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Lexii Too Pretty Lexii Too Pretty : All I See.... In My Friennd Request List Iss "DIRTY BYRD" FOOTBALL Plaayers , Wth !!!
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Fayth Lashona Johnson Fayth Lashona Johnson : Meadowdalee High School Next Year, All I Gottaa Do Iss Passt These Test. Support Mee Everybody Btw Goodafternoon 😄😃
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BIRNS, Inc. BIRNS, Inc. : International Ocean Systems - The Magazine for Ocean Professionals     A feature article on our 60 year history in the marine industry. We're so thrilled to be celebrating this milestone!

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Angie Cruz Angie Cruz : Lol when my homegurl & I sag with are soccer sweats in the halls cx nd we get send to ISS -.-"..
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Aayush Gautam Gupta Aayush Gautam Gupta : maakasam iss se zyaada khushi aaj tak mere ko kabhi nahiii huii :-) :-) :-) :-) #chris lynn bro :-) u played fantastic,my all time favourite #gautamgambhir captained masttt nd behtareenly :-D :-D #KKR won by 2 runs :-D :-D #kohli saala ro diyaa :'( :'( hehehe :-D awesome catch by #chrislynn all of u should must watch :-D :-) feeling simply can't say the words :-D unbelieveable :-D :-D :-) :-) hats off #respect ko gautam gambhir :-) :-) mazaa aa gyaa :-D #Korbo #Lodbo #Jeetbo re :-) :-)
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SexSavage Honey SexSavage Honey : Nowadays Mfs Dont Kno Wat A Real Niggas Iss' . A Real Nigga Would Get A JOB' , TAKE CARE OF HIS KIDS' AND HIS FAMILY.

34 minutes ago - View -
Cricket Betting Tips Cricket Betting Tips : Abb bolo jo bolna haii kyo kii father is a fatherr.cbt iss a father
36 minutes ago - View -
Sameer Pathan Sameer Pathan : Khda se mangi ik khusi wo bhi nahi mili iss liye ham ne khuda se mang na hee cchod diya
2 hours ago - View -
Jennifer Brooks Biel Jennifer Brooks Biel : Iss: mom I jus saw dis fider (spider) and it had 2 ✌️ legs and 2 eyes ✌️ like us. Mom! Dis is major!


2 hours ago - View -
IRRC Institute IRRC Institute : Corporate Secretary | Shareholder engagement rising sharply, says ISS/IRRCi study     ICYMI: Corporate Secretary Magazine covers our latest research on corporate engagement -- it's at an all time high.
3 hours ago - View -
Efrain Luviano Efrain Luviano : Nothing to do on iss so goodmorning post? lmao 😜
5 hours ago - View -
Live Below the Line Live Below the Line : Timeline Photos     Check out this week's The Weekly Review City edition, featuring Oaktree's Viv Benjamin on the cover.     Did you see Live Below the Line and Viv Benjamin featured in The Weekly Review?
7 hours ago - View -
Vikram Singh Vikram Singh : Iss group mein koi tip nahi milegi. Agar sirf tip aur report ke liye request bhej rahe ho to cancel kar do apni request. Yeha business nahi hoga.
Vikram Singh

8 hours ago - View -
MSN Malaysia MSN Malaysia : Two US astronauts step out on spacewalk for ISS repairs     VIDEO: Two US astronauts step out on spacewalk for ISS repairs

10 hours ago - View -
Papan Basu Papan Basu : I love it ..this feeling,
It's crazy ye kya nasha hai, par
Zaalim zamana kahe,
Mohabbat ek saza hai!
(Uff) Baarish ko girne do,
Khud ko main rok na pata,(Uff)
Galiyon mein phirne do,
Haath mein leke khushiyon ka chaata
I love it ..this feeling
Crazy feeling's got me reeling,
I love it ..this feelin!.. Woo!


Wow that was good, (hai na)
You blew me away (Uffo)
It was amazing (I know)
I feel great.....

You make me go..
Aaaa aaa..
Lovers all over the world, Let's Do The Rex
Aaaa aaa..

