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Tamra Rose Lavoie
Tamra Rose Lavoie : Can't leave my bed now! The sheets have accepted me as one of their own and if o leave now I may lose their trust! :p
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Tamra Sue Valentine
Tamra Sue Valentine : Education is Critical! This Video Covers Essential Information on Alzheimer’s!    
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Tamra Poulos
Tamra Poulos : Please Listen Carefully - Life changing message         It's amazing experience :)
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Tabitha Cherry
Tabitha Cherry : Find Your Top 3 Friends ?     Tyler Pence. Tamra Hughes
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Belly Dance with Tamra Henna
Belly Dance with Tamra Henna : Tonight! I'm dancing at Al Amir at 8:30pm! Come see me!
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Tamra Jean Friss
Tamra Jean Friss : Happy 1st Birthday to my amazing little cousin Rylee!!! She is so beautiful and i'm so thankful my uncle Carlou and aunt Susan brought her into my life! Love you Rylee!
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Monique Glenn
Monique Glenn :         Oh yes, I am ready for this weekend!!! Not only do I get two days of no alarm clock, but I get to hang out with my girlfriends Cindy Alward- Holland, Cindy Differnt Skinner, Tamra Rush, Debbie Baker tomorrow!!! Can't wait. Slide Effect Band playing tonight at Loading Dock Too 9pm, hope to see you there.
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Tamra L Parker
Tamra L Parker : I really want some Olive garden or a sunday dinner from big daddy's altho its only Friday lol but it feels like a Saturday maybe im rushin this fall break this kid of mine is on lol.
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Tamra Rossie
Tamra Rossie : I'd like to wish my sister Stephanie Rossie Wall a very happy birthday. I love you and I hope you have a great day! 🎁🎉🎈🎈🎊🎉
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Tamra Nelson
Tamra Nelson :     Lol... this situation.     HAHAHAHAHA

like -----> Fortafy
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Tamra Meyers
Tamra Meyers : Timeline Photos     Trevor's Birthday is just a week away! Our post from last week has been viewed by almost 11,000 people! Trevor's mother said the cards have already started coming in!!!

Hoping our over 6000 fans will join us in sending a Birthday card to this special young man that brightens the lives of all he meets!
Send cards to: ( his birthday is Oct.29th)
Trevor Chaney
420 Baucom Rd
Monroe, NC 28110
Or you can bring a card by the store and we will mail if for you.
Thanks for helping us make his day extra special!!!

Copied from his mothers facebook page)
My FaceBook friends, I have a favor to ask of you. My son Trevor is going to be turning 21 on Oct. 29th. Everyday when I look the mailbox and get back in the car, he will ask, "any mail for me?". If you are able and would like to, I am asking that you send him a birthday card or note on that day. I would love to see his face when he receives several cards. If you can do that then great, if you can't I ask that you just say a prayer for him and his upcoming day of celebration. Thanks to all that can.
420 Baucom Road, Monroe, NC 28110     We are sending a card today. Will you

