch the video: video

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Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams : Click here to support Forever Gus by Kristen Williams     With all the bad news feeds I’m seeing on Facebook today and last night, I would like to spread some cheer. Click the link below and read the amazing comments we have gotten from friends, family and complete strangers… There are still great people in this world, if you know where to look!

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Hayley J Austin
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Sher Tulkki
Sher Tulkki : New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccination in France Sparked a Wave of New Cases of Multiple Sclerosis     Really cannot wait to read this....interesting
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Ronald Abbott
Ronald Abbott : Inhuman shield: How 'The New York Times' protects US elites from Gaza's brutal reality    
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Katie Davis
Katie Davis :     Please share this with writers you know and help raise money for Pencils of Promise! From Nov. 25 - Dec 6, 2014, I'll donate half the tuition from my students to Pencils of Promise, an organization that strives to make sure quality education is accessible to every child around the world. Go to the link in the video and you find the coupon code there. Thanks!     Please share this with writers you know and help raise money for Pencils of Promise! From Nov. 25 - Dec 6, 2014, I'll donate half the tuition from my students to Pencils of Promise, an organization that strives to make sure quality education is accessible to every child around the world. Go to the link in the video and you find the coupon code there. Thanks!
Watch the video: video

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Usifo Sebastine Ebhuomhan
Usifo Sebastine Ebhuomhan : Usifo Sebastine Ebhuomhan    
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A Fistful of Sugar
A Fistful of Sugar : Sunday Breakfast | WFUV Radio     Thanks SO much to John Platt of WFUV's Sunday Breakfast for playing "Miss Impossible-to-See" this past Sunday. The amount of love we've been getting from people we met at NERFA since we got home has been humbling and touching and more than a little overwhelming. John had such lovely things to say about us along with fellow Philly folkies Mason Porter and No Good Sister, and we're so glad the world is discovering what an amazing music scene we have going on here in the Delaware Valley.

NYC-area fistkateers can check out the Sunday Breakfast (on Sunday mornings, duh) at 90.7FM. Fistkateers-at-large can click the link below.

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Abdur Rasheed Rasheed
Abdur Rasheed Rasheed : Differences between al-Albani, Ibn 'Uthaymin and Ibn Baz - In Fiqh and Aqida    
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Craig Crowley
Craig Crowley : Unreported World    
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Kevin Middleton
Kevin Middleton : Adrian Rivers     Wow.
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Den Bento
Den Bento : Ello & Tsu: Are The New Me-Too Social Networks For Marketers?     I got my invitation to TSU, I would love the world to be making money while we share since so much time is invested in social media and I get everytime more freaked out how all the info we share is used and sold. You can link what you post here to be posted too in fb, twitter and google plus.. Like all good ideas happening everything is on test mode and participation may be the only differential matter.

I totally dislike the ads that seem to grab even from slight conversations a huge bite of stuff... of course, they are just machines, not minds. The possibility for NGO's is big.

So, If you want an invitation to become a TSU member, here it is

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Stacey Deyhimi Diaz
Stacey Deyhimi Diaz : Holding on to Hope     Wow unbelievable #miracle     Share this powerful testimony of hope and thankfulness. It's worth the watch! #HopeAtSecond
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Joyce Whitaker-Lovely
Joyce Whitaker-Lovely : Timeline Photos     It's a noisy world out there, full of unnecessary distractions. Politely tell everyone you're in nirvana, with the "I'm Sorry, I Was Thinking About My Cat (Again) " shirts and hoodies. Sale ends 12/02/14

CLICK the link to see this and our other shirt collections! There are many choices of styles and colors.    

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Armin Rezvani
Armin Rezvani : Timeline Photos     This week Baha'is around the world will commemorate two events in our calendar: the Day of the Covenant (Nov. 25) and the Ascension of Abdu'l-Baha (Nov. 28). He was the Mystery of God, but we can know him better and continue to learn about his station in the Baha'i Faith. See the link below for the upcoming course of the Life and Ministry of Abdu'l-Baha, beginning December 1.    
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Cathy Smallwood Grace
Cathy Smallwood Grace : John Stitt    
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