When you have Great Sex, you Do The Rex

Iss taale ki chaabi ko tu jeb mein rakh,
Kyunki kya pata kab chamak jaye tera luck,
Jab you & me raazi, toh phir kya shaq,
Just give it to me baby, i don't give a flying ****
I love it, this feelin',
Crazy feelings got me reeling
I love it, this feelin',
Eyes rolled back, toes curled to the ceiling!

Wow that was good,(Get it on)
You blew me away (Put it on)
It was amazing (Do The Rex)
I feel great.....

You make me go..
Aaaa aaa..
~ Even a condom ad makes sense when it is promoting by your fav actor.... :D
irreversible Ranveer Singh you're just amazing :D

10 hours ago - View -
Deborah Darlene Hernandez Deborah Darlene Hernandez : ISS Flyover head of our house..     Either 1 u can use if u like the ISS Flyingover in Ash Grove...    
Watch the video: video

16 hours ago - View -
Kiliegh Benton Kiliegh Benton : Truth iss! Inboxed
#LikeItUpCuties! ;)

16 hours ago - View -
Adolphus Hotel Adolphus Hotel : Earth HD| Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS     Visit to a Small Planet. NOTE: I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL MAKER OF THIS VIDEO. THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD FROM VIMEO. Time lapse sequences of photographs taken with a spe...
Watch the video: video

16 hours ago - View -
Canadian Space Agency Canadian Space Agency :         NASA Astronauts Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio (wearing the suit with the red stripes) successfully completed a 1.5 hour spacewalk to replace a failed back up computer (MDM) this morning. The MDM is one of two computers that provide telemetry and command for various external systems, including the Mobile Transporter that carries Dextre and Canadarm2.

CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen did a great job as Ground IV, guiding the spacewalkers through procedures from NASA's Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas. It was the first time that a Canadian played this important role from the ground. Jeremy can be seen top left on the second picture.

An all-Canadian robotics team (ROBO) was also on console at CSA to configure Dextre's cameras to watch part of the spacewalk.

The spacewalk went quickly and smoothly and Swanson was even able to perform a get-ahead task by cutting a dangling lanyard that prevented Dextre from finishing a demo task last June. This 179th spacewalk in support of the assembly and maintenance of the ISS was Mastracchio's 9th spacewalk and Swanson's 5th.

NASA press release:

17 hours ago - View -
Skye on AOL Skye on AOL : Astronaut Photo Reveals River's History     Astronauts onboard the ISS get some absolutely amazing views of Earth. Twisty, turny lakes near Little Rock, Ark., show where the mighty Arkansas River once traveled. See the widescreen photo:
19 hours ago - View -
SlashGear SlashGear : NASA ISS spacewalk a success: computer death fixed     NASA ISS spacewalk a success: computer death fixed
23 hours ago - View -
"ღ Q ķìśì ķő wåFå K ßåDlé wåFå Ńåé Mìltì ? .ღ" : ღ Q ķìśì ķő wåFå K ßåDlé wåFå Ńåé Mìltì ? .ღ     Hi frndzz hum iss page ko close kr rhe hai hamara new page same name plz like kre iss page ko
23 hours ago - View -
Gulwish Hina Gulwish Hina : Batao Na Kaisay Tumhain Bholon....
Ke Tum To Waqif Ho Iss Hunar Se..

23 hours ago - View -
Circa Circa : Astronauts complete spacewalk to replace failed backup computer     NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Rick Mastracchio completed a short spacewalk April 23 to replace the failed backup computer. The duo installed a spare system already on board the ISS. The primary computer, used for several ISS operations, continues operating flawlessly, NASA said.
1 day ago - View -
Sumerian Records Sumerian Records : I SEE STARS - Ten Thousand Feet (Live Music Video)     NEW #ISeeStars Music Video for #TenThousandFeet filmed on the 'New Kings Tour' in the states. Check it out, be sure to catch ISS on the road now #RedWhiteandBlackTour
    Catch I SEE STARS on The 'Red, White & Black Tour' w/ Like Moths To Flames, GhostTown, Razihel and Miss Fortune --- Tickets HERE: Tour...
Watch the video: video

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