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Tamra Rossie
Tamra Rossie : Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🍗🍗
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Tamra Brightwell
Tamra Brightwell : First 5 Lucky Clickers Win 5 FREE Coins    
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Tamra Tailfeathers
Tamra Tailfeathers :         Boy gets a cutting board for a gift, but yet thanks his mother and says he can't wait to try it out and cut some food with it. Then, although struggling with money beyond belief, his mother saved enough to get him a tablet and his reaction is PRICELESS. #tearjerker
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Theresa Rankin
Theresa Rankin : Timeline Photos     With Tamila Stout and 8 others.     Storm,Lil Paul ,Summer,Tamra ,TT and Takar all want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving .
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Tamra Pyne
Tamra Pyne : Timeline Photos     is it true ladies? 💋    
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Stephen King
Stephen King :     Tamra Musselman King, this is what I was telling about last night. Watch these.    
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Tamra Cherry Whitaker
Tamra Cherry Whitaker :         Woo hoo hoooo, there's snow we can go sledding!! That's what my little turkey ran around the house yelling all morning yesterday after seeing that wonderful white stuff out the window, he fully enjoyed it while it lasted!
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Tamra Rice
Tamra Rice : Happy Thanksgiving to all my Family and Friends near and far. I love you and feel so blessed to have you all in my life!
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Nasser Tamra
Nasser Tamra : Imposible no reírse !     nasser tamra     Enseña a tus hijos a amar y a respetar a los animales desde chicos asi en unos 15 años empezaremos a ver generaciones que aman mas y maltratan menos a los animales!
Compártelo si crees lo mismo!!
D.A.A.S - Derecho Animal A Ser
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Tamra Daily
Tamra Daily : Tamra needs Deer Muffs!     7
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Nasser Tamra
Nasser Tamra : si te pasa a ti que harías?     nasser tamra     Actos heroicos, desinteresados nos demuestran que en la humanidad todavía vive la esperanza y el amor!
Esto sucedió en Rusia, un hombre vio un perro que se estaba ahogando en un lago congelado y fue en su rescate, es mas el es quien pide que dejen de filmar para ayudarlo a sacarlo del agua, solo podemos dar gracias!!!
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Tamra Harris
Tamra Harris :         Thanking God for all my family, friends, and coworkers! God puts people in your life for a reason, so don't discount anyone. Accept them for their unique style and love the time you get to spend together! Happy Thanksgiving to my extended Facebook family too.
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Tamra Daily
Tamra Daily : Tamra just raised a Smooth Coated Otter to an adult!    
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Tamra Busch
Tamra Busch : 20 Pictures That Should Have Never Been Uploaded to the Internet     20 Pictures That Should Have Never Been Uploaded to the Internet
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Tamra Daily
Tamra Daily : Tamra just adopted a baby Smooth Coated Otter!    
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Tamra Thomas
Tamra Thomas : Mobile Uploads     Agree! — with Nancy S-bweaver and 49 others.    
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Tamra Trainer
Tamra Trainer : Timeline Photos     Are you ready for the exciting announcement?

It’s time to announce the lucky winner of our delicious stone crab appetizer. Congrats Tamra Trainer for participating in our contest and sharing why you love it. Here’s what our winner said about our stone crab: “Because we wait all year for this. A Freebie would be like winning the lottery! The best Stone Crabs EVER!!!”


Please send us a private message when you get a chance :)     Omg! I just found out I won the Stone Crab Drawing at Piero's! Thank you so much!!!

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Tamra Pearce
Tamra Pearce : Timeline Photos        
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Tamra Pearce
Tamra Pearce : Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I am working today but we are having a pot-luck at work
15 minutes ago - View -
Tessla Marie
Tessla Marie :         Happy Thanksgiving! Tamra Barnes
15 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Daily
Tamra Daily : Tamra was the first to prize a Wet Wild Rice out of her Friends!    
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Tamra Sattarelle
Tamra Sattarelle : Timeline Photos     We are so thankful for YOU, The 5th Line, today. From our #CBJ family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!     Krystal Pocock
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Tamra Jo Gordon
Tamra Jo Gordon : Jennifer Wheat-Dana HOMEMADE LAUNDRY SOAP. Update well I didn't have any cleaning supplies so I decided to put this soap to the test

First thing my husband is a mechanic and is head to toe grease and wants to know how I got his clothes so clean yay

And I used it as soft scrub to clean my bathroom sparkly shinny clean

And the big one is I used it the dishwasher dishes are spotless clear clean and sparkly

