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NewsWorld1440 NewsWorld1440 : Anglo-American Revenge in Iraq: Tariq Aziz, Twelfth Anniversary of a US Travesty of Justice     Anglo-American Revenge in Iraq: Tariq Aziz, Twelfth Anniversary of a US Travesty of Justice: Vincent Nichols, Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, is spiritual leader of the four million Catholics of England and Wales. He was also elevated to Cardinal on 22nd February 2014, receiving the Cardinal’s red hat from Pope Francis in Rome’s St Peter’s… #English #news #politics
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Malou Esteban Malou Esteban : Lito Yap David:
This is the same Davide that legitimized the 2001 power grab through their doctrine of "constructive resignation". The same Davide who would have wanted to lead the Truth Commission even as he knew that the E.O. issued for the purpose was unconstitutional. The same Davide that would kowtow to the wishes of the powers-that-be so they can maintain their hold on power in the Province of Cebu which is currently headed by his son. Except for Cardinal Tagle, who are these people in the Peace Council created by Aquino in the lives of ordinary Filipinos? They are so called "learned" people who will never rock the boat as doing doing so would run counter to the interest of the class they serve and represent. So please, spare us the pretensions.

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Fiction: History by another name Fiction: History by another name : Tudors: Fact vs Fiction         The recap of yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones 1x03. We saw royal squabbles, angry queens, subtle daughter in law who uses her conservative attired and apparent sweetness and love of the people to throw those she hates aside while Cersei uses blunt behavior. Who will win the subtle wars? And the Protestant Reformation has arrived to Westeros in the form of the Lord of Light which is gaining more followers and the "Sparrows" who are going to become Cersei's true faith. Just as Anne Boleyn used the Reformation (although she did believe in it, in contrast with Cersei) to help Henry attain his divorce and take Catherine down; Cersei is using it to cast the conservatives -especially Margaery and all the Tyrells who favor for obvious reasons traditional ways- down. It is a good summary of what this episode has meant so far and the parallels between Western European history and Westseros' political system.
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That 70's Page That 70's Page : That 70's Page        
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Prince Salman Ibn Sali Prince Salman Ibn Sali : Aquino peace council: BBL ‘acceptable,’ ‘constitutional’    
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Tammy Rust, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Tammy Rust, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist : Family Lives On Foundation         Creative & Touching
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St. Louis Cardinals Fanatics St. Louis Cardinals Fanatics : Wainwright’s season probably is finished     Cardinals plan to look internally for a new starter.
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Sally Cardinal Sally Cardinal :         Planted 6 types of small squash in the pools. Button carrots and radishes around the edges. In the far containers are green onion and sugar snap peas. I know it's late in the season and probably going to be too hot for peas but I wanted to try them.
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The Golden Valley Cardinal Regime & Music The Golden Valley Cardinal Regime & Music : Reno Jazz Festival, 2015 Pics         Cadrian on drum set for the B Jazz Ensemble
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The Golden Valley Cardinal Regime & Music The Golden Valley Cardinal Regime & Music : Reno Jazz Festival, 2015 Pics        
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Filipinos 4 BBL and Pnoy Filipinos 4 BBL and Pnoy : Aquino peace council: BBL ‘acceptable,’ ‘constitutional’    
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Columnist Columnist : Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, Blogdosts…     Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, Blogdosts…

Smriti could learn a thing or two from Sarika…
Sarika , the talented, light-eyed actress of yore (“Humraaz” 1967), has always but always been her own person. She was one of the first leading ladies in Bollywood to openly break a cardinal rule or two when it came to acknowledging

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