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Kathleen Svagdis Kathleen Svagdis : We can help the sisters when as we work to #FreeJustina. Seems this will be the logjam break in Boston. We will get these policies and laws changed FOR parents rights!
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Kathleen Svagdis Kathleen Svagdis : Please make calls we need more than 100 per day!
20 hours ago - View -
Melissa Kerins Melissa Kerins : ☆★☆★Please read☆★☆★

For anyone even remotely thinking about protesting for Justina at the Boston Marathon....don't even think about it!

If you are asking WHY...Put on the news to remind you what a horrible tragic terrorist attack it was.

4 people lost their lives including 8 year old boy!

Hundreds were wounded lost limbs and much more.

Would you go to the one year (or any year)
anniversary of 9/11 at ground zero and protests anything?

I am a Bostonian. While I am disgusted by BCH and DCF

I am not disgusted with the people of Boston.

Please show some respect.

If runners want to wear FreeJustina shirts etc

That's great.

We will not support any protests at this event.

We have plenty of other places and times to protest.
Show up then.

Besides the disrespect of doing it, you will hurt the cause of #FreeJustina

1 day ago - View -
Nancy Belisle Tozier Nancy Belisle Tozier : Free Justina Pelletier Now     May I suggest many of you post what I did on the BCH FB page:

"BCH is killing a 15 yr old girl. Please help her!"

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Dorothy Lynch Dorothy Lynch : Timeline Photos    
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Dorothy Lynch Dorothy Lynch : Timeline Photos     Free this child today

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