This is awesome stuff

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Tamra Hemmingson Pavelich
Tamra Hemmingson Pavelich :         😊
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Spring Nacey
Spring Nacey : Happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family! Feeling very blessed, Justin Nacey and kids are playing a game, turkey and ham cooking, rolls smells so good thankful for family coming to join us Brent Lorbiecke and Tamra Lorbiecke Donovan Lorbiecke Samantha Lorbiecke Sheila McElrone. Couldn't be more blessed! Hope everyone has a wonderful day enjoying your traditions
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Tamra Aurther
Tamra Aurther : Timeline Photos        
20 minutes ago - View -
Aireal Webb
Aireal Webb : Please everyone keep my sister and her nanny in your paryers today! I love you Tamra Webb! I wish there was something I can do for you 😢
21 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Williams
Tamra Williams : I would like to say happy Thanksgiving to all and have a blessed day
25 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Mithlo
Tamra Mithlo : Cuz ya got to fry the bird first...ova easy bebe chickens please but there caged free yikes.
31 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Doingmyownthing Pugh
Tamra Doingmyownthing Pugh :         Dinner is done 🍗 🍞🍲
31 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Jackson
Tamra Jackson : Holidays make me miss my family.. 😞
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Tamra Rigdon
Tamra Rigdon : Happy thanksgiving
From the Rigdon Family. Have a great day, fill up on goodies and then get your shopping game on.

33 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Brownrigg Anderson
Tamra Brownrigg Anderson :         doin' wood
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Tamra K Jayne
Tamra K Jayne : Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends. I am thankful for everyone and especially for family. I love you all. Have a super day and give thanks, life is good!!
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Tamra Rocsko
Tamra Rocsko :         Tempeh hash! What's on everyone's menu today? I am grateful to know like minded people!
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Tamra Sousley Conn
Tamra Sousley Conn : After being up most of the sick and taking residency in my bathroom! I'm feeling some better! ! Think I might live!!!!!
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Machie Tamra
Machie Tamra :        
37 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Clark
Tamra Clark : Timeline Photos     NEVER forget those who won't be making it home this Thanksgiving!.....Pass it around....     For all the men and women serving this great nation...Thank you and your family!
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Tamra Gilmore
Tamra Gilmore : Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! I'm glad today I get to rest from cooking today , yesterday of cooking my turkey dinner wore this ole girl out ! I enjoyed last night with most of my kids and grand kids ! I would have loved if Chris ,Dorothy and Krista could have been here to ! One day we will enjoy their company to for the holidays ! ❤To everyone we ❤you all !
41 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Kelly
Tamra Kelly : Timeline Photos     Like - The Humor Page — with Janet Labrador.    
43 minutes ago - View -
Troy Miller
Troy Miller :     Tamra Rooney Brian Rooney Morgan Brosseau Miller look at this wiener.     This dog brings new meaning to the word 'fearless' or 'crazy'!
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Tamra Pfaff Hurajt
Tamra Pfaff Hurajt : Family is here! Whoop! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing peace, health love and Happiness to you all!
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Michelle Sanders
Michelle Sanders : Happy Thanksgiving friends and family! I am so thankful for my friends and family that love me and make this life so special. I am thankful for the new love in our lives Jessica Neidrich... we have all just fell in love with her. The Lord took her mother to heaven eight years ago to watch over her from above. Jesus and her mother got together and said Jessica will fill that empty missing piece of the Sanders puzzle. Jessica you are the perfect puzzle piece and we love you with all our pieces. This year I wasn't able to cook for all my friends but we are thankful for our little family. We are thankful our new place even through the mix ups God took care of us and put us in a better place and still surrounded by our friends. And I am very thankful for the friends I had lost with time and have found again with the grace of God and the awesomeness of fb. Tamra Higdon and Andrew Reed, and all the new friends I have made this year and all my friends on my friends list that have been there through the years, and my fb friends I have never hugged in person you mean the world to me as well. May the coming year bring more family and friends and may we all prosper in health and wealth. Thank you God for the awesome things you do! I Love you Lord! LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU ALL! Always, Chelle....
46 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Birdow
Tamra Birdow :     Lmbo     I wasn't ready 😂😂😂😂😂
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Tamra Mone't
Tamra Mone't : I'm Thankful For My Baee PrettyBrownskinn Asia && My Goon Tara Marie 👌💓💚💜💗❤💙😍😘👍👍🔒
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Tamra Brooks Sohappyandblessed
Tamra Brooks Sohappyandblessed : So thankful this year for life, health,and family! And without a few people in my life I wouldn't be able to make it so thank you for making my years & days so wonderful. To my wonderful sisters Tameisha ThenewMrs Johnson Tasha Mathews. To the man that has my back my sides and my front no matter what Percell Jordan. And the greatest gift from god my son Aidan. And just because I didn't mention your name doesn't mean that I don't appreciate you in my life I just got tired of typing
47 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Monroe Helka
Tamra Monroe Helka : Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today and everyday I am thankful for my awesome mom and dad, and two sisters who are just like my best friends, an amazing husband who's always there for me, 3 beautiful kids that drive me nuts, and 1 awesome God who gave them to me!! It's a pretty great turkey day!
48 minutes ago - View -
Brnwlf Francis
Brnwlf Francis : I wish my one and only sister Tamra a happy thanksgiving love you sis hope to talk to you soon
49 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Eason
Tamra Eason :         just some fun pics to "gobble" up LOL :-)
50 minutes ago - View -
Tamra Trainer
Tamra Trainer : Early breakfast before the rush
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