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Tamra Poulos
Tamra Poulos : Timeline Photos     If fear controls your belief system, it is all you will see!    
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Tamra Mahoney Frey
Tamra Mahoney Frey : Mobile Uploads     BREAKING NEWS! The long awaited schedule for the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train was just released. The train will be at Steamtown National Historic Site at 2:45 pm on Thanksgiving Day with the show starting at 5:15 pm. It is scheduled to arrive in Binghamton at 8:15 pm....which would, in our best guess, put it at the Nicholson Bridge sometime between 7-7:30 pm on Thanksgiving Night     Travis Frey
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Tamra Elders
Tamra Elders : Timeline Photos     such is life...     So true.. love my mamma!! Judy Elders
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Tamra Curtis
Tamra Curtis : Timeline Photos     SURVIVORS
21 minutes ago - View -
Roman Borkowski
Roman Borkowski : Been a rough night for me, just wanna sleep all this pain away. One year today you lost your life, one year I lost my only person I ever talked to, you were my role model, you always pushed me to success. I have so many regrets! I love ya so much mom! I hope and pray you watch over and guide me and the twins through life! Rip Tamra Lyn Borkowski!
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Chelsey Wood
Chelsey Wood :     Tamra Wood if I ever have a baby... I'm coming back to live with you. Haha. I love you so much!! You're such an amazing person who has always been there for me. You tell me what I need to hear and you don't try to persuade me other wise ... You're so straight forward with me. And for that I love you. I'm so happy we have a good relationship without you I have no idea who I would be or where I'd be! I love you always and forever Mom. You're my rock! And you always will be.     BEFORE AND AFTER: New Mom Rocio thought living with her mother would be good for helping raise her baby, but now that baby Olivia is here, the reality is that she could never have done this without her family’s help! What’s your before and after story?
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Tamra N David Bryant
Tamra N David Bryant : PLEASE be on the look out for anyone trying to sell a 15" MacBook Pro. Ours was stolen 3 days ago. If you hear of anyone selling a MacBook Pro 15 "Please let me know or buy for me ...
I was encouraged to hear... Friends of ours recovered there laptop after being stolen when someone at Iguanas recognize it and phoned them.
thanks ...David #8622 3925c or #8783 9849m.

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All About The Real Housewives
All About The Real Housewives : Tamra Judge becomes the face of Real Housewives syndication in England! - The Real Housewives |...
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Tamra Kenealy
Tamra Kenealy : Going trick or treating downtown Hartford tomorrow afternoon then Wb tomorrow night. Anyone wanna come with?
36 minutes ago - View -
Lesley Chiasson
Lesley Chiasson : Mobile Uploads         Trisa Bolden, Tamra Sousley Conn, Sunny Jordan, Kyllee Kyann Downen, Cody Jordan, Shawn Downen, Ray Igou, Timothy Downen,Kimberley Willis and everyone else in my life
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Tamra Mabe
Tamra Mabe : Timeline Photos     With Lisa Jenkins and 16 others.    
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Tamra Mathison
Tamra Mathison : Timeline Photos     Wouldn't it be awesome if this happened again... let's hope... More candy for me!!! ~ Eddie    
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Tamra Higgins
Tamra Higgins : THIS IS TOO CUTE     He does this like it's just what you're supposed to do :). So sweet.     THIS IS TOO CUTE
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Tamra Shereen Olsen
Tamra Shereen Olsen : Timeline Photos     ***24 HOUR FLASH GIVEAWAY***

We are giving away 1 of these every hour for the next 24 hours so make sure to LIKE + SHARE to enter. COMMENT to enter every hour.
Buy here:
Winners announced tomorrow.

Buy here:     Check this style out Theresa Louise Braum Antill... So hope I win one...

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Tamra Watford
Tamra Watford :         DISTURBING VIDEO: Police have released video showing the moment a deranged man attacked two officers with a hatchet in Queens.

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Tamra Gremard
Tamra Gremard : Timeline Photos        
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Tamra Watford
Tamra Watford :         Son hit that pig with a axe finished
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Tamra Tonsekar
Tamra Tonsekar :     How cool it this!     This LED Suit for Halloween is amazing!
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Jason Reinbold
Jason Reinbold : Heading out this morning with Tamra for our Anniversary weekend. Beer touring through Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Hoping she has as much fun as I do.
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Tamra Willbur
Tamra Willbur : Photos from Mary Hudson's post in Signs From Our Loved Ones     So Very ***^^^TRUE^^^***
❤ — with Tabitha Hanson and Elaine Castillo.     This is soo true!! ♥

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Tamra Mangum
Tamra Mangum :         Roof mount DVD player. Purchased a few months ago, but have never installed it. (New in Box) $100
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Tamra Flitz
Tamra Flitz :     He good!!     THIS GUY GOTS IT GOIN ON..LUV HIS VOICE & DA SONG
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