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Ryan Vye
Ryan Vye : Transfer deadline day ⚽️ just me and the TV if my mum try's changing the channel I'll go all Suarez on her!
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Alice Suarez Fernandez Kiray
Alice Suarez Fernandez Kiray :         Amung cashier samung carenderia.. Haha!
10 minutes ago - View -
Rajan Rufati
Rajan Rufati :         Suarez in Barcelona
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Dennis Chua Eow Seong
Dennis Chua Eow Seong : I'm a proud Perakian. Perak is an achiever. One of the biggest achievers of Malaysia.

But I'm sorry to say that Perak has always been the Luis Suarez or bad boy of Malaysian states too. It's the womb of commies and opposition pas the sworn enemies of bn. It's the home of ghee Hin and hai san samsengs. It's the home of Rempit and samseng jalanan. Of kingpins too.

It's the silver that's lost its shine and the state that's depreciated the most since Merdeka.

I grew up in perak's worst days the 80s and back then I had no hope and I always wanted to become a Selangorian. Selangor to me was gold and still is.

But today I embrace both perakness and Selangorness as well as Penangness. Since my great grandpas were Penang and Selangor people who eventually came to Perak. And I was born in Perak.

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Jhazz Suarez
Jhazz Suarez :         Good morning hayahay igkasi ko waray waray merry xmass to all
41 minutes ago - View -
Julie Suarez
Julie Suarez : WAR - All Day Music (HD)         WAR - All Day Music
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Chris Hyacinthe
Chris Hyacinthe :     Sabrina Suárez Walter Quinones     Every father worst nightmare LHFH

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Ihosvani Suarez Gongora
Ihosvani Suarez Gongora : Luis Aguilé - Cuando salí de Cuba         Luis Aguilé - Cuando salí de Cuba. You tube had deze opname weer eens verwijderd , maar ik zet hem mooi weer terug
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FC Barcelona Fans Club
FC Barcelona Fans Club : Timeline Photos     Can Mario Balotelli replace Luis Suarez at Liverpool FC? — with Aissa Kerrouch and 9 others.     Best Soccer Players of 2013-2014 !!!
10.Thiago Silva
9.Diego Costa
8.Marco Reus
7.Franck Ribery
6.Gareth Bale
5. Neymar ...
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3) "DONE" and you are redirected to the list.

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Irmiya Danladi
Irmiya Danladi : Football vs Sex.
1. Going to your bf/gf without being invited = OFFSIDE.
2. Dating a girl today and having sex on the same day = FREE-
3. Condom = GOALKEEPER
4. Condom breaks = PENALTY
5. Abortion = RED CARD
7. Having sex without a condom = OWN GOAL
8. Taking a lot of time without coming = MAN OF THE MATCH.
10. Having many chicks and banging all = MVP
11. Having sex with your ex = FRIENDLY MATCH
12. 8 years of sex without getting a child = ARSENAL
13. After 2 rounds, u request for more =EXTRA TIME.
14. Taking it gently when having sex = FAIR PLAY
15. Biting her n!pples = SUAREZ
16.Two legs on shoulder = THROWIN
17. Asking her 'how do you want it' = Taking instructions on
the sideline.
18. A lady using pills after sex and later still got pregnant =
19.Girl being pregnant = GoOoOoOallllll
20.Ur guy collect ur chick= True pass
21.Having sex with a girl..and your mum open d door= Injury
22.You and your girl break up= Game over
23. Girl tell u to stop= YELLOW CARD
I lie???

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Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia : cardonal: II Torneo Luis Suarez Suarez (Sabado 30 Agosto - Semifinales)    
1 hour ago - View -
Ajayi Godson
Ajayi Godson : Shit!!! This set of arsenal fans re d most irritatinq i've eva came across.
#imagine , becus d boys were unable 2 pick maximium points against leicester yesterday , someone who calls himself a true #gunner posted rubbish like , am decampinq 2 chelsea, arsenal broke my heart, another posted sayinq , foolishness is wen u re suppose 2 put 1m to 40m to buy suarez instead took 42m to buy ozil , u d writer , u re mre foolish, where is the same suarez? When will he start playinq competitive matches ??? , i guess all of u knw d answer 2 that........

U say we re not good, but we re the best, just imagine on saturday man city lost 2 stoke in their own backyard, bayern-munich were forced to settle 4 a 1-1 draw, barcelonia struggled 2 win, even the club wit the finest lost by 4-goals to 2 ( ....

For me am a #gunner, for ever 1 , commet with #ARSENAL_FOR_EVER if u re wit me

1 hour ago - View -
CharleyGirl Bailey
CharleyGirl Bailey :         The Return of Silly Sundays at Cafe Lous, hosted by Smokie Suarez and co-produced by Kenn Black was a can't keep good men or funny a$$ ninjas down!
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Oscar Suarez
Oscar Suarez : 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops: Sgt. Shamar Thomas (By. J. handy)     1 Marine vs. 30 Cops: Sgt. Shamar Thomas (By. J. handy)     Facebook. Sgt. Shamar Thomas Twitter. SgtShamarThomas
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