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Ditshitso Mahula
Ditshitso Mahula : HOW TO SEE IF A JOB IS A SCAM
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I was just browsing on facebook and I found this to be interesting and I
thought I should share it with you.
Below are ten tips to see if a job is a scam. Note that on this website
we do not post such kind of jobs.
1.They Use Personal/free email e.g: (hotmail. gmail, webmail, yahoo,
mail e.t.c)
2. They Use Personal Cell Number Instead of a Land-line/company tell
(e.g. 073, 082. 061. 060 e.t.c)
3. They Need Upfront fee for the job placement (e.g. pay R120 for your
Job placement or Test)
4.They Rent CBD Flats for their interviews and fake tests (e.g. what
house commissioner street johannesburg flat/Floor no.22)
5. They require many people to Apply (e.g 100 people needed to work
at call centre immediately)
6. They always have many different fake fields for everyone (Drivers,
Cleaners, Call Centre, Nanny, Security Jobs e.t.c)
7. Their Job Posts are always : With or Without Qualifications/
8. Some uses SMS Like : sms CLEAN to 4392 (This is just an example)
9. They Frequently Advertise the same Job Ad throughout the year
10. Their Job Content has less information and don't have Application
End Date
So, be warned and be cautious when you see jobs like this and never
pay for a job, your job has to pay you.
We will appreciate if you share this with your friends
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Bella Fisher
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Felicia Martin
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Cell :         Job Opportunities:
We very confidently assure all the prospective students for sure to achieve their expected job & career alternative after the completion of the course they have enrolled themselves. As per our record, there are hardly any ex- students who are
unemployed. Most of them have opened their own business establishment and are in position to offer jobs to others and rest are employed in good and reputed mobile repairing service centers. To help our students in their job search we have also designed a separate Placement Cell which assists our students in finding suitable jobs with good salary package and provide business tips and management skills to establish their own business. With the rapid increase in mobile phone users across the country, our courses provide high job guarantee and high success rate in business. Many of our ex-students are earning between Rs.10, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per month in business easily.

for more info -
contact : 8952000220

on map : Latitude - 25.174478 Longitude - 75.845449
join us :

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Pam George
Pam George :
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Mimi E. Johnson Apollonio
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Nicole M Kastner
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Anita Robertson
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Naia Miaa
Naia Miaa : Office for Transportation Security - Republic of the Philippines     TRAVEL TIPS FOR SEMANA SANTA:
1. Call your airline or travel agency to confirm your flight.
2. Know to which Naia Terminal you should go for your flight.
3. Know what items are prohibited on board the aircraft. Visit the Office for Tansportation Security (OTS) website at for the list.
4. Know limitations on the carriage of Liquid, Aerosol and Gel (LAGS) for handcarry. Check the OTS website for details of this regulation.
5. Know your airline's weight limitation for check-in baggage and handcarry.
6. Travel light to avoid inconvenience of unpacking your bags because of excess baggage.
7. For senior citzens who need assistance, make prior arrangement with your airline or your travel agency for whelchair use, etc.
8. For those travelling with children, make sure you have in your handcarry, things you need for your children for the duration of your flight.
9. For those with flights in NAIA Terminal 1, we have scarcity of dining outlets at the moment at the pre check-in and check-in halls due to the ongoing rehabilation of the Terminal. Bigger dining outlets can be found only after immigrations. We advice passengers, before heading for the airport, to take something that will tide you over until the immigrations process. We seek your understanding on this.
10. Be at the airport early so as not to miss your flight. Anticipate traffic within the airport complex given the magnitude of ongoing construction works for the NAIA Expressway Project.
For further inquiries please send a message to 0917-8396242 or message us in our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Thank you and a blessed holy week everyone.

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Elaine McClung Wooten
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Connie Wasyliw
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