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Gary Bhoy Whiteman
Gary Bhoy Whiteman : Cany sleep too warm again dispite heavy shattered fae aw my hospital and traveling the day my sleeping patterns been fucked up ever since my illness even tho on the mend and doing much better thanks to god my healthcare team and my own spirit and determination just incase anybody is unsure or unclear what has happened is started in my immune system which caused septisemia and 4 other infections inside my body so far what has been established is that my own immune system attacks my body for reasons unknown possibly this is a hereditary illness i have been through allsorts of tests for allsorts of illnesses this is most likely cause tho the actual cause is still yet uknown one thing i do know whatever it is has never ever been drugs related in any shape or form i know who started saying that bullshit get ur facts correct bitch b4 spreading lies like that its a disease and natural illness tho a baffeling 1 but im strong and on the mend long way to go but well getting healthier and on the mend somepeople may not be happy about this but fuck em
10 minutes ago - View -
Angeline Summer
Angeline Summer :         On my way home but somepeople but still aftwr a phone call the smile that comes is fake :'(
37 minutes ago - View -
Brandii Gonzalez
Brandii Gonzalez : Run into a old classmate today it's funny how much somepeople change and some bot at all, it was nice to see her.
42 minutes ago - View -
Nadia Amrin RA
Nadia Amrin RA : I need somepeople unconditionally
58 minutes ago - View -
Nate Painless
Nate Painless : I don't get people anymore.... somepeople you add and your thinking you both will be friends... NEXT day.... you send a message.... They SEE IT.... but no fucking response..... OMFG~~~~...Bitches be CRAZYYY .... Just delete me already....
1 hour ago - View -
Ferra Triana
Ferra Triana : somepeople live just for games
1 hour ago - View -