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Universal D.O.G.
Universal D.O.G. : Photos from Universal D.O.G.'s post in I AM PARTY | UNIVERSAL D.O.G. | DONNERSTAG | 28. AUGUST 2014 + GÄSTELISTE         BIS 18:00 UHR GILT DIESE AKTION
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Mishalicious Cosplay&Gaming
Mishalicious Cosplay&Gaming : Misha goes fabulous at Ice Bucket Challenge     Good morning everyone
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impuls immobilien ag
impuls immobilien ag :    
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Rosanellis Bar
Rosanellis Bar :    
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Adh Bis Nu
Adh Bis Nu : Girl :- I m in love
Me:- Kati din ko laagi?

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Erin Ekstrom
Erin Ekstrom :         Gym at 7:30 for some Body Beast Back & Bis- now at home and just finished up my 50 mins of Insanity practice... Yes I'm dripping sweat, yes I'm tired, yes I'm a little insane lol Thank goodness I picked today to cave and eat ice cream- pretty sure I might be close to burning it off (oops) Here's a clip from the Plyo section of Round 6. #Insanity #InsanityLive #Practice #ProTeam #BodyBeast #BeastMode #GetMoving #Sweat #EndTheTrend #VideoClip #MoveOfTheDay #RoundSix
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Fleischerei Mosshammer
Fleischerei Mosshammer :    
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Ulrike Grobanite Schmieger
Ulrike Grobanite Schmieger :     I am so sorry for all the tragedy, the pain, the fear and I am loosing words, to express what you taped with these please to everyone, if you are able, donate to the ALS association.every human has the right to get help.God bless you and your family !     Die GANZE Wahrheit über die ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Wer's bis zum Ende aushält, braucht starke Nerven.
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Bear Tuuth
Bear Tuuth : I'm not against gays,lesbians,bis,pansexuals, asexuals,

But you know what just cuz you fucking think both genders are attractive doesn't make you fucking bi, so many people are faking sexuality as well to seem better or cooler or to fit in, like fucking stop, 80% girls now a days are bi I swear, n its so annoying cuz the real bisexuals are given a bad name, same with the guys n girls who do same sex activities and do shit on the down low with the other sex just to seem gay/lesbian to the rest of the world.

This wasn't to offend the real gays,bis,lesbians,pansexual, but I'm sorry so many have given you a bad name.

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Laurie Silvestri
Laurie Silvestri :     I like to keep it light on FB., but this is art, well done!     "The Art of Arctic Destruction" - Der sterbende Schwan

Kennt ihr schon die Greenpeace-Interpretation des berühmten Ballett-Solos vom sterbenden Schwan? Vor einer Woche protestierte eine Greenpeace-Tänzerin bei einem Kultur-Event in Zürich gegen Sponsor Gazprom mit einem ähnlich schaurig-schönen Tanz (wir berichteten:

Die Gefahr durch Ölunfälle ist real: Die Gazprom-Bohrinsel Prirazlomnaya liegt nicht weit entfernt von drei Naturschutzgebieten. Ein Ölunfall an der Plattform würde bis zu 3.000 Kilometer Küste bedrohen. Mit der Plattform will Gazprom als erster Konzern weltweit Öl aus arktischen Gewässern fördern.

Setzt euch mit uns für die Freilassung der in Russland inhaftierten Arctic Sunrise-Besatzung ein, die an der Plattform protestiert hatte und dafür in Russland wegen Rowdytums angeklagt ist >>>
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My Naij
My Naij : Make we give free naija advice!
-The moment a gurl suddenly updates your name on her pm, she uses your pix as her display picture , she even dey kiss you via bbm, bros RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her BIS wan expire…taxing mode activated!
-You wan try long distance internet love? Note ..Ugly Girls Have the Sweetest Voice…….from my latest research
-If Apple decides to buy BlackBerry I guess it will be renamed ‘ iBB’ just like their other product iPod, iPhone,iPad
Why is de part of de stadium where poeple SIT is called de STAND?
Why is it dat everybody in naija wants 2 go to HEAVEN but nobody wants 2 DIE?
If money dont grow on TREES,, why do banks have BRANCHES?
Why does GLUE not stick to its BOTTLE?

Why do we call it a BUILDING when its already BUILT?

If its true dat we are here 2 HELP others,, what are others HERE for?

If we must not DRINK and DRIVE why do bars have PARKING lots?

Make Una help me see blind man wey dey ping oo!

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Buck Stowers
Buck Stowers : 100 day training. Haven't posted every day guys
Today. Bis n Tris with my bro Dean Clarkson.
Bar Bell curls 4 x 20
Bar Bell reverse curls 3 x 15
Double hammers 4 x 10
Single hammer curls 3 x 8 to 10
Preacher curl Mc 4 x 10
Close bench 4 x 8 to 10
Dumbell over head extension 4 x 10
Tricep push down. 5 x 10 on stack
Strict form!

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Raymond Kane
Raymond Kane :     Rough stuff, but everyday I see that people still can't let go of the mobile phone.....     Kein Handy am Steuer

Freunde, ohne Scheiss, schaut euch diese 4 Minuten 16 Sekunden bis zum Ende an, wir sollten alle mal darüber nachdenken und auch vielleicht was ändern !!
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