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Steve Counsel Music Steve Counsel Music :    
21 minutes ago - View -
Sths Zerofour Sths Zerofour : Classmates, we need help locating the following 2004 Graduates to make sure they get an invite to the class reunion, If you know phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or facebook information for the following please inbox us to let us know how we can contact them!

Corey Paul Authement, Jerrieth Blake Authement, Joan Marie Dardar, Alicia Ann Frances, Whitney Dyan Glynn, Nina Simone Green, Tara Alisabeth Guidry, Britany Gayle Hamby, Aaron Jamar Harris, Grifferson Lee Joseph, Joshua John Lapeyrouse, Lee Brian Lapeyrouse, Jimmy Athony Lirette, Keyna Marie Lovell, Andrew Thomas Lyons, Clayton Sylvester Naquin, Lacey Marie Neil, Leroy Joseph Nettleton, Danny James Picou II, Duston Lee Plaisance, Agyei Prophet Randolph, Cyril Cimon Short, Devin Lemoine Short, Bobby Joe Sloan, Danielle Marie Smith, Larry Henson Stewart, Steve/Cuong Chi Tien, Nichalos Anthony Trahan, Kristie Lynn Trosclair, Christopher Jerry Trujillo III, Linda Marie Trujillo, Feiteai Francine Ueligitone, Brandi Nicole Waller.

Thanks for your help, and keep checking our page for information regarding our reunion!

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Matt Wertz Matt Wertz :     Matt is excited to be a part of the Swan Pond Song Writing Experience. Check out more info on how to be a part of this workshop.


3 hours ago - View -
Mohamad Ganda Mohamad Ganda : Steve Blake and Xavier Henry kaya pala natalo BROOKLYN. AHAHAHAHA        
Watch the video: video

3 hours ago - View -
Blake Smith Blake Smith : Journeys in Japan     Growing up, I always wanted to travel to the land of the rising sun, making it a goal of mine before turning 25! Nearly a year has passed since I achieved that goal and finally, I have an edit put together from our journeys in Japan. Tyler Campaigne Susan Yim Adam Yim Michael Frankovich Steve Zuo Jerry Davidson Blake Smith    
Watch the video: video

4 hours ago - View -
Pete Sutton Pete Sutton : I'm looking for 5 volunteers (Jim King, Andrew Goodman, Meg Kingston, Steve Blake, Caroline Hooton, Gaie Sebold, David Gullen, Kevlin Henney, Stacey Welsh) I'm looking at you guys - first come first served) - lots of other writers on my friends list so if I haven't mentioned you feel free to jump in! Am doing a blog hop where I have to tag 5 people - about writing process & it'll mean I'll add links to your blogs on my blog and then you'll have to answer a few questions on writing and then tag 5 people yourselves - willing?
5 hours ago - View -
Kit Monster Kit Monster : Timeline Photos     Photographer: Sgt Steve Blake RLC     I think it's time the Queen took a stand against defence cuts, look what they've done to Her Majesty's personal guard.
7 hours ago - View -
Swankie Dj & Kashi Swankie Dj & Kashi :     Incoming!!! This is guna b a sell out, tickets flying out, can't wait :)

8 hours ago - View -
Margaret DeNorscio Margaret DeNorscio : One of the longest days I can remember-congratulations to my beautiful daughter Danielle and my son in law Steve on the arrival of baby Logan-Blake is now a big brother! !♡
12 hours ago - View -
WeheartLakers WeheartLakers : Lakers vs. Rockets: Jordan Farmar Shares What The Lakers Will Miss Without Steve Blake    
14 hours ago - View - : RangerStop 2 - Go Zeo and Turbo! Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise!     Catherine Sutherland MMPR/ZEO/TURBO Pink Power Ranger is coming to Rangerstop's Superhero Toy & Comic Con in Orlando, Fl November 7-9, 2014!

For tickets/VIPs/Photo Ops news and updates visit our website at

Cat joins our amazing line-up of 11 Power Rangers, Jem & Pizzazz (from Jem & the Holograms)

Thanks Rangers!!! & @toybountyhunters for the video!

Rangerboard Blake Anthony Foster @catherine sutherland Steve Cardenas Fan Page Jason Faunt Fan Site Austin St. John Karan Ashley Walter Emanuel Jones Fan Page     Join: Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, and more of your favorite Power Rangers at RangerStop's SuperHero Toy & Comic Con 2! November 7-9, 2014 in Orlando...
Watch the video: video

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Gwen Chestnut-Bogan Gwen Chestnut-Bogan : Thanking God for all the blessing that he pours out for me and my family. Also to Steve Blake with Prime Lending for choosing R&G Auto Glass to replace your windshield. Can't say enough about what a wonderful Loan Officer an Friend you are. FB call me for Steve's number if you're looking to buy a home an need a great Loan Officer
18 hours ago - View -
San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce : NEWS RELEASE
For: Kiwanis Club of La Mesa
Contacts: Bob Battenfield 619-465-8305
Derby Director Steve Blake, 619-461-1608
(Day of Race 619-823-8963)

