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Shelliin PecinthaSex's Bertariif
Shelliin PecinthaSex's Bertariif :         Swinger.
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Dan Rade Edwards
Dan Rade Edwards : Shaydee NewPage Capo Sdc     Easily the most underrated MC in DnB...
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Ramon Rodriguez Sanchon
Ramon Rodriguez Sanchon : Timeline Photos     we are a couple that we like to do threesomes and swingers all interested call the phone number +34655442482 thanks    
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Malta FunCouple
Malta FunCouple : What is the meaning of swinging when referring to couples? Is it multiple partners?
It seems our education is limited. So we did some research.
There are as many types of "swinging" as there are people who engage in it.
In general swingers have the OPTION of sharing sexual pleasure with others.
Almost all swingers have rules that govern their behavior - at least the successful swingers do.

Some swingers participate in what is called:
"Soft" swinging - typically this includes all activities except actual intercourse, some swingers, have a "monogamous" partnership with another couple, and they play only with that couple.
"Bedpost notchers" - who pursue as many different partners as possible.
Exhibitionistic - they only enjoy having sex with their partner, but want to be watched as they do so,
Voyeuristic - they want to watch others have sexual contact.
There are many - like us, who are swingers in the sense that we are open about our desires, and fantasies, and pursue opportunities to live out our desires. We do enjoy what is called
full-swap swinging - where we have everything including intercourse as an option, however we do not jump into bed willy-nilly.
We have a set of rules that govern our behaviors, and we only participate in same-room sex - in other words we only play in each other's presence.
When couples agree to exchange partners. It doesn't have to be intercourse (full swap), can be only kissing, touching or oral sex (soft swap). Sometimes one partner just watches. It can involve 3 people or as many as you like (group sex).

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Mirjana Logomerac
Mirjana Logomerac : Robert Marekovic i SWINGERS Feat. Ivo Robic - Jabuke i tresnje     kupi CD/MP3 Swingers ft Ivo Robić‡ - Jabuke i trešnje album: Samo jednom se ljubi - Tribute to Ivo Robić‡ Aqaurius Records, 2007.
Watch the video: video

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Arash Tajpouri
Arash Tajpouri :         DIRTY!!!!!
"Old Swingers" laga danse show :D
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Bill Sherman
Bill Sherman : Pat Robertson: Gays Are Demanding Christians 'Have Open Sex With Anybody' Or Leave America     I missed this memo.
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