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Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart : Nothing pisses a old questionably sober old man off like blatant disrespect for other peoples life choices..If you want to be a bitter angry bigot piece of shit... it would be wise to do it in private.. cause if you pull that shit in lets say a Walgreens at damn near 330 am somepeople will have no issues with calling you out for the p.o,s you actually are.... And yes it would have been totally worth it to knock you the fuck out.
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Adetola Moriyike
Adetola Moriyike : "Bo le logun odun taa ti fi ademun joba ko ni ye orun ope wo"--Even after years of being crowned a king,the palmwine tapper won't cease gazing at the palm tree with nostalgia.s. Hmmmmmm no matter how u try ur best for somepeople they will still say bad about u, but for Jehovah he appreciate all our effort and will judge each and everyone accordingly,cos human take side some time maybe dey don't want to offend anyone but Jah never take side with anybody no matter who u be,bcos he loves justice, he note the blameless one and keep the upright one in sight.psalm 37;28,37.
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