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Gali Lynch
Gali Lynch : Truth about situation in Ukraine    
10 minutes ago - View -
Gulya Mamadjanova
Gulya Mamadjanova :     Евростандарты....

Если боинг сбит:
Ополченцами — это теракт;
Россией — ужасное преступление;
Украиной — досадное недоразумение;
США — виноват сам Боинг

19 minutes ago - View -
Iraida Novikov
Iraida Novikov : Сегодня.ру     Russia gave the EU data about the crash of a Malaysian "Boeing"

"On Tuesday we gave them as soon as received, in writing, in English and Russian languages. Sent to all interested parties", - told reporters in Brussels, Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

Russian military briefing on July 21 released data of the objective control of the situation that was developing in the Donetsk region of Ukraine before the crash Boeing. These facts raise many questions to Kiev: here and the increased activity of Ukrainian radars in the day of tragedy, and settled near the territory militia air defense missile system "Buk" and military aircraft, for some reason, nearer to the liner shortly before the disaster.

According to Chizhov, the EU after the data "until no reaction", RIA Novosti reported.

"She followed only by the U.S., and was quite predictable - they are subjected to the Russian data questioned. This, of course, their right. But if they are in doubt, they should present their evidence that they still did not. Add that never in such situations, the Americans do not make factual evidence, citing that this intelligence information that it could compromise their sources and so on, "- said Chizhov.

He recalled that the United States has been in the center of a similar scandal in 1988 when a U.S. cruiser "Vincennes" (Vincennes) shot down an Iranian airliner guided missile, taking him for a military aircraft. Chizhov then quoted former U.S. President George HW Bush, who said: "I will never apologize for the United States, whatever the facts."

Russia is sincerely hoped that the investigation into the tragedy with Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine will be "truly impartial, independent and international, as spelled out in the UN Security Council resolution," said Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov.

30 minutes ago - View -
Andrew  Barinov
Andrew Barinov : МИД России    
41 minutes ago - View -
Юрий Катыхин
Юрий Катыхин : Myroslava Gongadze    
41 minutes ago - View -
Max Bee
Max Bee : Timeline Photos     У США нет доказательств причастности России к падению Boeing-777.
Впрочем, Джен #Псаки и на этот раз нашла что сказать))
Подробности:     Psaki says it's AURORA of St Petersburg that downed the airplane, the shot was made from Belorussian Sea shores and then the vessel made it back to Baltic Sea safely... Psaki never disappoints. And I won't need to watch Live at the Apollow tonight.....

49 minutes ago - View -
Evgenii  Kiblik
Evgenii Kiblik : США начали интернет-войну через выкуп сайтов России | День Сварога    
50 minutes ago - View -
Алексей вронский
Алексей вронский : Американский ОФИЦЕР ЦРУ открытым текстом об Украине ТРЕТЬЕМ МИРОВОЙ ВОЙНЕ США И РОССИИ         Американский ОФИЦЕР ЦРУ открытым текстом об Украине ТРЕТЬЕМ МИРОВОЙ ВОЙНЕ США И РОССИИ
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Joost Niemoller
Joost Niemoller : Александр Жилин: «Сбитый Боинг 777 – провалившаяся акция спецслужб США». |    
1 hour ago - View -
Nataliya Yachmenyova
Nataliya Yachmenyova : Немцы о Путине и Обаме. О России и США Законопроект № 130800-6 О внесении изменений в Федеральный закон "О Центральном банке Российской Федерации (Банке России)" (в части огра...
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Андрій Довбуш
Андрій Довбуш : Армия США получила право войти в Украину. Маккейн пригрозил России «Адом расплаты» -...    
1 hour ago - View -
Политика без купюр
Политика без купюр : США в шоке    
1 hour ago - View -
Tim Rutkevich
Tim Rutkevich : Truth about situation in Ukraine     This is horrific. If this is true US and Ukrainian governments committed war crime.
1 hour ago - View -