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Florentina Andronescu
Florentina Andronescu : Lulu and the Lampshades - You're Gonna Miss Me (Studio Version)         All right go to rightful owners. Mainers Mountaineers
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Danny Martin Jr.
Danny Martin Jr. :         We'll call this one "Why I love Lulu" By Bailey... She really gets it!! This kid melts my heart. #choosekindness #loveisblind #theadventuresoflulu
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Lulu Ziana Bhuba Epiesod II
Lulu Ziana Bhuba Epiesod II :        
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Verna C Long
Verna C Long :     Oh my goodness...thought I was on the Mtn View town Square...This is Bean Fest week end...Beautiful Day....Lulu & I plan on being there..leaving around 9;30 AM...until..whenever....takin'our plenty vendors on hand...also lawn chairs...
feel the excitement...almost forgot beans and corn bread......see you there!!!!!!!verna.........THE BEST COUNTRY ,GOSPEL, BLUEGRASS!!     WOW! ~ The Mizzone brothers (Johnny 11, Tommy 16, & Robbie 15) of NJ! #talent #bluegrass
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Irma Alcera
Irma Alcera :         At LuLu..
Good afternoon sweet fb friends!
Keep smiling! (^*^)

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Eduard Ulmann
Eduard Ulmann : faze tari made in romania ))        
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Lulu Maria Kousiounis
Lulu Maria Kousiounis : Lulu Maria Kousiounis is feeling frustrated.    
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LuLu Rose
LuLu Rose :        
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Lulu Issa
Lulu Issa :        
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Lulu Iamamiracle
Lulu Iamamiracle : Toddlers and Tiaras: Televised Abuse and Unethical Parenting     Sad why?!?     NHTI Ethics Assignment The song in the beginning of the video is Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. No copyright infringement intended(:
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Jean Navarro
Jean Navarro :         Happy 14th years Anniversary in Lulu Hypermarket!!!
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Luleko Hadebe Ngcobo
Luleko Hadebe Ngcobo : Name: Luleko, Leko, Lulu, Lu, Shaz
Surname: Hadebe> (dad's) (mom's)

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Saju Olickal Vasudevan
Saju Olickal Vasudevan :         One day visit to Lulu Mall
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Lulu Asinas Magnaye
Lulu Asinas Magnaye :         good to see my good old friends from teletech.. happy 4th anniversary wave 29 6 na lng tyong matatag!! happy :D
41 minutes ago - View - : Finally, South Africa Returns the Seized $15m to Nigeria     Finally, South Africa Returns the Seized $15m to Nigeria

The South African Ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Mnguni, said in a news conference on Friday that the $15m earlier seized from some Nigerians by South African Government had been released to Nigeria. “South Africa’s relation with Nigeria is priceless; it cannot be sold for $15m,” he said.


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Kimberly Diehl Hough
Kimberly Diehl Hough : Update Concerning Todd    
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Lulu Alfiani
Lulu Alfiani : Satnightsorangan:((((!
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Skip Ernest
Skip Ernest : Happy 4th of July From...A Wiener Dog     That is just like lulu     *Watch AFV Sunday nights at 7/6c on ABC*
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MMSU University Student Council
MMSU University Student Council : Dear Stallions, Let us support our CONTESTANTS for PASUC-I SOCIO-CULTURAL & LITERACY FESTIVAL with the Theme: “PASUC Socio-Cultural and Literacy Development toward ASEAN Integration” on October 27-28, 2014. Our University will be the host.

OUR REPRESENTATIVES FOR THE SEARCH FOR MR. & MS. PASUC-I IS MS. HAZEL JOY P. LULU OF CHS and MR. FRANK DAVID PASCUAL OF CBEA. Hold High the Green and Gold! We hope you can come and watch the pageant and give them cheers!


-Arrival of Delegations from other SUC’s
-Screening of Contestants’ Records
-Rehearsal for Mr. and Ms. PASUC-I

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM – Opening Program
Venue: Teatro Ilocandia

9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON – Simultaneous Contests
1. Story Telling
2. Extemporaneous Speaking
Venue: University Training Center

3. Pagkukwento
4. Daliang Tamlumpati
5. Quiz Bowl
Venue: MMSU Function Hall

6. Filipino
7. English

8. On-the-Spot Painting
9. Charcoal Rendering
Venue: Rooms 3 & 4,Teatro Ilocandia Basement

10. Vocal-Solo Kundiman
11. Pop Solo
12. Duet
13. Instrumental Solo
14. Choir Competition
Venue: Teatro Ilocandia

1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
15. Hip Hop
16. Phil Folk – Rural
17. Indigenous
18. Contemporary
Venue: Teatro Ilocandia

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
H. Victory Ceremonies
Venue: Teatro Ilocandia

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Lulu Pitogo
Lulu Pitogo :        
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Gabriel da Nóbrega
Gabriel da Nóbrega : What Does The Fox Say - Hatsune Miku Ft. Lulu     I am so sorry, but it was gonna be done sooner or later so I kinda figured yolo. Lol, Lulu's part sucks I'm so sorry... I just think her first parts but, but...
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Minh Tu Bui
Minh Tu Bui : Lulu James - Sweetest Thing (Lyrics)     We will be together until the end of time.
Beautiful Sat. Love you!     Lulu James Sweetest thing lyrics
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Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens : Lulu & The Luvvers - I'll Come Running Over        
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Anna Olsen
Anna Olsen : Lulu 1993 & Take That - Relight My Fire     Lulu at No 1
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