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Tyler Stoner Tyler Stoner : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Tyler Stoner Tyler Stoner : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Dominik Skupina Dominik Skupina : Why is SpaceSpy great opportunity NOW ? - HONEST REVIEW     ♥♥♥♥=== Make money with new social network SpaceSpy===♥♥♥

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Salt Lake, Provo Real Estate Salt Lake, Provo Real Estate : $183,000 - 1152 W 1300 N, Orem, UT 84057     Great Home! Convenient Location with quick access to I-15 and in nicely kept neighborhood. Six bedrooms, large back yard with a potential beautiful deck, and lots of storage in the basement. All windows in house are new and high energy efficient. For …
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Vinny Dark Dark Vinny Dark Dark : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Arjeel Ali Arjeel Ali :         Nice name Allah
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Paula Osborne Paula Osborne : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Rinalie Lopera Rinalie Lopera : Lorde - Royals Live on Ellen.     nice :)
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Robert Honsey Robert Honsey : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Football News Hound Football News Hound : FA Youth Cup: Chelsea production line ticking over nicely as kids lift the cup again     It is unlikely to be the highlight of Chelseas week, but there were still celebrations at Stamford Bridge as their youngsters retained the FA Youth Cup, winning it for the fourth time in six years.
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Lily Theobald Lily Theobald : Lily is sharing 1 of the following items: Wood Clad!    
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Michael August Schmidt Michael August Schmidt : Joss Whedon’s doomed struggle: “Age of Ultron” and superhero cinema’s decadent phase     It's nice to read relevant and not uber-liberal stuff from Salon now and then. * * *
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Firemixradio Orlando Firemixradio Orlando : FIREMIX     Usher - Nice & Slow #nowplaying #listenlive
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Zemartins Martins Zemartins Martins : Zemartins is sharing 1 of the following items: Special Delivery!    
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Egle Samuityte-Garbauskiene Egle Samuityte-Garbauskiene : Egle found a lost nice fountain! Be fast and get it to decorate your camp!    
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Lincoln Witwer Lincoln Witwer : Zankyou no Terror OST - walt (Piano)     In a relaxing mood? Give this a listen. Never seen the anime before but it came on the anime radio station and I thought it was rather nice     Anime: Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) OST Composer: Yoko Kanno All rights reserved to respective owners.
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Daren Skakun Daren Skakun : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Blessings Everyday Blessings Everyday :         Be nice and kind to others.
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Auckland Cavy Care Auckland Cavy Care :         Reka – He was picked up only a few weeks ago after this owner abandoned him, and his mates, and left the country. He was a real cutie and that is what I nicknamed him.

On Saturday morning we noticed he was just sitting still even when breakfast was delivered. We picked him up to find he had diarrhea. He was taken for a bath and within a few minutes he was passing blood. We rushed him off to the Emergency vets.

We were dispensed antibiotic and pain relief and we brought him home knowing it really was up to him now. We put him on a heat pad gave him his meds, vitamin C, some IV fluids and started regular feeds of Critical Care.I got up during the night to continue to feed him and in the morning he did look a little better. We had planned a family outing so it was decided to ensure Reka was kept on his 2 hourly feeds he would come with us. He got weaker as Sunday went on and then on the drive home at 6pm he passed away quietly in his sleep. May he rest in peace.

This is a timely reminder to all on how good guinea pigs are at hiding when they are not well. Our guineas are in the house with us and we see them at least 2 to 3 times a day. This means we notice when there is a change in their personal behavior or there is a change in their poohs, usually the only way you will pick up when they are poorly. Sadly even with this we were unable to save Reka, but I hope by sharing his story it will remind everyone to keep in touch with their furry friends. We know winter is coming and if you have outside guineas please make sure they get these daily checks.

Even better bring them in for the winter, set up a nice C & C cage somewhere warm. They will love you for it.

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Cristina Cristina Cristina Cristina : Earn 5$ - 10$ for every 10 seconds tasks, Congrats Earn Fix 1000$ Weekly... guys you may want to earn extra income.just click this link and naka earn agad ako ng $25.00. just sharing.have a nice day
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Valka Ben Valka Ben : 2048 Mania     Please download below my application, give a nice review, 5*, g+ and send me a screenshot. Please send me your link, I will also do the same immediately.

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Rogers Perez Rogers Perez : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Sriram Bala Sriram Bala : Sriram is sharing 1 of the following items: Care Package!    
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Essy West Contracting Inc. Essy West Contracting Inc. :         Nice little Kitchen.
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Donald Wright Donald Wright : Get a Surprise Seed!    
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Terry Dancer Terry Dancer : Terry is sharing 1 of the following items: Fruit Cake!    
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Blogmint Blogmint : On blogmint and their campaigns ~ random thoughts.....     It feels good to hear nice words from bloggers. Keep it coming guys. It's all about blogging vlogging!!
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CNBLUE EUROPE CNBLUE EUROPE : [WGM] New trailer - What a lovely Couple, 종현-공승연 커플, 달달하다~     Hi #Boice ! Have a nice day! :3 TooK_JYH 【Official】 150428 MBC Ent. WGM New trailer
#이종현 & SeungYeon …     We got Married New trailer 종현 - 공승연 커플 -
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Ella March Chase Ella March Chase : Wolf Hall, deleted scene 5     A deleted scene from Wolf Hall. How are you liking it?     BBC owns this video
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