Division Winners of Drew Ford/ Kiwanis Club Local Derby
To Be Sent to National All-American Derby in Akron, Ohio

Kids who entered the first La Mesa Soap Box Derby 14 years ago could be married with kids of their own by now. “Isn’t that an amazing thought,” quips Derby Director Steve Blake, who has participated in the La Mesa Kiwanis Club community service event every year, and is looking forward to Saturday, May 17, for the 14th Annual Drew Ford/Kiwanis Club of La Mesa Soap Box Derby.

First-place winners of three divisions – stock, super-stock and masters –will be sent to compete in the National All-American Soap Box Races at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio, July 26.

After registration, weigh-in and bracket assignments, gravity-powered racers will begin to speed down Junior High Drive next to La Mesa Middle School by 9 a.m. Competition will continue into mid-afternoon and close with trophy presentations.

Blake expects the to attract 20-30 entrants from Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Boys and girls ages 7 to 18 are eligible to enter. In addition to the annual local race in May, the club conducts a two days of derby rally races the first weekend every November.

Heralded as “a Classic American Tradition,” Soap Box Derby actively promotes the core values of teamwork, the spirit of competition, perseverance and an emphasis on family, Blake said.

To enter or to order a derby car kit, or to sponsor a car, or to support the event with advertising or banners, contact Blake at 619-461-1608. For more information go to


23 hours ago - View -
Terence Moore Terence Moore : Timeline Photos     Dads of Wisconsin is hosting a free screening of the documentary “Divorce Corp.” tonight in Madison.

“We've all heard the term ‘deadbeat dads,’” says Dads of WI pres. Steve Blake, “but how often do we hear about the obstacles dads face in family court while fighting to maintain contact with their children?”

Press release:     Higher divorce rates are not the result of organic social evolution. That is a myth designed by those who are profiting from the divorce industry. It is another example of human exploitation for private, and the children suffer most. Stop the unnecessary suffering. See through the charade.

1 day ago - View -
I Love The Lakers I Love The Lakers : Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back     The Los Angeles Lakers lost the conscience of their team when they traded Steve Blake away in February. They can do something about it, however, and they should. The 34 year-old guard will be a free agent at the end of the season, and the Lakers have …
1 day ago - View -
Erik Timmons Erik Timmons : Lakers Should Consider Bringing Back Blake     My buddy, Steve Blake, getting some love from LA...
1 day ago - View -
Ardel Celso Ardel Celso : Steve Blake and Xavier Henry kaya pala natalo BROOKLYN. AHAHAHAHA        
Watch the video: video

1 day ago - View -
Mihailo Cukanovic Mihailo Cukanovic : Steve Blake #7    
1 day ago - View -
Fans Of All Sports Fans Of All Sports : Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back     Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back
1 day ago - View -
Bert's Sports Page Bert's Sports Page : Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back     Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back: The Los Angeles Lakers lost the conscience of their team when they traded Steve Blake away in February. They can do something about it, however, and they should. The 34... #NBA #NBAPacific #LosAngelesLakers #SteveBlake #fantasybasketball
1 day ago - View -
Fans Of All Sports Fans Of All Sports : Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back     Why LA Lakers Should Consider Bringing Steve Blake Back
1 day ago - View -
Jaspher Barrera Jaspher Barrera : Timeline Photos     NBA NEWz ▪Kobe will be making an appearance at the Westfield Culver City this Saturday, March 1st at 12:00 noon. He'll talk about the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and the inspirations behind the signature shoes.

▪Danny Granger Reportedly Will Sign with Los Angeles Clippers.

▪DeMarcus Cousins suspended for game against Lakers- Ok we gotta get this one.

▪Oklahoma City Thunder officially agree to sign Caron Butler.

▪The good times may be coming to an end this summer when LeBron, Bosh and Wade all part ways in free agency??? It's not looking like LeBron James or any of the Big 3 will be giving up millions of dollars to play together, which means no hometown discount this time around for the Heat. They may still come together but the end of the Heat may be closer than we expect.

▪Steve Blake is still open to returning to the Lakers when he's a free agent

#WWLG4L — with Blink Navarro and 6 others.    

1 day ago - View -
Juan Moren Juan Moren : Timeline Photos     Do You Miss Steve Blake? Mike D’Antoni Does! — with Jb Suazo Padilla.    

1 day ago - View -
Joshua L Ferguson Joshua L Ferguson : Had a great day of fishing and playing video games and doing stupid stuff with Blake Steve-o Bryant, now its time to call it a night, gotta work a short shift at walmart tomorrow..
1 day ago - View -